BlackBerry Press Conference Live Blog! #MWC14

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2014 12:55 am EST

It's time CrackBerry Nation. We're on location in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2014 and are front and center for BlackBerry's Tuesday Morning Press Conference. 

BlackBerry CEO John Chen is on stage for this one. Tune into the live blog below for announcements as they happen, commentary, community discussion and more!

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BlackBerry Press Conference Live Blog! #MWC14


Kevin is covering this thing right now like a BOSS! Thanks for you're hard work Team Crackberry!

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Release some budget handsets and grow the emerging markets. BBM is almost completely cross platform and we are rolling on. Keep moving!

BB10 > (Insert stale OS)

Can't wait for the blast from the past. Track pad, berry (home) button, 2.5 inch screen. Loving it. I wonder how many icons rows per page, 1? I'm so excited!

I just hope they do the track wheel, that would be dope!

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OMG, no, no, just no...Q20?! For real? Bringing back the legacy buttons? Yeah, OK, officially BlackBerry lost its mind. I'm done as soon as there is a comparable alternative to BlackBerry 10 out there. They can suck in the dinosaurs that will be sporting the "new" old Q20.

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That ad is much, much better. It's actually communicates why BlackBerry is of value, and why the audience should care. Much better, BB!

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Exactly the type of marketing stance BlackBerry needs and must take! Glad their starting at rebuilding the Brand first!

Brand: once this is rebuilt the perception of their quality products stance and future goals becomes clear, more will look towards their products and services and the media will find it hard to tear down the brand again. There is still huge media resistance but it's beginning to wane lately.

Then with the services offerings this in turn shows existing customers clients and partners their not being left out on recent developments and increases their trust in the company as a whole maybe even helping the company strengthen their brand further by recommendations, solid ones not to the fickle minded. Thid translates to sales.

Finally it's the product offering! Yes we know Foxconn is part of the mix and soon you'll see proper products offering the best solutions in each market segments to all diverse demographics. Now the up rise of sales begins. This phase must coincide with the one I listed directly above, services, to get the most benefit for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

Thanks for covering this, Kevin. I'm hoping that one device is a Foxconn-designed, low-end device and the other is a BlackBerry-designed high-end device. And, I'm hoping that we get a preview of BlackBerry Flair and BB10.3. Samsung, Nokia, and Sony all showed some high-end gear, so the idea that MWC is just for mid-tier phones for developing countries is *so* last year. ;-)

OK. I'm here. Made it to the venue. We're a little early so just waiting out front. Will fire up the live blog once we get seated in the main area.

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I doubt they'll announce any handsets other than the Jakarta/Z3/STJ100-1. (Which is almost done with Indonesian wireless certification. Probably a few more days.) Would love to see if the rumors of the wacko low-res screen are true.. that is just hard to believe, given the massive app compatibility issues that would cause.

Based on that marketing slogan, I'm inclined to guess it will be more a matter of focusing on BES, BES Cloud, and perhaps their new BlackBerry World app security initiative.

I couldn't think of a better time to pounce on security concerns around the world and big up BlackBerry's unmatched record in this regard.

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I'm just hoping for just a bit of news that we can hang on in the states. Nothing against those emerging markets but us here in the states are clinging on. #ichooseBlackBerry10

The Great Z10 -

first time following a live blog. the countdown went to zero, then it went away. then nothing happened.. i guess that should be expected.. but it was an anti-climax moment for me. haha..

Bla1ze is cutting everything I write. So much for being able to comment and participate in the live blog...

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Looking forward to the "Classic". I think it will be a truly "1-hand" capable device, which I don't think the z10 or q10 is.

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Uh-huh, and you will buy it at launch, right? Because this is what you were looking for and waiting for...

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Very interesting how both Chen and Gou held up samples of the Jakarta simultaneously, as if it was not just Blackberry's baby, but Foxconn's too. That speaks volumes about the power of Foxconn in this relationship. I'm not sure exactly what I think of that, tbh. Hmm.

I definitely like the casual attitude. Completely different for BlackBerry.

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Trackpad really? The Q10 is great without it, why are we going backwards. Z3 on the other hand looks pretty interesting.

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If the Q10 didn't come back in record numbers due to customers missing the track pad, I'm sure they wouldn't be doing this. I'm touch screen all the way, but I respect Mr. Chen for actually listening to customer complaints. All makes sense.

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So, I take it it's done? No Q&A being posted or anything now... So, no tech specs on the Q20? Would have liked to hear about its internals and whether they will be keeping the screen size...

We need a better liveblogging UI here, have to scroll to the bottom to switch pages, but it scrolls within the page and then when you hit the bottom keeps scrolling down the page. Same with going back to the top. Incredibly annoying

Kinda dissapointed here...
We have a Z3 (upcomming market device, which I understand) and a sort of Q9900Bold10.2.1 thingy...
I was hoping for some solid news on a highend device (qwerty) in their lineup.
But maybe Im getting my hopes up seeing I can renew and replace my trusty Q10 soon :)

He already stated in the QA that two additional high-end devices are in preparation. Understandibly no details. I hope it will be a cool QWERTY device similar to the concept Q30 we have seen here, and a successor of th Z30.

All u guys From CB10 over at the MWC....can I just...u guys r simply amazing...really covering the entire event with detail...
Awesome job guys...keep it up

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Yes, great work covering this guys. I can't believe how fast you posted the links. I liked how Mr. Chen said they were working on two more high end devices in addition to the Q20.
How they got the Z3 created and certified in under three months is beyond me? If this is the new BlackBerry under Mr. Chen, we are in for a great future.

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Where is Ontario??? Haha good news is, Mr. Chen said about high end devices, that means... a turn around player is being prepared... secretly haha great!!

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We're still following instead of having the definitive mind set that we are the standard by which all smart phones are measured by. Is anyone exhausted of these words, "Emerging Markets"?

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