BlackBerry pressing courts to stop sales of Typo keyboards

Typo keyboard
By Joseph Keller on 14 Apr 2014 04:17 pm EDT

BlackBerry is pushing to immediately halt sales of the Typo keyboard case for iPhone. While Typo insists that they are a small company that lacks the capability to produce a large quantity of keyboards, BlackBerry alleges that Typo has contradicted these statements, flooding the market with keyboards before an injunction could be imposed.

Typo previously stated that it had written and verbal orders from resellers. Because these orders could not have been negotiated after the preliminary injunction that BlackBerry recently won, BlackBerry says that Typo must have been making deals with wholesalers all along, going against their previous claim. The preliminary injunction against Typo came last month. Sales of the keyboard will be put on hold while the trial proceeds after BlackBerry posts its bond with the court.

For more on the Typo keyboard, be sure to check out CrackBerry Kevin's hands on, as well as his account of how he wore the keyboard out in three days.

Source: PCWorld

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BlackBerry pressing courts to stop sales of Typo keyboards


Link that to BlackBerry! They can use that in court!

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I thought the same thing! I think I will stop taking these articles to heart.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

I went back and read the Bloomburg article. The injunction doesn't start until BlackBerry puts up the bond. The bond is the money Typo would have made during the time of the injunction. If Typo were to win their case they would get the bond.

So, it looks like Typo is trying to produce and sell as many keyboards as they can before BlackBerry comes up with the bond money.

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That's where the rest of the rubbish keyboards belong.

Can't even buy them wholesale at junk value now to flog'em off later, LOL, unless you wanna get caught with these infringing products.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Good publicity for sure. Let's hope typo keep trying to put their foot in it!

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I just looked at the picture without reading the headline. Another blackberry concept I thought. Hahaha. Such a rip off

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Injunction I believe is a stop of production from them till resolution, current stock or in production stuff I think can still be sold. So because the 'cards don't match up' BlackBerry wants them to be totally put on ice.

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Why?? Let them sell and take half of revenue? Come to an agreement. Another revenue stream and you do nothing for it.

That's a good idea in the short-term. But it could further wreck BlackBerry's brand just as it tries to reestablish itself--the longterm.

The Z is for Zipperstein

Better roll your sleeves up its about to get dirty.

BlackBerry should petition for all sales post injunction be deemed invalid and Typo have to repay all money back to their wholesalers.

I'm wondering if Typo actually told the wholesalers that they actually had an injunction against it.

Don't be surprised if Typo get sued again but not by BlackBerry.

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It's a pity that the courts can do nothing about unethical conduct. This Typo fiasco is making a mockery of the legal system. The tail is absolutely wagging the dog. People with money to blow play the legal system like a puppet. There is no law just a show.

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I think they'll get half of all the sales anyway...
Seacrest out! Of a million dollars that is....

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Then microwave it for epic justice?

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Typo = Crapo

It's not a good product nor is it even a good idea. The only way a BlackBerry style keyboard looks good and is of quality standards for a handheld, is if it's actually built by BlackBerry and part of their phone. Like the Q10 and many many devices before it.

By the looks of things, the company (crapo, err typo) is also sketchy with its business practices too, obviously. In every way.

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Seems like a bunch of douchebaggery experts got together to chisel out a piece of crapo and then, like a cracked out street whore, they continue to peddling this garbage by flooding the market, after losing in court. They're essentially criminals.

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Contempt of court? At least the US is more into punitive damages than Canada, at least on paper.

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Yes, I have a problem w/ Typo. But a larger problem w/ the ppl that use or buy them. The Curve, Tour, Bold Q5 and Q10 were built on a foundation that contain the best keyboard ever made. (I don't think that fact can be argued) So let me ask you this. If Typo created a device that would attach to a Z10, Z3 or Z30 would you want it? No. Why? #1 you would already have the best virtual keyboard (yes I know, arguably) and if you want a "real" keyboard....well look at the devices listed above.


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I beat the TEETH GNASHING HELL out of a 8300 for 2.5 years. Worked flawless the whole time. Made in Canada. w/trackball replacements a few times.

BB won the argument for a preliminary injunction, but that injunction won't take effect until AFTER BB puts up a bond to cover damage/lost sales fees to Typo in the event they lose the case. BB could have already done this, but they haven't written that check yet, so the injunction is in limbo.

Very true, only that Typo went ahead and started offering the "keyboard under litigation" under express shipping.
That would cook my goose as well.
I understand the legalese where BB would have to put up the money for lost sales IF they lost the case, and that the deposit had to be made soon.
But, changing tactics to get stuff out the door before BB gets the deposit paid, is just underhand technique.
and it would have been nasty, even if BB would have done it....


A keyboard for any phone that has a virtual keyboard is just laughable. Get used to the virtual one. They are faster anyhow.

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This is how it should be! I hate the fact that Typo and Ryan seacrest did this! I am happy Hat BlackBerry is hitting them hard! If they would've worked with BlackBerry, that would've been acceptable to me. But screw them and Seacrest.

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A thread in the forums that was linked to the comments here, should now be tweeted/E-Mailed to blackberry's head of legal department RIGHT AWAY!! We cannot let these motherfucking criminals do this behind the scenes, out of the court's knowledge!! (sorry about the course language... but man, I AM SO PISSED!!! :(


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What will the real cost be to BlackBerry once this Typo fiasco is over? BlackBerry must put up a bond to secure any losses Typo may incur should BlackBerry lose this case but what will Typo pay if they lose? Will Typo lose with costs and who and how would costs and losses at BlackBerry be calculated, who is posting a bond/paying for that? If Typo loses can they just fold the company and leave BlackBerry with the costs of this trial?

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I think it is the name that is irreparably tarnished. BlackBerry has a bad stigma. Especially in the North American market. Seen as a has been by the general public. It's the Betamax of today.

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Why don't you make one for the Z10? How stupid to make it for iPhone. Make a slide out keyboard for the Z10 and Z30

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Based on Kevin's review of the keyboard and recent court action, it is clear that this keyboard is 1) a nightmare for Ryan Seacrest and any other investor in the company, and 2) inferior to Blackberry's keyboard. Honestly, I think havnig a keyboard add-on for the iPhone highlights the value of a physical keyboard and, from a marketing standpoint, might make people give Blackberries a second glance at the store. Too bad it is such a ripoff of BB's keyboard... If it wasn't, I would be clicking my heels. If I had an iPhone and one of these keyboards I would also be clicking my heels. Since, it is and I don't... stomping my feet.