BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 shows off its front and backside

By Bla1ze on 21 Aug 2014 09:39 pm EDT

While the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 makes its way through some certification processes, the latest BlackBerry 10.3 OS has given up just a few more goodies about the device as well. Previously we saw what can only be referred to as placeholder images in the OS but now that the device has progressed a bit more, there's now official renders taking those spots. Of course, it's hard to say how pleasing to the eye the device will be simply based off of what we see here, but the device is apparently moving along so I'm sure we'll see the full monty soon enough.

UPDATE - And there's the front, courtesy of N4BB. Knew it was only a matter of time.

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BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 shows off its front and backside


Yeah, probably the first porsche device that actually looks good without having to make it grow on you.

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glad to hear they are moving forward with devices not only services

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"I think I found what I was looking for."

You should tell Bono. He still hasn't found what he's looking for.

I think CrackBerry should have a article just on the porsche stuff.

A). What is the back story?

B). Who is actually making them? BlackBerry? Porsche? Someone else? Obviously it's a partnership. But, who is actually on the hook if they don't sell.

C). How many do they actually sell?

D). Are they any better than the "regular" devices? I mean, are the specs any better?

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Let's focus on 'C'... metrics on how many of these units they sell and how many bbry resources are allocated to the sustainment of this category.

I'm pretty interested in both numbers and how the 'Porsche' product line contributes to the bbry strategy. And bottom line. And roadmap.

Oh I forgot it's crackberry and the love of niche variants for the 4th place ecosystem. Ecosystem.. chuckle... android apps. generated html and driving maps for the middle east and eastern Europe . Forgot there is no ecosystem.

Looking forward to upcoming CB articles around how to charge your Porsche BlackBerry battery, change the sim, take a picture, create a folder, change alarm clock to Porsche mode, add a contact etc etc etc etc etc.

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James has yet another article on an Android game you can sideload... might want to check that out instead.

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Imagine a small place flying over their heads.

Metaphorically, what just happened! ;)

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Porche is in charge of designing them and, the specs are the same but it comes with 64gb of memory. It isn't meant for the average consumer as its a 2000$ plus phone

3GB RAM for the specs fanatics ^

(Looking at you, Gui ;-) )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Wow! Must have taken the CB Paparazzi days posing as as fishermen to get close enough to catch her backside as she sunbathed on her yacht ...

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Hahahaha, yacht... seriously though who the hell has 2k to drop on a device. that's about the other two models are selling for, which blows my mind. For that price tag the phone had better be able to take me out to dinner, and serenade me!


Well, they are popular, so? My gf has her 3rd porsche phone and she is buying them just because she is Porsche driver and fanatic. 2k usd is pennies when compared to Vertu prices ;)

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You may be missing the point of luxury goods.

In many cases, a luxury brand maintains itself with outrageous margins. In other words, the mere fact that you're able to afford the item guarantees you're in an exclusive club.

The Porsche Design phones sell for roughly triple the retail price of the run-of-the-mill BlackBerrys they're based on. The improved materials and limited production add maybe $200 to the raw device cost. But the result is an item that you KNOW is a completely discretionary fashion accessory. It makes a statement.

There are some who would say that statement is "I have more money than brains," but honestly, this is how the luxury goods market works. Stuff is expensive because... it's expensive.

IF it has a tool belt... YES! :) :) My company will be buying 26 of them! Minimum. :) Tool belt PLUS swappable battery equals productivity Nirvana... ;) We're dancing in the break room! lol
Of course that's hoping its a Q20 dev. Wishful thinking??

Oh well, no 10.3.1 so probably no toolbelt and no sales to me. :( Was fun while wishful thinking lasted.

Wonder why Porsche Design doesn't work on the device along with the regular counter part and then release it at least some what close to the regular device release date.

If this is a Q10 equivalent, then it'll almost be a year old by the time it's out.

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The best thing about these Z10 & Q10 Porsche designs, is the massive 64GB of internal memory. That's all the App you want. She BlackBerry has only got as far as 32GB with the BB Passport

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Do you mean waiting for the moment you could use this gif? This less attractive, overpriced Q10 was not worth waiting for!

Too bad the image isn't showing in CB10 (latest build) . Sort of loses the effect. Still a bit funny though I grant you. I have to imagine Ludacris's picture though.

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A Porchè Q10. Sweet. I wonder what their rendition of a passport will look like.

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

There's a new movie with RDJ called "The Judge"... in this movie RDJ plays a lawyer.. I noticed something REALLY unique when I first saw the trailer in theatres. The Blackberry Porsche.. not sure if the 9982 or the 9983 being promoted. Pay close attention to RDJ's phone in the trailer.. you'll see it with him ;) That tells me Blackberry is being used in movies very subtly and subliminally.

P.S. They do not hide it either... even it shows like Young & The Restless, only the high profile characters pull out their Blackberry Bold's... in Blue Bloods same thing, Detective Regan uses an old Blackberry Bold and that is a CBS show. All these shows I've listed are under CBS. I've seen on Rookie Blue the same thing. Blackberry is utilized by those who "use-it" in all of its nature. That to me, shows what Blackberry is about and who it is designed for. Everyone loves apples, sure, but a Blackberry isn't some gimmick; it's well tasting fruit of one colour that sets out to do its thing. ^_^ "Blackberry, the taste of yesterday with a taste of tomorrow's future"...

Just watched the trailer for The Judge, RDJ is using a P 9981, got a nice big crack in the screen too.

Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 10

still quite sexy though. I asked myself, if he is given a Blackberry to use in this movie, why isn't Blackberry partnering with anyone who is high profiled enough to model their phones? Blackberry doesn't have to go the route of doing commercials, but placement advertising similar to how Michael Bay uses past movies and up coming ones "Project Almanac" in TMNT as an example; would likely make people want to buy a phone as sexy, sleek and appealing as this Porsche 9983 looks.

So is this phone 1 million or 2 million dollars smh I don't get why they still make Porsche phones.

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Sexy Keyboard baby ... shake those raised curves of yours ;)

Come to daddy!

LMAO couldn't resist.

So will this have a slightly wider screen than the 3.1" Q10 since the keys look to be wider?

There is only one report that it will have a larger display and that seems highly unlikely based on the established pattern with these devices which is to put a previous design into a pd casing, this is almost certainly not going to have a larger display or 3gb of memory either.

Yes seriously it's much more unique in its layout.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

Wow! Now that's a beautiful device. Does this mean the specs will be that of the q10? Shouldn't it be more in line with the classic?

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No tool belt?! Not sure if I want it. My biggest pet peeve with my Q10 is trying to put the cursor where I wanted on the screen. I might have buyer's remorse every time it happens to me while I'm holding a $2,000 phone and find it's no better than my Q10.

I'm disappointed, so I'm going to vent a bit more. BlackBerry tried to revolutionize the all touch phone by making a phone with no buttons (Z10) which is great. But when they made the Q10 for people who still wanted buttons, they forgot the most important button of all, the trackpad! They fixed it by adding the Classic to the line up. In fact, all physical keyboard phones from BlackBerry should have the tool belt, because people who buy QWERTY devices want all the buttons! This is not a step back to the old legacy devices, it is simply about knowing why your customers buy QWERTY devices.

Maybe it's about customers holding back BlackBerry! Maybe about customers that are too fixated on old school and cannot accept change.

What the tool belt brings can be enabled by software I'd implemented correctly. Vase in point touch enable track pad on passport that alone makes no need for the tool belt. Buttons are a major issue with double typing on Q10, just like the trackball was on original Bold.

Buttons wear out, cost more to repair than adjusting FW or SW for touch.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

BlackBerry has had a decade to make a good and durable keyboard. I don't know why Q10 has double-type problems when the Bold did not. They knew to replace the trackball with a trackpad when the ball had problems. The keyboard is going to be a niche market, the same way phablets have a specific customer base. When BlackBerry makes a QWERTY device, they should make it with all the buttons that are relevant to QWERTY customers, and they should have realized the trackpad was one of those things. John Chen has already admitted that the lack of a trackpad on the Q10 reduced the efficient of people who used that phone.

And yet the community by and large PREFERS the release of the Passport vs the Classic!

Blackberry's mistake is bringing the Classic with the Toolbelt > redundant functions to increase hardware failure! As you said nobody knows the reason why so many thousands of people on Q10 are affected by double-typing hardware key issues ... when they have the lions den of experience, expertise and patents that is SUPPOSED to increase performance, reliability, and tactile feel with every hardware keyboard based BB released since ... since chickmunks could fly lol. But it does. Now we'll have BB menu, Back Key, and trackpad to add to these issues - more potentially than not.

In my opinion software if done right with hardware combination negates the need for the tool belt entirely ... case in point BB Passport! That keyboard should be available on the Q10 or it's replacement keyboard ... not wasted hours of development going backwards for just 1 device release to implement changes to BB10 making a unique code - with increased update delays for these same users to complain about on The Classic.

PS: BlackBerry should have KNOWN not to use the TrackBall originally since the Danger Sidekick was on their second model and had MANY Issues and returns to T-Mobile USA while their 9000 was still in the late stages of R&D! A Samsung ACE II was released with a trackpad or some other model from Sammy had a trackpad already in market during these times.

As a fan, user, and investor I don't want ANY hardware changes like the toolbelt, or slider that will affect revenues with increased operating costs.

BB has the numbers of those people still sticking with bbos due to things like a lack of a trackpad and that group must clearly be large enough for it to be worth their time building the Classic even with the slightly increased potential for mechanical failure compared with a q10.

Why can't this be the actual design of the phone rather than a porshce design? Phone looks good apart from the name "porchse design" written at the top, just unnecessary.

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I agree, for some reason, if this were the "face" of Blackberry 10 I think younger people and older ones will find it attractive enough to want to have. The appeal is sexy, and it separates itself from the competition. If Blackberry made the "Passport" in this fashioned design and size but with its current to be specs, I think it would be rather unique. The very fact that Blackberry can name one of their mobile units a "Porsche" design clearly leaves a bad taste of an old looking always the same stuff Apple in your mouth. Android... meh, won't even go there. But the difference between Blackberry and everyone else, in my own personal opinion; is that Blackberry gives you various options to feel connected to its enterprise and the company itself. You may not get a green, pink, blue or yellow Blackberry; but you get a definitive character of a phone that knows itself and the user knows what they intend to do with a Blackberry.

I am glad this wasn't the look of the q10, the whole point of such a device is the quality of the qwerty keyboard and the one on this looks like it would be noticeably worse to use than the one on the q10.

And it's going to hurt every time I drop this phone, because there will not be a protective shell that has that angular shape.

i dont know whats wrong with ppl who like these porsche design garbages... this thing is freakin hideous. that bezel around the screen is like 3 times bigger than the q10 or the z30 and both already have a huge bezel, i would never touch any of these phones :I

Huge bezel on a Z30?.. I'm typing in mine now, all I see is the silver at bottom, which is quite nice, it indicates which end IS bottom ...a feature to me, not a design error.

Just my opinion...

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It looks good, but the bezel size bothers me. Needs to be way thinner for the price tag

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Well there goes the rumours about the porsche design being modeled on the classic.

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First word that came to mind. Normally not really a fan of any Porsche Design BlackBerry but this one... really really great looking aka yummy

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I Don't mean to spoil anything for anyone buuuttt

Was it not said that this device would come stock standard with 10.3

But if you look closer in the photo it appears to be running a version of 10.2.1

Where is that "Home Screen" Icon??

I really like the look of it though and i would actually prefer it to the Classic simply because it doesn't have the "Tool Belt" i prefer to have the extra screen space. I don't think blackberry needs the Tool Belt with its new OS.

Just my opinion obviously. Hope you are all having a great day!

Shhhh... they can't hear us talking bad about the tool belt.... I agree with you about the tool belt, that is the only reason why I am not getting the Classic. The tool belt defeats the purpose of the sliding gestures... We never spoke.

I am happy to see it isn't using the weak and flimsy back of the Q10 that always slides off with a gentle slide out of my pocket. Additionally, this thing is beautiful and it might be the first Porsche BlackBerry I purchase. I'm going to start saving.

And I thought that was just me! I tried to fix this and surprisingly, when you put 2-3 sheets of (clean) toilet paper under the cover it sticks very well again...

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They will be fucked when oil runs out and the rich Arabs become poor. They will have to rely on the wanker's sorry i mean bankers, maybe then they can add C4 and rid the world of these parasites!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

Hsefly i was real pissed when the new OS lost the porche clock! Anyone else remember typing Fostah!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

yes i remember fostah and porsche clock, it was certain Blackberry would block it in
next update, can't have the lower orders having it, never updated my Z10 as Z30 arrived
so i can still enjoy the Porsche clock. Z10 is on software from january 2013 it never had
problems and can compare the original firmware to the latest one and see the improvements.

At that price the screen should be 3.85 inches minimum with a virtual track pad and a 3000Ah battery

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Did anyone notice that there is no call icon on the bottom left of the screen? Does this mean it will have the tool belt like the classic?

Have been waiting for a replacement. However, I am disappointed by the placement of the PD logo. Takes up too much real estate. PD/BB should be confident and not even logo the device, or a least more discretely, as the device is becoming iconic. Just the shape makes it instantly recognisable.

Ubergizmo is claiming that this front view is just a render from a fan and not the actual device.

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I agree. It doesn't look like a cohesive design. Look at the other Porsche phones and something seems off.

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I frucking love it!! :D
My Q10 in a smacking fantastic housing! XD

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So this isn't based on the Classic after all? So why isn't it based on the Passport instead?!

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Is this based on the Passport if so how come there is the 4th row of keys? Or is the based on the Q10 as there is no "Tool Belt" like the Classic is going to have?

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I like that backside...wait that came out wrong! I meant look at the bootle on that phone! Nicki Minaj got nothing on it!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I love these phones but there expensive a d I have to buy it unlocked why is there a way I can not buy it unlocked so it can work on att or verizon

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There's no chance there's enough consumer demand to justify the costs to develop and to produce this SKU. There's no halo brand appeal that this will create either. It's too narrowly focused and not really a luxurious design that would appeal to the broader population. It will appeal to a small % of Porsche enthusiasts which is a small % to begin with. It reminds me of the kind of marketing strategy out of touch old guys at GM used to employ.