BlackBerry Keep Moving presents Alicia Keys Secret Sessions

By Bla1ze on 19 May 2013 11:17 pm EDT

Aside from being the Global Creative Director at BlackBerry, it's no secret that Alicia Keys is one hell of a singer. She's got the awards, record sales and countless nominations to back that up.

As part of the BlackBerry Keep Moving series, Secret Sessions with Alicia Keys debuted April 8th in Newark, New Jersey after her performance there and now, the video of that event has been posted for all to view on Livestream. If you're a fan of Alicia Keys music, it's something you'll certainly want to check out.

Additionally, you have the option to subscribe to the BlackBerry Keep Moving channel where more sessions will be posted. We've embedded the video below the break, keep in mind you'll need a flash enabled browser to view it, or you can head on over the BlackBerry Keep Moving channel via the link below.

BlackBerry Keep Moving presents Alicia Keys Secret Sessions


That Boy RiSkO

I would like to attend one of these secret sessions :)


Lol am I the only one who thinks that "Secret Sessions " sounds a bit....dirty?...or maybe it's just my wishful thinking. lol

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Her voice is so soothing.. I really like Alicia Key's music and I like the fact that she is part of BlackBerry now! She will really help promote BlackBerry and get people to believe in it!

Leroy Padilla

Disagree. There are far more qualified people to promote BlackBerry than someone that just recently became BlackBerry user.

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Disagree. BlackBerry needs to get users they have lost back into the fold. Alicia Keys used to be a BlackBerry user then switched to iPhone, now she is back again and promoting blackberry 10.

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to clarify your doubts if she was a BB user, check at 1:08 in


It's a free country and she can use whatever phone she wants. I own an iPhone n BlackBerry why can't see, I mean she can afford it.

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Leroy, she was a long time BlackBerry user who like many switched, but has since returned.

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D gray

Very nice Alicia. I wonder if she checks CB forums. Now that you have your BlackBerry Alicia, if you reading this hit me up so we can bbm.

My Z10 has a flow

Shanerredflag it.

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I wonder how much they pay her? Maybe they should have put those funds towards putting BlackBerry10 on the PlayBook in 2013. Just sayin'.

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What a heart-warming performance! I'm so happy she's Team BlackBerry again. Represent! :D :D :D

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Let's just say she can start a secret session at my house any day of the week! Amazing woman!


I think someone like LADY GAGA would have been a better fit for the job. She definitely has more innovative ideas and what is most important: she uses a BB since forever (as far as I know :)

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Lady Gaga? Really? Wasn't she just voted one of the worst artist of the us recently?

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Yup lol

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Alicia was awesome , made me want to jam this morning on my soprano sax :


Is she really helping the brand is my question?

BlackBerry Z10- I use it for a phone and a computer :)


Beautiful lady,beautiful voice!

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Mayer Tanuan

Where is here BBM Channel Located?

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Is this the show miguel performed at aswell??


This is really cool. Big up Vancouver!

Sunny Garcha

@Dgray yea she's for sure going to "hit you up so you can bbm" if she sees your comment smh

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Add me. Pin:24C0A6CC

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I'd love to play with her BlackBerry.

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I like Alicia, very nice person and beautiful voice!


Agreed. She is hot. :)

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