BlackBerry Print to Go desktop software updated to v1.0.161

Print To Go
By Bla1ze on 24 Oct 2012 08:23 pm EDT

Although it lacks a changelog, the BlackBerry Print to Go desktop software has been updated to v1.0.161 today. if you're not familiar with the app, it allows you to 'print' your documents to your BlackBerry PlayBook instead of a traditional printer.

Granted, the app is oddly named but it's a pretty cool feature to have built-in. If you're looking to set up Print to Go, we've got great guide for you. If you're only looking to update the PC app, the link is below.

Download BlackBerry Print to Go

Via: BerryReview



installing now....BTW has anyone noticed any changes?

Seems like it's been out for a while now (a week)

Download Details
Software Name: BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Software - Print To Go
File Name: PrintToGo-WindowsDesktop-1.0.161.exe
Download Size: 22 MB
Published Date: 10/18/2012



Thank you.


Yea, whats up with that?!?!

Ruslan Botsyurko

It's quite disappointing that they've already released several versions of Print To Go for Windows, but still none for Mac :(


cant we just drag and drop the file over wifi sharing


Sure, but with this you can print to multiple PBs that are not within your wifi network. As long as the PB has wifi "somewhere", even hotspot to a phone, you can print to it.
Awesome for dispatch to field staff...


Thanks. That's really cool. Discard my comment. It was an honest question!


It's also good because it PDFs the file for you even if you don't have Acrobat Pro.


still trying to get it going. on the print to go how to article it says they must be on the same wifi network??

edit: it appears this is one of the updates


When it first came out it had to be on the same network, but no more


Not downloading yet....mine works fine with all PlayBook's no need to fix what's not broken.


Great!!!! It now works on different wifi networks. Awesome


Still cannot set up a second tablet on print to go. Only all-caps are accepted for the second tablet. Come on RIM, get it right!


I am on Windows Vista x64. For the second playbook, the desktop app only accepts uppercase letters. This means that it is impossible to enter the desktop pc pairing password which includes lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.


Great, just printed something to my PB which is at home. Wonder if it would work with a LTE version PB?


Agree with the Mac request.

I use print to go all the time at work, but as a Mac user at home it would be a great thing to have.

Also... Enterprise Print to go would be great, where files could be pushed to your device in a similar way to apps.
This may be available already, however.


I realize we are moving away from PIN's and towards BBID's and I do understand the reason for that, but I still can't help but think the PIN is just more usefull for something like this.. for instace, you can enter multiple playbooks, but they have to be on the same BBID.. my wife and I each have a playbook, and a BB phone, so we each have our own BBID's.. if print to go worked on PIN only, I could presumably enter both our playbook PIN's (and soon both our BB10 PIN's) and then have the choice to pick which, or which combination of devices I wanted to print to.. using BBID, I can only print to my device, and have to log out and log back in with her password to print to her device..


I really can't believe that they haven't done something about this yet. You should be able to set up each BBID as a seperate printer (recipient).


How about Print to Printer ?
How outrageous would that be.?


There's an app for that.


This should update automatically.. Its bad enough there aren't a lot of PlayBook users who know about this, let alone how many who have it but will never know when updates come out


Still no no Mac version???


Still can't believe that BB has not considered Mac users in providing Print To Go for PlayBook! I'm waiting for BB 10 OS but if this is the attitude towards Mac users then I will hold off any possible BB phone purchase till I see the appropriate support between BB and Mac devises. I now have PlayBook and can not sync between my MacPro and PlatBook! Bummer!
Come on BB!! I want to be a BB client with the new BB 10 os phone if possible but ONLY if compatible with Mac, give me a fighting chance to support a Canadian company. Nationalism only goes so far in the tech world...PLEASE!