BlackBerry preparing BES10 Cloud launch, sign up links have now gone live

By Bla1ze on 18 Apr 2014 02:40 pm EDT

If you've been waiting to hear more about BES10 Cloud, it's looking like we should get an official announcement soon. The BES10 Cloud sign up page has gone live whether it was intended to or not and as right now, folks can sign up for the services and even get essentially a free trial until March 2015. Not sure what BES10 Cloud is? Well, we've got some the highlights below for you.

What is BES10 Cloud?

  • BES10 Cloud is an enterprise mobility management solution from BlackBerry. EMM solutions help you manage mobile devices for your organization. You can manage BlackBerry, iOS, and Android devices, all from a unified interface. EMM solutions from BlackBerry protect business information, keep mobile workers connected with the information they need, and provide administrators with efficient tools that help keep business moving. BES10 Cloud is an EMM solution that is available in the cloud

Key Features Of BES10 Cloud

  • Management of most types of devices - You can manage BlackBerry 10, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Single, unified interface - You can view all devices in one place and access all management tasks in a single, web-based interface. You can share administrative duties with multiple administrators who can access the administration consoles at the same time.
  • Trusted and secure experience - Device controls give you precise management of how devices connect to your network, what capabilities are enabled, and what apps are available. Whether the devices are owned by your organization or your users, you can protect your organization's information.
  • Balance of work and personal needs - BlackBerry Balance technology is designed to ensure that personal and work information are kept separate and secure on BlackBerry devices. If the device is lost or the employee leaves the organization, you can delete only work- related information or all information from the device.
  • High availability - Instead of having to maintain your own highly available service for device management, with all the upfront and maintenance costs, BlackBerry maintains the service and maximizes uptime for you.

There has been a lot of folks on the preview and those that are, have seemingly nothing but praise for the service. It takes a lot of the work of running your own BES and makes it more easily accessible to all. I do again want to note that this information here isn't based off an official announcement. It just appears the services are getting closer to launch because all of the links have fully gone live for it.

In other words, don't go messing with it if you're unsure of what it all means and how it can affect your device. If you're looking for more details you can check out the sign up page below or view all of the support documents as well and of course, stay tuned for the official announcement as it does seem imminent.

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BlackBerry preparing BES10 Cloud launch, sign up links have now gone live


WOW, that was easy.

I tried to install BES10 Server a while back and after a few hours I gave up...

In less than an hour I set up my Cloud, and activated my Device and I now have BlackBerry Balance on my device.

At least as long as this is free... which seems to be until March 31, 2015

So you respond true to a guy who said it was awesome that a dude said he'd look into it? And then I add my own zero-calorie low fat comment. We're creating so pretty hard-core content here folks.


Having trouble figuring out how to activate my device any chance you can shed some light please and thanks man? I believe i have done everything else I think

Posted via CB10 on my  Q10

As a guy eventually moving back to BB, does BB offer a cloud service to its regular users?

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

No, like others said, but I wish they did as well. I use for push email, calendars, tasks and notes. I use OneDrive for documents, photos and other files. Works well, but I wish I could have the OneDrive not require Internet (like on my Mac, then it updates when online). If BlackBerry had these services, I'd expect them for free to sell devices, and have premium options. Maybe they could make it free with a new BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Posted via CB10

I'd love a BB Cloud solution for non-enterprise individual users and for SMBs. And I'd happily pay an annual subscription fee for premium services that would fully replace my current synchronized calendaring & PIM services. Throw in encrypted cloud file storage to replace DropBox, etc, and I'm a very happer camper. I'd be all over a BB ecosystem replacement of services. (bbMail, bbCal, bbDocs, oh my!) Fast, easy, efficient, and integrated -- in a secure and trusted environment. Sign me up.

I hope this is eventually how it will be. I would also participate and be willing to pay a reasonable fee for the services.
I believe there are many small businesses, even 1-2 people companies, that would prefer this type of secure platform.

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I would pay a reasonable annually subscription fee yearly to be able to have the Balance activated even if it's only for my personal email.

That be really awesome!

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

No, but if you install BB Link (the desktop software for the device) you can use it to access files on your PC from your device over the mobile network. Your PC has to be on for this, but at least you don't need to sync everything to a cloud service.

What do you want this "cloud" service to do?

It's a bit of a catch all phrase in tech right now for services not local to a computer.

Document Storage? Contacts syncing? Calendaring? File storage?

Posted via CB10

To add:

Wouldn't that be Box and Drop Box that are built into the OS? Use it all the time and love it!

As for Calendar, I have an online calendar that my phone syncs perfectly with (GoDaddy).

What would you want from it? Bes10 connects via ActiveSync to your email server. Other than a layer of security between bes10 and the device there isn't much reason to get this for individual use.

Beef up the security...triple time.

Be the best around. Encrypt the encryption.

I want the hackers to give up and hack iOS and Android .

I want BlackBerry to do this to all of its services.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!! ©

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Hmm. I am not welcome as a Dutch user.

The following errors occurred:
Sorry, you are unable to checkout as this store is for customers in United Kingdom. Please visit one of our regional stores.

am getting the exact same error, am from India, so I tried "in", but that Web page could not be found. And when I tried UK, I get this error "The following errors occurred:
Sorry, you are unable to checkout as this store is for customers in United Kingdom. Please visit one of our regional stores."

Posted via Z30

You have to be a little more creative than that, I am not in the countries listed, yet running it.

Really hope they get something like this for consumers. It would be awesome to have BlackBerry Protect back to full functionality and have BlackBerry Cloud service also. I would definitely pay a small monthly fee for that!

How does one utilize it without a company?

I for one have wanted a BlackBerry cloud service for a long time for personal things. Don't care for Box or Dropbox really.

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Create a login, set up devices, use an email service with/that supports EAS. Set it up on my Outlook account in less than 30 mins.

I tried with my hotmail, now I can't access my hotmail email from hub. Or my hotmale account for that matter.

we need a tutorial for this. i mean for consumers.

i would love to try out BES10 cloud but as a student, i don't have access to the service. nonetheless, i would love to know a work around for this if possible...please?

This brings us one step closer to consumer cloud services.
Uncle John's strategy is sound : BlackBerry got into consumer space via enterprise, so: go back and do it again. ;)


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Does this BES10 Cloud works with Google Apps small business account?

The only thing I've seen in the help is how to download the AD connector (probably to sync the LDAP to the Active Directory) but I guess something can be done to connect it to Google Apps emails.

If you are on the later google apps with EAS enabled, it should. But could get very flakey, unsure why.

If Google Apps Small Business supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, you can configure it under the Policies and Profiles tab. No need to download anything. I am in the process of activating my BlackBerry Q5 and have Microsoft Office 365. We'll see if it is successful...

just signed up to give it a go, can't work it out tho, dont understand what it all is, claims etc? does not make any sense to me?

anyway gave it a go. not very clear so probally wont use again :-(

I logged into the BlackBerry Account Center with my existing credentials and received a message saying an email containing an Enter Claim Tag ID would be sent. Until that time it seems I cannot complete the process to reach the management console shown in the CrackBerry article.

Apparently BlackBerry still employs humans to process these requests. I was able to complete the sign-up process today.

Can a normal consumer sign up? Will it allow me to backup my phone data to the BES10 Cloud?

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@Thirsty: same problem here when trying to sign up with a Dutch registered company with (new) activated BlackBerry Business Account. No Dutch Enterprise Store available, and will not accept any other countries store..
Let me know if you have more luck / response from BB. Dankjewel!

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If anyone is needing help with this I am pretty well versed with it. I have been using it for almost 9 months now. Just send me a message.

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I would like to give a shout out to James for helping me sort out the mess I created for my self installing BES10 cloud. Thanks James you are a star. Cheers. Ben!

Posted with my gorgeous Z30

Someone should clarify the opportunity to normal consumers if they could try anything out with this service. I wish to see how the Balance works on my phone.

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"BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Server Software

FREE server software - BES10 is the complete multi-OS device, application and content management platform with integrated security and connectivity, enabling you to easily manage complex mobile device and user environments. Manage corporate and BYOD iOS®, Android™ and BlackBerry® devices from a single management console. Seamless separation of work and personal content perfectly balances end-user and enterprise needs without compromising the native device experience"

Is this even available for US customers?
I keep getting this "Sorry, you are unable to checkout as this store is for customers in Canada. Please visit one of our regional stores."

Is there any way one can sign up with a Swedish account?

The only stores close to Sweden are the ones located in the UK and Germany; and they don't allow me to check out my cart...

Have been running this for the past 9 months, works great, no issues with the cloud based version.

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I would consider Cloud BES for my family's devices.

I would even like to try Cloud BES integrated with Office 365 Lync.

Any one try or consider this too?

They could sell a personal BES for conscientious parents.

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You can register for this BES 10 Cloud if you get your own domain and email hosting (Microsoft Office 365 Cloud works well) and you sign-up for BES 10 Cloud as "Family Name LLC" or something. You get 250 licenses for one year so you could get your entire family on-board since BES 10 Cloud supports BlackBerry 10, Google Android and Apple iOS.

Purchased a perpetual Gold license before I realized the service was not yet live. Great. Now just have to wait.

SQN100-1 | STA100-3

BES Cloud is great. But as I understand it right (from beta testers) at the moment I cannot upload signed BAR's and add to Users. If this would be possible, this would be a great solution for small business customers currently not using BES where they have to sideload my Apps, if these are in-house and not public in BB World.
This would really help busines customers too smal to manage an own BES10/12 server.
Can someone confirm that it's still not possible to add signed BAR files to BES CLoud ?

no help ;-)
I'm doing native BB10 development and using BES10 these apps can be installed into work perim eter. question now is: what about the BES Cloud ? will we be able to upload signed BAR's to the cloud so they'll be installed on users devices in work perimeter

May be able to do so in the future, but AFAIK and as of date, you can only add apps that are published on BBWorld, appStore and Google play.

To all : please remember this is an EMM solution, with a capital E, for Enterprises.
It requires some skills and a global knowledge of back-end solutions and IT infrastructures in general.
DO NOT expect it to be what it's not and beware that several default parameters may change the way your device actually works.
So, if you go there only by curiosity, you'd better refrain to jump in. As an individual, there's not that much benefits you have to gain V.S the time you'll spend to set it right.
I'm sure we'll see in CB/forums all the details ... stay tuned and keep calm :)

not only Enterprises. makes also sense for Freelancers to separate there private and work perimeter.
but you're right - it's not for the normal consumer.

My company doesn't have a BES, and I've been wanting to use Balance on my BB10 device. This BES10 Cloud solution has finally allowed me to use balance on my Z30. Pretty happy with it so far except for the inability to install work apps....not sure if it's a bug or something wrong with my setup....

I'm in the same boat, but I only see BES10 Cloud with Office 365 on the BlackBerry site. You need a Microsoft Exchange Online account to enable BlackBerry Business Cloud Services.

Posted via CB10

Right. I have Microsoft Office 365 Cloud and now BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Cloud on my BlackBerry Q5. I used to have an in-house BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5 server and later a BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 server. The cloud service is far more convenient in-light of the transition to primarily cloud-hosted services for most of my professional work.

Server setup done with I had more control and could add bars from my server to work BlackBerry world.

Manage how screen shots are saved with work open would be nice.

But I'm now running a secure environment for my friends and family and myself.
Love it I wish they kept the old way of getting into the work space. Was more secure as most wouldn't even know the gesture to try to get to it.

Posted via CB10

As Superfly_FR stated above....I did this and really messed up my Z30...More fool me. Oh well you live and comments please Bla1ze... :p Trying to get my mobile back to before I started this whole process. Wiping atm.... :(

How did it mess up your BlackBerry Z30? The only mistake I made initially was not configuring my existing Microsoft Office 365 Cloud EAS settings under the Policies and Profiles tab, so the first time I selected Work Account on my BlackBerry Q5 which subsequently erased my EAS account from the device. I had to disassociate the device with BES 10 Cloud, configure the EAS server settings under Policies and Profiles on BES 10 Cloud, and finally reactivate my BlackBerry Q5. After activation completes successfully, add the Exchange ActiveSync Policy by clicking on the (+) symbol next to Policies and Profiles list, switch to Work partition and shortly the email account will appear on the smartphone. Earlier in the activation process there will be a warning that the existing EAS account associated with your "work" email will be erased from the device; that is okay because the email is still on the server.

There should be a walk-through wizard to make the process easier for the target audience - small and medium-size organisations without a dedicated IT staff. When I worked at BlackBerry providing BES technical support we'd get consultants calling on the support contract of their client asking to be walked through enterprise activation, policy configuration and synchronisation, and less surprisingly for assistance installing or upgrading BES. As much as I detested being tethered to the telephone I miss the job...especially CODE RED BES DOWN calls.

Bring it forward and keep moving blackberry!

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Wow, finally! I might try this phone management in my company, as of now all employees have BlackBerry phones yet nobody knows what bes is :)

Posted via Z10 from Lithuania

I just saw Microsoft cloud advertising on TV with lotus team, blackberry should do the same especially as their cars are showing dominance.

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I am being targeted as a test case specifically because I use a hosted exchange provider and specifically because I want to control access to corporate exchange data at the device PIN/IMEI level. The real problem, that this might solve, is that we use ActiveSync instead of BES for all of our BB 10 devices, as well as for iOS devices (we don't support Android). Since we are not a new company, we had been using BBOS devices and migrated to BB 10. And why pay for Enterprise services at the carrier level, and at our hosting company, when ActiveSync works so well for a small business. Now the problem is that there are a ton of devices that have our Corporate email on them through ActiveSync, and now we want to ensure that only approved, specific devices can access our Exchange data. Under traditional BlackBerry MDM (EMM) functionality, an email goes out to a user to activate his/her device. But if the user is already receiving corporate enterprise email via EAS, what prevents a user from Activating MDM on an iPhone or iPad belonging to a family member, because they are already have the Exchange account on their existing device via ActiveSync. Enforcement is difficult. So with BB 10 Cloud services, I can, hopefully, manage "allowed" devices by IMEI number and turn off any other access to Exchange. So the user must activate and it must be only on the device I have specified. Since our employees already know how to add an ActiveSync account to any mobile device that support ActiveSync, one can quickly lose control over where your Exchange users have installed it, and more importantly, who else might have access to that device. Limiting Exchange access to a specific IMEI, and being able to wipe any device that has our Exchange data on it, is invaluable in a BYOD world. So I've been asked to be a test case from our Hosted Exchange/BlackBerry provider so that we can manage and control our data on a granular level.