BlackBerry Previews Secure Work Space Technology for Third Party Platforms

By Adam Zeis on 14 Mar 2013 08:32 am EDT

BlackBerry is looking to bring the same functionality offered with BlackBerry Balance to both iOS and Android. Dubbed Secure Work Space, it will be managed through BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 for third-party devices. The solution includes secure applications for email, calendar, tasks and more. This will allow for BYOD users of other platforms to keep separate work and personal items on one device, much like BlackBerry 10 users can do with BlackBerry Balance. Read the full press release below.

Press Release

BlackBerry Previews Secure Work Space Technology for Third Party Platforms


Extending BlackBerry's trusted, gold standard security to separate work and personal data on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 14, 2013) - BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today confirmed its commitment to bringing a solution that will separate and secure work and personal data on mobile devices to third party platforms. Secure Work Space for iOS® and Android™ will be managed through BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10, BlackBerry's multi-platform enterprise mobility management solution which builds upon more than a decade of enterprise and security expertise and is the most widely deployed mobility solution in enterprises today.

An update for BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 will soon extend BlackBerry security capabilities for data-at-rest and data-in-transit and provide complete separation between work and personal data. The BlackBerry Secure Work Space solution includes secured client applications for email, calendar, contacts, tasks, memos, secure browsing and document editing for each device that is provisioned via BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

"With BlackBerry® Balance™ technology, we offer the industry's only true compromise-free separation of work and personal data and applications," said David J Smith, EVP, Enterprise Mobile Computing. "With Secure Work Space for iOS and Android devices, we're extending as many of these features as possible to other platforms, critical in today's Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 offers administrators a single, intuitive platform enabling them to effectively and securely manage a variety of devices while protecting their corporate assets and at the same time providing employees the flexibility they desire."

The Secure Work Space solution enables customers to save considerable effort and expense as they no longer need to configure and manage expensive VPN infrastructures to provide mobile device access to data and applications that reside behind their corporate firewalls. With end-to-end enterprise mobility management, a straightforward deployment process, and a global and flexible technical support model, BlackBerry offers a secure and reliable solution as the clear choice for enterprises and governments to support BYOD policies for iOS and Android platforms. Additional applications can easily be secured and added to the workspace, without the need to modify source code.

"The vast majority of smartphones on the market aren't adequately secure for corporate or government work," said Robert Enderle, Principal Analyst, Enderle Group. "Currently BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 combined with BlackBerry Balance or Secure Work Space has the only volume solution which has been designed from the ground up to provide the security most IT departments require. With this announcement BlackBerry is expanding beyond their own top to bottom approach to security to address this need on other platforms. With this product BlackBerry is showcasing their security legacy by providing a stronger cross platform security solution than anyone else can in the market."

Closed beta testing for Secure Work Space has already started and general availability will be offered by the end of the second quarter, calendar year 2013. More details will be announced at the BlackBerry Live conference in May, 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

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BlackBerry Previews Secure Work Space Technology for Third Party Platforms


My company is comparing Zenprise and BES10 and was wondering if the native iOS or Android email app can still be used for work email. Or does it force the users to enter the secure workspace first?

I too saw a demo and it seems the whole point is for anything work-related to be separate. Native email apps may still work via ActiveSync via Exchange, if permissions are set, but in the demo the user had to unlock the secure workspace prior to accessing any work apps, including work email. Closest thing to BB Balance on a non-BB device. I suggest you give BB a call and have them do a demo for your company, the techs are very good and explain things quite well.

I imagine this would be an opt-in feature and BES10 would still support ActiveSync email for all devices just like it does in its current form.

always good to hear about BBRY making the IT world easier in terms of BYOD :). i heard about this when i went to the B.E.F. back in early feb its a great idea :D

Of course now there is no reason for companies to buy a BlackBerry phones.... So more service revenue, less in sales.

I have the BB Z10, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 in the lab at work. If you have not tried a Z10 I wouldn't be so quick to say slower sales. The Z10 is a really nice device and will sell.

I think our company is getting on this.

They are offering BlackBerry 10 next month and iPhone to follow in June.

Hopefully more BlackBerry than iPhone!

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If you read the press release, they did mention it. Q2, not sure what date, but it is a close guess of May, June, July.

As a BES Admin who has tested Air Watch, Zenprise and BES10, this addition to the BES 10 feature set is impressive and takes them to a whole new level. I can't wait to test it out.

Posted via CB10

not gonna happen until they find a way to connect secure works space to corporate email system other than VPN. Alternate is via BBRY NOC, Like GFE does for their secure client via GOOD NOC