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BlackBerry Podcasts - Now available in BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 10 Aug 2010 09:09 pm EDT

Looks like BlackBerry Messenger update wasn't the only rollout that Research In Motion had planned. BlackBerry Podcasts is now available for download through BlackBerry App World as well. Lends a little credibility to the fact T-Mobile dedicated a whole page to the application. In any event, fire up BlackBerry App World and get your podcast on. Be sure to add the CrackBerry podcast as soon as ya do. ;) Thanks Tim



You're Welcome! I hope this has a lot of great features in store for all of us. I will be anxious to get the CB podcasts from it soon! :-)


Just loaded up my phone (stupid 10 min reboot) and there it is... CrackBerry Podcast!


I've been waiting for this very app for quite a while now.

Thanks RIM!

WT#? USA/Canada only?? What kind of JOKE is this???

Grrr... would somebody be so kind and upload a zip? ¬¬



Sorry to bump this to top, but I deleted Podcasts app and now I can't get this one to find BBC podcasts. Kind of a joke that they don't seem to be listed in NEWS.

Can anyone tell me how to get them? I put in URL but that didn't seem to work.



Is anyone else getting the feeling OS 6 might be launched for lots of devices really soon?


My 9700 is BEGGING for OS6!


Everything coming out at the same time, Hopefully OS6 pretty soon!!!


Can't download for my carrier :(


Looks like this one is not in all markets
I'm in Ireland and just checked and nothing there, although I did get the new Messenger


same here..if only the good people at crackberry will let us know when if it'll be available for every1


Se same problem in germany...
i would realy like to have this app!


Still installing new bbm lol.


but im not seein this?


oh wait...

there it is


anyone know if the social feeds app will be introduced for os5 as well?


highly doubt it. Im guessing rim isnt going to do to much more os5 development.

what im wondering is if they will put this up as a normal OTA download, and not threw app world. I dont use app world and its driving me crazy that they want every one to use it so they dont put all there programs up on there site.


app world is garbage, i got the invite to the 2.0 beta and it was nothing fact i found it much harder to navigate, and have since downgraded. i dont liek to use it, i think its a memory hog, but like u said they keep pushin least it makes finding apps easier for the common consumer tho. would be nice to see the social feeds app for 5.0. ive got a 9650 and os6 looks like nice but in the event it sucks for non touch devices it would be nice to have the new apps it offers if i were to stick with 5.0


I downloaded it and it is sweet, now I have 102.1 the edge on my Phone! I love my BB even more now! Thanks RIM!


anyone else getting an app error since downloading new bbm?

i'm running a 9650 (OS 810)


I had the opportunity to beta test this before it was released and I have to say I enjoyed it. Now that it's official I'm lovin it even more!


In the beta group they were asked to allow files "to large to download over the mobile network." at least for the Tour (What I have for the next year or so). No such luck. They even left the stupid message asking us to "Please try again using Wi-Fi."

I can stream all day but God forbid a file over 30MBs.
If I wanted to plug in a device to get a podcast I wouldn't chose this app.


Discovery channel videos has mythbusters.


Any unnoficial link for people outside US?


Hmmm, maybe facebook will come out today too.


Bigger, cooler chat screen


...Installed... Run... Application blocked by your administrator (BES)... Thanks!! Podtrapper to the rescue!


installed new bbm only chat looks different so far, new layout.


The Podcast app was ok while I tested it on my device, but it can't mess with PodTrapper. Axed. I guess that's what I can expect from a free and paid 3rd party app. PodTrapper Rules!


i already have this on my os6... never used it once in the past week and a half that i have had my 9780. dont think i ever will to be honest.


Why is this not available to all ?


I love Viigo and use it to stream radio and podcasts. Why doesn't this new podcast app stream stuff? I would of thought RIM's acquisition of Viigo would have combined that feature with the Blackberry touch of style.


So downloading as i speak


and I have to say its pretty good. I hope as time goes by more podcast are added and yes Crackberry is there, it was my first subscription.


I donwnloaded it and added Crackberry. I am not sure if it will replace the CrackberryPod cast on my phone yet we will see.

I was annoyed that I could could not get my pod cast from some of this sites sister sites like Android Central Pod cast. The 2 ones I mainly listen to are Crackberry and Android Centrals.


let me know when your able to add android central. I'd like to add android central as one of my chann. thanks

update: nevermind you just have to type this url hope this helps


You can't subscribe to any RSS podcast feed? You can only choose what RIM wants you to listen to? No thanks.


Yea you can. Hit the BlackBerry button and select Add Podcast Channel. I've had no problems adding my feeds.


I'm out of town at the moment and I'm trying to download podcasts. The podcast app says I'm roaming and to disable the roaming option to download podcasts. I've got "disable data services while roaming" in the phone settings and I can still access the internet right now... Plus it says I'm on 1XEV for Verizon Wireless so I'm pretty sure I'm not roaming. Anyone else getting this message or am I roaming?


Same thing here. The app thinks I am roaming and I definitely am not. I'll probably just stick with podtrapper for now, what a letdown.


I have the same issue here. The app thinks I am roaming even when I am not (on my 9650). It also seems to fail to download large files, even over wifi.


I have the beta on my 9530 and it has the "roaming" problem since day 1. I revealed this to Blackberry via their survey service 2 times and NO reply. Also, this app is memory hungry as in leaks horribly!!


o.k. how long till theirs an xxx forums post on this lol


I tried and mine says it's downloaded in My World in App World. I assumed the icon would be in with my other downloadedpps, but nothing. When I try to hit the menu key where the downloading podcasts show as downloaded, I hit the menu key and try to hit log on with that key. It brings up PayPal and asks for authorization. came back wrong. I finally got that right and then it would not register properly on my computer. So, no where have I had anything about PayPal coming into the picture. I have Curce 8520


"Subscribe to your favorite podcasts... and watch them when you want on your BlackBerry smartphone."

Oops :)


Anyone wanna free the podcast app from appworld please.


Anyone know what devices are supported? Not in app world for me. OS5+, i guess?


works perfectly with my bold 9650 :)


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Can someone copy and paste the download link...

or zip the files please.


Not avalible for my phone/carrier :(


Works great on my Storm 2. Looks nice too!


any direct link for people outside the United States so we can also try to App?


not available for my carrier and my country.
any other links available, else it will take months to get it on my carrier.


I'm a Tour user and it looks like the app can't download podcasts. It says the files are too big to download over the air and tells me to use Wi-Fi. Tours don't have wifi :(. Any workarounds?


i can imaging how pissed it feels, if we are left behind.
Tour 9630 is real step child of RIM(dad) + carrier;


I always think the 8900 is but then I remember about you 9630 users.


I found the same problem.

It will only download smaller podcasts. Anything too large and I get this message.

The other possibility is your memory card is full. Did you fill it up with music?


I paid for PodTrapper and actually love how it works. I had felt that I would check out the RIM app from a curiosity perspective, perhaps as a backup if anything were to happen with PT. But little problems like you mention......makes it easy for me to not even bother trying the RIM app.....


Nope I've got about half my card left. I'm assuming the limit is because it's going through BIS. Oh well back to PodTrapper for now I guess. I really like the official app's interface though :(.


I believe the large files can be downloaded with the USB cable.


Using the new 6.0 desktop manager? I haven't installed it yet, but I didn't see any mention of podcasts in reviews or the BlackBerry blog.


No available in the UK - shame.


Not available on Vodafone UK :(
Begging someone to provide a workaround! D:


'Another' app not available in the UK.


I guess I'm out of luck here.
The app isn't available for Belgium. Pitty, I was thrilled when seeing this.
I guess I'll need to wait a few more months :p

Brandon 8ch

Does it eat up data like radio? Sorry im not too sure how a podcast would work on a phone


Not available in Germany/carrier O2. This sucks. Why do they hate me?


Pleaassse can someone put the file on the net!!! Everyone wants the app it's unfair!!


Cool - what's it like to be promoted by RIM guys?


RIM stop giving us these lame apps and work on making OS6 compatible with your phones that arent a year old.


BlackBerry Podcasts COD's for rest of world :)


You sir, are most awesome. Thanks muchly :D been waiting for a cod all day!


GENIUS! Thank you so much!!!
When I stat the Podcast app it says new software is available - would you like to download. Does that mean there is a newer version already? When I click YES it says Gateway not found :(


You sir, is a kind man.

Providing an end to the suffering of millions is really a noble act! :D

EDIT: You wouldn't have _pt_BR.cod files for this would you? ^^


Ok so I downloaded the .rar file. How do I install all the .cod files? I thought there needed to be an .alx file in order to install via desktop manager. Is there another way?


One feature that podtrapper has that the native app needs is the ability to use your computers connection to update podcasts.

I enjoy listening to my podcasts to and from work - unfortunately, a few programs update during the day. With the existing options, I can either update using my wireless connection and pushing my data limit or wait until I get home. Annoying.

I hope RIM fixes this.


After installing and waiting for reboot I get a white screen
that says Reload software 552


I've been having some trouble getting some podcasts to load. For example, DJ Tilt is one of my regular mixes I listen to on iTunes but the BB app only gives me twenty podcasts from two years ago and not the newest ones.

Super frustrating.


Being left out again. Thanks for nothing. :(


Downloaded last night and so far I really like what I see. It's easy, intuitive and most of all - it works! Also thought it was cool Crackberry podcast is in the initial "Featured Channels". Cool beans, man!


For making a podcasting app that's not smart enough to know the device it's running on is incapable of using a wifi connection.


But I dont like the fact that it thinks I am roaming when I am not and asks me to adjust my settings to allow downloading while roaming. I was kind of torn when I heard BB was getting this app because I already paid for podtrapper and shortly after I hear this is coming out. I almost cancelled my podtrapper to wait for this. In hindsight I am really glad I kept podtrapper.


also getting the roaming message even tho i have data roaming disabled on the connection manager. How do we notify blackberry of this?


WEIRD bug here

I quit the app, and when i hit the mute button on my 9700 it starts playing the last podcast i listened to


is not available in Germany :(


Works great.. Needs a better search feature. Right now I have to email the links to be able to get my podcasts.. BUT BUT BUT,,, ITS FREE!!!!


You can download and install via Desktop Manager here:


I don't see any featured channels. I do have some "Top episodes", but nothing else from which to select.

I have been able to add some automatic BBC downloads using URLs, which is actually fine and possibly all I need, but it would be interesting to see if there were some good options suggested by RIM.

What else does it do...?


Am i doing something wrong, every one i try to add i get a "problem communicating with the server error"


I have been a long-time PodTrapper user and love it. The best feature is the ability to have it update available podcasts OTA and then wire link to PC to download the podcast through the PC's connection.

I love the look of the new BB Podcasts interface, but without this key feature, I cannot use it because the Tour does not have Wifi and Canadian data plans are not affordably large enough to download large files over the air.

Hopefully this PC-download feature will be included by RIM soon.


Your device is not supported, yadda yeadda.


If you are out of NA, get the cods.


Im in uk by the way on Orange and the link I posted worked fine for me.


Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support BlackBerry Podcast


I downloaded this and it corrupted all the data on my phone, everything is gone!!!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Anyone know of any good political chat or comedy podcasts I can try?


The ziped COD files worked perfectly, but the podcast library is empty for some reason! Anyone having the same issue?


Not available in the UK on 3.


Anyone is having a solution? My 9530 storm 1 doesn't have wifi connection so I can't download heavy and interresting podcast over it cause it tells me to go through Wi-Fi. My Internet plan is unlimited so I DON'T MIND if it's huge. My 32 gb SD card can afford it!!!!

Is there a solution?


It wouldn't let me download some podcasts OTA because they were "too large," one of which was the Crackberry podcast!!! No thanks, I will stick with Podtrapper which I was trying out before this came out. I don't mind paying ten dollars for it.

Spanish _Jay

I have a several issues with the Pod-casting app:

1-for long podcast (e.g. The Economist is 8 hours) you can't skip sections (something you can on an Ipod)
2-It doesn't remember where you left off. If you are in the middle of a long podcast (Crackberry's Torch podcast is about 80 mins) and stop to listen to another podcast, the app doesn't let you pick up where you left off.
3-I think the media player is picking up the podcast so if you shuffle your music you might have a podcast inserted into your morning workout.
4-It doesn't auto-delete after playing.
5-If you delete an episode and refresh the channel sometimes the episode you deleted will re-appear.
6-You can download podcast over the air but you have to change the settings.
7-You can't select your podcast on a computer so you stuck using the apps cramped space. Being able to add and remove Rss feeds/ Podcast from a computer (similar to the BIS process) would be appreciated.


How do you delete this application from the device?


Wow, I haven't had anything kill the battery on my Storm 2 as fast as this does. I opened it to add a couple podcasts during breakfast, and by mid-morning I was in the red.

It is nice, though. You can skip through podcasts by using the slider, just like media player. (If you don't see the slider, try tapping the screen.) and if you know the exact url, it's easy to add podcasts.

Try it; I'm the only one that I've seen with the battery usage issue. But I had to delete it and go back to PodTrapper - which I don't mind, since PodTrapper is such a great app.


How did you delete it? I can't find it in Applications where I would be able to delete it.


The app has a size limit of what you can download with your phone? It wouldn't let me download the latest crackberry podcast without switching over to wifi, I think I will stick with podtrapper. They need to work on the amount of podcasts they have in the store too, podtrapper has a lot more without needing you to manually enter URLs.


Ahh my tour doesn't have large podcasts for me...


Why release an app for the Blackberry platform which forces downloads over wifi instead of our data carriers? We're not using iPhones! And not every Blackberry model has wifi! Let me download over my data connection regardless of the size of the file!


While no experience with PodTrapper, I am finding this app works well enough for me on my Rogers 8520. And, oh yeah, its free...

A couple of hiccups initially (something about server access) but an unsubscribe/delete and subscribe on the offending podcasts seem to have resolved that, while I've left it at its wi-fi download only default, which works just fine for me - between home, office and coffee shop access. I've also added a couple of my own favourite streams with no problems.

If there are issues for me its the (already noted above) inability for the software to remember where you last left a podcast and that there are some podcast providers listed in the library with some very old product. Not specifically a BlackBerry issue, but really, if they are going to offer shortcuts to podcasts, they should ensure the provider's stream is maintained and kept active...


Just downloaded this yesterday, worked great, downloaded some NPR Marketplace podcasts, subscribed, but then today no new episode is available, it is on the website, it is listed in the itunes podcast list as available, but not when I go to my Blackberry list, not even if I request it! So it appears podcasts are delayed availability on Blackberry compared to actual release.