Is the BlackBerry PlayBook your favorite tablet too?

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 9 Jul 2011 01:28 pm EDT

Zach at BGR wrote a piece on the BlackBerry PlayBook entitled Why the BlackBerry PlayBook is my favorite tablet earlier this week. Now we don't need to mention that we were happy to see the post and even more happy about the content. Here at CrackBerry we're all BlackBerry fanboys at heart, but you already know that we all love the PlayBook. So here you can get a better idea of how a device has to fit its user. Zach took a dive into why the PlayBook is his favorite table of all based on his needs for a device. 

In the end it all comes back to the Hierarchy of Smartphone Needs (or in this case tablet needs, which would be slightly different but you get the idea). Zach runs through the reasons he chose the PlayBook over any other tablet. His main uses include web browsing, RSS and eBook reading.

The PlayBook is great for browsing the Web. In a monumental departure from BlackBerry devices of old, the PlayBook's browser is a joy to use. It's fast, the UI is extremely clean, and it renders most sites as they should be rendered. It annoys me that some sites load as mobile versions instead of full versions, but this is an issue common to all tablets and it's one that should be addressed by webmasters, not vendors. The PlayBook also supports Flash video, if you're into that sort of thing.

Most people will argue with me here, but I think the PlayBook already has plenty of great apps that suit my needs. Sure I might not have 13,755 options for a to-do list app like I do in Apple's App Store, but most of my bases are covered and covered well. Netflix Queue Manager is easy to use and lets me quickly add movies and shows to my queue. News360 sports a wonderful UI - as it does on all platforms - and lets me browse and read top news stories from numerous sources. Pipeline is an absolutely gorgeous RSS reader for the PlayBook that offers full support for Google Reader accounts, and GeeReader is a good free alternative that gets the job done quite well. ScoreMobile lets me check Yankees scores quickly in a great-looking UI, and the Facebook app for RIM's PlayBook is fairly comprehensive and easy to use. I do wish there were better Twitter apps for the PlayBook, but BlackBird and Blaq will get the job done until more choices come along.

When all is said and done I can't say that I disagree with any of the points made here. Personally I used my PlayBook for web browsing, some gaming, videos and a few other things here and there. Granted I'd love to see some more "big name" apps come along, but for now I've managed just fine without them. Emailing on a tablet in general is a tough process, as most times I'd say users just turn to their phone or PC if they have anything big to crank out. I honestly haven't used BlackBerry Bridge since it was first released as I just don't have the need for it. Gaming is a perk for some, but as Zach said here and I strongly agree - there are various gaming systems that are meant for just that - so if I want to play a game or even watch TV, you can look to a device made for that and not your tablet. Whiie Kevin fully explained all of his likes and dislikes in his full BlackBerry PlayBook review after having the device for just a few days pre official release. He's been planning a re-review once native email/PIM and android apps hit, so it'll be interesting to see his take on it then after much more use and a lot more in the way of OS updates. But in the meantime, we ask you this - Is the BlackBerry PlayBook your favorite tablet too?

Source: BGR

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Is the BlackBerry PlayBook your favorite tablet too?


it's getting better with every update. soon there will be nothing to complain about... as long as they bring auto correct pronto!

It always puzzled me that auto-correct wasn't built in from day one. It's an extremely important feature and should come standard with any tablet keyboard. I sure do hope they bring it very soon....along with PIM.

It's portable, and can fit in the glove box when I bring it with me.
It's great to bring out on the deck, and use it to listen to quality music.
The video on it is AWESOME.
Very easy to use, and the swipe is just so cool.

I have an iPod ... but that is just a little too small for me. Besides, I am tired of pressing the botton. I would rather swipe.

At the moment I'm using my HP TouchPad much more. For the simple reason that it has what I need and the PlayBook does not. Email and IM are the most important ones. And more good games.

This is however easy to change for RIM if they'd get their act together. We need those essential apps. Once they come out I can see myself switching back to mostly using the PlayBook because it has by far the best browser of all tablets and the smaller form factor rocks.

I hope RIM is soon going to deliver on their PIM promise and maybe I'M+ will come out before 2014. I'm still waiting.

Well, duh, it's the only professional grade tablet around! (seriously)
Not only my favorite, but like Gollum would said.. "my precious..." LOL

I agree with Zach quite a bit... Especially about what feels good to touch. But some people are going to use a tablet differently that Zach and that's where the playbook shines. It is sooooo portable, it would be so easy to just stick it in a pocket and hit the road and make use of mobile hotspots. For me, A tablet the size of an ipad (as in Zachs case) would be left at home. The playbook is great and that OS is awesome.

I've used both the PlayBook and the iPad. Both have their advantages / disadvantages, but if I had to choose only one I would go with the PlayBook for all the reasons Zach mentioned in his BGR article.

The PlayBook simply rocks and will only get better.

Each tablet seem to have their unique advantages, the PlayBook comes out on top for me, it's my favorite tablet!!!!

Still don't own one, but from handling all the available models at Staples and playing with iPad's belonging to others, I can tell you that the PB is the only tablet I want. If I were given another one, I would sell it and buy the PlayBook.

I agree with what everyone says about the screen and the performance, gestures and the rest, plus it just feels nice in my hands. Much nicer than the other tablets in the store.

I even went ahead and bridged the display model with my Storm2 to check out those functions and had to shoot my buddy a BBM.

Now all I need is an extra $500...

The playbook was the only tablet i wanted to buy. I love the hardware, the size and UI but the lack of basic features and a few top apps, is causing me to grit my teeth. No spell check or predictive text makes me not want to type much on my playbook. I am not a fan of the big app numbers game, but the lack of Skype, Kindle and a few top apps is beginning to make me look around at a possible replacement. Rim is taking far too long to bring basic features, this will not help them gain traction in winning hearts and minds to the playbook. There was an app a developer was ready to bring native email to the playbook and Rim is taking forever to approve it. Why? Rim is killing the playbook's potential.

The Playbook IS my favourite tablet, thats why i bought it, but being a tech/gadget freak i really dont have anything bad to say about the other tablets and i love playing with them when im on the store or at a friends house, the PB just suits my needs better and the pros overweights the cons IMO.

I also have to say that im one of the few Bridge fans out there, and im very excited by the enormous potential the bridge feature has, i hope RIM brings us more Bridged apps and APIS to the developers, the tablet as a smartphone extention is a very interesting idea IMO, especially since the market is young and tablet devices has just begun to define themselves, RIM has a very good chance of differentiating from the competitors with BB Bridge, too bad that right now people are seeing it as stopgap for native e-mail rather than by the potential and functionallity it has.

the Playbook is by far my favorite tablet. while already owning my PB i tried the galaxy 10.1 to check out the competition and did not like it at all. I also spent hours in total at Best Buys trying out the other tablets as well with no sign of a level competitor. The fact that you can swiftly change between apps and see exactly what you have going on is amazing for a tablet and i love that it does it by swiping bezels. the browser is untouchable by other tablets. i use bridge all day every day between BBM, email, memo and even a little brige browser if i have to. the correctly located microphone and speakers are amazing for a handheld device. the screen resolution and vibrant color just makes you LOVE the 7" form factor. the PB feels perfect and super portable in your hand for long or short use in all occasions. the Playbook is my favorite tablet.

I got one the day it came out, then I got one for my wife, then my mother-in-law. We are all happy with it.
After reviewing the iPad2, and all the main droid tablets, I really liked the following:

1. The UI. The gestures are really nice and how to keep everything running at once was cool.
The droid tablet's UI just did not appeal to me. Though powerful, it seemed impersonal.

2. The Playbook is powerful. About 10% more than the iPad2.

3. The Dual Stereo Speakers. Believe it or not the iPad2 only has one speaker (even iP has 2)

4 . The size. I drop it in my pocket and my hands are free for coffee or whatever.

5. I actually think the iPad2 and droids have many nice features but I don't care for some of the corporate behavior I've seen from apple and I don't like that google reads my e-mail via an algorithm and then sends me targeted adds. Also, the BlackBerry brand has the best security and I've never heard of any information stolen or any such thing unlike apple and droid products. I actually think the WebOS may also be very nice but I get all of the above so I'll stick with my BlackBerry.

I'm not a die hard BlackBerry user. I had an iPhone and I did not care for the e-mail app so I got a BB Tour and loved it but it kept crashing so I went for a Droid HTC Evo4G but stopped using it because I really could not care less for the neat but battery draining windshield wipers on the weather app and other battery suck features that are neat but don't really do anything besides leave you with a dead phone midday. Then I got the Torch and now I'm happy (If the Bold Touch is better and I think it will be, I'll get it). My point is that I like the Playbook because I believe it is the best tablet out there not because I'm a fanboy. Everyone I've show it to loves it and I'm surprised when I read negative articles on it when I know that they are not true. If you don't have one go try one out and you decide. I think the competition wants blackberry to fail because they still have a huge market and they would love to get it for themselves. Can't say I blame them but doubt they will get their wish.

I absolutely love my Playbook. I'm really glad I didn't pay any attention to the reviews, otherwise I would be missing out. This thing goes with me almost everywhere, it just such a powerful device and will only get better. The PB rocks!

Love mine.
It has replaced my laptop for traveling. I'm on a 6 day business trip and typing this on my PlayBook now.
I've found typing in portrait mode to be the easiest for me.

Yeah, it rocks! And getting better with each update.

After a few weeks of owning my PlayBook, ii is undeniable that there is still a lot of work to be done on it. But equally I think people are warming to it and the power and current ability of the PlayBook also cannot be denied.

Since the Bridge updates, I know I am not even looking at other tablets, I have mad the best choice with this tablet.


a positive opinion on a BlackBerry product by BGR.

...maybe now BB stans will stop moaning that BGR are biased towards Apple. *rolls eyes*

It would be naive to get ahead of ourselves and pretend that this one article is atonement for the bias that BGR has spouted against RIM over the last few months.


I can truely not say enough great things about my Blackberry Playbook! Except now I wish I got a bigger HD! Lol
I tote mine everywhere since it is so portable, and whip it out in public to show off a feature or look something up since it is constantly paired to my Blackberry Storm. However, most of the time it sits at home by the couch when I need a quick search or something. I do constantly use it as a book reader and personal DJ.

Ohhhhh by the way. SUPER Excited now that BBM is now Bridged into it.
Still want my native apps, but I have been thoroughly impressed with the timely updates.

RIM can do it! They have the resources, money, brains to pull it off.

On the first week it came out i change my 32GB to a 64GB.
*One of the most important features of the PB for me is the "Internet Tethering" The fact that i'm not usually home or near a wi-fi the "internet tethering" is a big thing for me. i have not seem much people talking about it, but hopefully it' s a feature RIM will explore more....

i was also chock to read this article on BGR...


I eyeballed many tablets but none really lit my 'gotta have it' fuse. When the Playbook was announced and the demos started appearing, my fuse ignited. I preordered the 64gb and had to wait three days after the official release to get my hands on it. I must say it was even more impressive in person. I love the speed, the screen, the feel, and the swiping mechanism is truly awesome. Its an amazing tablet and it goes everywhere with me. I agree with all the points Zach noted. I used my Android to tether but switched to a Bold, mainly because the battery life sucked on it. I now use the bridge with my 9650 while about and it works well. I have 5 computers and barely touch them now that I have the Maserati of tablets in hand. Yes, the big name apps aren't there yet. But I honestly haven't missed them.

Playbook can pretty much do anything an Ipad2/xoom etc. can do plus way more. All RIM needs to do is know how to attract developers and create some apps that can really show playbooks potential.

Love love love my Playbook. I still think it was about $100 too much for what it is, but then again I guess all my blackberrys have been heavily subsidized also.

Once we get native e-mail, the android player and maybe a few more apps it will be perfect!

I absolutely love how fast the PlayBook is for Flash, and how fluid the OS is. No other tablet comes close for this, and the high price isn't so bad as a result since it feels like you are getting your money's worth in hardware. The only downsides are the smaller screen size and very small number of available apps (the most important ones already come with the PlayBook though). I'm not sure how the small number of available apps (or developers) will affect its longevity in the market.

While some of the PB's features need to be improved upon or added, it's the best overall tablet for me. The PB is effin powerful. The majority of the apps I need are available and the rest will definitely be here soon. For me, Flash is a must and the PB handles it well. The thing that really sets it apart from the competition is the swipe gestures. What an amazing little feature!

It's unfortunate that many people will never give the PB a chance. The 'general consumer' makes purchases based on popularity, word of mouth, and past experiences with a brand. RIM doesn't have much going for them there even though the PB is great. One of my friends (a former Storm owner) told me the PB is a piece of garbage, and went on to say how stupid SurePress is. He's obviously never seen the PB and my point is he doesn't care to, because of his past experience with another BlackBerry product.

And then there's the salespeople at electronic/mobile phone stores who are generally as uneducated as the 'general consumer'. A salesperson has actually told me the PB is no good, one of his main reasons being that it has no 'home button'. That actually happened to me in real life. He was speechless when I taught him about swipe gestures.

I used to be BlackBerry biased, never giving anything else a chance. Even though i will continue to use a BlackBerry as my main mobile device, I do buy other products and play with other OS's. I give credit where credit is due. I've played with other tablets and the PlayBook is my favorite. I can't help but feel it would be many other people's favorite tablet as well, if they would just give it a chance.

it would be the best if they gave us sd card integration/USB HOST. it would replace my netbook pretty much in all aspects.

Absolutely! I looked at iPad2 before getting the PlayBook, and in my opinion, the PlayBook is a real winner. Sure, iPad has more apps, but apps are only as good as the device, and because I was looking for a 'working' tablet, as well as one that would shine in playing videos, and could also be used for some entertainment, again, PlayBook was my choice. Friends who have iPad2 and have seen my PlayBook (and I even let them touch it), fell in love with it and the majority said they really like it.

Its the best tablet for me as I have a BlackBerry, I use it 95% of the time to browse the web. Its got better apps than the storm I am used to, it helps me save money by not requiring an extra data plan, it fits in my back pocket or my gf's purse, and I like multitasking stuff, oh and I like listening to music in my lab at work...the speakers are nice :). Live long RIMPIRE!

I have an iPad2 & a PlayBook. And since I got my PlayBook I haven barely (and I do mean barely) touch the iPad. I just simply love my PlayBook, what else can I say. Yea, it does lack the native email and PIM, but those are coming down the pipe. The browser is ultra sweet and then you add flash support to it, that puts it over the top in my opinion.

Once the future updates bring those final missing pieces, the PlayBook will be on a level all by itself.

From my experience with Playbook and the iPad2 (which is quite a bit). I have to say, the iPad2 is currently a better 'overall' experience because it has had a year to mature, and iOS has had 4 years to mature. However, every thing that the Playbook can do in its current form---it does a lot better than the iPad2 does. (namely consumption of media - playing/streaming video, surfing the internet, multitasking, music, etc.) When the software has matured, the features are complete, and apps are in place, I imagine it will beat the iPad2 in every metric. Yes, it is my fav tablet and being a BB user and because of BB bridge(a very underrated rated feature of PB) I will take Playbook any day over any-other tablet

I finally picked up a 32gb playbook earlier this week and am very happy with it!

I have zero interest in apple's crap, and the gesture interface really sealed the deal vs android hardware.
Blackberry bridge is working like a charm with my 9700.
Why are we still pressing/tapping buttons when we've got a tablet?

Looking forward to seeing some more app development, and if need be I'll jump in to fill some gaps.
As long as development continues, the playbook is looking sweet.

I suppose I view the tablet and the apps as two separate things. The tablet itself with its OS is my ... favorite, but it's close.

The lack of apps... well I'm beating a dead horse if I go there.

tldr: if JUST considering the physical tablet and OS, then yes its my favorite. If we're talking about the entire package including the apps available and functionality, then no it is not. BUT it has the potential to be.

Dunno if it's my 'favorite' since I've only had a passing look at other tablets, however... I find the PB to be the perfect size for handling and carrying and it already does most of what I and GPS/maps, Kobo and a few simple games, plus Facebook and some light Net surfing. Kindle and Skype would make it just about perfect....except for the apps I don't know I want yet. I too like the Bridge capabilities...much better than straining my eyes at email on my Bold, and being able to check the Net for references and etc. with the Bridge Browser anywhere, any time is brilliant.

i cant say playbook is my favorite since i dont really like ipad but kinda interested with htc flyers..

but for now i will stick with playbook for it's decent hardware as for the os i'll wait i still can do my work with this tablet

I can safely say that the Playbook is my favorite tablet. QNX thus far is a great system and the swipe UI is nearly perfect! That combined with the Playbook's form factor and front facing speakers puts it head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion.

It was, but after 1 month the screen is not responding good, and it start doing things on his own. Drop down menus without a tough on the screen. Just switches on by itself.
It became totally unusable.
Then i live on a caribbean island, which RIM does not support. So have to fedex my playbook to another country in europe, there they will send a empty box from RIM, and then it goes into repair. After a week they ship it back to that address. And they need to fedex it back to me. So it gonna cost me about US$ 130 shipping to get it fixed.
And now i start to worry if the hardware is any good. This reminds me on my bb storm 1. Because totally unusable after half a year, and i had to throw it away.
I was happy with it, and don't need a million applications. Who needs a choice of 10.000 to do list apps????
I do need SKYPE on it. To offer only a app which communicates in-between playbooks only is useless.
Well just be waiting for my playbook to return. :-(

No, it is not my favourite tablet and I think RIM once more is using us all as their beta testers for an immature product. No mail, calendar or contacts (apart from the ridiculous parody of bb bridge ...), no apps (other than the East Germany imitations of iPad apps you can now find on AppWorld ...) and not even a functioning pdf reader ... This is enough with RIM for me, long live the iPad, viva Steve Jobs!

Favorite tablet. Only tablet (although I've tried/used all the others. Love the browser. Love bridge. It still needs some improvement, but I believe they're coming and I'm patient. I take it to court all the time; it greatly reduces the amount of files (paper) I lug around. Can't wait to pair it with 9900.


Lol of course everyone is gonna say the PB is their favorite tablet. This is a blackberry website. I don't own a tablet yet, so I can't say I have a favorite. But as a casual gamer, I'll definitely be getting an ipad 2 once I get my money right in a couple of weeks because I like that the ipad has game console-worthy games at app prices. Nonetheless, the playbook looks like a very strong contender and I love the UI. If it had more games (serious ones, not the angry bird type), I'd definitely get one because the browser looks great and I already have an android phone so I don't need an android tablet too. Then again, the fact that I don't own a blackberry might be another reason not to get a PB.

I just got mine over the weekend and it's been kind of love/hate since then. I know I have 30 days and twice I've started to drive to the store to return it. Yesterday was one of them - wifi kept dropping at the office. Today I'm back in love with it.

My only concern is current lack of sales - does that lead to them abandoning it or coming out with something new and leaving this one behind? Early adopter fears...

If they deliver on what they promise and soon then I can see this being a big part of my day. I'm a radio DJ in the morning and IT person the rest of the day. There is a lot of potential with this device to help me during the day.