BlackBerry Professional Case and Accessory Guide

BlackBerry Accessories for the Business Professional
By Adam Zeis on 9 Feb 2011 11:31 am EST

We round up the best accessories for the on the go professional. Contest: Leave a comment for your chance to win some great accessories!

For busy professionals on the go a BlackBerry can be an invaluable tool. It keeps us connected and in the loop even when away from the office (be that good or bad). We can stay in contact with colleagues and friends via phone, email BBM or what have you. But when it comes to accessorizing our go to device, what are the best picks? It mostly depends on your personal use, but here we have gathered some of the big hitters. From batteries to charging pods to Bluetooth headsets, every business prfessional needs some solid accessories to stay productive. Keep reading for our top choices and a chance to win some accessories of your own!

BlackBerry Accessories for the Business Professional

Spare Battery

BlackBerry Battery

The first thing that comes to mind when talking BlackBerry use are batteries. We all know that lots of times we struggle to get through the day on one charge, so having a spare battery ready to go can be a life saver. When combined with a mini external battery charger (for some models) or even a charging cradle with spare battery charger, you can have a battery ready to go when you need it most.

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Battery Chargers

Mini External Battery Charger

If you use a spare battery you need a good way to charge it right? Our favorite (by far) is the External Mini Battery Charger (available for most batteries). This guy lets you charge just a spare battery via your standard BlackBerry USB charger so it's ready when you need it. Carry the charger with you, or just juice up the battery overnight and keep it by your side. You can also check out the Mobi Products Charging Cradle with Spare Battery Slot to charge your device and a spare battery at the same time.

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Leather Pocket Pouch

BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch

Nothing says professional quite like leather, so it's only fair that your BlackBerry gets to wear leather as well. With a BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch you can keep your device save and sound in your pocket or briefcase while still having it at the ready. These pouches offer great all around protection for your device and have sleep magnets for extra in-holster features.

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Bluetooth Headset

BlackBerry Bluetooth Headsets

Having your hands free when taking phone calls helps to get things done. If you're in the office, the car or anywhere else, the last thing you need is to have to tie up a hand when on a call. Bluetooth headsets are all over the place and come in all shapes and sizes. They range from the simple to the voice controlled complex.

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To enter to win a BlackBerry accessory seen here, simply leave a comment to this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Professional Case and Accessory Guide



Nice, and I do have a "RUN OUT OF JUICE" phobia so I make sure not to leave out of the house or office without certain Blackberry 9650 would be nice to win more accessories

Nice battery charger. You can never have enough fully charged batteries to use in your leather protected Blackberry while rockin' a new Bluetooth headset!

Any of these would be useful!

My 9630 came with a too-small pouch and I don't like the beltclip holster...could go for one of those :)

When I think of my phone, I think in terms of a "phone system". My phone is mobile - I need a protective case. I need chargers in the places I spend the most time, automobile, office, home. Because of recent automobile laws, Bluetooth headset, one for the car, (charger) one for the office, (charger). The one piece to this system I am missing is the spare battery. Should I win I would give the spare battery and mini charger a long look. One suggestion I would like to see addressed is the desk charging pod for the 9800 Torch. Mine is in a protective case and won't fit in the charging pod with the case on.... need a charging pod with a little more room for the phone to accomodate a case and still fit the pod. Sombody please address this problem.

Nothing says professional quite like that fish tie. ;-)

Seriously, great line-up of accessories for professionals. Love them all.

PreviouslyI had a G1 Android phone and loved my Android. I had to purchase a new phone and decided to try the Bold 9780. OMG! I would never go back to any other phone. Now I totally understand why everyone loves blackberries!

Good luck to all!

Heading to Vegas on March 4 for the first time and going to visit Valley of Fire, where, after watching 127 Hours, a spare battery sure would come in handy (to not miss filming me sawing a limb off, should the situation arise.)

Man I could use some extra goodies for my Blackberry. Been lacking on that front as of late haha

If I win and you are giving me a choice. I will like the Bluetooth Car Kit. If that isn't the case please send me anything, and thank you...

If I win and you are giving me a choice. I would like the Bluetooth Car Kit. If that isn't the case please send me anything, and thank you...

There is too much trouble pulling out the battery and putting a new one...a spare car charger goes for me as I travel a lot on the road. My hungry power needs are met!

1 complaint that comes to mind when using company issued BB, is the lack if accessories to go with it. Definitely eying that spare battery charger!

Very nice article geared to the business professional. Thanks for the great info, especially that mini battery charger. I have never seen that particular model. And therein lies the rub, spare battery or battery charger - LOL, guess I'll just have to quit buying all those themes for a while and invest in some hardware for a change. Again, thanks for the great article and keep up the great work.

First I want to say I love You guys rock. And second I put my bluetooth through the laundry a couple of weeks ago, and as it seems, electronics and water do not go together well. Help me out a little????

I would love that Bluetooth Headset. I make a lot of calls from my car, and I have a car charger with USB hole so I can charge two devices. Sweet!

I have a Bluetooth & a Charging Cradle (without having an extra battery), but it does charge the phone & my bluetooth. I could definitely enjoy winning an extra battery! So I can make use of the battery charger on the cradle. The leather case looks awesome too, I would really like to win that also. I've never owned a real case & the fact that it can put your phone on standby when not in use is cool. I wonder if the BlackBerry bluetooth would be any better than the Blueant bluetooth I currently own. Let me win that too so I can compare. No doubt the BB bluetooth is better.

i'd like to get in on the spare battery charger, i've got an extra battery, but no way to charge it. btw, thanks for all the great giveaways, you guys are great

Fantastic. Count me in.
Couldn't help but notice that that is a Jawbone 2 or Prime in the first pic. Great headset, ICON is better, and I would love to win an ERA from this contest.
Thanks CB!!

This would be amazing to have as I am always in the car, my cell phone is in the holdster attached to my belt, it often rings and I have to reach under my seatbelt, wrestle with the closing latch to get my phone out, and by the time I get the phone out, I say "Hello?" and my battery dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would definately be amazing to have!

I can always use another cool accessory. The charging pod or spare battery charger both look interesting.

That headset looks really nice and the spare battery charger is a great idea. I am presently having battery issues and it would be great to have a spare at all times!

I already have a pouch - love the sleep magnet; and I have no battery issues. What I really could use, however, is a bluetooth headset.

Although it would be great to win a prize - I am a realist and therefore just looked to buy the external mini battery charger.

Poor effort on the link though - clicking through to the crackberry shop returns no product. Can this be fixed asap so I can purchase one - thanks

A spare battery would suffice for my new Torch.......pair that with a Mobi charging cradle with spare battery slot and you're good to go!

This is my official comment as an entry for a free accessory for my BB.

My hand is raised, (even though you can't see)....over here..... pick me.....please pick me.

I'm about to buy one of those external battery chargers. I'll be doing some traveling soon and will need a few spare batteries. Would be awesome to win it. lol

Thanks crackberry

Wow! I'm constantly on the move from office to office during the day, and constantly on my Torch! With the legislative session weeks away, being able to switch out my batteries in seconds rather than connecting to charge would be a LIFE SAVER! not to mention the BlueTooth and Case!

Crackberry sure does know how have some awesome giveaways!

One of each please! After all this time, think I am finally in need of some accessories for the Torch.

Cheers CB! Thanks again for thinking of us.

I should get myself one of one of those spare chargers. Then I only have to wait the 8 minutes for my phone to start back up.

Hi there! My fiance never seems to be happy with any sort of accessories for phones. His birthday is coming up and I'd really like to get him something, but i have a hard time spending the money on something I'm not sure if he'll like! He can just be so picky! Winning any of these accessories would be awesome as it could help end the long accessory battle!

You ask what I would do if he ended up not liking it? Well I'd keep it for myself! ;) Win/Win situation in my book! ;)

Thanks for considering!

I love accessories, but they're so pricey. I love the little Charger. I'd love to find out where I can get one of those

Everything looks great, but I'm also interested in the necktie in the leading photo. Where can I get one like that? LOL

I have the BlackBerry Holster, I absolutely recommend it to every blackberry owner! Looks great while saving my battery by putting it to sleep.

I most certainly use those accessories. I am fixing to have to spend a lot of time on the road between cities and working 2 jobs. Thanks for offering these prizes CrackBerry.

Nice accessories, I could use a few of those for sure. Count me in on the contest and thanks again Crackberry.

Since being terminated from one of the companies I work for, I have none of the accessories for my Torch. I guess my co-workers got to them before I could get back to my desk to collect my stuff.

I need an extra battery for my Torch! How else can I make it through some of those 16 hour days with nothing better to do than play games on my phone?

nice to have a little added value with your blackberry, it always comes in handy when you own a blackberry and have this stuff to just make it rather easier to be!

I just got the bold 9780, and im in need of an extra battery, i got it refurbished and the battery doesnt last long.