Must watch BlackBerry Pre-Super Bowl Commercial hits Youtube!

** Watch the real BlackBerry Z10 Super Bowl Commercial Here **

HELL YEAH! This BlackBerry pre-Super Bowl commercial just popped up on youtube, via Toronto-based Pixelcarve. This is not an official BlackBerry video. This is same agency that came up with the BlackBerry Blade concept phone. Just because it's not official doesn't mean it's not awesome though. Watch it now!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Feb 2013 04:24 pm EST

Update: I reached out to Pixelcarve for a little back story on the commercial. You can read that the email I received back from Curtis Priest, the President and CEO below.

Hey Kevin,

Thanks so much for posting it, we're loving the comments. Definitely makes the long hours worth it ;)

BlackBerry has owned a special place in our hearts since the first day it allowed us to leave the office and remain connected to our business. Long before iPhone's and Android's there was BlackBerry letting us do more from anywhere we wanted. With everything their technology and innovation has given us over the years we wanted to give back and pour some of our excitement for BlackBerry 10 into a piece that would inspire people and capture some mindshare to reignite their brand. I was also particularly excited when RIM bought QNX, as it was actually the first computing system I ever used as a child and I have an immense respect for its influence on the world as well. It's very important to me that people understand exactly what BlackBerry and QNX have been doing, and that this isn't just a small version iteration of their operating system but rather, as you know, a complete rebuild of their architecture, experience, and brand - and an entire new technology leap in mobile computing.

So we found ourselves in a unique position to tell a story that we felt could connect with people. The cinematic direction we wanted for the score was immediately clear , and the script flowed almost effortlessly - but coming up with assets for a 2 minute launch trailer on no budget was no small challenge. A super bowl budget would have made things a lot easier, but our team was very excited about this so we invested our time and pieced together a narrative that harmoniously blends the BlackBerry legacy with their next evolution. They had already shot some great quality video of BB10, we had some beautiful custom 3D animation of the Z10 done by our good friend Richard Rosenman, and the rest was simply finding the right way to craft a story that would capture people's imaginations and give them a new reason to love BlackBerry.

We're thrilled with the response it's received so far, and very grateful for your support - we love too!


There you have it. Pure. Awesome. 

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Must watch BlackBerry Pre-Super Bowl Commercial hits Youtube!



I need to figure out how to do this. I checked and my TV has DLNA available. Now THAT would impress even the iphone fanboys.

While most "Android users" may not know this by name (DLNA) most Samsung users use AllShare on a regular basis (I do). There are many apps in the PlayStore that take advantage of the feature without the user knowing it's name, only that it throws something from the phone onto another device's screen.

So no, I don't think there is any surprise in Android camp.

While playing a video, go to options, ie. the 3 vertical dots at bottom right.There will be an option, "Play on". Select that option and you will see a list of DLNA supported devices. Smart TV, DLNA supported disc players etc. The devices should share same WLAN connections. Works seamlessly for music and supported videos. You can share all the multimedia on Z10 with PC, other networked devices as well. Here is the demo


Im never going to forget this part of my life.

Biggest bombshell ever dropped in the history of tech.

(well.. To the average consumer anyway)

I cant WAIT for the actual superbowl ad.

But this company def deserves respect, this is a completely sikk ad. Im not gay at all but after watching this i would hands down blow and eat every single person that made this.... Regardless of diseases.... Ya.... Its that good....

Trust me, ive watched it over 100 times already (not a joke)


Lets get as many eyeballs as possible to see this! We need people to remember the name Blackberry!

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name


Hah, great song.

@edyb, agreed!
I'm planning on posting this to my twitter, and encourage others to share it on their social media too.

Just look at some of the comments it has inspired on the YouTube site.. iPhone users saying BB10 looks promising.

Others saying even though they use a Droid, they're actually happy to see BB come through with a dope phone.

Spread the word!

I'm going to be Debbi-downer. This is not amazing beyond Crackberry. This is not good branding.

These are excellent Superbowl ADs :
The Force

Imported from Detroit

Surfer- BBDO

This fan video is nice, but bad too. It resonates with us, but we are fans! General public needs to be wowed or inspired. Needs to have an effective narrative. This ad is bland, except for the product renders. Goes too long, cuts randomly.
Anecdote- showed it too my Mom, she found it lame...The Superbowl is going to have much harsher critics.

BBDO should do much better than this. Sorry


Hmm.. Reread. I said 'This fan video...'

I wrote this because everyone's is heaping praise "~They should be hired". I should have made that clearer I guess.

The only thing I can say is there's no objective scale for good or bad in ads, except for one - sales.We won't know about that for a while.

Your view, like the views of others, is opinion. To each his own. No reason to get into a "this is better than that" discussion. To each his/her own view of the world.

I do agree with you on one point - it's too long, if you think of it as a TV commercial. But putting it on the big screen in movie theaters is something different. There the production values would wow moviegoers, good story or not.

I think that a good point. Sales are a good objective indicator. But I also must disagree, it is possible to judge a bad ad, based on it's content or message.
This is very good. The story is quick the message is pretty simple. Canada will bring Hockey too the Moon [lol]. And the consumer either identifies with being Canadian or wants to be 'more Canadian and/or it was funny and leaves a lasting impression. Thats how a brand is established.

For sure it is my opinion. I just study this stuff so, I want a Blackberry commercial that is word of mouth, among the best, not just good enough.

The VW commercial with the little Vader had that effect

Clearly if your mom didn't like it, RIM might as well fold. It's not the ad that's lame's your attitude.

Nah boss, I got my Z10 and its excellent. I'm stoked, but not about this fan commercial. Many are saying, "~ Hire them" and I was responding to that.

this video is just as good as all 3 of those commercials, and probly better than 2.

The only one that actually gives any reason or incentive to want to buy the product is Chrysler with Imported From Detroit... and The Force is funny, but it's not the right time or situation for BB to do a commercial like that.. something aimed at changing perceptions would be better suited.. or reminding people BB is not dead, but in fact about to rise high above the rest..

the BB youtube video not only shows reasons why BlackBerry has become known worldwide (inventing smartphone, dominating in security, enterprise, and communication) but why it will be a dominant force again (stability of QNX, innovation to come). And it makes you want to be a part of that movement.

It's too long for their Superbowl spot, but would be great as a continuous ad to run as we get closer to U.S. availability.

This ad is decent and even good, yes.

But I have to say, "Imported from Detroit" is absolutely, undeniable, marketing GENIUS. That's a campaign a true marketing person only ever sees once in a decade.

"Imported from Detroit" sounds nice, but they were still selling a Chrysler. IE: The ad was nice, but I am not buying a Chrysler. You can put lipstick on a pig...

BlackBerry just needs to say "We are back, We are awesome, check us out".

Well, if everyone had that attitude, BlackBerry will never get users back because you can put lipstick on a pig (what many view BlackBerry), right?

I guess you haven't seen the new Chryslers? Huge improvement over previous generation. Improved reliability (so far), technologically advanced, beautiful, and a much better driving experience.

Don't judge a re-engineered/re-imagined company/product by its past shortfalls.

Agreed. No wow factor in this video. Nice side project for the person who made it, but I hope BB does much better

Where in the world did you see something in the title of this blog that said this was a Superbowl ad?? Reading and comprehension can be two different things.

Kevin quotes "This is not an official BlackBerry video".


Thanks man, I know this.
Likewise, do REREAD!! my comment. I said "This fan video..."

I do not say this is or will be the Superbowl ad. I wanted to respond to the many saying how this is so great.. or "use this to advertise". It really isn't. This is why:

To the non-BlackBerry initiated, think that mentioning QNX and TAT means anything? And the NASA part is an image over a moving background and sounds like a science foundation PSA. Yes NASA is cool, but the whole commercial is long without a clear value proposition or message. To name a few.

I mean to say, "No don't hire these guys". I could have been clearer.

I know you will be bashed for this, but overall you are right. It could have been better Like, they could have mention how many govt's are on BlackBerry, Their Rock solid security certification and trust of business class have on BB.
Anyways this add is not bad either. I would say it can be a tribute of a true BB fan to the company.It refeclts how much people Love to the BlackBerry those really know BlackBerry.

I agree, but I don't think it was ever meant to be an actual Super Bowl ad. They know that. It's a labour of love. I agree that this would be completely appropriate in theatres.

To each their own. I loved this fan video, but yawned my way through "Imported from Detroit", found it super boring, and didn't resonate with me at all. "The Force" however, was pretty great. I think this Ad Agency could do very well, if they had an actual budget (rather than just putting it together on their own dime). Let's see what happens on Sunday.

BlackBerry (nee Research In Motion) could never come up with anything nearly this creative or attention-grabbing. All we will see during the Super Bowl is a peek-and-flow advertisement for BlackBerry 10 or something even less awe-inspiring. The video in this blog posting is leaps and bounds ahead of the marketing produced by Frank Boulben and his MIA crew.

The fact that you are still here and talking about BB10 tells you that Frank's marketing is working. You disprove your own point by posting. Marketing has changed dramatic with the advent of the internet and social media.


you haven't seen the leaked screenshots then... there's obviously more going on than some boring ad showing "peek-and-flow"...

but on a sidenote, this video is very cool... maybe not for the superbowl, but def for a regular tv ad later...

I liked the start of the ad, it would grab my attention with the we invented the smart phone line. A lot of casual users are going to think apple. Then bam its blackberry baby. Huh I didn't know that! I like it
It's also a good ad campaign that you could build on showing innovation in following ads. Can't wait to see the real one.

Nice job!! Now put that in your freaking unicorn pipe and smoke!it!!

If this thing doesn't work out, we sure as hell cant say RIM/Blackberry didn't try!!!!

that made me lol
This was 1:30 though. Thats a long commercial even on reguler tv scheduling. Wonder what they packed into 30 seconds for the superbowl.

The colourful smoke is the superbowl ad. This is just a no budget ad from the company to show their creativity. As mentione in the reply email to Kevin.

Killer Commercial #@! Kickss - This is " Epic Badass Go BIG Styles #@! " By Far the best BlackBerry Commercial ever made.

if you are thinking about watching it multiple times to see if the felling will fad away i have bad news for you : i watched this golden peace of work 10 times in a row looking for any mistake or anything id changed in it..
1) didnt found any ;)
2) my fucking hearth is still pumped up the 10th time !! :O

the guys who made this had should get an award, no kidding

That actually gave me goosebumps! I could feel the skin on my head pull back, for a second I though I had sprouted a ponytail.

Thorston - PAY THESE GUYS AND GET THIS UP ON YOUR WEBSITE PRONTO! This is the asskickingness that you SHOULD have shown the world on your launch debut. Not a bunch of awkward, no you can't go on vacation crap...

The BlackBerry community is one of the most passionate "tech community" I must say :) Thisone looks excellent to me.

Inspiring!!! Loved it!
Only thing is that Americans have to wait almost 2 months to get the Z10 in their hands... hopefully the timing of this advertisement makes sense.

I like it. I like that they said we stayed true rather than our stubborn ceo's wouldn't do anything innovative. Lol

THAT WAS HOT,,, The commercial will make sprint change there mind and add the Z10 to the carrier.

this was just amazing........... and i actually never said that about an ad before (for obvious reasons: ad's are horrible...), but this one is really great! : )

AWESOME (unofficial) commercial!
I hope this didn't raise the bar too high for BlackBerry

*EDIT: maybe this firm is trying hard to get BlackBerry's business, which they deserve.

you know.. i love blackberry.. and i wish BlackBerry could use this whole video for the superbowl commercial

i highly doubt the official superbowl commercial will be even close to this in terms of awesomeness

my hearth stop beating, really!! my hands are still shaking while im typing these words. regardless of the fact that i am a die hard BB fan, it is definitively one of the most amazing commercial ive seen in years. the people who created this are the best in class as well.

I keep asking, and I really hope Kevin hears me! We need a like button on comments too! AWESOME!!! LMFAO!!!

LOL! thanks :D


SO moving!

im def going out and buyin some adult diapers for the superbowl

Moving for us, yes... But it lacks what orders need to drop their Windows, Android, iPhone or whatever and pick up a BlackBerry. At best, it makes past Blackberry users remember the good ol' days. That't not enough. Americans have low attentions span. this will linger for a few commercial and will not resonate with them. we (blackberry) need more


If THAT was the preview, i go back to what i said about short attentions span. If that was short and theirs more to come, it comes off as an old man rambling. Quick pushes, short and brief would deliver the message A LOT better

I totally agree with you. It obviously resonated with the faithful, but I don't see this stealing anyone away from another platform. And that's what is needed for growth.

I like that a lot but 6 to 8 weeks before I can get it. I hope they keep the build up going until we can get one in late March

Superbowl ads needs to convey an emotion or a narrative or humor. REMEMBER Chyrsler "Imported from Detroit"- BB needs a Comeback AD like that.

This is OK for fan made, abit stale. The lack of camera lens detail I cringed.

But this would be terrible for the SuperBowl. It would have been pretty bad. Great quality and production value though.

I got chillz! Can't believe this firm put that much effort into producing a piece of work like THAT without being asked/paid. If so, incredible! If they were paid, then, BlackBerry made a great choice!

I could see how they might modify that to be a 30 second spot... We. Will. See.

Superbowl ads needs to convey an emotion or a narrative or humor. REMEMBER Chyrsler "Imported from Detroit"- BB needs a Comeback AD like that.

This is OK for fan made, abit stale. The lack of camera lens detail I cringed.

But this would be terrible for the SuperBowl. It would have been pretty bad. Great quality and production value though.

like seriously.... watching the clip, this guy's voice gave me goose bumps(in a good way) loved ITTTTTTTT!!!!! Good job BBRY!

EVERYONE should be posting this to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, make this go viral even if it's not the "official" commerical!! I got goosebumps!!

This ad is PERFECT! It hits every important point, including the history and ethos behind Blackberry, the care and effort put into Blackberry 10, and the product itself. It and targets the message perfectly at the market Blackberry is going for.

I have to admit, my confidence was a little shaken by the unfocused and misdirected messaging at the product launch. After seeing this, I have compete confidence that Mr. Boulben and the team know exactly what to say to sell this device to the masses.

I REALLY hope they have a firm US release date by the time the ad runs at the superbowl!

If they play this at the SuperBowl they'll have grown men crying and yelling "ITS! SO! BBEEAAAUUTTIIFUULLL!!

Here in the US, they're not that smart. A comeback story is not what people want here. The iSheep are strong in numbers and where there are BB faithfuls, many of them have been turned over the years. This commercial got me but then again, i wasnt going anywhere. They need to not only retain the users they currently have but also persuade the ones they've lost to comeback. its a long road back to the top and alot more battles to face. for now, at least we have what it takes to fight a good fight


A walk down memory lane, admission of fault, assurance of security, a show of elegance, a promise of the future and a vision of today... Yeah, if this doesn't show people that Blackberry is coming out swinging, nothing will. The iMedia sheep will do any and everything to bash whatever isn't Apple. BBfans, WE need to get the word out there. Its not just up to BlackBerry to get the word out. WE must do the same or this will surely be the end of #TeamBlackBerry. I don't want that, so I'm doing my part. Please do the same.


Wow, amazing commercial. It takes that re-invented and re-engineered feeling from the Z10 phone and puts it into television format :D

EPIC. I was saying they should all along, and they did drop the "when we invented the smartphone". Beauty!!!

Bar none the finest BlackBerry ad ever made. Official or un-official. I'd love to see the creators of this make a "TV Cut" version that is 30 seconds. Maybe BB will use it for the Post-Superbowl US release gap coming up.

I wish they concentrate more on HUB, FLOW, TYPING and VIDEO CHAT Screen Share. These feature are mind boggling...

I do plan on having my hands on a Z10 next week and have been a hardcore BlackBerry user for several years. I have had my hands on iPhones and Samsung's running Android and I prefer BB, and even the Playbook.

I really LIKE this commercial as a promotional piece for BlackBerry. It should have been apart of the launch presentation! I think it would have been perfect for Thorsten to have announced BB10 and then shown this.

I agree with others its like the Chrysler commercial and seems a bit too long.

But I also don't think it's quite enough for the Super Bowl. I believe less about the past, more about the new, show the glitz and the glamour of the new device and OS and show people using and loving it. They need people seeing what they can do with a BlackBerry.

I work in IT and have people saying about their iPhone's "I could never do that on my BlackBerry" or "I feel more connected to my iPhone". I think its the touch and swipe they can do on the iPhone that makes them feel connected, and the simplicity of the apps, because way they say they couldn't do on BB, I know for a fact could be done and had been available for a L-O-N-G time before iPhone.

In my view I think that a super bowl ad has to change perception that BB is dead and that its not just for old farts. It is for young people who want to move forward and innovate.

Can't wait to see what BB actually put out there!

Oh I'm so moved I want to step right out and buy it. Wait I can't I live in the United States I just got screwed for another 6 to 8 weeks. Love how they say it's arrived Not here it hasn't.

Love the new BB10 and the effort made. BUT. I agree with an earlier post, pays homage to current Blackberry users. It needs to appeal to a consumer who has never used a Blackberry. This is hard for me to write, as I love BB.

Got me i am in
great to see Blackberry admitting they were wrong
and have done something about it
Blackberry forever.

I liked the ad. Haters gonna hate regardless, blackberry fans or not. Let the non BB fans see where BB has come from, and this is what we have in store for you now. The numbers will not lie. I truly hope the ad is a hit. Let's go Niners!!

Excellent!!! Very professional. Shows RIM's passion and committment to their products.

RIMpire Strikes Back!!!!

The ad is really nice and inspiring to a BB fan but to non-BB users it may not hit that hard to home. I really do like the way they ended it though, the music and effects really capture the attention. But there may be too many narratives.

I'm not hating but I am giving an honest critique. For a BB fan like myself, I love it. Let's me see how far BB has come, gives pride and inspiration, but for a non-fan, it does lack a lot of device demonstrations that would have captured their attention.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

They should be showing off the capabilities more. This was a horrible commercial. Nothing about it would make me want to change from Apple or android

Just got home from work and watched this on my TV. So jealous that my wife will have it first while I wait for work to get me mine!

If you like the add give it a THUMBS UP, send it to a friend. Make it go viral!!!!

The add ROCK's and makes me FEEL GOOD about BlackBerry.

On a serious note, Blackberry needs to pay the people that made this add and RUN IT WORLDWIDE!! I'm sure it will win some ppl's heart

I just don't think this is a great commercial. This doesn't push me, trying to be neutral here, to buy a new blackberry. As a blackberry lover though this commercial only reinforces how I already feel about getting a new blackberry from the company that I love.

Do I think this, if officially recognized by blackberry, would sell new phones to people without new blackberrys? No. Do I think if this was used to sell blackberry as a company to investors and developers, then hell yes, I would definitely say this would work.

- Lamarr

This is BY FAR, the best advertisement I have seen about BlackBerry, Heck this is the best advertisement I have seen in a while. It was dynamic, informational, interesting, it kept me engaged throughout, and I was left wanting my Z10 phone already! I really hope that the Super Bowl commercial has the elements that this video had with a bit more polish.

That's a great video. I'm glad to see RIM (now Blackberry) pushing forward. I also like that they say there's a time every company needs to innovate. I respect them hitting things head on.

Just tell me that Frank Boulben hasn't broken out the mimes for the real BB10 Superbowl commercial, that leaked picture definitely has mime potential! :)

As others have said, hard to tell such a long story in 30 seconds, they'll have to go with something shorter and more memorable.

Wow! That was.... I'm at a loss for words. Brilliant commercial and at the end, when I read Kevin's write up, I found out it wasn't official! Amazing

The first part (up until the we see the QNX letters) is a bit sad and boring, but once I see the space ship .... then the commercial picks up and ROCKS big time.

I could see this coming to a movie theater near you.... one of those adds they stick in the movie previews before the show.

Too simple. No class. Dull. Amateur . After 5 seconds you could figure out the rest of the ad. No wow factor !

Too simple. No class. Dull. Amateur . After 5 seconds you could figure out the rest of the ad. No wow factor !

Too simple. No class. Dull. Amateur . After 5 seconds you could figure out the rest of the ad. No wow factor !

Almost convinced me to stay but I'm leaning towards another device, was hoping to upgrade this week with the release of new BlackBerry devices however no keyboard device till April isn't cutting the mustard for me.

So why does this company keep doing these ads and design projects if they are not getting paid for them?

That should be the lead commercial right before kickoff!
Awesome piece of Craftsmanship!

I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

BlackBerry needs (not should) to hire these guys !!! On a budget of zero dollars they pulled that off ? Purely awesome. Just proves dont need $300 million to make a good commercial !!!

Budget of zero dollars yes, and a lot of heart no doubt. It's obvious they have a lot of love for Blackberry.

Lol... U didn't heard the narration?
The same thing powering Z10 is used by NASA n Nuclear plants. The same OS. QNX. They rebuild the same structure for mobile version.

I bet Alicia Keys is going to be in the Super Bowl Ad...!!! She is suppose to be performing at the Super Bowl... This phone is on fire.... Blackberry is on fire...

I was happy there for a minute..." we didn't quite appreciate what we'd started"...seemed like BB finally admitting they've taken a backseat to the market they started....building to something big...but alas, its not officially a BB message. oh well.

nice video though.

Wow, Black is Back, this is an amazing commercial. Kt gives people just enough interest to go online and research BB10, QNX and Z10. Nice.......

I just watched this again....THIS IS EPIC. If this is a sign of the marketing campaign to come for BlackBerry 10, holy sh*t!!!

What an awesome ad. It's exciting to see such a passionate and emotionally charged commercial, especially when you know BB10 can back it up.

I like it! In the "constructive criticism" column, I would like to add that it seemed at times as if the background music almost drowned out the narrator's voice

Made up to be one of the guys who got this on the release day its amazing I love it, Great advert to on the biggest american stage off them all !

I'm amazed at the quantity of folks who gathered that this was a RIM commercial, or even more 'way off' is that this was the actual superbowl commercial itself. Even with a written description of what the contents were, who made it and remarks about it not being the superbowl commercial.
There's a popular saying I've heard since I learned to read; "don't believe everything you read." I think many have taken this advice into their own hands and decided that its "Not fun, or worth my valuable time to read at all, and its just.....well, more fun to make up my own sh!t."

did anyone else read some of the comments as if this was a commercial released by BB? Seriously some of you have some real serious issues of comprehension that not even a Specialist teacher/therapist can fix...

Poetic that your comment landed right under mine! But, I was thinking the same thing, as you can plainly see! Hah

Great ad, but maybe they should buy air time for The Masters in April when the BB 10 will actually come out in the States.

I love the commercial if this isn't the final, then we will see a better one on Sunday. Att needs to hurry up. I need my bb10

I think this is quite good and does emphasize that BB is back in the game. Many Iphone and Samsung fanboys think this is the same OS with new hardware. The message needs to get out about the power of QNX and the benefits of the fast HTML5 browser. I think this ad does this well. I just watched "Imported from Detroit" for the first time and I personally think it's dumb. It certainly would not inspire me to buy a Chrysler.

I loved this commercial it showed heart. I've been loyal to blackberry for more than ten years. I've watched just about everyone I know in recent years purchase A DROID or an i-phone. This is not an official video but it's awesome. I commend the guys that made this video possible and I'm proud to still be a bb owner. Thank you Kevin and the Crackberry team.

Great commercial! I was looking forward to a BB10 device, but without BIS that won't happen.

Oh well, at least I can feel good that there was a 9800 in the commercial :)

Not bad. Not bad at all. It reminds me of the comeback commercial GM did a few years ago.
And look where they are now. :)

Guys just check YouTube for the response of this Commercial. People are overwhelmed. Even ney sayers have started appreciating. Trust me thats all BlackBerry needs.
Our generation is too media deriven, i some time think that next generation will be so dumb and its going to be totally controlled and operated by media. Teenagers in this age have pretty much stopped thinking. They just accept what media throws at them. Thats where BlackBerry needs to work on. . and game is their's.

Just saying . . :)

as I just posted on this video.................. it is just perfect, awesome, a masterpiece....... cant really wait for BBZ10 to be at my country