Introducing the BlackBerry Presenter - New Bluetooth Accessory from RIM Delivers Presentations Wirelessly

BlackBerry Presenter
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jan 2010 08:00 am EST

NICE. CES 2010 hasn't even kicked off yet and already RIM is throwing a little suprise at us with the announcement of their latest accessory for BlackBerry Smartphones, the BlackBerry Presenter! The BlackBerry Presenter connects to your BlackBerry Smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth and from there the BlackBerry Presenter can be connected to a monitor or projector via VGA or S-Video connections. Once connected, you can present your Microsoft Powerpoint presentation to the monitor/projector straight from your BlackBerry - no more need for a laptop!

An accessory like this to me seems pretty useful and pretty logical. The concept is obviously very similar to the BlackBerry Music Gateway, which allows you to stream music from your device to your stereo. While not as mass market as something like the Music Gateway, I'm sure there are a lot of road warriors and mobile professionals out there who will find great value in this and pick one up. You can let us know what you think about in the poll below. You can learn more at

Contest: Win a Free BlackBerry Presenter! - We don't have the BlackBerry Presenter available for purchase just yet, but when it hits inventory we'll send one out to the winner of this contest. Just leave a comment to this blog post letting us know how you'd make use of the BlackBerry Presenter in your life if you were to buy / own one. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Good luck!

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BlackBerry Presenter

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BlackBerry Presenter

Reader comments

Introducing the BlackBerry Presenter - New Bluetooth Accessory from RIM Delivers Presentations Wirelessly



This little piece of technology would fit right into my lifestyle/career. I would surly impress my clients by using this instead of a laptop. Sometimes conversation starters such as this is what gets your foot in the door. Plus the publicity sure wouldn't hurt RIM. Good work!!

I'm giving on average one presentation per week. I don't have my laptop with me all the time. It would be just awesome to give presentation from my Blackberry.

The best part is that I sometimes create slideshow on my blackberry and then it is a problem to transfer it to pc...

I'd use it on work-meetings, seminars, lectures... No need to worry about remote presentation controller any more!

I do really NEED one! :)

With many cross country/international presentations at educational conventions, I cant wait to not have to carry a laptop. YAY.

My wife NEEDS this! She works for a school district and has to present to teachers on behavior and special education issues in 14 different schools. she is always lugging around a 2 laptops to get the job done (mac and PC) the schools have the projectors and she has a Tour.....perfect solution for her and her sore back!

I don't know if you can recommend any one for the win but this is a pretty good reason if any. I hope she does get it and God Bless her and her sore back.

I agree, If we could nominate or vote for someone, I would most likely vote for your wife. Wish everyone could get one though :) including myself :B but I wouldn't use much as I don't have a job, although it could be used for other activities like, sharing pics and vids, since Nokias and others, have TV Out, this could be a good substitute for people who used it.

I do only a few presentations a year so this is a device that would be useful, but not necessary enough for purchase. The overall idea is a good one. Nice to see RIM moving this direction.

I would love to have this machine. Being a Loss Prevention Agent I woud use it in my presentations of Organized Retail Crime criminals.

I used to have a Palm and used Presenter To Go. This sounds similar. I used it all of the time. It was awesome not having to lug my laptop into the conference room. Way to go RIM!!!

I would use this almost every day here in Lima Peru with my students. So often I have things to share on my Blackberry but by the time I get the equipment or try to find a laptop the teaching moment has gone. With this I could really become more effective and reach more of my studnets.

I would love one. Please

I'm a A Scoutmaster for our boy scout troop in town, I do a lot of training for the scouts and adults. We do a lot of winter camping and other activities along with a ton of community service. So I put a lot on computer for these kids and present it to them. this would be a welcome addition to our troop!

Please consider us when you pick... Thanks!

maybe if you repeat it enough, I might understand


Does it work by transferring the powerpoint to the remote, which then renders it, or can it actually be used for remote display of videos?

Either way, PICK ME!!!!

Howarmat you do realize just like every other contest you can only enter one comment??

This is a wonderful idea!! I would totally use it at school, and at church!! Hook me up!


I would SOO use this at work for my presentations to executives (they LOVE gadgets) and maybe even at home for the occasional family event!

I'm a volunteer CPR/First-Aid/Disaster Instructor for the Red Cross and this would be great, I never know what kind of PC and projector setup I'll have to work with till I arrive at the class location, a few times I've found out at the last moment that the USB or CD doesn't work, or that they don't have PowerPoint loaded. At least with this I know I will have a working presentation.

Any idea what the price range will be? I sure hope it is inexpensive enough I could swing buying one.

My wife often has to make presentations of her work to various companies; she struggles with a heavy laptop, which she also finds difficulty using.
She loves her BB Curve and this nifty little device would make her life much easier.
To say nothing of how much I would like to see the look on her face when she gets it!

The commander will definately be in command with the presenter in his bag of tricks. No more searching the school for a working laptop; it'll be right in my pocket. Pick me!

That is very cool!! I can see using it professionally, but I think the main thing I would use it for is showing off the pictures and movies I take of my son on my tour. It would be so much easier than taking out my sd card, etc.

This is soo cool! I would fefinitely use it for meetings. As an IT admin I would love to have one for people that aren't so computer literate as well. On the personal side, I wonder if you could use this with the Music gateway ot watch movies .... That would be EPIC!

wow, I teach Managerial Communications at the University and use PowerPoint constantly so something like this would save me having lug around my laptop + would demonstrate to the class new communications technologies........very cool!

This would be one of the most useful pieces of equipment I've seen on here in a good while. I've posted on a crap load of forums, surely I'll win something soon!! FREE IS ME!

Hope it works better then the Impatica Showmate I bought to test out. When I tried to use that one with my BB Tour, I was told "Oh, it's not compatible with the OS on your device".

Since this one is from RIM, I would think it would be compatible with all the new OS's.

When I travel and do presentations, I typically have two laptop bags (one inside the other). My main one is HUGE and has everything I ever need in it. Once I get to my hotel, I reduce to the smaller bag, and put the laptop, and all of the wires and stuff I need in it. Obviously once I am done I have to reverse the process.

It would be VERY nice to only have to bring my Blackberry (WHICH I ALREADY BRING!!!) :)

Definitely would want to try this. I travel overseas quite a bit overseas and if I could leave the laptop at home, I would. Less luggage to carry!

Amazing! I'm constantly showing blueprints and mechanical submittals in small trailers to General Contractors and Project Managers. Most of the time too, the PDF is in an email on my phone, or PP to go, or Excel to go Spreadsheet on my BB It's hard to bring a full projector with me from job to job, and there isn't much space in those job trailers as well for the depth needed to project clearly. This small device you could put up on a file cabinet or something small, even hold it in your hand if need be. Plus would be one less thing in my travels I would need to bring. I could maybe even eliminate having to print out so many copies of gigantic blueprints! Eco Friendly too!!!

I'm loving this! Awesome, awesome job! I need this!

Absolutely an outstanding concept! I would love to give briefs without having to worry about my laptop! Load the BlackBerry 9700, set it up then BOOM!!!The brief is going on and people are going crazy about the setup. I would LOVE to win!!! RIM, thanks for continuously finding newer ways to improve technology!

I am one step away from leaving my laptop at home when I travel. The BlackBerry Presenter would allow me to finally cross that threshold and become truly a mobile warrior!

Thanks CrackBerry for the opportunity! Good luck everybody!

Doing training seminars via laptop is ok for now. We have a new presentation room here at the office that this would make a huge improvement to. Many people here have BBs but aren't as "in" to the gadgets and tech as some others. Definitely could be an improvement for our office presentations as well as our field training seminars.

This is an awesome piece of technology. I travel and present to programs to physicians and this would knock out a lot of baggage that i need to carry along. LOVE IT.

Looks like just what I need to not have to take my laptop when I am on the road teaching workshops.

I would use it all the time. I get tired of having to lug my laptop around just to present stuff. It would also be great if I could project word/excel files from doc2go!

Regular Offsite presentations would become a breeze with this item. Since I upload every thing to my Blackberry(s)the next evolutionary step would be to be able to present from the Blackberry. Awesome development that I would certainly use.

I support blackberry's for Rogers Tech Support. I am a trainer and would definately find the use of this as I am always plugging in my laptop or trying to find a PC. With this it would definately lighten my load, not have to carry my laptop in everyday.

Always showing slides and pictures on my BB to clients. What a help to be able to show off our products with out having to boot up my laptop or to pass around the phone. Wooo Hoooo. Sign me up!

One less device to carry around. Especially when you have travel via the airports often. Small package and serves the purpose that many of us business users will need. Great concept & product for business users !

This would be great for when we go visit family that live on the other side of the state. Would be awsome to show pictures and narrate to everyone at the sametime. Plus it will make me look like the technological guru of the family.

I run the IT Department at my law firm and I know several attorney's who would love this as they hate carrying a laptop. Hope I win but if not will definitely pick one up.


I average about 50 presentations a year - something like this sounds wonderful to cut down on what I have to haul with me.

That is one little nifty device! Would make everyone think I am uber smart when doing presentation. However I know they would be more interested on this little device than my presentation. Regardless... I want one!

Many of use spend most of thier days at the office, this would be very handy for the cellphone, quick presentations and other electronic devices that's via bluetooth!

Seriously?? I would never give a presentation delivered from my BlackBerry...

"...Hold on, my BlackBerry froze again, I just need to pull the battery, and wait 5 minutes for it to boot back up, just discuss amongst yourselves..."

Seriously, RIM, WTF. Fix your software first.

/Seems I'm beginning to sound like JRSCivic ;-)

I would love to get my hands on one of these great little gadgets! I'm the logistician for a USMC project and am required to frequently give PowerPoint presentations to Program Managers and Project Officers. This device would make me much more mobile by not requiring me to use my laptop for on-the-fly presentations, especially in remote locations.


I could use this all the time with client presentations and eliminate the need to bring a laptop to meeting sites.

This would save having to take the laptop to present excel files, great idea! May also make airport check in faster :-)

So it says that it requires OS 4.6 or greater, which by itself means that the Curve won't work, but then they explicitly say that the Curve is not supported. I wonder if that will change when the Curve gets OS 5.x, or if this actually means they're backing away from the idea of releasing OS 5.x on the 8330.

All I can say is "Very Cool" love the whole concept of this invention, and the equipment just looks so clean. Definitely will be buying this once it hits the market.

This would save me alot of time dragging out my laptop to give presentations to clients. Sweet.
Please consider me.

I would certainly use this for work. I do a good number of presentations, and this would be way easier than lugging a laptop and the clicker around. This would also be great for when I do presentations at universities. I will pick one up eventually, but a free one would be fantastic.

I like to show people what the BlackBerry is capable of at work all the time, cause it's under utilized by so many, yet growing in numbers. This would be awesome to have as an added bonus when I do my BlackBerry Lunch N Learn Series in the near future. Some of everybody from our new CEO, who's beginning his transition into his role soon, down to entry level staff have a BlackBerry and there's a pretty good variety of models among us all. Not to mention this would be great and convenient for being on the go for presentations on a regular basis.

Imagine this - having RDM+ to connect remotely to your laptop / desktop and working off that for your presentation with the presenter hooked up. SWEETNESS!! You wanna talk about being the talk of the town?! I just thought of that while I was typing my comments. Lol. Now crossing fingers for the win....

This would definitely make presentations easier. I think the only (small) downside is that it doesn't have an internal battery, so it will have to be plugged in to operate. Not a bad trade-off since you can use your BB for presentations and navigation! :)

Wow, this is an amazing idea! I would love to have this instead of having to bring a laptop with me to do presentations!

I am a trainer at a credit union and the laptop I have is made to stay at the main office. We specifically bought it with a big screen so that when doing one on one training it would be easy for both the student and trainer to see. When I go to other branches to do training, it's very large and cumbersome, this would make the process so much easier because I always have my BlackBerry with me.

Thanks for this opportunity!!

We could use that in the office quite a bit. No one wants to haul a laptop for presentations if they don't have to. This looks really convenient!

Id use it to show photos of my kids on a TV or presenter. Plus it'll make wonderful presentations at work. Hook me up Kevin!!! :D

I can't tell you how many times I've had to travel to customer locations and their equipment (projector) did not work. This would eliminate that dependency and anxiety!

Ok, my birthday is on Sunday and this would be an amazing gift. My wife and I do tons of presentations using Powerpoint and this would save us a lot of luggage! :-) So please pick me! I was born January 10, 1981!

I have been waiting for a device like this for years. Eventually, my goal is to do away with my laptop and only carry my Crackberry!

I go to grad school in the most dangerous city in the country (Camden, NJ) and I'm always terrified that someday, my laptop will be stolen. It would be nice to not have to carry it with me to class for presentation, and just be able to carry my phone (which I do already anyway) and this little gadget. Pick me!

I travel 4 days a week and use PPT presentations extensively. This would make for a unique yet simple exchange of my presentations when traveling on the road.

This would definitely help me. No more hauling a laptop on top of product samples, literature, etc. all the way up to the #@$% floor of an office building. Gotta love technology... =)

When I win this I plan to eBay it and profit from it!! Hey at least I'm being honest. I currently have no use for this since I do not make any presentations. But I could sure use some money!!

I really like the idea of this technology. I would absolutly use it daily at my current job. Being able to present financial excel sheets and presentations right off my blackberry would be great. Sign me up!

I have to take my laptop down to our conference room twice a month to give a powerpoint on out departments performance. This would be fantastic so I could just stroll in without carrying anything.

Wow, I was just thinking of this back in the summer when I first got my Blackberry...It would be really nice to get one *wink, wink*

This would have been great in my old job since I was teaching close to 300 people how to use a BlackBerry and all the functions of it. So I was using the device simulator to show what the screen looked like. Not to mention doing atleast one presentation a week myself, plus all those done by others. Since we all had BlackBerrys we could have had a couple of these to be taken to briefings instead. I'm currently in schooling but when I get out I know this would be such a beneficial tool in the information systems world.

I am a school teacher that uses my blackberry for all my work. This would save so much time cinsidering i stull use the old overhead projectors. If i won this would be used daily!!!!!!!!!!

To echo many of the posts here, it would make things easier when presenting to a group. I use the pro version of Documents To Go and this device would be the icing on the cake for me. No more lugging the notebook computer around.

If I were to buy one it would be of great value. Working in marketing the ability to be able to load a presentation onto my blackberry when traveling and making a one day flight to give a presentation would make life so much easier then having to schlep a laptop with me. The idea that I can just connect the presenter to an LCD Projector and then just present holding my blackberry as the remote and with the notes on screen is great!!!!! This is 100 times better then the LG Phone and Projector I've seen advertised because if presenting with that device you need to stay still with the BB Presenter you can still walk around!!!

Blackberry never stops to amaze me!
All my friends call me the blackberry master, maybe because of my addiction! :)
I would use this in everyday life, it's a very neat gadget!

This would be fantastic. I am a corporate real estate advisor and more often than not, I have to present different option to my clients. I.E financial models about their lease expenses, market studies, etc. It would be an incredible advantage to walk into a meeting without a laptop and give the entire presentation from my BB!!

I'm a one man marketing drive - showing off my BB to all my colleagues in israel where i live and work. this gadget would give loads more to brag about...
p.s. if i win shipping is on me

I am a career firefighter and the Program Coordinator for our Department's Fire Prevention and Life Safety Program. We teach these essential fire and life safety skills to everyone from kids in preschool to the elderly in retirement homes, also running programs targeting kids to drive safely, CPR and fire extinguisher programs to the general public and dormroom safety for our local college, amongst others. Our budget has always been extreamly tight, and it has been difficult to keep our technology current, capatable, and capable of running todays multimedia platforms. Our program doesn't even have a laptop, and we have a hand-me-down projector. However, most of my team (7 guys) has various verzions of Blackberries (all of them their own devices, nothing department issued). A SD card where we can load our presentations onto, in conjunction with this device, is far more budget friendly than a laptop. Thank you for your consideration in supporting our cause and keep up the great site!

WOW! This is unbelieveable! I have been dying for something like this to come out for the Blackberry and now that I have the Tour I can definitely put it to good use. I am a Psychology instructor at a local community college and would definitely use this on a weekly basis. I would no longer have to lug around my laptop. I could simply put the files on my Blackberry and put the presenter in my pocket and I am set. WOW! Then when I begin my Ph.D. program in August I would be able to use it for all the class and conference presentations I will be doing. Please Crackberry choose me to win this presenter! But if not I know where to get one! Way to go Crackberry! Way to go RIM!

I work in public education training other teachers and staff... you all know what that means... NO money to buy anything! I could use this little baby EVERY DAY! PICK ME!

I have to give lots of presentations for the non-profit I work for (Girl Scouts). Sometimes I may be in a recreational center, a church or even a school cafeteria to talk to parents and other volunteers. This new device would really help to give pictures to my words and I would have to carry my entire PC to do it! Good idea!!

Would be awesome to use in my presentation at work so i dont have to take my huge laptop with me. but i think this might be useful at family/social events to show pictures/video that i keep in my sd card. This product really killing the purpose of me getting a netbook now.

Been waiting for something like this. Planes, trains, automobiles, bike and foot - I can now leave the laptop in the hotel for my 3d modeling / graphics intensive work and carry the BB with the presenter to my meetings... and in most cases I'll be able to leave the projector behind and just plug in at my clients. Sweet bit of technology - and I hope it works as flawlessly as it is described!

Send one my way!

I really need this. Lugging the ole laptop from meeting to meeting can be cumbersome. Thanks in advance for picking me.

I work at my aunts photography business. Sometimes when we go to peoples house to show them pictures we've done its a bit complicated because I use either my psp or BB storm to show the pics. Its a bit funny but it gets the job done. This would save me the hassle of carrying a psp and make it look professional. Good luck to all.

This is perfect! Not too long ago I gave up the bulky laptop to carry a netbook to meetings for presentations. Now your saying I only have to take the projector (since my blackberry is always attached) AWESOME! My coworkers would be jealous...maybe I'd share.

Well my boss will be able to send me an email with the destination of our flight...then dispatch will send me the flight briefing on my bberry, and instead of having to run everywhere to find something to print it, or then get my laptop (what a pain with the airport security) I'll simply plug my bberry presenter, and brief the crew!

I do presentations all the time for clients. With this device, I could stremline and keep a couple on my bb for immediate and easy deployment!

I am a young italian doctor ...without money... often around at conferences and receptions ... and often do power point presentations of research carried out ... I would be very useful given that the presentations I bring with me on the BlackBerry and then sent to a PC provided on site ... I hope to win ... thanks for the opportunity

Picke me :) it would be so nice at work, fed up moving my laptop desk from desk to showroom... I would love crackberry stronger !!

i give presentations at school all the time and the boards used to give them are almost always out. it would be greast if i could show my work anyways.

The only question i have is the resolution on my tour is 480x360 how ever this says the presenter can do 640x480 on up, so just wonder how its going to adjust for the difference.

Also looking at Blackberry website under the shopping section I found this listed as coming soon however had a price on it of $199.

Anyways if it really works I wouldn't turn down a free one if crackberry is giving it to me!

Well I do presentation every other day and have to look for a projector. This product will be ideal because it is compact and easily transportable like my blackberry for business. Will use it everyday.

I am a full time Grad student as well as a business woman and this sucker would really make any presentation that much more powerful. It says I dont play games. I came to get a job done. This really would give me the mobility to have a presentation at the drop. I think a must have for those who need more mobility.

Id definitely be the coolest blackberry slinging guy around the office with this gadget. Please!

I will love to replace my laptop with this device for presentation.
Maybe soon we will see a blackberry with projector on it. ^^

I'm in school studying to be a college professor and my 8900 has already saved my life a million times in the last couple of years in class. I just had to buy a new laptop because the other one died after only a year OUCH!(I'm a student hence I'm poor) I would love to not have to drag my laptop to class ALL the time, (esp because I live in an icy tundra) Thanks! pickmepickmepickmepickmepickmepickme :)

This would be perfect for not only business meetings but everyday life! I would use this to show friends and family why Blackberry's are the best devices to have! period. I heart Crackberry!

I'd use it for when I travel to my other company offices to make presentations so I don't have to lug around my laptop.

I'm a teacher in a college in Dominican Republic and I always use a data show to explain my class; that would help me a lot. Thank you CrackBerry for this contest!

Here I have people at work talking about the new projector phone and here's RIM with the new toy in town.
Would love to have it.

I am a firefighter and we provide training throughout the county in which I live. This device would be great for our organization when we conduct classroom training. My wife is a school teacher and she would find it very handy as well for her classroom.

Thanks once again for a great give away!!

Now we're talking. I was just thinking about this the other day, about how awesome it would be to be able to hook up my BB to present PowerPoint presentations (and video, but this is a start). Who needs a netbook with this available?

This would transform my life for 2010!

I am a tutor who teaches in all sorts of outlandish outposts...the presenter would mean I would no longer have to lug my laptop around too!

This just epitomizes why blackberry is the ultimate Business device. If they could throw a 5MP+ camera on their new bold 9700's I would get a BES and 150 9700's tomorrow for my construction business. All our Project Mangers have to carry point and shoot cameras and their laptops to send job site photos back. They could just e-mail me them from their berry to mine and I could throw it up on the board in our bid meetings straight from my phone. This would will add majorly to productivity.

I do a great deal of Public Safety training and look forward to the release. I also deal with a great number of Volunteer organizations that are always looking for education and this tools will allow me to have everything in the palm of my hand with me all the time. Just pop it in and educate...... GREAT JOB ! I will love this device !

This looks like it will be a nice 'sidearm' to bring to work. And just in time to rival the new lg with a projector.

If this thing works and replaces the need for me to lug my laptop around for presentations, I would be an instant fan.

This is an awesome accessory! Way to go RIM. The presenter will eliminate the need to carry a laptop for business travel. With the increased airport security one less item to be checked is definitely a plus!!!

I would use it to show the wife what see has to do each day. now if she does it thats a different story

I wish this was out now. I do about 2 to 3 major presentations a month, but this would be great for small/informal sales meetings.

I do a lot of presentations, and carrying a laptop around is a pain in the a**! I would give my first born for one of these!

I travel to business meetings often, and have only been carrying a laptop for the presentations. I use my BB for everything else. With another round of security tightening coming at airports, leaving the laptop home altogether is a timely option.

Thanks for the chance to win one!