BlackBerry Previews New Cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

By Adam Zeis on 7 Oct 2013 08:20 am EDT

BlackBerry today unveiled a new cloud-based EMM that will allow businesses to easily store and manage devices. The new service will allow for continued use of BYOD in the workplace but moves things to the cloud. There is no server hardware or software to install and admins can easily use the service through a web-based admin console. A self-service console for end users is also available to help with setting up devices, changing passwords and more. 

The service is currently in a beta phase and will be available soon in full release for a monthly subscription.

Press Release

Solution provides cross-platform enterprise mobility management in the cloud

ORLANDO, FLORIDA--(Marketwired - October 07, 2013) - GARTNER SYMPOSIUM/ITxpo - At Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013, BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today previewed a new multi-platform cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution that will enable businesses to easily secure and manage corporate and personal devices. The new cloud-based EMM solution will give business the ease, flexibility and cost controls to support BYOD, allowing employees to enjoy the content and apps they demand, while maintaining the security requirements and productivity gains of mobilizing, for the organization.

Gartner predicts that half of employers will require employees to supply their own device for work purposes by 2017.(i) Gartner also predicts that through 2014, employee-owned devices will be compromised by malware at more than double the rate of corporate-owned devices(ii), putting device and app management high on the priority list for business and IT leaders alike. With BYOD growing every day, businesses need an EMM solution that is easy to deploy and manage, requires no big upfront costs, and satisfies the needs of their employees without compromising the businesses' security requirements.

BlackBerry's new multi-platform EMM cloud solution will offer businesses mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), security standards, and self-service capabilities for the end-user. The solution will be available as a service, satisfying end-users, and business leaders and IT departments' needs for an easy to deploy, easy to manage and highly cost effective solution for smartphone and tablet management.

"BlackBerry is evolving. As the industry has adopted BYOD and mixed mobile environments, we've responded with our multi-platform EMM solution," said Stephen Bates, Head of the Enterprise Business Unit at BlackBerry. "The new cloud-based EMM solution will bring all the benefits of our on-premise offering, which is trusted by more businesses and governments around the world than any other enterprise mobility solution, to customers as a cloud service that lets them easily manage BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices more cost efficiently than ever before."

The new cloud-based EMM solution will offer:

  • Simple and fast deployment. No server hardware or software to install just register and go.
  • Administrators can easily manage and secure smartphones and tablets. The simple Web-based admin console will provide easy activation and deployment of BlackBerry, iOS® and Android™ smartphones, app management, security policy configuration and compliance monitoring.
  • Administrators can secure, deploy and manage apps. Administrators will be able to build a catalog of public apps from the App Store(SM), Google Play™ and the BlackBerry® World™ storefront, and then view app distribution and usage for all users and devices.
  • End-users can manage their own devices through the self-service console. End-users will be able to easily perform common management tasks such as setting up or changing device passwords and remote wipe and lock without relying on an administrator, giving them independence and saving on helpdesk calls.

As a service, the new cloud-based EMM solution will minimize the complexity of managing a fleet of disparate mobile devices, and will be beneficial for IT departments that are strained in today's business environment, and essential for teams or businesses without an IT department. It will also eliminate the need for organizations to purchase any servers or software - administrators will simply register online then log in to the web-based management console to define users, enroll devices, set security controls, and deploy apps.

Closed beta testing for the new cloud-based EMM solution is already underway. The service will be available as a single monthly subscription that covers both the license and technical support, and is expected to be generally available by the end of November 2013. For more information, visit the BlackBerry booth at ITxpo located in the Atlantic Hall, Dolphin Convention Hall, booth #434 or visit

BlackBerry will be presenting "The Best Device is Debatable - The Best Security is Not" session at ITxpo on Monday, October 7 from 1:15 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. in Dolphin/Southern III.


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BlackBerry Previews New Cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management Solution



Imagine a price a business would pay. Now multiply by 1.6, that's the price BB will sell at. Because you know, that's how you gain market share when you're not the most popular company in market!

t is for enterprizes as far as I understand so not something cheap for consumers. Actually it isn't something to be used by consumers...

As they said, BB is more and more (if not all) about the enterprize.

As someone said around here: as long as they make the phones so I can buy them I am happy!

"All this in a flexible package that will cost less than a cup of coffee a month*.

Though they don't mention if that's a Timmy's or Starbucks coffee...

This is great news... it should simplify the offerings to enterprises and make adaptation easy.

Nice catch. I wonder if they will keep updating the PlayBook for that reason alone.

Posted via CB10

My playbook gad the red light follow by the 5 green light on a weekend. Luckily still had my two year insurance on it . Let see what futureshop will do.

If that doesn't work I'm going to android :(

Posted via CB10

Did you hold the pier button down along with the volume up and down buttons for at least 10 seconds to force a reset?

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Power button....

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 For sale...I am actually much happier with my PlayBook. I do wonder why they haven't upgraded the ram to support Android acceleration. The PlayBook is probably one of the easiest tablets to fix, so upgrading the small motherboard inside would be a simple task. Sell an upgrade board for the PlayBook Blackberry, and I will buy it!

That just means you dragged your battery down. Do the old stack charging trick and it'll bounce right back. Search for my posts and you'll find a long one with plenty of details on how to go about it. No biggie.

BlackBerry does have a cloud for numerous services they offer, it's just not visible or accessible for storage.

as far as I know there are cloud services for game profiles provided by Amazon for Android and iOS, but not provided by Apple ?

or can you give a link about such an Apple service?

Usually the game editor decides to provide a cloud. For example in Real Racing 3, EA has its own cloud where you can store your cars & trophies & achievements. I use the feature on my Z10 once a week.

I have 80gb of storage on my Z10, I doubt I will max it out, but if I do I could always throw my music and photos into the cloud via the pre installed Box app to free up space for 3D platform gaming.

Baby steps.

This is an incredible step forward. Not having the BES server on site but through a managed cloud service is the way to go. Less costs, faster deployment, more in depth support and easier maintenance/updating.
I am happy to see they're shifting to a better quality of service and I'm loving the tagline: "The Best Device is Debatable - The Best Security is Not"

I do hope they though this one through in terms of liabilities. BES always had the best security in house and admins had the options to either keep logs, delete logs, keep messages, encrypt them, etc...
Moving to a cloud based solution could allow governments to subpoena BlackBerry in divulging BES information, an option they didn't have before when the BES server was on site.

I'll wait until they officially announced it today and more info is given about this. Let's all just hope these virtual servers will be as customizable and private as the servers on site.

I would imagine they will keep offering both server based and cloud based options, so the company can choose which service best matches their security needs and requirements. They can decide whether they want the possibility of cloud based data being subpoenaed,which would be a risk with ANY cloud based service.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

There will likely be companies that for one reason or another will NEED to maintain their own MDM infrastructure, rather than using a hosted solution. For large enterprises in particular, hosting their own is likely more sensible.

Having a hosted solution is definitely useful, though.

I see this as being a great solution for the SMB (small to medium business) market segment. Companies that don't necessarily want to invest in hardware and additional infrastructure to be maintained, should take this solution into consideration.

I don't see why security would be an issue. As there is no detail as of right now to suggest this is nothing more then taking the existing BES10 physical solution into a virtualization format. Instead of having a physical server on prem to be managed, you have BlackBerry managing multiple virtual BES servers on what presumably will be less infrastructure.

More or less work for BlackBerry, one can only assume. But a hell of a solution for a business who wants that enterprise solution without the enterprise price tag!

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Though it's BYOD, I hope the company is able to find a way to make BB10 devices more attractive enterprise wise.

Let's see. Though I guess this is a step in the right direction.

Posted via CB10

I view this as a gateway into BlackBerry MDM. It absolutely should be priced within real of small business and the prosumer.
Big business and government will still choose to host their own servers, primarily for security and cost reasons, but small business and prosumers who understand the possibilities will appreciate cloud based, primarily because of low start-up capital requirements and ease of use.

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It may be a BYOD, but if there is a built in advantage for BB devices, companies may just opt for BB devices, and eventually, this may overflow into the consumer market once again...

Woout000 / eldrover: 2 great comments! +1000 on both.

Very smart move on BB part. Am wondering if this solution in terms of systems is similar in nature to BBM4All...? am betting it is.

Cheers & have a great week folks..back to the oil sands for 4 days of fun n games.

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

Food idea unless all companies go for this cheaper method rather then the expensive BES10 option. Further shrinking blackberry as a company. But I guess shrinking is better then disappearing

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No this replaces BES Express and then some. It makes the service available for a much larger small and medium business market, who want the benefits and security without the hardware, server required, expertise, maintenance costs and effort on site.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

..and I totally like the tag line too although I am solid in my belief that my BB10 device is in fact a better device

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

Agreed with a few comments above about hoping there are distinct advantages for BB10 devices as it relates to this. If done right, it could easily lead to more BB10 phone sales. Especially if the monthly subscription fee is a "nice" price.

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This is great news for smaller businesses that are experiencing growth in mobile technology, but don't yet see the purpose/benefit of setting up servers/support for a full BES environment. This allows smaller companies to take advantage of BES and get things moving more quickly, less expensively, and with less admin support needs. Great move by BB and I hope it gets noticed beyond just this website.

While they continue to get ripped apart from the media and bashed by the competition, they continue strong with innovation.

They have been hard at work and innovation is definitely showing. However, this talk of selling and getting shredded is just killing them. 3rd quarter revenues are going to be dismal. Hope they have their expenses under control.
They need to stem the bleeding in order to complete or polish BES10 and get it into the corporate space at least. I am getting the z30 as soon as it hits Canada. Already talked to Rogers. Buying it off Best Buy, giving my z10 to a lucky fellow employee.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

This sounds great - similar to the Office 365 BlackBerry cloud integration they had going? Not sure if still is going but that was like a slimmed down version of BES online.

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We tried the Office 365 BlackBerry. It works for devices that don't need MDS. So, we still needed a BES server for the MDS requirement. I am guessing that this is similar.

Although the phone market changed. It's changed to entertainment oriented for the mass, gaming, movie download and gimmick marketing. People now put focus on Android and iOS. But BlackBerry is still a great company that makes devices that I can trust and feel safe to use, with elegant UI, straight quick operating process to get the job done, no nonsense fancy graphic stuff, build with high quality material. No matter BlackBerry will survive or fold. I am willing to be the last one to use BlackBerry devices, my 9900, Z10 and Z30. So romantic...!

Posted via CB10 by Z30

This is good news I think, I personally don't trust the cloud too much but if BlackBerry made a service for the average consumer I would use it

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This isn't a consumer service Nick, at least the way I understand it. They say they're out of the consumer market now. This is for SMBs and larger companies to help them monitor and manage the scores of devices they have, especially the security aspect.

Regardless of what cloud service, how can you be guaranteed that "THEY" won't see what you store in the cloud? This is why many don't trust the cloud. But now coming from BlackBerry and BlackBerry's basic definition is Security, I may use it. ;)

Good point!

People still trust BlackBerry security. This part of the BlackBerry brand has remained strong throughout these difficult years.

Having BlackBerry host your cloud NDM services may make a number of companies (that may have never trusted the cloud) dip a toe in the water.

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

Everything with Blackberry is always a "preview."

Release a product for once instead of just announcing it.

lol, they all were talking the doom and gloom nonsense last week. Why? Because negativity sells. So in the end Gartner kills its reputation for the sake of posting nonsense.

BlackBox has a nice ring for a name for a consumer cloud storage strategy.

This move will be well received by enterprise.

BlackBox is a great name... but there isn't a consumer cloud storage strategy AFAIK. The service described in the press release appears to be for business only and is device management, not cloud storage.

Good job BlackBerry......... many people will use BlackBerry because of security privacy. Nowadays many people spy on other information.

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I have 80 gigs on my much storage do I need. then another 64gig card costs 30 bucks. Tetragig hardrive that connects to a usb drive is 70 bucks. Why would I ever use a cloud for storage. What if the cloud just disappeared?

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Hit the post button too quick.

Totally agree on the storage on my phone. With about 90 power points and numerous other documents not to mention music and photos ive got a lot of space.

And personally i dont really trust the cloud with my daughters photos..

Posted via CB10

Yes, and on top of that, as soon as I hit my work and home networks, my z10 is set to sync and backup my files wireless. I really have no use for cloud services. What is amazing about the z10 is I can head anywhere in the world with my phone, it's charger and an HDMI cable. With these 3 small items I can do everything from entertainment, manage my business, make presentations etc. It is a computer in itself.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Question: can an individual who wanted to return to a compatible BIS service use this? If it cost a cup of coffee per month?

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I like how BBRY never mentions WP8 lol, primarily because WP8 has already flopped here in North America.
Anyhow this does not sound like a company in trouble per say. Good job BlackBerry.

Yes...what BlackBerry keeps putting out doesn't mesh with all the negative headlines. I think they are chugging along with BES10 and BB10 regardless of the bashing.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

BlackBerry may get out of the consumer market but will stay with the Enterprise and kill it as they are doing. Keep it up guys!

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Normally i would have said this is a good idea. But with all of the things theyve got going on i cant help but wonder if they're spreading themselves to thin??

Link is still problematic as is, bbm nowhere to be found,
And updates to the current crop of phones are slow going..
Just my opinion.

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Ironic that I was just talking about this last week as something they should be doing! I'd like to see what advantages BB10 will have over the other OS(workspaces maybe?).

Great step in the right direction!

So, that's the prosumer version of BES10 for $49/ month for 5 CALs... I wished they started from 1 license.

Sent from my Z30/3

I am not sure I understand how this is going to work?
Somehow that EMM solution, which will be hosted on BlackBerry's servers, will have to communicate somehow through the company's firewall to access the Exchange/Lotus servers?

Good news. Now BlackBerry can expand BES beyond enterprises and governments to include small and medium businesses. This will greatly expand their addressable market for recurring service revenue to lessen the impact from the loss in BIS service revenue.

Yes. I run a small business of 45 people and supply approx 15 corporate cell devices. We previously used BIS, and now we are operating as consumers. I will look into this further now to see if it will be advantageous.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Let's be honest how many cloud solutions are available...

What makes blackberry's any better! nothing from what I can see, blackberry just coming to the party late but not wearing anything cool

Posted via CB10

Agreed. The overtone, if BBRY can program for BBRY phones and other platforms, is that anyone can do it. Nothing proprietary about coding and features unless you own the walled garden in Today's climate. I can see in response, since BYOD for many mean Exchange\EAS connectivity, is Microsoft extending the EAS Administrative functions and interface. So in similar fashion to making departments question why have EAS + BES, when EAS provides all the Mail/PIM one needs is why have EAS + EMM???

"The Best Device is Debatable - The Best Security is Not"
+over 9000!!!!! Now that's a tagline I can rally behind!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

It will be great if they make it available to smallest of the small organizations, down to just few or even a couple of licenses. That will draw in a lot of professionals and small business owners, the security conscious individuals. A huge market beyond enterprise to small business. BES for all in the footsteps of BBM for all.

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For BlackBerry "Evolving", it is kind of ironic they have a picture of a playbook in this article....they evolved all right.....enough to not want to update the playbook.....

Posted via CB10

Sounds like BES in the Cloud. Not really meant for Banks and Hospitals with compliance issues, but good to add to the Enterprise Menu..

Does anyone know if this will have the same features for interacting with other MDM solutions? For example, Mobile Iron can only manage BB10 devices through BES10. Will this solution allow Mobile Iron those same features at a much smaller level that could be easily grown as BB10 adoption increases?

I mentioned in the forum somewhere that BlackBerry should offer a cloud based MDM system similar to Microsoft Intune. Small businesses that can't justify the expense and administration of their own local servers would like this.

This is a good move, BlackBerry.

Just because something is popular does not make it the right thing to do. Network security is abandoned with BYOD. There cannot be cost-effective device support either, so when a mobile device is compromised or in need of service, will companies pony up cash to pay for additional support on top of the Carrier support if subsidized, or the non-support that comes with fully-owned end-user devices? I doubt they would.

I love this idea! I don't want to buy a new server so this would be a great solution.

Posted via CB10

This is awesome. I was holding back on BES10 due to the cost of having my own server or even have a 3rd party VM. Its all about the security with me. I welcome this solution.

Too little, too late. Typical BlackBerry.

BlackBerry won't survive. My S4 is way much better than your Z10.

Hey Ronbro, i know how you can be happy again:
Send me your cell number,
Put your phone on vibrate,
Stick it up you @ss
And when I call you, you'll be in a better mood. :)

Just don't ask me to call you all the time!

Seems a natural progression to me. Much like the growth in popularity with hosted exchange. Have all the features without the cost etc of a high end server, on site maintenance, someone to control it ect. Pay a monthly fee per user and you're all set.
Perfect for SMB!

The LAST sentence says it all. In the eye-candy world and instant gratification environment everyone lives in, there is nothing like BlackBerry, which will invariably prove that BlackBerry will rise and come back like a rushing river that's been held back... Dam about to burst...(!)