BlackBerry Podcasts 1.5 now available

By Adam Zeis on 25 Apr 2011 02:39 pm EDT

BlackBerry Podcasts

RIM announced today that their BlackBerry Podcasts app has been updated and version 1.5 is now available for North American users. The updated version contains some new features that let you search for, browse and listen to many well known podcasts right on your BlackBerry. Features of the free app include:

  • Addition of a preview or play option while the podcast is downloading
  • Web podcast searching with integrated Google search
  • Improved content presentation within categories: the first 40 listings in each category will be "featured content," a combination of the most popular feeds and RIM-programmed feeds
  • Browse and search for free podcasts from categories like Arts, TV & Movies, News and more
  • Subscribe to, download, preview, and play podcasts directly from your BlackBerry smartphone
  • Receive, notifications when new episodes of your podcasts are available, and download them
  • Search the web for podcasts, or if you know the URL simply copy the web address

BlackBerry Podcasts 1.5 is available to all users in Canada and the US, but no word if support for other countries will come anytime soon. You can grab it free from BlackBerry App World.

More information/download of BlackBerry Podcasts



Why can't they release things everywhere at once! It extremely annoying when they do this.


Just set your profile so that it's in North America.


I know this may be a silly question, but how you do that?


yep, sucks, guess its license stuff...


Great - now may we have a Podcast app that actually WORKS for the Playbook, please?


What is wrong with the Playbook version. I have it too, didn't notice anything wrong.


Tried downloading from the URL on my Bold9700 running, got this error after language selection (English):
"Sorry your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support Blackberry Podcast."
App world doesn't see the updated version even after an ALT+RST
Anyone download it successfully?


never tried this app out,its free,so that means i half to


Not available yet on mine either - Bold 9780 - Vancouver, BC market. And as other posters have already said, these are wonderful improvements or, cynically, stuff that should have been there in the first place. But this really needs to be coming out for the Playbook now as well. That podcast app, by comparison, is horribly limited.


You can try from the device, but I, too, received the error: "Sorry your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support Blackberry Podcast."


I also got the "does not meet the system requirements" message, running on a Curve 8530 on Sprint.


I just hope some nice person will put the cods into a zip and post the link here...


Can download it either.


I can't download either. I currently have Podcast running on AT&T Torch 9800 version I tried everyway to upgrade, from app, NO, typed in address NO, from app world NO!
I used podcast everyday and would love to upgrade, but how????


Still not available on the App World from my phone. Even tried scanning the QR barcode from the App World website which lists the new on it doesnt work - it just brings up the existing one (old version) and there is no option to upgrade it.


not available on the bold 9650 running OS6. stop making posts before you know what you are saying is actually accurate.


Can someone at CB please try to find out why this is only available for North American users. I find it totally disrespectful that they refuse to explain why people in other parts of the world can't access this app.


I second that - come on Kevin do us a favour see if you can ask RIM - WHY CAN'T WE USE BLACKBERRY PODCAST IN THE UK ?


At&t Torch addict & Podcast Abuser in the US ~ can't find this update. Hate it when that happens :(


I have been using this for a while now. Works okay. You can add xml links for podcasts that are not in the Blackberry directory.

The only problem I have is with the volume control. Sometimes (audo only podcasts) when I hit the volume down side button on my 9650 it skips the podcast back to the start. Verry annoying. The new version did not fix this bug.


And yet no one says a word about why podcast app doesn't work outside North America.
Annoying and disrespectful, indeed.

It is one of my favourites apps (I had it working without problems on my storm).

No one can find a workaround? Please!!! ;)