Stay charged on the road with the BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Micro-USB In-Vehicle Charger

Charge up your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 with the BlackBerry Premium Car Charger

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jun 2013 12:05 pm EDT

The first time I tried to charge my BlackBerry Q10 in my car, I was a bit perturbed to see that my old car charger wasn't quite up to snuff for my new device.

It appears that as with the wall chargers for BlackBerry 10 phones, you need a car charger that puts out enough oomph as well.

While the car charger I had wasn't causing my Q10 to lose a charge, it just wasn't charging very fast.

This was the message that was displayed:

So it was off to ShopCrackBerry where I picked up a new BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Micro-USB In-Vehicle Charger to solve my charging woes. Now, not only could I charge my Q10 properly, I could also drop in another USB cable to charge something else (like my Z10 or Q5). 

The BlackBerry Premium In-Vehicle Charger doesn't have much to it - just a simple plug that goes right into your cars charging port (aka cigarette lighter adapter) with a coiled microUSB plug for your device. A spare open USB port lets you drop in nearly any type of USB charger you can find so you get double charging action. Not too shabby huh?

On top of working great, I actually love the look of this too. The charger looks like a premium accessory and not some cheap $0.99 eBay charger.

So if you're rocking a Q5, Q10 or Z10 and need to make sure you're properly charging your device, don't hesitate to pick up the BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Micro-USB In-Vehicle Charger.

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Stay charged on the road with the BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Micro-USB In-Vehicle Charger


"The charger looks like a premium accessory and not some cheap $0.99 eBay charger." That's because it cost $28!

It is amazing though! I had charger that i got on ebay that i used on my 9900 and it's sh!t! Plug went all loose, it charged slow, it was huge and clearly it didn't have USB plug on the side to charge whatever you want; PB, any i-device, camera...
Yes this is pricey piece but rightfully so.

Posted via CB10

I got the charger and love how my wife and I can both charge at the same time with no problems.
One gripe I have is with the coiled cable; it is a bit too tight and doesn't extend too much.
Other than that, worth every penny

Posted via CB10

This is a great charger. I use it on my Bold 9930 and PlayBook and Note 10.1 plus the music gateway in the car. A must have.

Got this product here on CB and the battery bundle.

Excellent product .

Posted via CB10. BlackBerry ®  Z10

A good car charger is hard to find. I use a kensington car charger with a 2 mA usb port and a 1 mA usb port with a charge-only usb cable.

And now I hope this finally settles the 'can I use my playbook charger for my z10 q10 as it's 1.8 amps/2amps respectively" .... threads :)

Z10 Rocking

Sadly, yes. I bought two of these for a much lower price over at the big-river place. Thought about cb's store but couldn't justify paying that much more.

It's a very solid, well made charger.

I use this charger. It's true. Much faster charging for my Z10. Even with gps mapping my route and bluetooth streaming music I can watch it charging fast. Compared to an old blackberry charger I had that would still be draining in the same scenario

The cord is fairly small/ hard to stretch out compared to other models. I prefer it short, keeps things organized and everything is hands free anyways

If you're strapped for cash, same item is on ebay for $17. Just search "BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Micro-USB In-Vehicle Charger".

Reading this post from my Z10 the pic of the screen shot looks smushed. I get this a lot when I read post on accessories. Any one else get this?

Posted via CB10

I'm rocking one of those in each of our cars. I've used it on road trips charging my Z10 and PlayBook while the Z10 is in HotSpot mode and I'm using the PlayBook to service my addiction. Lol

I was NOT driving.

I got that charger a couple months ago. I love it, It works great!

Not sure what CrackBerry sells it at, but I paid $17 on

Posted via CB10

Bought this charger a while back. It's great. Love how I can split the charge into 2

Posted via CB10 on Z10

What are you talking about?!!!!!! It still says the same thing and it doesn't properly charge! I have 2 of them in each of my cars and BB OEM usb cords to charge 2 at a time. It has to be the OS! Sometimes they will work and the message won't pop up but for the most part the message pops ups and it either keeps the same charge without going up or it charges really slow.

This charger is worth every penny. I have no regrets whatsoever. Very low profile, subtle white/grey light, ability to charge 2 devices concurrently with real power.

For those that haven't tried this charger and think that all chargers are created equal need to try this charger.

Posted via CB10

Curious if anyone knows if I can swap the USB cord on my wall charger for a 6 foot cord? Will it work as well as the too-short-to-use-my-damn-phone-in-bed cord, or am I going to get the lame error message as in the pic above?

Best part of this post was seeing the "Our Groceries" app. I've been wanting something like this for me and the Mrs for a while! Thanks Adam.

Now if you really want to blow my mind find me a location/GPS based reminder app

It's a cable problem in many cases. We need a charging cable. Not only a generic micro usb cable. We need a powerful wall charger also. It's a real mess.

Posted via CB10

I bought this last week and it works a treat! Can also charge my PlayBook in the car now :)

Posted via CB10

I can't commit this.
I charge both Z10 and Q10 with following chargers without problems or warnings:
Car Charger bought years ago for 9900

The fastes charger is the playbook charger. Great!

Posted via CB10

Ok, something must be wrong with mine? For example, if I am running maps, the charger makes no headway on charging my z10. Also, if I am using maps I will occasionally still get that message about using the charger that came with the phone. Anybody else have these problems?

Posted via CB10

I certainly need to check into one of these myself. I have had to put my Z10 on charge a couple times while on the road. I was using the charger from my 9930 and I noticed even though it shows charging the charge bar barely moves and drops soon as trying to use the phone. Just yesterday I needed to use the charger again and it caused my battery to get very hot. Noticed it when I got home and let the phone sit and chill off. I thought the battery might be ruined, later in the eve I heard a beep and my phone had red lined. I powered it off completely and connected to the house charger for a full regular charge. Been using the phone all day and still has a full charge as I type this post.

Posted With My Z10 or PB

Bought mine to charge my phone and run the BlackBerry Music Gateway. Unfortunately I get crazy feedback from the alternator. I don't know of a solution other than to run the gateway off of a battery that I can plug into the car.

Posted via CB10 on my kickass media-consuming Z10

"nearly any type of USB charger".

You mean "cable", not charger.

Also, both the charger I got with Z10 and an S4 charger (2A) pops up this message. Only started seeing this with 2062 OS. I smell a bug.

Posted via CB10

Ok. Cannot find this information anywhere.
Can someone tell me, is this charger 2x1.8 or if I will connect two devices it will share 1.8 for two, which means 2x0.9?

Posted via CB10

The product is marked with a 1.80A output rating, so it's shared. The stock Z10 charger puts out 750mA, so even if you add another device like it, the shared current to each device is still greater than the regular charger. Bluetooth headsets, though, should make only a tiny difference.

The only trouble I've had with using my old car charger has been that if I am running GPS, the battery seems to drain faster than it charges (though I can't confirm that it didn't get knocked out and wasn't charging at all), I was driving and couldn't check.

Either way, I am eying this one up along with a speakerphone/FM transmitter for when I am on the road.

Every time I see an article about accessories and it's price at Crackberry, i go the "big river place" and find it for the fraction of the price with free shipping. I would love to buy from cb but us humans always want a deal.

Posted via CB10

Thanks Adam, this is great. I've been using my car charger that I had for my Torch and it gives me the same message. So I will be sending in my order tomorrow.

Posted by my awesome Z10

Does anyone know if you could charge two Z10's off the one charger? That way both my wife and I could charge our phones while on trips.

Posted by my awesome Z10

This the best car charger ever and very nice looking too. Little white light above the usb charge port is nice touch. I use this to charge my playbook, 9930 and now my Z10. It works better and looks better than a year car charger you can buy at any price and I have had more than a few cheap ones that were junk. I have one of these in each car now. It is well built and worth the list price. Sign up for the shop crackberry dot com newsletters to receive discount coupons or wait until the next special deal of the day and usually has a sale around almost every Canadian and US holiday. July 4th is next week. ;)

Odd the day that I got my Z10, I realised that my old car charger had broken. I bought the BlackBerry Premium Charger so I never knew this. It is a good charger. LOL.

While I love how fast this charges my phone, the coiled cable is not what I prefer in a car charger. Minor complaint and maybe it will stretch out more over time.

Posted via CB10

Absolutely premium accessory. No doubt about that. Charges fast too. 90% charged in one hour.

But I got it for 10 bucks off eBay. So I'll consider myself lucky. ;)

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I bought mine for £9.99 off Amazon :) and I am looking forward to using it but unfortunately it doesn't work in my car, it does in other cars but my car has a dodgy socket which needs looking at. But I was excited at the price I found it for :)

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