BlackBerry Podcasts v1.6.0.8 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry Podcasts
By Bla1ze on 23 Feb 2012 05:38 pm EST

Seems the BlackBerry Beta Zone roll outs didn't stop at Twitter and Facebook. A new BlackBerry Podcasts beta has no arrived and is available for download. This release shows up as v1.6.0.8 and RIM has incuded a nice change log for us to reference to:

What's New in BlackBerry Podcasts 1.6

Since this is the last beta program for the application, BlackBerry Podcasts 1.6 will consist of features deemed as essential by tester feedback. Changes in BlackBerry Podcasts 1.6 include:

  • Removal of hosted catalogue
  • Improved performance for user-added RSS feeds
  • Improved content auto-delivery and configuration options for a Podcast subscriptions

Maybe this explains why podcasts hasn't been working right for the past little bit? In any case, if you're signed up for the BlackBerry Beta Zone go grab it and start sending some feedback.

Download BlackBerry Podcasts from the Beta Zone

Reader comments

BlackBerry Podcasts v1.6.0.8 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


They had it working fine while it was in Beta the last time. Then it was released, and it went to heck. Even specialized versions for different devices couldn't fix the problems I had. So I spent the 10 bucks for Podtrapper a few weeks ago. Nearly flawless since then. I'll give the beta a look, but it will have to blow me away to be the primary Podcast app, that's for sure.

Now if they could just get a fully functional podcast player for the Playbook I'd be happy. I need to be able to login with a UID and PW for the one podcast I listen to. Podtrapper on my handset works, but I want to use the Playbook's speakers. Too much to ask, I know. Grrrr!

Does this version work outside north America? I find it stupid to have that limitation on a podcasting app.

Man this app is still too ghettofab 4me. You can only listen to podcasts using a setero bluetooth or a wire whereas tunein or stitches can force it into a mono earpeace which is...awesome? Sure is missy. Plus you get a ton of past shows in tunein radio for pretty much any show aaaaaand they go back several years including craberries 1st podcast with a tame Kevslovski Michaluk and Craigers. Plus stitcher bufferes everything at a fraction of the kb/ps of this app sooooo I don't know...still crappay if u axe me lol.