BlackBerry PlayBook now being shipped direct from RIM at sale prices

By Bla1ze on 23 Nov 2011 11:00 pm EST
BlackBerry PlayBook now being shipped direct from RIM at sale prices

If the supply chain in your area has run dry of the BlackBerry PlayBook you need not worry any longer. RIM has decided it to maximize those sales by offering the device up on their very own portal and not only that,  they're doing so with the sale prices attached as well. So, right now -- you can get:

  • 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for - $199 
  • 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook for - $299
  • 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook for - $399

With all versions in stock and shipping within two business days, it sure has heck beats going out and fighting the holiday shopping crowds. Sales end on December 1st, so make sure you get yours ordered before then. It is applicable on both the U.S. and Canadian sites.

More information available on the BlackBerry website

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BlackBerry PlayBook now being shipped direct from RIM at sale prices


yeah too bad their site is awful and i keep getting an error whenever trying to add to my cart!

Too bad they aren't price matching the 64GB for $229 >__< with best buy canceling my order and all due to them being out of stock :/ they should be made to fill those orders that where canceled !

gotta be more aggresive... According to the store GMs and from others I've heard having bad experiences with online pricing and store pick up. Customers are always right!, if you seen it advertised for a price, traveled to get it, and then it turns out the price was wrong. The web site says that store price may vary, so if they find a mistake in the online ordering they can always call back the product before it ever reaches your house. I fought hard for the price I got my two at only because I paid the 399 and knew a manager that still understands the benefits of customer satisfaction. And networking with people helps......just saying

The other day when all the sites and stores where sold out I sent an email asking why they are not price matching on their site (RIM was only offering 150$ off at that time) and then asked if they'd price match the retail stores.

Still no reply, but no need now I guess :)

No best buy price match for the 64GB for$229 though or order fulfillment for canceled orders from best buy:(

Just drove to about 3 best buys...glad to have read this. Now if the website would open, lol....guess it'll be a long night.

Same here, one of the pluses of working overnight, was first person to pick up mw3 after my shift and now a second Playbook before the linup ;)

A friend of mine was able to order it at an hour ago. Posted the big sale on my BBM status and all my friends started to go out and buy it but they were sold out through out Winnipeg so they ordered online instead and had no issues. Wow looking forward to see the sales RIM made over this huge sale. There was a linup this morning at 7am at the Walmart I work at. Couple of co-workers bought one too. I think this was a great strategy by RIM here. Hope they did well not that I'm doubting it :)

Damn sites not working , ill have to try later tonight or tomorrow. This is awesome though. I cant wait to get mine.

Happy Hanukkah to me!

Edit: Dear BlackBerry,

Please fix your website so I, along with a million other rabid consumers, can buy a cheap playbook.

Thank you.

We need this offers, discount sales, and promotions in other countries outside US & Canada. If RIM's sales today are bigger in Emerging Markets, I just doesn't make any sense to continue ignoring the rest of the world with this deals. Just a thought...

Why would they discount their products in countries where they are actually selling? Why sell at a loss where for full price its moving off the shelves(ex. Thailand).

I hate to brag, but in the Dallas area, the 64gb playbook was offered as $199.99.
i had a friend purchase it and send it to my local store for pick up. Seemed to be a big issue but you gotta love a chick with an assertive attitude. In the mean time I called every store in my area for one and all were sold out, with no SKU in the computer for them. I found the only one in the state and it was $399.99. H wouldnt budge at all on the price, even with proof it was sold for less than the price I was asking. I was trying for the 229.99 price. He said people mess up their -algoriums?- havent heard that word since I was in school, sorry for the typo. Any who I purchased the very last 64gb for Illinois. Luckily, I chose a more local store for that texan tab to be shipped to, and bartend to the GM daily. To shorten this long story, I brought the $399 PB with when picking up my $199 tab, he matched the price and thru in two charging pods and silicone cases. I'm a very happy camper, except I promised myself I wouldn't open it till X-mas morning. I'm getting older, but I need a toy for that morning. I think I'm gonna donate the other one to a charity. I don't need two, and I feel one was a steal enough.

If anyone has not noticed, the RIM site states the following: ON SALE: $199 (16 GB), $299 (32 GB), $399 (64 GB) - Limit 3 per customer.

SAVE: $300

SALE ENDS: 12/3/2011

BlackBerry PlayBook – the world’s first professional grade tablet It seems the sale is through the 3rd not the 1st.

Apple must hate this. RIM will flood the high-end market with tablets and eat up a good % of the demand for iPad2 tablets. $199 is a compelling argument to try a different brand, no matter how dedicated to Apple.

Just ordered 2 16GB to use as gifts. Sale ends DEC 1

Free local and
$50 INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING !!! There you go Germany.

Way to go RIM, was annoyed that every store/website is always sold out.

What!? Where, how?

I tried to order, but when you had to choose the country Europe or any other country form Europe(i want Romania) wasn't available.

Just placed an order for my wife. 16GB playbook, setup her initial account, then ordered with no problems. Dare I say it seemed too easy! Almost scary!

just ordered a 16gig from even with express shipping it'll take a few days to receive but at least the website is working.

Since Best Buy cancelled my order and I didn't feel like fighting the crowds tomorrow morning I went ahead and ordered one for me, the wife, and my daughter.

RIM is the most PATHETIC company in the history of tech! That's saying a lot considering Microsoft, Dell & HP are still in business! After 7 months, they drop the price over 75% & BB-users act like this is a good thing! LMAO! YOU GUYS ARE SO PATHETIC, IT'S BEYOND HILARIOUS!! GOOD LUCK!

I just used the website 11/24/11 10:25 PST and it worked! Got my confirmation. A helpful tip, I used a coupon retailmenot (09olty12) at checkout and it took off $10. Best of all... the website isnt charging TAX!!! $189 out the door (didn't spring for the expedited shipping).

Just ordered mine. So I guess, um..."me too!!!"
Anyway, look a few posts above for the coupon code and save $10. No tax, free shipping; $189, on its way.

BTW, DON'T USE GOOGLE CHROME. It locked up on the last screen. Not a knock against The Goog, just didn't work for me in this instance.

Happy Thanksgiving

I got my first 64 PB 2 months ago and very happy and amazed on what this small tablet can do. Two months later, my friend bought a 32, a day later girl bff bought 64, 5 days later, I got my sister 16 and 4 of my friends 16 G PB and tonight another friend wanted me to get her a 64G. all 7 PBs were charged to my credit card. Plus 6 convertible cases. RIM just need to lower the pricing and people will be compelled to by a product that's way better and more functional than iPad.

Way to go RIM! You'll pull it off through these dark days!

Its a shame i couldnt hold off on buying my playbook last summer. I could have save alot of cash. I paid like 500.00 for my 16gb tablet. O-well. i just hope the android player is worth the wait. ive been waiting for it since last august. i hope it comes soon.
Faithful Blackberry User

It will be interesting to see the sales numbers after the dust settles. Right now I think they need volume more than anything to keep the Playbook name out there and stop some people from buying an iPad, Fire or other Android tablets. Unfortunately for RIM, they would probably do even better if they had native email but this is a solid device right now for anyone with a BB phone

ive never had such a miserable time ordering merchandise online or on the phone. I tried placing my order online and I get an error and am told to call customer service. After being on hold for an hour a rep tells me that my credit card has blocked the order due to their anti-fraud protection. I call my credit card company they tell me that the order looks like it went through. I call RIM back and wait another hour on hold to speak with a rep. I tell the rep my situation and ask for a confirmation email and this rep tells me the credit card rejected the order. So here i am now without a confirmation email afraid to try to put in another order because I do not want 3 playbooks charged to my card .

I also got in on the $189 no tax on thanksgiving day, but my order still hasn't gotten past recieved. These did NOT sell as fast as the HP Touchpads and those were discontinued this product will fail and there will be no wonderful release of OS 2.0 for the current playbook

They pretty much had to do this. I work at Staples and we sold out in about an hour of all our playbook's both times we had stock. Today I luckily checked through my Torch and saw this post and used it as info to give to the many customers who were upset that we had no more in stock. Thanks RIM :)

Anyone heard anything about when they're shipping? Ordered mine Thursday night. Status still shows "received". No answer at the 1-866 phone number.

Yeah - ya'll keep ragging RIM. Just ordered mine - got free shipping too. No problems on the website - quick and easy. Blackberry is still the choice if you need your phone/tab for business - the tablet will make my demos that much better and I'll take it all to the bank!

I called them today, like 10 times to hear the operator and then wait like 30 minutes until somebody answer. In my status order it says RECEIVED, but he told me that it was on hold because of a problem credit card, then I think he hang up because i didnt hear him anymore.
Then I called them and I did the exact same thing, wait for 30 minutes, and another man answer, he said to me that due to the holidays, they have been shipping the playboosks since yesterday, i said that I placed my order last friday, and he said that they got orders since wednesday, that today or tomorrow I was going to receive an email giving me the shipping notification and the track number.
and I asked him, will you assure that im going to receive the shipping notification this WEEK (not tomorrow but this WEEK) and he said he didnt know, just to wait. I dont know what to do, the only thing that I am assure about, is that RIM in his website, named as a retailer the shopblackberry. I think we have to wait. The number es 1866-957-0761

I emailed them yesterday but they didn't reply. I want to call them too, since my order status is still RECEIVED too (and I ordered Thursday morning). It's really annoying. The site says, "Due to high volume of PlayBook orders, orders may take up to 7 days to ship." It better be soon... it's been so damn long and I'm getting anxious.


When i ordered it says, "Ships in 1 day". Now, 3 days after the order, I get a message saying it will take another 5-6 days to ship, which is code for "it will ship 2 weeks after the order", because those are probably business days. Add international ground shipping and it'll be Christmas before I get the "ships in 1 day" item.

Great. Cancel my order, please RIM, and I'll get an iPad instead.

Same, it said 1-2 days to ship, which is why I emailed then 2 days ago. No reply and no change to my order status. It's bloody annoying. Where are you ordering from anyway? I live near RIM headquarters and it's still taking effing forever. Gah!