BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 appears on e-POSTEL

By Bla1ze on 20 Aug 2014 12:34 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry Passport getting certified across several regions already, another rumored BlackBerry 10 device has started to pop up once again as well and this time it's BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983. Of course, it doesn't say BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 on the documentation, it just simply says BlackBerry P'9983 and carries the model number RHB121LW but we all know that follows the numerical designation for the Porsche Design devices.

There's not much that can be derived from the certification, other than to say it's there and seemingly in the last stage of Indonesian telecom approval, but it's still interesting to see it already popping up. As for rumored specs, well you have a 1.7Ghz Dual-core processor with 3GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage space wrapped around a 3.5-Inch touchscreen display and it's suggested to be modeled after the BlackBerry Classic. It'll be crazy expensive, people with either love it or hate but either way, it will serve its intended audience of those who like a touch of luxury.


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BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 appears on e-POSTEL


Interesting. e-POSTEL looks like the Indonesian equivalent of the FCC certification wing. So they're going to sell the SQW100-1 in Indonesia too? Maybe there's just one GSM Passport variant then.

This is a BS device. They should be doing a passport instead of the low quality classic.

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They Porschefied the Z10, not the Z30.

Now we better be glad they picked the Classic, not the Q10... :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I think those rumoured specs are wrong, last time round they did the device that was already out in the market and not the one that had not already launched, the odds are that they will do the same this time round and it will be based around a q10.

I'm with PhilipDZ on this. Once again they pick the wrong device to Porsche-ify, first the Z10 over the Z30 and now this over the Passport.

Good job these phones are just for people with more money than sense.

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Will get the Passport with my hardware upgrade when it's released. If I don't like it, then get the P9983 when it's release. I have to pay full retail price regardless if it's a Classic or a Porsche Design anyway.

I did the same when Z10 came out. Used that for hardware upgrade, didn't like all touch, then bought the Q10 at MSRP $649 at release date, still using it now. I figure if I was willing to part with $750 after tax for something I really wanted, I'd be willing to part with $2,000.

I'll spraypaint my Z10 any colour you like and hand-deliver it to you for $2k...

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Thanks, but they already made the P9982. Sadly, I don't like all touch screen. The keyboard is the whole point.

Looks awesome. Porsche design blackberries to me are the best designed phones I have seen yet by BlackBerry.

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The last one looked good, but the first qwerty one was worse than the 9900 it was based on since the keyboard was worse.

Why wouldn't they model the new porche phone off the passport. Seems odd to do it bases on the classic.

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Then they'd be targeting a niche segment of an already (expected) niche market.

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I think the classic will be more niche. 10% of the 25% of crackberry fans are looking forward to the classic. Passport has a very small audience but the classic is even smaller.

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The CB surveys do not take costs into account, Classic will sell more because it will be quite a bit cheaper than passport, in any case since neither device is out yet, this one is almost certainly based on the q10 and those specs are wrong.

A Porsche design Classic sounds fantastic! The Classic alone is going to be too much to resist.

My current BlackBerry wish list devices:
P'9982, P'9983 and the Passport, in that order.

I think the PD gonna have a removable battery- according to the pics.
If it is so I want the PD instead of the classic.

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I'm sure it'll be a nice device, but I really want to know what I'll be able to replace my Z10 with when it's off contract in May. I'd love to see a next-generation all-touch device.

Hmm. So what would one of these bad boys cost if one were to get a Secusmart chip in it as well? What kind of margins would BlackBerry make on a phone like that?

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Dual core 1.7Ghz cpu with 3 GB of ram and 64 Gb memory? Sounds like a iPhone 4.

Hello BlackBerry You need to put grunt in it... quad core minimum, eight cores would be better, this is supposed to be a "special" device! Design looks fantastic, however, you made the same mistake last time... high end device must be powerful.

I would consider a $2000 phone if it were the fastest thing out there...

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IPhone 4 only has a single core 1ghz, 512mb of ram and up to 32gb of storage. Nothing comparable to this beauty.

Go troll on imore on how the new iphone6 only has 1gb of ram still

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I love the porsche design models, I just can't justify the price tag. However, I would love to get my hands on one of the white and gold Q10 models. Most gorgeous phone of all times.

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Don't the Porsche Design models usually have almost the same internal specs as their normal BlackBerry counterparts? Would be nice if the classic ended up getting 3gb ram

Dude it's just a money grab from the rich. They don't give a shit if it's got 3GB RAM or a quad HD screen. They just bought a $2000 phone lol.

Edit: ...which has got nothing to do with your post. My bad.

Usually they ramp up just the internal storage memory but all the other specs if I am correct are the same.. hopefully the Classic will come with 3Gb of RAM.. but at this point it is still all speculation..

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A more logical explanation is that the rumoured specs are completely wrong as even the idea that this device will be based upon a classic seems very unlikely.

Classic will have some years old hardware same Z10 . Price 199 Dollars maybe.

Where is the rumored Octacore fulltouch Z10 successor flagship, hmm September soon ?

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Interesting! Would they do a Mercedes AMG version of a BlackBerry? Would Porsche allow BlackBerry to do it?

Agree with previous comments. Beef up the specs big time and make it worth the $2000 price tag. Give it features no other BlackBerry has. So simple to do since it's only a limited run and they sell for a major premium anyway. Pure profit!

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I doubt if it will on Classic platform. Q10 its going to be that what I think.
Anyway, whatever it be but better be quick. Physical keyboard is the best, looking forward to it.
P9982 is good but all touch is sometimes annoying.

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Those rumoured specs are almost certainly wrong, the previous porsche devices have been based on an already shipping device, presumably to minimise the extra work for this niche product so the idea that it would be based on Classic when that is not yet out seems very flawed.

I would bet that this phone will be a q10 in a new casing with more storage space being the only other change.