Must watch BlackBerry Pre-Super Bowl Commercial hits Youtube!

** Watch the real BlackBerry Z10 Super Bowl Commercial Here **

HELL YEAH! This BlackBerry pre-Super Bowl commercial just popped up on youtube, via Toronto-based Pixelcarve. This is not an official BlackBerry video. This is same agency that came up with the BlackBerry Blade concept phone. Just because it's not official doesn't mean it's not awesome though. Watch it now!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2013 04:24 pm EST

Update: I reached out to Pixelcarve for a little back story on the commercial. You can read that the email I received back from Curtis Priest, the President and CEO below.

Hey Kevin,

Thanks so much for posting it, we're loving the comments. Definitely makes the long hours worth it ;)

BlackBerry has owned a special place in our hearts since the first day it allowed us to leave the office and remain connected to our business. Long before iPhone's and Android's there was BlackBerry letting us do more from anywhere we wanted. With everything their technology and innovation has given us over the years we wanted to give back and pour some of our excitement for BlackBerry 10 into a piece that would inspire people and capture some mindshare to reignite their brand. I was also particularly excited when RIM bought QNX, as it was actually the first computing system I ever used as a child and I have an immense respect for its influence on the world as well. It's very important to me that people understand exactly what BlackBerry and QNX have been doing, and that this isn't just a small version iteration of their operating system but rather, as you know, a complete rebuild of their architecture, experience, and brand - and an entire new technology leap in mobile computing.

So we found ourselves in a unique position to tell a story that we felt could connect with people. The cinematic direction we wanted for the score was immediately clear , and the script flowed almost effortlessly - but coming up with assets for a 2 minute launch trailer on no budget was no small challenge. A super bowl budget would have made things a lot easier, but our team was very excited about this so we invested our time and pieced together a narrative that harmoniously blends the BlackBerry legacy with their next evolution. They had already shot some great quality video of BB10, we had some beautiful custom 3D animation of the Z10 done by our good friend Richard Rosenman, and the rest was simply finding the right way to craft a story that would capture people's imaginations and give them a new reason to love BlackBerry.

We're thrilled with the response it's received so far, and very grateful for your support - we love too!


There you have it. Pure. Awesome. 

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Must watch BlackBerry Pre-Super Bowl Commercial hits Youtube!



"Liberating people from their desks was a defining moment in technology that proved to be the kind of leap that would inspire a generation.

Over the years we remained focused on creating the tools used by the people who make and build our world.

But there comes a time when every company has to evolve - to become re-inspired by that which first made them great, and create a vision for the next leap."

People don't buy what you sell just because you have it to sell; people buy into you because they believe in what you believe and what you're about.

An ad like that doesn't say "we have a phone to sell" it speaks as much volume as possible about "This is where we came from, this is what we believe in, and this is where we're taking it ... do you want to come along?"

It's a good piece and I love it!

Good Job ! . they should consider playing it in Movie Theaters exactly as it is ! this will have a great appeal on a big movie screen

+1 totally agree. best bb ad ive seen. i'm sure BB has seen this by now and should be impressed. It's not superbowl grade, but it is a great spot.

The naysayers here was just simply dwarfed by those who like the ad.
And this is what the real life is all about. You can't possibly pleased everyone, but we need to please the majorities.
Now BBRY, give the makers some money and grab this ad plus somemore from them and use it for your campaign around the globe. Use this ad during your roadshows, launches and parties...
And a shorter version for tv.

Brilliant ad, although it is not officially commissioned by BlackBerry they need these guys on board. It tells people that the real news is not the phone, it is the BlackBerry 10 operating system with the stability, power, security and flexibility to drive a whole new range of mobile computing devices that could make iOS, Android and even Windows obsolete. This is what the world needs to know.

I've been showing this video to everyone i know. So now i have a line of soon-to-be Blackberry enthusiasts ready to buy. I love this video!

Being a technical professional, having an influence on chosen technologies within the organization I am employed as well as a strong technical influence among my friends and family I have got to get a BB10! I just on the android bandwagon a year ago as I did not want to get another BB with features that were not available at that time, but I'm ready to make a switch unfortunately I will have to pay out of pocket :(

It's great and all. But... Everyone already knows BlackBerry is good at communication, and I don't think your average joe is gunna be drawn in by the NASA thing. Is the NASA thing cool? Yes. Does it sound like an entertaining smartphone? Not so much. I think more focus should have been put on combating some of negatives of the BBOS. Maybe a little more emphisis on apps, to grab attention and show that... Well that BlackBerry can hang with other platforms in app quality. Just my two cents. Overall, nice job.

This ad gives me goosebumps. I'm sending it to everyone that I know by Twitter, Facebook, email, BBM, text. Let's help it go viral.

yep this would look great on the big screen ... and is well below the usual 2 -2:30 min trailers ... it wouldnt be that hard either ... just needs a decent HD 1920x1080 (preferably 1998 x 1080 so it conforms excatly with digital cinema specs) base file version @ about 40 mbps and conversion to a jpeg2000 DCP ... would ingest straight into a DOREMI, QUBE, GDC or DOLBY server .... oh and then theirs just the tiny problem of cinema chain willing to play it lol

Come this it..seems like this was meant for Wall Street...I'll be taking my restroom break when this comes on...

Just read through a lot of the comments, and I have to say that although we can sit here and quibble over details like the specific wording, whether there's any value in mentioning QNX or TAT, or whether the specific imagery chosen was the right mix - I firmly believe this is the right FEEL for a BB10 ad. I couldn't disagree more with the people who say that a Superbowl ad should be focused on showing off features. People don't have patience for that, and you can't really show off the features in 30 seconds in a way that shows off their power. Think back to every "great" ad you can think of - does it at all talk about features and capabilities? Nope. It talks about feelings and experiences. You have to play on people's emotions, tell a story - and this ad does a nice job of that:

1. We invented the Smartphone
2. We became the foundation of many businesses - people creating things that run the world
3. We didn't realize how this would change not just the business world but the consumer world as well
4. We've spent years putting the pieces together to meld those two together
5. We're back, better than ever

Put the right music, images and words to that story, and I think you've got a great ad. Kudos to Pixelcarve for a fantastic fan video that (I believe) strikes the right notes.

I love this add. Anything can be picked apart, but overall i think it sends the correct message about RIMs past and Blackberries future.

I had some unbias, non techie friends watch it and they all thought it was good and showed of some nice stuff.

This "commercial" is better than anything they did on the 30th, and imagine if they had opened or closed the presentation with this instead of the "hyped for BB10" video they actually had shown.

While it is an okay commercial, I can't say it's bad ass. It's not refreshing enough. While some scenes are fairly new, alot of it is recycled giving it an old look. Again, this is supposedly a brand new phone, system, vision. While I like how they threw in the QNX aspect, it should have removed any branding for QNX as this is still owned by blackberry. So it just creates further confusion. I am very happy that Blackberry 10 is here and expect to get mine next week. But I think Blackberry really needs to prove it's vision which I thought was missing from the unveiling on January 30. I really hoped that they would show how it would interact with our surroundings. This is their vision anyways, so why not show a glimpse of that vision. An example would be like if the lighting system there was controlled by QNX, and Heins turned on the lights with the phone, and at the same time checking the system of the QNX car etc etc. They did a small bit of this by showing screen sharing, but I felt they needed to go further. I really hope that the bb10 commercial really hits the spot this Sunday. There is alot of Americans pissed off already for not being able to get their hands on this. So let's make them drool for it instead of turning them off.

I really disagree about the QNX aspect. QNX and research was the reason we bought three Blackberry Playbooks. We find these very stable and have used video chat between the west coast, New York, Miami and Europe. We also use them for both work and pleasure.

We have never used Blackberry phones, but as soon as the Z10 is available in the US, we are buying two off contract.

Ultimately tech toys are about what works for you as an individual.

A fantastic piece of work, Pixelcarve. Thank you so much for the best commercial I have ever seen for Blackberry!

I really like this video a lot, but any actual Super Bowl ad comes with one big failure, and that is that you can't go buy one for another two months. By then, any Super Bowl ad will be long forgotten. While the SB does have a worldwide audience, it is basically a US event and the device is not available here.

That's a great commercial except for the fact that you can't get the phone in some places until march or April. They should put an apple commercial on right after this and end it with something to the effect of apple, available everywhere now! Not that I'm a fan of apple, I hate the iphone, but BlackBerry really fu*ked up "releasing" a phone that in quite a few places won't be available for another month or two. This was supposed to be the phone that would bring BlackBerry back, good luck convincing people on other platforms to change when you are promoting a phone people can't get.

This video, with some minor edits, would have blown away and really emphasized Blackberry and the new phones way better then what was shown last night. Great video guys!