BlackBerry PlayBook Wi-Fi vs. 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook - The reboot test

By Bla1ze on 15 Aug 2012 03:28 am EDT

After my last video covering the differences between the BlackBerry PlayBook Wi-Fi vs. 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook in terms of speed between apps and such, many folks also addressed their interest in seeing whether or not the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook booted or rebooted faster than the BlackBerry PlayBook Wi-Fi.

There was all sorts of other questions as well such as 'Will you be doing a Wi-Fi vs. Wi-Fi test?' and 'Why weren't both devices charged the same amount'. After reading those questions, I did quickly test them out but I'll tackle those concerns in the full review. In short, changing the variables didn't really change the outcome. For now though, check out the reboot comparison videos.

I won't spoil the ending for you but instead just say that I hope overall, RIM does improve upon the reboot times at some point all around. At this point, I've not tested the latest developer build against the 4G LTE PlayBook as it wasn't relevant to this comparison which was intended to match the two devices as best as possible.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Wi-Fi vs. 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook - The reboot test


Bla1ze, the wifi vs had to connect to Bridge where the 4G didn't
....that being said, i'm just giving you a hard time, I can't see that making much of a difference lol

thx for the side by side comparison. It was enlighting, I would have expected the bootup to be faster then that, & I agree that tey do need to eventually speed it up, it's been slow since the Android Player was brought in.

Bridge wasn't turned on at any given point. Both devices were security wiped, gone through the tutorial, rebooted and then shot on video. :)

It sure looked as if the Wi-Fi PlayBook did connect to bridge there at the end. My bad, I zoomed in and the device showed a software update not connect to bridge.

Ya, that's how much I love you guys.. lol. I wiped my 32GB WiFi from the Beta just to put .668 back on for you all to make it a 'fair' comparison.

Thx for the video.

Why can't the PB boot as quick as my MacBook Air? Wonder what goes on in the boot process.

I think I'd like to see how it goes against the new ipad's browser speeds and things like that, the engadget review said it was quicker so...would be good to see. Great video Bla1ze! Currently a Playbook Wifi Version owner.
Edit: I tried to figure out what song was playing, and then realised you posted what it was lol

good work blaze...finally this comparisson vids out..looks like not so far the different..still satisfied with my wifi playbook :p

Hmm, that was interesting (thanks Bla1ze).

I knew it wasn't going to be 50% faster. Steps such as memory testing would be exactly the same amount of time (assuming they used the same memory), but I would have expected at least a 20-30 second improvement.

And it appeared to be leaning that way, initially the LTE version seemed to be ahead, but it lost the lead at some point.... too bad RIM doesn't allow us to see the QNX boot output.

So what was that; roughly 3min to reboot, thats a very long time! especially for a LTE device... My iPad 3 WiFi seems to boot up way under a minute...and its packed to the rafters with apps (if that should make any difference). I wonder how the android tabs fare e.g Samsungs latest?

Boot time on a Playbook is, to be frank, embarassing...
How can Windows 7 on a HDD boot in 40 seconds, but the playbook takes over 180 seconds booting from flash?

Yeah. I almost fell asleep waiting for the booting to end. It's as bad as my Torch9800. I was hoping for under one minute...

Knowing why it takes so long makes it less embarrassing, and its all about security. I want it faster too but I'm never embarrassed because its just a fact BlackBerry takes security seriously.

When companies let the public dictate security you end up with passwords like 1234 lol! Short response: Appreciate what you have, at least a little

Thanks for the great video Bla1ze. I've been waiting for this video!
I know this is stupid, but why not making a video to see which does the factory reset/security faster? Just for fun

holy crap that was slow as shit, rim has to work on this, three minutes is downright embarrassing, especially when running such fast hardware. Android and ios boot in less than 40 seconds.

I understand that playbook is more secure and running much more encryption and security authentication software, but give the consumer a choice in running in secure mode and non secure mode.

The first upgrade of my Playbook months back, sent rebooting/start-up into lah lah, land 3-4 minutes from about 1.5 min (yes, it was embarassing after purchasing). Have been patiently waiting for proposed fix/upgrade since that, so we have to just put up with "slow as shit" until such time, so wait, wait, wait.

...we don't know (as you stated the security could be an example) what is all being loaded..and I would think there is a lot more going on in PBOS than iOS or Android...but the reality is, a PB doesn't need rebooting...I have only rebooted my 32GB (that I've owned since launch) on each OS update....other than that when I'm not using it, I plug it in...and put it on standby...I have worked on industrial equipment that runs on QNX that haven't been rebooted in years...

BlackBerry Torch 9860 BBOS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

Why is the boot time important. I mean, I get it, sometimes it can be annoying. But how often does it affect you? If you like to reboot occassionally, do it at some point when you aren't using it. Like when you go to bed, or before you shower. Come on people. If something locks up, yeah it is annoying, but thankfully that doesn't happen to my PlayBook much.

...exactly..I mean I don't know why you would need to reboot it ...for fun maybe? this OS doesn't need it like say Windows does...however when an app does 'lock up' it rarely (has only happened once on my 64GB model) effects the OS..just close the app...wait for the apps icon to come back (fades out) then re-launch the app...

BlackBerry Torch 9860 BBOS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

I just don't understand what it's doing for 3 minutes. If QNX is really as prolific an OS as I'm led to believe shouldn't it take my car 3 minutes to boot-up too?

If you look real close when the wifi PB was booted up and the prompt for an available SW upgrade came up, did you see what the version was???

It started with!

What is that about???

Beta, I wiped my PlayBook from the beta to put .668 back on it so that it was fair, on reboot it registered the latest dev beta and wanted me to download it.

Bla1ze - were you able to get the beta installed on your LTE PlayBook? Just curious for two reasons; one to keep it in line with my other PB and also to see if NFC is hiding in the beta, somewhere.


so my conclusion is they both take too long to reboot. i'm assuming blackberry 10 devices will take a long time also :(

I really don't understand why boot time is so important in judging a tablet. I hardly reboot my playbook.

Why does it take so long period?

Got damm everything is slow with bb man . Im seriously starting to hate my playbook the typing is almost painful smh.

Im not trolling either a long time bb abuser i still love my 9900.

To each his own, as they say. :)

For me, the PB keyboard is the best of all the tablet keyboards I've used (and I've had iPad 2, HP TouchPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 32GB PB). I find it very easy to use.

have you tried swiftkey keyboard on android, the word prediction is unparalleled right now, if you let it learn your writing style by giving it access to your gmail or twitter account.

That was painful to see. I don't know how BB10 will change things but hopefully it can shave off at least half of that time.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

First, love the background music, Bla1ze, it was very funny.

Two things come to mind. The first, and this affects both models, is that it would be great to have a progress bar like the BB phones have when (re)booting to know where the process is, and also to confirm that it is actually booting properly. That would help greatly.

Re: not rebooting at all, well when some apps are updated it's necessary to reboot the device, so it does have to be rebooted. So boot time is important.

Reboot and boot up time sucks....think back to windows 95.....Really needs to. Be fixed.

And for those who say this is minor, just remember rim should be listening to customer perceptions not just saying "it only takes long to boot up or. often do you do that?"

Do you want to wait 5 minutes to make a call, such as after a flight ( yes RIM...corporate customers travel and use blackberrys, and some follow the law to turn off devices on takeoff and landing).

Even consumers don't want to wait while a device boots up for 5 minutes. Do you want your car with QNX to ale 5 minutes to boot up?

True Word, better you than me though since we are considered Trolls for complaining about serious issues like this (not serious for RIM), so we continue to WAIT and see. Yes a Fix or even a mention of one would cheer us up. PB 64GB, sitting here doing not much these days:(:(

Thanks for spending so much time bashing through all of this.

Curious to see if 2.1 activates the NFC aspect of the device? Have you poked to check?

Like others before have stated that was Painful to watch. Q3 2012 and its still taking RIM's new tablet 3 mins load up. DAMN!!! It will be interesting to judge the new Nokia Windows phones/BB10 as bothe will be on dual core processors. I understand that both Nokia 800 in UK and BB 9900 both use single core processors. The Nokia seemsto be a much smoother experience in 7.5 compared to BB 7. I seriously hope BB 10 does the business but not sure if Ill be on board for the ride.

I bought a Google Nexus 7 a week ago and it feels ' cheaper' than my playbook. Typing this on my playbook now lol. Im glad i get to keep both.

A majority of the boot up time is spent on the entire OS image being validated using a cryptographic hash so that it always boots into a known secure environment. However, i agree that. A progress bar and/or diagnostic messages should be at least made optional to be shown. Additionally, this validation should also be made optional for people who dont require a more secure OS in exchange for a quicker boot time.

Yeah, that was hardly noticeable of a difference. It would be great if the reboot time was reduced, it's not that I don't like staring at pretty bubbles forming, but I'm sober most of the time, so.... better get on that RIM.