BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 full specs and new images appear

By Bla1ze on 28 Aug 2014 09:13 pm EDT

At this point, the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 is far from a secret. Its been spotted all over the place and has even appeared in several up close images already but the list of specs for the device has always been kept to the rather obvious stuff such as the display, processor and RAM.

A new spec sheet has now appeared along with another batch of images that claims to list the full specs of the device for everyone to judge. It doesn't confirm anything that wasn't already assumed anyway but if you fall into that 'Prestige' buyer category it's worth a look.

The Porsche Design devices have their fans, so let us know what you all think. I'm holding out for some real images, those have yet to appear and as we all know, devices tend to look different from their press renders.

The specifications of the Porsche Design P'9983 smartphone from BlackBerry include the following:

The P'9983 smartphone from BlackBerry showcases Porsche Design features, which include high-end materials and finishes. The chassis, lock and right-side keys, and Porsche Design logo are constructed of forged and CNC-milled stainless steel. The camera lens is constructed of sapphire glass. The back cover is made with glass weave technology.

Unique PIN - With the Porsche Design P'9983 smartphone from BlackBerry you'll be part of an exclusive Porsche Design BlackBerry PIN ID group (2AAXXXXX) that is instantly recognizable among Porsche Design users.

  • Display - 3.1 inch, 720 x 720 pixels, 24-bit color OLED display
  • Memory - 64 GB application storage and 2 GB RAM
  • Processor - 1.5 GHz dual-core processor
  • Navigation - Touch screen
  • Keyboard - Physical keyboard, full QWERTY
  • Battery - 2100 mAh removable battery
  • Camera - Front-facing camera: 2 MP, Fixed-focus, Image stabilization (for still image and video capture), 3x digital zoom / Rear-facing camera: 8 MP, Autofocus and flash, Image stabilization (for still image and video capture), 5x digital zoom
  • Video Camera - Front-facing camera: 720p HD video recording at 30 fps. Rear-facing camera: 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps and 720p HD video recording at 60 fps
  • GPS- Assisted GPS: Uses the wireless network to retrieve GPS satellite information. Assisted GPS can achieve a fast retrieval of the first GPS fix. Autonomous GPS: Uses the GPS receiver on the device to retrieve location information. This mode can't be used indoors or in close proximity to many physical obstructions, and can take several minutes to fully synchronize with four or more GPS satellites for the first GPS fix. Simultaneous GPS: Allows a device to receive both GPS and voice data at the same time, which allows service providers to offer location-based services.
  • OS - BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3
  • Sensors - Accelerometer: Required to sense the orientation, either portrait or landscape, of the device and to enable the corresponding UI orientation. Magnetometer: Used to provide information on the direction that the user is facing. The Compass app uses the magnetometer to determine your direction relative to the Earth's magnetic poles or to true north. Ambient Light Sensor: Controls the brightness of the display based on ambient light availability and brightness for optimum display visibility and energy efficiency. Proximity sensor: Used to prevent unintentional data entry when the device is pressed to the face during a call.
  • Networks - Porsche Design P'9983 smartphone from BlackBerry SQK100-1: Quad band LTE (2, 4, 5, 17) (700/850/1700/1900 MHz), Quad band HSPA+ (Bands 1, 2, 4, 5/6) (850/1700/1900/2100 MHz), Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) / Porsche Design P'9983 smartphone from BlackBerry SQK100-2: Quad band LTE (2, 4, 5, 17) (700/850/1700/1900 MHz), Tri band HSPA+ (1, 2, 5/6) (850/1900/2100 MHz) for 42 Mbps, Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)

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BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 full specs and new images appear


Yea, clearly! I couldnt agree more. The type of people that would buy this are the type that use the p9981 or 9900.

Repackage a flop device 2 years after its release. Hm

Posted via CB10

Two years is a bit much... :-)

Bought my Q10 on release here in Australia last year in July...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Same internals as the Samsung Galaxy S3 which started development late 2010 and came out in May 2012. Not saying specs are everything but still 2+ year old hardware.

There are millions of unsold Q10s. Makes sense to use a different case, add $5 worth of flash and sell it for $2K.

Posted via CB10

You got it. I agree with Dusdal that the Porsche Design will kill when it comes to the classic just ahead, but from a purely marketing (and shareholder) view, I agree that BlackBerry has to get the old Q10 parts sold off.

Maybe they are taking the guts of these old Q10 tweaking them and putting them in a new case. LOL A wolf in sheep's clothing I believe the saying goes.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

It's all good, a prestige Porsche Q10. A bit late but these Porsche design phones are annual and one at a time and to be fair, the Q10 didn't yet have it's version yet.

The next one will be nothing short of a dream given the upcoming passport and classic devices. The smallest it will be at first is the size of the classic which is an upgrade to this one. Then it will also most likely have more storage memory and perhaps more specs wise.

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

The Classic is the update to the Q10, right? As a new Q10 user, I'll buy the Classic next and enjoy the extra row of buttons.

Posted via CB10

Exactly they should've skipped Q10 porche versión.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

Q10 is in its DNA. Though it's not as if it is resembling one (necessarily), but you can argue that it's more like the Q10 than any other BlackBerry ever built.

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

I would call that recycling old unsold q10 components.
Who ever is responsible for this phone should leave the company I don't care if it's porsche or blackberry they could have at least wait for the classic to make that the new porsche design.
Going with the q10 is the worse idea. Sales figures will be even below the z10 porsche design.

Posted via CB10

Everyone always asks this. So here's why they exist.

1). People buy them.

2). They're pretty much all profit.

If you could repackage something with modest upgrades and sell it for $2K+ vs. $700.. wouldn't you do it? lol.

It's all about the name brand. Hence the name Porche Design. Porche puts their name on it and all of a sudden it's worth a thousand dollars more...

nope If you use a mac like me the functions of the iPhone are very good. I can now call and text from my computer. I can start and email on my computer and finish it on my iPhone without the need to do anything. Like I said its highly expensive but android just doesn't look beautiful and blackberry is not mainstream enough.

Yes it is. And no, it's not.

People are slowly realizing this. Which is why android is now dominant everywhere.

More functionality without the ridiculous price tag.

Posted via CB10

Android is dominant because not everyone can afford luxury. Its like with cars, a BMW or Porsche is just better than a Honda even though most people will only be able to afford a honda. That's just the way it is.

But wouldn't it be smarter to release this earlier, I mean at this point this phone is outdated because the passport is just around the corner.
Since this is basically a re skinned q10 wouldn't if have been more appealing if it came out when the Q10 came out? .
I mean, It actually might drive more sales of these, kinda like come out with e passport but like a week later unveil a porsche design version of that as well, ,more appeal, device won't be dated, might drive more sales, and creates way more "buzz".
Anyway my humble opinion.....

Posted via CB10

The folks who buy these devices simply don't care. They have money. They want to spend money. They're not looking at the specs or even the price tag for that matter. They're buying the exclusivity of it and moving on. Plain and simple. Anyone who looks at the price tag and says 'That's a lot' is not the target audience here lol.

If BlackBerry can't regain market share in the next year or two they should start only selling these. When I was younger only rich and powerful people had BlackBerry's and everyone wanted them because of that.

If they need to sell 10 million phones a year to make money now maybe they could sell 3 million high profit phones instead.

Posted via CB10

The point you've mentioned and the lack of specs are the things putting me of a porsche design phone.

Posted via CB10

The margin is massive. Even after they "share" with Porsche Design there's still hundreds of dollars of profit. Way more than they make on their own line.

Yeah... but in terms of the numbers they sell, it's not a bottom line product, but a PR exercise. It shows BlackBerry as a brand that a high prestige company like Porsche is happy to be associated with.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10.2.1

You answered from a business perspective.

I may be wrong but it seems as if the original question was more in line with why does it exist from a consumer perspective.

Posted via my beautiful Q10 running. 1052

@Katiepea......have you never wanted something that was totally irrational?? A pair of shoes or handbag that you knew was over priced yet you absolutely had to have it?
This is the power of the Porsche Design BlackBerry irrational but it is exclusive & I want one!!!

Posted via CB10

absolutely, but my point was that this thing looks gaudy and ugly and screams "bad taste", not that it's not understandable to want something for aesthetics.

I understand you think it is ugly.......I think the Passport if available in stainless steel belongs in a kitchen & some of my friends absolutely love Giuseppe Zanotti sandals & I think only prostitutes & porn stars should wear them.

Point is looks & tastes are subjective......

Posted via CB10

To me it's not so much of the look rather the underwhelming specs even by BlackBerry standard. It's like they form fitted a Hyundai that look like Porsche and sell it as it. BlackBerry can make all the specialty high end devices they want, at least specs it accordingly. They could have done the same with Passport and sell it for $5K. Tech gadget is different because it evolve so quickly.

The wealthy prove on a regular basis that wealth does not equal good taste. They buy for status symbols and to hide behind what they lack elsewhere. To each their own.

Spending lots of money on something because it is durable is another thing entirely. It's considered an investment and therefore a smart buy in the long run.

But hey, if these device help put money in BlackBerry's pockets then so be it. Lol

emPowered by 

Please google the P'9981 black version. And tell me that doesn't look aesthetically pleasing? They messed up this one. Hopefully the classic will fix it.

Posted via CB10

I just had to google that and man that is one sexy phone! I didn't really like the silver one, but that looks real nice. Comparing it to the P'9983, I definitely feel they could have done a better job of designing this.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Why would it come with 10.3 if all BB10 are only gnna get 10.3.1. Doesn't this have the same internals as Q10?

Posted via CB10

Because it's supposed to come out around the same time as Passport. The lack of 10.3 officially on current devices is CLEARLY by choice lol.

Some have said that it will launch alongside the Passport. If that's the case, it will explain the 10.3 instead of the 10.3.1

Posted via CB10

Interesting thought. The Blapple (Blappleberry?) might gain it some unwitting fans... Sell until served with a cease and desist, laugh all the way to the bank...or at least snicker a bit. Imagine the FB laments once those folks got outed.

Posted via CB10

The keys on the keyboard look like they came out of a pez dispenser

Via my simply amazing  Q10

I don't get it... this should have the craziest specs u can find in a phone BECAUSE with the price BlackBerry should add sapphire screen and the whole nine yards. BECAUSE BlackBerry can finally afford to throw some crazy specs because BlackBerry has this phone TOP of the line. A crazy sexy phone should have in sain specs. Even if I had millions I would still choose the fastest phone I might bring it to the jewelry store to pimp it out but I want specs

Posted via CB10

Most of the phones that cost crazy money have rather mediocre specs. It's like a requirement, the more your phone costs the crappier your specs lol. You're buying the premium feel and exclusivity, FWIW. Hi Vertu!

Bla1ze may I suggest, when and if CB has a welcome party for the PPort in NYC, they raffle some Porsche models in the gift mix :)
Please let me know the date, time and place. I will gladly come!

I also beleive some of it is to do with using proven hard/software - people who can afford this and the Vertu don't want to look silly when it packs up because the specs are different. With these phones the 'bling' is on the outside, whereas the internals are known to work with the software 'coz folks like us have been testing them for a year+.

Sapphire Screen? You've ALREADY fallen for apple's latest marketing gimmick. The Gorilla Glass 3 is supposedly stronger and clearer. But apple gives a fancy name to their glass and everyone wants it. Just like the retina display.... lots of other devices had more pixels and dpi but apple gave theirs a fancy name and ppl ate it up. ridiculous. Ppl just don't think for themselves anymore.

Posted via CB10

So repackaged q10 with internal user storage upgrade? in my opinion they should have stupid retarded specs on these pd devices to justify the price.

I mean for $2k+ I would expect at least a dual core 4 ghz with 2ghz gpu 2-3gb ram.

I mean specs for 9983 vs passport compare cost.

Now I'm not at all saying the 9983 won't be a great device but it seems like a way to make up lose on the left over q10 sell one 9983 and make up lose of 3 or 4 Q10's

In Squircle I Trust

If people are willing to pay millions for large heated and pressurized lumps of coal, they can afford a few thousand for a phone.

Posted via CB10

The keyword for this line of phones is 'prestige', not 'premium'. Do you think someone who owns one has a friend asking them "Hey, what's the RAM size?" Nope!



So a really nice #Q10 :). Would love it! But still aiming for the #Passport! :) all #BlackBerry products are superb!

Posted via CB10

If I had the money I wouldn't mind spending such amount on a porsche design BlackBerry, but why the f**+ these low end specs ??

Posted via CB10

The rich and stupid don't buy Bentleys for specs. They buy for image and looks. Same rules apply to these premium devices. It's the way it's been for years. Essentially all premium devices are similarly spec'd behind the times.

Posted via CB10

I know someone that wants to buy a Porsche bicycle at the discounted price of $6000. If you do not believe it go to the website and see list prices.

I would imagine the target market for this porsche phone would have been happier with a 3.5 inch screen and trackpad + tool belt from the classic.

Its not like cost is a factor.

Yes I do think its pretty silly money for Q10 internals exactly except the internal memory.

Why couldnt they just base this off the classic? I really dont get it.

Posted via CB10

This is embarrassing, there's nothing high performance about the phone to match the brand. No Z50 but we get this crap?

Posted via CB10

Can the software on these Porsche design blackberry be used on let's say a Z30? I would love the clock face and other PD themes.

Blackberry and Android fan on T-Mobile

I think this specific model has the worst looks and relative specs compared to the previous Porsche Design models. Regardless of whether rich people will buy this just because of its name or not, it is absolutely fundamental that this phone gets the highest specs among all current BB devices. It's like offering a Ferrari with a 4 cylinder 200 HP engine!

Posted via Z10

This can't be a $2000 dollars phone with such terrible specs Good luck with this one BlackBerry and Porsche design

BB Z30!! running 10.3

I would have liked to see this phone with the same specs as the passport. But obviously someone is buying these uber expensive versions or they would stop making them. I would take one in a heartbeat if I could afford one. I'd rub it in my boss's face. Oh... look who has an awesome phone and you're still stuck with that Droid Max issued piece of shizz

Still stuck on T-Mobile USA :(

The very fact that Porsche and BlackBerry are continuing this relationship should be enough to explain why they're releasing it with these specs at this price point. It's just that simple.


Like most porsche design products it is a beautiful piece of kit-the classic would have been a better base or the passport .
It's normal to be jealous of what you can't afford -if money was no object I'd have the whole collection

Posted via CB10

That's the thing, I (at least) am not at all jealous. I could relatively comfortably afford this if I really wanted it, but there is nothing premium about this device. The fact that they used some stainless steel and the word Porsche on it, and also added $10 worth of internal storage, does not make the device premium in any regard. It's pure outdated junk. Any iPhone is better than this. Virtually the same premium feel and you get way more out of it functionally.

Posted via CB10

I can't figure out why so many people gripe about the specs. PD does not design the "guts" of the phone; just the exterior and the clock app. If you are worried / concerned / perplexed / offended about the price then you are not the target audience for this phone. I would love one of these beauties!

I wonder how people would react if they see the Hermes Next Block beach towel--- made of 100% light cotton printed terry cloth for a mere price of $470.

Posted via CB10

Or try a Cuban printed cotton t-shirt from Givenchy worth $750...

I bet a lot of us have money to afford but will we buy it? Most likely not. The people who REALLY CAN afford these stuff wouldn't care how much they're paying for it as long as it's exclusive or "one of a kind". Whether it's made of cotton, metal, leather or what-not. It's a social status symbol.

Posted via CB10

At this point... the white version of the Blackberry Passport is looking simply sexier than this phone. I get the whole feel of the exclusivity thing, imagine how I'm going to feel rocking my Passport on the way to York university while everyone else on the bus has the same phone but different colour with one or two things changed around.. "iphones".. yeah great! I really hope the BB PD 9983' is higher in terms of its standards. This is an insult to the partnership between Blackberry and Porsche, and to think those who will buy this phone simply because of looks and being thought of as affluent.. well, they may not feel this way if the phone doesn't stand out above the rest, especially something like the Passport.

This is unfortunate. A re-skinned Q10 at this point is not going to help the brand or sales at all. The screen is simply too small and the folks that bought the previous version won't likely buy without the trackpad. Build one with a slightly larger screen and better specs and maybe you have something.

Posted via CB10

1.5 GHz and Dual-Core...for me there's no use reading the rest, it can't possibly justify its price with those specs. If you want something that low-end get an Iphone and save yourself a lot of money.

While paying for the name and exclusivity, I still expect the top the line specs in the device!

Posted via Z10

Yeah, I think BlackBerry has dropped the ball on this one, I'm sure they had pre-planned a Z10 & Q10 Porsche Design phone but when people purchase a Q10 in Feb of 2013 and then you pick up....

pretty much the exact same phone in late 2014 it's sort of a waste of time unless you are a BlackBerry Porsche Design collector. You can put 2012 specs into a phone that's releasing in late 2014. You already 2 years behind.

So after owning the phone for 2 years on contract, the phone is actually 4 years old in specs...

BlackBerry 10 Wallpapers (BBM Channel)

I think the design looks great. I'm not a Porsche fanatic but love the look of this phone.

I'd be interested in a Porsche version of the Passport. Well I would be if I could afford it.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

Why not leather like other porsche designs? Glass weave is beautiful but not as premium as leather and it actually scratches with time

Posted via CB10

If I saw someone with this phone, I'm not so sure I would think too highly of them, though they probably think quite highly of themselves.

Not because it's a q10, but because they think it's better than a q10 when it's not that far off.

I would be more envious of a person with a passport!

I can't believe this is the phone they think will bring prestige back to BBRY.

Only thing I can think of is they are trying to be efficient with dumping inventory before the classic comes out.

Posted via CB10

I wonder if the Q10 double-typing "feature" (bug) comes standard?

Posted via CB10 | Q10 on T-Mobile (USA)

Dual Core 1.5? LoooooL back to 2012! Snapdragon 808 and 810 Octacore 64bit presented in Berlin soon

Z10 LE (red) #00167 OS10.2.2.1531

LOL@ the huge spec list. It's just a Q10 in a Yachtclub-like suit. Lol, like it's something new...

But the Porsche BB is still BIG TIME! Awesome design!

It's a beautiful phone, that's said the specs suck so bad, I mean really? That's just pathetic. It's 3 year old technology at this point.

Posted on my Z30

Well, I guess if you're willing to shell out the big bucks, you get a removable battery. ,:-|

Thumb-flicked from my Z30 via CB10

Jeeez that thing is FUGLY.

But yeah they're pure profit for blackberry. Or are they? Does Porche Design just buy unsold Q10's for a couple hundred $ from blackberry and then ugly them up on their own? Keeping the ridiculous margin themselves?

At any rate, I think it's more about blackberry being able to claim they make a "prestige" product than the actual profit. Because NO WAY do these things sell in any meaningful numbers.

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

Maybe blackberry was contractually obligated to make this device? Thorsten heins probably signed off on this deal, given he was confident in the z10 and Q10. With chen at the helm now, it would be interesting to see if these porche design devices continue

Posted via CB10

These specs should have been released before the Passport so that the flak BlackBerry will receive would have been less. The specs are not okay and would make anyone paying $2,000 for the device feel like they got screwed, either that or people with that much money to spend on a phone are too stupid to know the difference.

Posted via CB10 on Z30

So basically, they brought blackberry Q10 after it became around 1 and half year old and changed the outside of the device and installed version 10.3 and increased the price by x10. Well done blackberry. I don't mind spending money on a fancy phone but i'm expecting to find high tech as well. Blackberry Q10's specs were old once it was released cuz there were already 1080P screens, quad core processors and better cameras. But now it's way too late for that.

Posted via CB10

And please people don't get me wrong. The new porsche design looks really good and I would buy it anytime but the fact that it is Q10 from inside them why would I switch my Q10 after a year and a half of suffering with the unlimited and unpredictable bugs then go for a phone that just looks different from outside?!

Posted via CB10

P9981 is basically an old Bold (running OS7) 1.2 GHz single-core. P9983 is basically an old Q10 (OS10) 1.5 GHz dual-core.

As far as for the unique designs, hardware, and unique PINS. I believe all Porsche designs should also packed with much more upgraded specs. More camera pixels for both front and back. A video that would take 1080p and records 60fps. A much more vivid screen. Not a 2100 mah, but a much more larger. Just few things I'm suggesting. Something that you would say "You get what you paid for!"

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

This is a good looking device. Best looking Porsche collaboration so far IMO. My Q10 rocks. I can see this selling well.

Can't say I've ever understood the concept behind the Porsche phones, but for me I'm very utilitarian when it comes to tech. To me a phone's primary purpose is as a communications device, and smartphones as that and a PDA to make your life easier. The notion of a phone as a fashion statement is just downright alien to me.

Diagonal pattern is so outdated... the carbon finish of the old bold was way better.
All in all i'm not a target for this device, but I do understand there is a niche market for these things. I doubt it's properly adressed this way.

Posted via CB10

I feel like the profile of the keys on the top row would get in the row off gestures. Kind of like if the keypad on the 9900 wasn't seated properly there was an awkward feel to it.

As a previous user, I am feeling a little underwhelmed. The images above don't excite me: not nearly as iconic and missing clear design references such as the metal . . . Of course, I would have liked a slightly larger screen. As for the internal specs, my Q10 is more than powerful enough for what I do - messages, SMS, calls and reading the papers. So specs not necessarily and issue. However, I see the points made by those who suggest the specs should as least be similar to the "now current", i.e. the Classic.

I will buy one. My Q10 is dying after 18 months abuse. Have finally got used to no toolbar so this is good enough for me.

You are right it is expensive but I am lucky enough that the price is not a particularly big deal and I like how it looks.

Seems I am the exception. Good - I will always know my phone :-)

Posted via CB10

What a hideous looking phone.. just depressing. Those raised keys remind me of old pc keyboards. With this brand and the cost of the phone you would expect something truly exceptional, but no u get this ugly thing.

A while back there was a post on how to switch settings on a Z10 so the Porsche style clock would show. Anyone have that handy?

Posted via CB10

OMG that keyboard!!! Love this. I have always been a huge fan of the Porsche Design series and this is no exception. The original P'9981 will forever be my favorite BB device that I never owned. Still would use one to this day as a daily driver.

I wouldn't trade my Z10 for one....and I drive a Porsche

Posted via my fancy BB10 pager thingy

Specs are below market for the time of release. They should have learned off the passport which has good specs and camera with support for 4k video recording.

Posted via CB10

Wow what's with all the hating on this device. I think it looks bloody marvellous.

If I had the dosh I'd by one.

I can't imagine how they'd do a porche passport, way to big.

This q10 fits the bill, and if they do a porche classic even better.

Posted via CB10

What's the point of releasing a luxury phone based on outdated model? Does it arrogance or really stupid decision making or u trying to further more insult your consumer base?

Posted via CB10

It should have a more powerful processor and hardware. And what's up with the small screen? 3.1 is the same size as a Q10. Instead of wasting space in between the qwerty keys they should make the screen bigger.

Posted via CB10

My 1st thought is: how can I change the buggy keyboard on Porschephone, after I had to change it on my Q10.
This release is too late.

want, need, want, need, want, need..... anyone know the release date yet? Beautiful device... at 64GB???? perfect!

I am sorry to say so, but except form actual Porsche cars the Porsche Design sucks. This thing so sou ugly it hurts. Therefore I would love BB to invest more into its own designs. Or if they insist, ask for colaboration some really big name with potential to deliver. In this case perhaps Philippe Starck.

Who ever thinks that the 9983 is ugly is a "clown" the phone looks really good..with that being said it's actually being model around the q20 classic not the q10!! Secondly anyone who talks negative on a blackberry forum can go buy an android or iphone and look like the rest of these robots with them!!

Posted via CB10

It should've rocked some unique specs because it is supposed to be unique. 8MP camera and 2GB RAM? Sounds like a q10, z10, z30 and P9982 to me. Hah.
Little things matter!

Posted via CB10