Free BlackBerry Pro v3 Theme for Tour 9630

By Adam Zeis on 21 Aug 2009 01:50 am EDT

BlackBerry Pro

CrackBerry member natemz let me know about his latest theme creation, BlackBerry Pro v3. Currently for the Tour, this theme is available in six colors - plenty of choices to suit everyone. You can choose from black, red, blue, orange, green and pink. This clean theme features a bottom launch bar, weather slot, custom icons and more. There is even a full set of wallpapers available if you'd like to mix and match. BlackBerry Pro v3 is totally free, and you can check out the full forum thread here, or jump to the OTA download links below.

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Free BlackBerry Pro v3 Theme for Tour 9630


more themes for tour always good when you get bored of what you got change it up i need to learn how to make my own hehe but thx for the nice theme

Just downloaded this theme and let me say, it looks sleek as hell! Everything is perfect on it and looks completely awesome. I'd have to say best theme on the tour yet.

This is the theme I was referring to in the comment I made about Priority.

Natemz has done an excellent job with this theme. It's quick, it's snappy, the interface is wonderful and has minimal to no lag whatsoever. The integration of the Hidden Today Messages and Calendar on the bottom dock is excellent, and you can select those items by scrolling down while on the dock item.

There's seven slots for icons. Your first six in your menu become the top row, and the seventh icon (second row, all the way on the left) will be located where the Weather app is located in the screenshot above. The seventh spot is also selectable, so for those who have weather applications you can view your five-day forecast (or alternative) by selecting the icon from the main screen.

Sure, it may be mono=colored which may or may not turn off some of you, but throw in your own icons and wallpaper and you've just added some unique flavor to your Tour.

Overall, the best theme for the Tour at the moment, hands down. Quick, snappy, doesn't eat a lot of memory, no memory leaks. Only thing I'd recommend would be a full color edition (so as not to be monotoned).

@TonyMotto: This theme has been out for several days now, check the Tour Theme forums.

After I install this theme...and I don't like it for some reason or a new one comes out how do i go about uninstalling this theme off my phone completely?

Options, Advanced Options, Applications, find the theme, choose options, delete. You will most likely have to restart the phone when finished.

Kudos to a theme developer who gives away free themes for the tour.
This is a very nice theme, and compared to other themes that are out there that are very basic (read: Crap) and are being sold, this one beats them all.
The Tour owners owe natemz a big round of thanks for this one. Big thumbs up.

anyone using this after using Priority? If so how does it compare. I've noticed after using Priority that it is a big laggy (a little more than my tour is usually)

this is by far the best theme i saw out there in terms of using the home screen space for so much and still making it look so if only there is a version for 83xx!

I am a recent tour owner and am unfamiliar with the vagaries of downloading. I tried the ota install but am having problems. The download method then tells me it can't open the file. Is anyone able to tell me the method to ota or download and install this theme? I would really appreciate the help. Thank you.

anyone else unable to use the "options" on the bottom dock? it skips right over it when you scroll onto it.

Playing with it for a bit this morning... all-in-all, a very clean, functional, and very professional looking/feeling theme. Kudos to natemz.

This is the most well-thought-out theme I've ever tried. I would happily donate if you made a purple one or a teal one. This is the only theme I've tried, purchased or not, where all the important stuff fits on the home screen. A++.

Wow, this is a really good theme. I bought a different one previously, but I'm not going back to that one at all. I like the 7th icon in the corner and the messages. calendar, browser at the bottom. Great ideas, and great work.

I can't seem to access the OTA link for the black theme. Any advice or suggestions are most welcomed.

but with the icons were in color. the black theme looks great... but it's just too dark - the color icons i do have (downloaded apps) look great against the dark background....

keep getting this error half way thru the OTA download,
error reads:
907 invalid COD
HTTP Error 404:Not Found

any ideas?am i alone?im trying to download the black one for my verizon tour

I hadn't even noticed this until I saw your post, it's really the only thing missing. I've been using the red version for about a half a day and so far so good. The graphics and layout are excellent, and the performance is spot on. Big thanks to the theme builder!

I have downloaded this theme several times and cannot get it to work. It doesn't show up in my themes area, but does show up in my application list. I have a BB Tour. Any suggestions. Thanks!

The download links don't appear to work. When I click on it, it goes to a page with all sorts of language. Any help would be appreciated

Right click on the link and hit "copy link" and copy to an email to yourself. Open email on your device and download from there. Should work.

Hey - new BB user here so just not sure how everything works.

Downloaded this app in black, rebooted when prompted - no difference on my screen.

Is there something I need to do to get it to look like the sample above???

Thanks for your help - love the helpful people on this sight.

Ihave to say that I think this theme is Great.
I have an 8330 curve right now but I would love to use this theme. OS is 4.5 any way to use this on my curve?
Please email me if you have time to respond. ktraveler77@yahoo

Thanks and keep up the good work!!!!!!

After trying this theme out I simply love it. Having the bottom launch bar makes navigating a breeze. Again great job on the theme.

I must be really slow! When i click download it takes me to a page with a bunch of how do I download this theme on my phone?? SOMEONE HELP!

I am trying to download this and its telling me its not compatible with my device. Am I missing something? I have the tour 9630 and installing thru desktop manager.

this is the best theme ive ever had. Anybody have a problem when they switch the wallpaper on the home screen. when i reset the phone the app screen homepage goes white or if i swtich themes then go back it keeps the previous screens wallpaper. I am running 5.0 software

So I downloaded Bing since it showed up on my phone as a program from RIM and it bricked my phone. Since, I have restored but I would like to put this theme back on and the ota and desktop links posted here lead to a file not found page. I LOVE this theme and would really like it back. If anyone has a link where it can be found please let me know. (hopefully this will be seen since this is an OLD thread)

Hey guys i cant seem to figure out exactly how to get this on my phone. Can anyone help me please. Also I downloaded a theme using the link, but it doesn't come up in my themes; can anyone help me with that as well???