BlackBerry Porsche 9981 Smartphone Product Video

By Adam Zeis on 27 Oct 2011 10:32 am EDT

Just a bit more love for the BlackBerry Porsche 9981 this morning as we have a shiny new product video from RIM. Here we get a much better look at the new device that will be landing in Porsche Design retail stores later this year. It is a very sweet looking device, but it looks like the CrackBerry Nation is split down the middle on this one. Some thing it looks great while others just can't stand it. So check out the video above to get a closer look and see if it changes your opinion one way or the other.

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BlackBerry Porsche 9981 Smartphone Product Video


People who can afford it will buy it just because its different. If you have 2K to waste, why not get the 1 Blackberry that a lot of people can't afford

Why would it get them fired? Remember, it's as if Porsche bought out the rights of the 9900's internals and made their own design. The pricing/design is all Porsche, not RIM. Again, it will be sold in the Porsche stores, you expect it to be priced the same as other smartphones? I don't. I am not surprised. at the price tag. They overprice everything.

With that said, I am glad something so horrendous is being sold for so much because I don't want it, and I won't waste my time and money trying to get this crap.

I know people noticed that, because carriers just rename their networks, throttle the hell out of speeds and performance. 3G, it's gonna be a long time before 4G ever reaches reality. ;)

Even the other carriers have that in the advert graphics in those ads. Clearly visible even on telus and bell's lol

I love the design of the 9981.

I thought that RIM was beyond this. They are so behind the "power curve" on cell phones and they go make a real expensive phone and not concentrate on the real problem they have. Oh my they STILL haven't received the message........Am going to go get an iphone this weekend......

I've had enough......

Lol... Actually you can't polish a turd. The design will grow on people and for $2000 it better grows on those who are able to afford it

LOL, Actually Myth Busters proved that a Turd could be Polished. This phone is meant for the Rich that have no problem with cash flow.

I think they didn't finish their sentence. They meant to say Liquid Graphics broke the theme engine BUT $2000 price tag would fix it. LOL.

Did you say t-t-t-t-t-t-t-TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS? The Porsche Design store has another cell phone for sale on its site for $800. Are you telling me this 9900 device is 2 grand??? No way. I mean, nobody will buy a $2000 BB. Unless it comes free with the purchase of a car, you won't see any of these on the street.

I think it's hot and I'd buy one, but not at that price point.

Nobody? Would you also argue nobody would have bought a $2m Veyron at launch? Surprise! This will sell with all Porsche owners. Do you know how many Porsche are there??

Isn't it great that RIM can mess around and have a Porsche designed BB phone but can't seem to get the F**king 2.0 Playbook update out to customers??

i dont know why but i really like it. id buy it if it wasnt that expensive. it reminds me a lot of the Motorola Q

It makes me think "Marty McFly just called and he wants his phone back!" (this looks more like that 80's style DeLorean than a Porsche)

For everyone who thinks this phone is ugly: "When the fox could not reach the grapes, he said the grapes were sour"

For everyone who is shocked at the price: "Well, its not for you. Its for people who don't have a problem paying for it. Who want something different, exclusive and different from what all you nerds carry around"

For all those blaming RIM: "Well, Don't. This is a Porche Design product which they want to market to the elite. That again, need the reliability and security of BlackBerry all while turning heads"

Why is everyone so ignorant these days?

Call me jealous that's fine, for me personally I don't like the look of that phone & it's not about being able to afford it or not, I mean in this day & age, anyone with good credit can charge $2,000 if they really want that phone, if I REALLY wanted that phone I'd go buy it, but the thing is, to ME, it doesn't look good. Look at that trackpad, honestly to ME it looks like something off of an old handheld video game as does the back button. The keyboard itself doesn't look much better, I would have honestly expected something A LOT cooler looking coming from Porsche, but then again this is MY opinion. I'm sure people will feel the need to "bash" me & that's their opinion to do so but again to ME, I just think that from the people who make some sweet looking cars, they could have come up with a Blackberry that's worth spending $2,000 on.

The finish on the battery door is Bold 9000 ish, it would have been great to have that similar finish on the 99XX with the NFC embedded. I don't like the Porsche BB though, but, even if I did I wouldn't spend $2000 for it.

Guys Bold 9900 is designed by RIM and this ugly beauty is designed by Porche...they want to sell it to the elite who want unique stuff even if it means ugly.

Stop Blaming RIM for both the design and price...

I really like the design, but as for the price tag, for that price it should also include an "exclusive Porsche app" that connects you directly to roadside assistance or to your local Porsche dealers service department. ;-)

Anyone know if the 9981 os can run on a 9900?

C"mon, even if the externals are ugly, y'all wana know what's under the I right???

The most hideous adulteration of a phone I have ever seen. The reason why Porsche Design has to increase the price is because only a few would give it a second glance. You CAN polish a turd, and when I say that, the Blackberry logo is the polish on this bland, gray P.O.S.

I have to admit, this phone is growing on me. When I first saw the rumor pictures I thought it was a Chinese copy or a prototype of 99x0. It looks amazingly solid and that all leather back door would feel real nice in the hand. German engineering plus BlackBerry Internals... YES PLEASE!

At first I thought 'what have they done' but at present I am veering towards dissapointment that I will never be able to own this phone, and probably never see one in real life. I think the high tech look of the keyboard and some of the display graphics look great so maybe an opportunity to theme developers. I read $2000 is the price and they will no doubt sell many to the clientele that Porsche have around the world. I wonder, are they unique with personal ID numbers like a limited edition run or are they made to order ?

Not sure, but I read somewhere last night (not sure if it was here, or elsewhere) that all the Porsche BBs will have a unique PIN so that everyone knows that you're getting a message from a Porsche BB instead of the normal ones the rest of us have. I don't recall if it was a limited run (for example only 2000 will be made) or if its something they plan on producing for a while.

Seriously.. They asre coming out with way to much useless ugly ass phones like they could of just kept the torch, bold and curve phones make it basic on that and those phones came out nice but to have the small bold with the ugly buttons and this one that don't even look like a blackberry.. When they should focus on next generation phone that can compete with iphone 4s specs I don't know seem like rim is getting lost in what their suppose to be concentrating on

this is exactly what the problem with RIM is

why in the world would you let another company build a device around your proprietary system...

Google has even learned about all the fragmentation on its platform, but I guess RIM can't even see that....

What a shame, looks like RIM is trying to do just about anything to stay alive.

Why don't they focus their energy on building fewer but better devices with one solid operating system....this is MBA 101 stuff yet they just can't get things right....

Research In SLOW Motion was only successful cuz of the push email, that is no longer an issue....the company has failed to innovate (how much has the BB changed)?

You don't deserve to be in business, RIM.

OK, below is opinion. Not fact. Opinion. I've got one, you've got one, and something like this is chance to share opinions - meaning just cuz I disagree with you, or you disagree with me.... doesn't mean we have to result to insults, ok boys and girls? Great. with that out of the way...

I think it looks like something out of Star Trek (Next Generation). I think it would look pretty sweet next to Jordi's tricorder (yes, I used to love that show)

Would I buy one? No. Would I buy one if it was the same price as a standard-issue 9900? Maybe....
Do I think it's worth $2000? No, but anything that has a popular/famous brand name is rarely worth the retail value. Part of what you are paying for IS the name, not just the product.

Not sold on the aluminum/stainless steel look. Its too much. Stainless steel or alumiunm as accents? sure. The whole device? No, its overkill.

But, it is a Blackberry (even though its got a new UI, and a custom housing) and that's why its on this site..... right?

if I had a Porsche 911 Turbo I'd get this phone. Acutally i'd have to get a porsche phone to match my car.

Its auto buy. At 2k it will be the cheapest accessory for my car.

RIM should get more things like this
How about Ferrari Torch? or Austin Martin inspired Storm
Vertu sell their yesteryear technology phones even at higher prices.

Hey is this a leave a comment and win??? lol haha
I love it
I have had Blackberry since 2004 and as a true user I LOVE IT

Guess Rim have caught other phone manufacturers cold by doing this as I can't think of any mobile manufacturer with one of their phones redesigned and being sold as a high end product. After all Asus had Lamborghini designed laptops and Acer had Ferrari ones as well I think, so its only new in the mobile phone market. And yes I'd have one if I was as rich as the people this is aimed at.

come on Blackberry, collaborate with tag heuer and I'll buy it in a heartbeat. or better yet collaborate with IWC so I can have matching phone to go with my watch

Hey everyone.

I got my hands on this thing last night. A RIM employee I know from a local bar (yeah loads of them hang out there, I've seen many products and OS'es before release) had this phone.

RIM was obviously involved in it if an employee has one.

The thing is a piece of garbage. The left and right buttons for call and hang up are loose at the side (you can literally 'lift' the button up and if it got caught on something it would rip off) They keys are horrendous to work with, plastic and recessed half way which makes it incredibly awkward to use.

Overall feel was ok, but I expected for a $2,000 phone the buttons would be metal.

Honestly, its nothing special... I'd be embarrassed to have the RIM or the Porsche name on it.

I like it and I'd buy one if it were even just a bit more than a 9900. I like the all metal look. the new Torch should have had some metallic touches to it instead of being all plastic and looking like every other smartphone out there. That's what this phone does for me, gives me something dfferent but the same great BB OS. It's too bad Porsche doesn't want to sell a lot these phones, if they sold this phone for just under $400 they would still have the high price which they seem to like, but it's still within reach for those who want something different.

lol I might get one... I think its very different, I like the size, and I wouldn't mind having a phone that not everyone has...

Marketing industry guy here-

I know everyone really wants 2.0 and BBX and QNX phones, but this is a VERY wise move on RIM's part.

Basically, by creating what is effectively a partnership with Porsche, they're increasing brand-name awareness in other industries and markets. Now they're the phone that gets to be associated with the Porsche brand.

I think we'll see more special edition phones out of RIM, and this means better products for us BB users in the future. We just have to be patient.