Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry named Smartphone of the Year!

BlackBerry Porsche P'9981 named Smartphone of the Year at the Plus X awards
By DJ Reyes on 15 May 2012 10:13 am EDT

In Stuttgart, Germany a few days ago the BlackBerry Porsche P'9981 was honoured at the Plus X Awards by receiving the gong for Smartphone of the Year 2012. The Plus X Awards celebrate innovative technologies, as well as sports and lifestyle products that are "viable for the future and possess at least one 'Plus X' factor" (as quoted from the Award's website).

The BlackBerry Porsche P'9981 won the award for combining the Porsche Design's classic and 'puristic' design with RIM's own innovative BlackBerry technologies. Axel Kettenring, Managing Director RIM Germany, says: "We are very proud to receive this seal of quality. Receiving the Plus X Award for the Porsche Design P'9981 smartphone confirms we are operating at the cutting edge with our demand for design and quality."

Even if the Porsche P'9981 isn't a BlackBerry device that the majority of our readers will own, it's nice to see it win quite a prestigious award. Don't forget there contest is still open to those who would like a chance of winning CrackBerry Kevin's very own Porsche Design BlackBerry. Today is the last Day to enter, so if you'd like a chance to win check out the link below.

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Source: Porsche Design Press Release, via: @BBEMEABusiness

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Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry named Smartphone of the Year!


I still like the 9900 better, waiting for my company to issue one to me...... but if you have a completion for the 9900 in White i dont mind enrolling Cheers


The Porsche is made where? The Plus X Awards were held where? It's a nice looking phone, but i'd like to know who came in second, or third?

Yeah why would they name a phone that is almost unreachable for most consumers.....give me a break.......

Yahoo...I love it when Blackberry gets recognized. All that talent and so maligned. Often times I think we forget that real people with feelings work at RIM.

I'm sorry. I'm a huge RIM fan, but it must have been a poor year for smartphones if they named this thing smartphone of the year.

LOL...I agree! This thing is soooo ugly it shouldn't have made the list at all, nevermind number one. I'd like to have some of whatever they were smokin' to come up with this "winner".

Ironically enough, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index , RIM handsets are the "least satisfying." Then again, when compared to Germans, what do Americans know about engineering anyway. . .LOL

This is the icing on the cake. I want to win so much more.

I want that status symbol so bad!.

Good luck everyone!

Interesting. I'd be curious to see how the P'9981's build quality compares to a Vertu, now that RIM is taking a stab at a luxury phone design and Vertu taking a stab at smartphone OSes.

Wow this thread is such a reach....this terrible phone, that cost wayyyy too much needs to fade away from memory. It only adds fuel to the fire that RIM is not focused. RIP RIM

This Plus X thing, on the surface, merely sounds like something certain companies "partner" with and through that "partnership" end up being award winners. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the P'Berry....but it's not an award-winning design and it doesn't contain any innovative tech. We have to be honest about this stuff. Honest with ourselves, anyway.

Former BB Fanboy who came up the ranks from a Curve to a Bold to a Torch before jumping ship to Android. Waiting longingly for the BB that brings me back. It's an OS thing, not form factor.

I dunno. This just strikes me as a vanity award. What, exactly, is innovative about this? Certainly nothing under the hood. 'Puristic design'? Any time you have to use coined terminology to justify the award, that makes it lose value for me at least. Ok, rant over.

This doesn't sound like much of an award to me. 1st the Aussie 'Wake Up' campaign, and now this. It's all kind of self-serving and embarrassing......and no, I don't want the 9981. Please, let's just concentrate on making BB10 the best OS possible. Thanks.

Mindboggling. An uber-fugly phone that costs an arm and a leg and is the same on the inside as a Bold 9900. Makes me wonder what the past winners of this award were... diamond encrusted, gold plated iPhone 3GS from Tiffany? ;)

Learn to appreciate things and stop labeling, judging technology by looks, same for people. It makes you more dignified and respectful. If you keep at it, people won't think very nice things about your personality.

Heh. Hilarious. The Porsche phone is all about looks/label and nothing about tech. Not sure what point you are trying to make. I can appreciate spending $3K on a high-end fast camera lens but not $2K on a "case" for a phone which has the exact same guts as the one I own already.

I work in the ER day and night shifts, therefore I have contact with quite a few people over there and I'm the only one that has a BlackBerry phone(Torch 9810) everybody else has either iPhone or Android phones. When, I showed them up pictures of the Porsche design phone they told me that nobody will buy a phone like that one. I love my Torch and Playbook but I would like to have the P'9981 to make them see how our Blackberry phones are still the best phones ever and ever for the centuries to come!!!!!

I'm sure this is great exposure for RIM. The phone is nice but I'd still prefer a Bold 9900. IMO this phone is just for show. Nice work on winning smartphone of the year haha (How did that happen?)