BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Apple iPad 2 Video (dimensions)

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Mar 2011 06:35 am EDT

Following up our other BlackBerry PlayBook videos from CTIA 2011 where we look at the Calculator app, Weather app, Clock app and Facebook on the BlackBerry PlayBook, I did one last quick video comparing the BlackBerry PlayBook to frenemy #1, Apple's iPad 2. In our initial BlackBerry PlayBook Review from CES we did a quick comparison to the original iPad, but with the iPad 2 now on the market I figured we'd better get a little update done.

Check out the video above to see me put the BlackBerry PlayBook side by side with the Apple iPad 2, comparing the dimensions (length, width, height), screen size and overall look and feel of the device. The full comparision will obviously come when I get my own real BlackBerry PlayBook to review (you can check out the full specs comparison between both devices here) but based on this type of hands-on comparison I think the winner is really a matter of preference. The smaller 7" BlackBerry PlayBook is definitely more portable, while the extra screen real estate on the iPad 2 is nice to have for certain tablet activities (ie. browsing the web). In the hand, th iPad 2 feels a bit delicate in comparison to the BlackBerry PlayBook, which thanks to it's slightly thicker and more square-ish design feels like it can take a real beating. That's one of the things I'm starting to really love about the BlackBerry PlayBook...  while it may be called PlayBook, it feels like it's a real WorkHorse, which is something I appreciate. It's a tool to get things done!

What do you think? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on this one!

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BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Apple iPad 2 Video (dimensions)


That was an amazing comparison. Flip the bird? Have you ever seen any Apple users get mad at Rim? They just laugh. We just get upset. There must be a reason.... I'm getting swayed by Apple, and quick.

No flash? Who cares!! Let me ask this question. How many times have you been to a website and Pressed on the "skip this intro" ? I've done it a million times, and I'm sure you have too. Screw flash.

I am beginning to laugh.

The only tablet that is going to make any company profits is the iPad line. Playbook isn't going to sell well and here's why:

Everyone knows that RIM devices are for work professionals and corporate environment. Tablets are a LUXURY item, a fun device to have. To watch movies on, to use an e-book reader, listen to music and do light browsing. It's very limited in what it can do and the form factor keeps it from being a business productivity tool. The fact the RIM decided to make the screen smaller on a luxury device where people want to have screen space to view movies and web browser is a complete failure on RIM's part.

Do you really think corporations are going to fork over money in this economy for such a limited productivity item such as a playbook? And for you people who say "well you can type emails and edit documents too!", do you think workers are going to want to do heavy editing and detailed complex email composing on such a small device? That's where a laptop comes in.

These manufacturers, media, and marketing are WAYYY overhyping tablets. Sorry but the market is too saturated and manufacturers are overestimating who wants a tablet.

The only people who are going to be buying a playbook are maybe a handful of corporate big wigs and a handful of crackberry users. RIM is going to lose millions they spent on opportunity costs of spending all their time and resources developing a product that is ultimately going to fail and not releasing and updating their core products, aka the blackberry handleheld, and losing millions of customers to android and apple products.

I agree with most that you posted. But the tablet is moving slowly in the corporate environment, especially in education and healthcare industry. I work in the IS department for a Healthcare organization. Many doctors are requesting to use the iPads for work. They can view charts, patient images, etc, etc.
RIM has been known for creating devices for the work environment but there is a very large group of people the own BBs for personal use, especially at a international level.

I agree with you 100% that the Playbook will not do well. One of the reason is that in order to receive an email via BES, you have to connected to a Blackberry via Bluetooth. That is the stupidest idea I ever heard. Who wants to carry a Playbook AND a Blackberry. Not only will it eat you data plan, but also you will have to play for a tethering plan as well.
The other is the price! Why would someone buy $499.00 for a Playbook when the iPad2 is larger and has THE SAME PRICE.

I have to said that we in our organization are looking into a few tablets and we are very disappointed at RIM's Playbook

You and the other guy are both knuckleheads !!! Think about what you said,who wants to carry a Playbook and their BB ??? Ummmmmm everyone. !!!!! If your using your PB in most if not all cases the BB is on your hip or in your pocket. A device that is so engineered for business has such a large number of non business users,why is that ???

You said it! a device engineered for business but used more for non business knuckleheads as yourself that have nothing else to do but watch videos,browse the net and play game.

I'm talking about that the Playbook should work without the need of a Blackberry. Just think, "have the cake and eat it too" I wouldn't mind having a Playbook and have a Android phone as well to be more flexible. I'm have Torch and love it but I'm not a fan of one over the other. I love technology that works for each environment. If carrying both device works great for you then so be it.
But from a business perpective, the organizations that don't uses Blackberries are not going to spend more money on two devices if there's technology that can save money by using one.
In the healthcare industry, doctors bring the money to the organization. Many uses iPhones and iPads so they are not going to give up such device and the organization can force them. The reason iPhones & iPads are such a success is because of the simplicity. Many Business pros prefer technology that is simple to use and convinient. Also, Last year was a survey indicating that people prefered a 7" tablets. Now, that has shifted to 10" devices. If customer had to choose between a 7" or 10" device for the same price, which one will most would choose?

Developers are saying that the Playbook has a PIN so I don't know why RIM says that it need to be connected via Blackberry phone. With so many tablets that gong to be on the market, RIM needs to play it cards right. Wish them luck.

I think your comment is a JOKE. You are comparing a product that hasn't been released yet.

I think the Playbook is a joke, look at the CEO, another joke. Idiots. Buy an Apple, save yourself time, energy, money, and being a loser.

Yes, I am an Apple fan. Why? No, no, no, not because it's cool, but because their products work, and well. It allows me to enjoy life outside of "computers" more often.

Is Apple a joke in your eyes? Then why have I more than quadrupled my stock shares in Apple? Hmm...let's see..what has Rim done... $51 / share... They are about 70% LESS then what they were worth before the recession. What does that tell you about the CONFIDENCE of FUND MANAGERS and INVESTORS? They have none.

Idiots, just buy an Apple.

Did yall see Kevin over at Android Central.. Trying to Type in into the Web Browser during his review. LMAO I thought that was priceless until I saw him Flip the finger to the iPad 2.. LOL

Stress test them till they BLEED!!! ohhhh wait the ipad2 bleeds from the screen out of the box never mind that won't work. Naughty Kevin flipping off your ipad2. hey for the next one you should record and submit your video testing out the camera and mic on the playbook :D. You know like the mic on the ipad2 that doesn't work right, but on the wifi version it works a little better.

Hahahaha nice one Kevin. Honestly, I thought the playbook was around half the size (portrait-wise) of the iPad2. Now I know it really is a decent size :)

Guess this video proves Kevin's love and true alliance to the playbook vs the ipad, lol.

Wait why is it a "work horse". Does the Playbook* have anything for productivity other than the calculator you've shown?

Based on the reviews you've done so far (which are nicely done by the way for video reviews), I see we have a browser that will let me facebook chat my friends and upload photos, a calculator with many different settings, + tip calculator, and I can see the weather. Aside from the smaller screen which is not a selling point and made me return my Galaxy Tab, it's not very comparable feature wise yet is it?

This product needs to hit the market, we need to see the app-store and what else is developed for this platform.

Haha Apple Troll..."we need to see the app store." No, Sir, We need Apple to produce a browser that works. Until Steve Jobs has done that, his product is a toy.

Interesting to note that when you compare the two and considering the PlayBook bezel is fully interactive and the iPad's is not; the usable area of the iPad is really not much more than the PlayBook. In fact, not much more at all.

My daughter wants me to get an iPad2 now. I'm holding out for the Playbook, or at least for a side-by-side comparison. Will I be able to use the Playbook as an extension of my BlackBerry sans phone? Can I sync my BB calendar, contacts, etc.?

Yes you should be able to sync your phones calandar and contacts with the Playbook. It actually sounds like the Playbook will function without a BlackBerry but the combination of the two gives the full experience.

Nice try @ flickin off apple :)
But there still are more important questions that need to be answered. I feel.

Is the playbook gonna be able to act as a stand alone Rim device or is it just going to be left as an add on for existing blackberry users??

Is the blackberry Appworld on playbook going to be a global market or just be limited to the existing list of a select few elidgble countries???

blackberry Playbook is stand alone device, it can be tethered to any phone with bluetooth, tethering to blackberry phone is just an added feature for their loyal user, but if you don't have blackberry phone, you don't have to worry, you can still tether the playbook with other phone with bluetooth,

I have a Nook Color that is 7 inches like the Playbook and I think the size is just about right. The web surfing is nice in landscape mode but a little small in portrait. It s obviously a compromise between portability and screen size. My wife has an original iPad and its great for sitting around the house but if you want to take it anywhere you need a briefcase to do it.

There is a reason that the Playbook won't even impact Apple's market share. The hardware design is 5 years behind, the screen size is too small for some of the core functions of a tablet, and there is no decent ecosystem for software. I can see some niche business users finding a use for the Playbook but that's about it.

Why is someone a troll because they comment on the difference? Given that I must be a moron and troll. I follow Blackberry for wife's benefit and stay up on Technology.

I have used Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry and Now your favorite Fruit Phone. Each device has its plus and minus. No true Blackberry fan can deny they are outdated and slow. They work for Battery life, BBM and ok for Email. That is my opinion with a growing number of others seeing it too. I personally do not like the requirement for BES to get exchange when I had a Storm and then Tour. With WinMO, iOS and Android exchange worked flawlessly and wasn't dependent on losing full email because RIM goes out of service with server issues.

As for the Playbook, I hope it is good device. So far things look great on it. Is it for me, not likely as I do like the screen size on my iPad. I liked the Skyfire browser when I had Windows Mobile and now on my iPhone and previously on Android. That browser does everything I need. I didn't and wont buy a Tablet like the Xoom, iPad or Playbook for a PC replacement none offer this yet.

The iPad works great for my email, adjusting and creating Spreadsheets, Word Documents, wonderful apps along with Video. I bus a total of two hours a day so this option is nice. Not mention the 10 hours of battery life.

Too many Blackberry fans can't see the Forrest because the trees are in the way.

I guess its time for me to troll on with unbiased opinion.

The fool is a troll because he says the PlayBook is 5 years behind and yet it has better specs than anything else out there. Obviously nothing will impress that iSheep and for that reason he is a troll.

Man, you guys are sensitive. I do not own an iPad and I've used a Blackberry since before the iPhone even existed (I do have an iPhone now, and a Bold). I love my BB for what it is - a tool to help me do my job.

Now for the Playbook, my opinion, and that of many others, is that the Playbook will be a niche product that will not challenge the iPad's market share. There is nothing wrong with that. Maybe I'll be wrong, but I doubt the Playbook will achieve double-digit market share.

With respect to the hardware, there is no denying from this video that the Playbook looks far less high-end based on the materials and the visible ports, etc. It's similar to how my Bold looks next to my iPhone. They're both nice, but RIM is not up to Apple when it comes to design - sorry but it's true. There is no plastic on my iPhone and none on the iPad, and the screens are oleophobic-coated glass. That's waht makes them high-end.

What the hell do you even mean by "Hardware Design"? The thing is a rectangle, with a piece of glass on the front, and ports on the sides. What the heck is so "5 years behind" that the iPad or Xoom aren't? Wait, do you mean the specs? The PlayBook has as good or better specs in every category than the iPad 2 and Xoom. The size? Well, I (along with many others) prefer the 7" screen size.

As the above poster said, go troll elsewhere. You really make yourself look ignorant here.

How can you sPeak on something that is not out? Have you walked into a store and checked out the Playbook? Have you seen a commercial for one?

This video has me stoked. And moreso than ever, when I can get the funds together, it's playbook all the way.

The pocketability (not that I would jam it into jeans pockets), is awesome. I'm thinking pocket in a sport coat or suit jacket.

iPad needs to be carried. Not something I want to do.....

Kevin, next time can you put the PlayBook on top of the iPad so the PlayBook is Vertical and the iPad is Horizontal? To me, that's probably the best way to compare the screen size. The PlayBook should be as wide but about half as tall if you hold it that way.

Kevin, is that a hospital ID on your right wrist? Oh, love the comparison! Totally going for the Playbook!!!

Love the new gesture Kevin demoed! Almost spewed coffee all over my screen. So happy I preordered and am on the list to be getting one delivered right to my house!

Playbook will be worth the money if its cost compared to the ipad are in the same proportions to the screen size compared to ipad

If you want something to fit into your jeans pocket get a torch instead.

Having seen that video, I don't think that Apple have anything to worry about, sorry Blackberry, in MY opinion, too little too late

Why does Kevin give the iPad the finger as if he doesn't like Apple products? When I clearly seen him on that CNBC documentary "Crackberry'd" the other night on an Apple computer. Hmmmm... And no I don't own any Apple products. Just wondering.

I own several Apple computers, but I think the iPad "blows goats" when compared to the PlayBook.

Apple > Microsoft
Rim > Apple

I've been reading articles on this site for a while now, but I just registered right this moment, all because the Middle Finger to Apple cracked me up. I found it neccessary to give props to Kevin for it lol.

Im a new Blackberry user, and loving the brand and what it stands for.

Why do some people chant and rave for these companies (Apple or RIM) like some low life cheer leader? Some of you people are so loyal to a particular "brand" name. And these companies could probably care less about you. They're not loyal to you or me. They're loyal to the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. I don't owe loyalty to any of these companies. All they care about is bleeding our pockets. So go figure for all you wannabe intelligent techies.

I think, you are right, but if you follow the news over years, you could seen, that Apple plays more dirty than others. Kudos to Apples Products, but there are also reasons to "hate" them.

@SQ609 Congratulations! You just grasped what business is all about. I don't even know what you mean by RIM or Apple being loyal to customers. They both have millions. Staying with one brand or another is a matter of personal preference. BlackBerry does 90% of things I do most, perfectly, while I guess if all you do is look at pictures and video, Apple is your choice...(er wait, iPad doesn't have flash and PlayBook does)...nevermind on the video part.

No sh*t these companies are looking to turn a profit. What do you think they make consumer tech for, fun?

hahahahaha....that wasn't just a middle finger....I think he just flipped the ipad2 "The Angry Bird".

On a serious note...I've been looking at the different pre order sites along with every other little bit of information I can scrounge up as we get closer to release date (CB is the first place I look of course). Here's the thing...there aren't any pics of the playbook showing BBM, at least that I could find. I wonder if this is a last minute thing they are tweaking or just a coincidence.

I would have liked to see a thickness difference. The side-by-side is deceiving because of the iPad's beveled edge. I'd like to see them both flat on a table to show that the thickness of each device isn't really that far off fromm the other.

"Following up our other BlackBerry PlayBook videos from CTIA 2011 where we look at the Calculator app, Weather app, Clock app and Facebook on the BlackBerry PlayBook"

Wow - what a tecnological marvel. It has a calculator and clock. If it has a notepad I'll pass out.

You can bash the iPad all you want but at least there are apps that run on it.

Playbook is a joke.

Shhhh.... Don't say that too loud. (low voice) There are a lot of Apple haters lurking around here. You're just asking for it.

They're showing these basic apps because they're based on a new operating system and they haven't been shown yet.

The PlayBook IS a technological marvel. All the iPad HAS is apps - because it attempts to make up for the brutal web browsing experience that excludes flash (industry standard). Try going to on an iPad (hint: it'll take you to because the web thinks it's a cell phone).

The other JOKE is the "multi-tasking" on the iPad - double click the stupid little button and wow! It shows you some icons from your home screen, not what is running, because the iPad is not capable of running multiple processes at once. Also, if you're working in a certain application on an iPad make sure you don't hit the button, or you get to start all over again.

Also sweet 256 MB of memory, or I guess now it got the humongous bump up to 512MB - the same amount as BlackBerry smartphones today.

The iPad is not necessarily a joke, but a toy. However if you start calling it a productivity tool rather than just an expensive music player/electronic picture frame, then yes, it is a joke.

The PlayBook will be bought by enterprise customers all over the world.

Go back to and talk about 40 dollar 30-pin connector dongles or something.

Are you people even allowed to speak about memory and so on? Talking about memory, didnt RIM sell you guys the same damn phone twice last year (bold 9700 / 9780) and you went and bought it. Why? because they increased the Memory a little and sold you the same phone again. Maybe they will do the same thing this year and you can run out there and buy the phone again.....

Speak for yourself, I still use my 9700, with a newer operating system on it than is even released for the 9780. It's essentially the same phone minus 1.8 megapixels. And my cell phone shouldn't be a Nikon replacement anyway. I was talking about the PlayBook, and in terms of memory and processing power, it is better than the iPad, you cannot even argue that.

Exactly why would anybody in their right mind that owns a 9700 buy a 9780.

However an upgrade from 8900 to a 9780 would be a nice treat.

makes sense right.

Ahem, Really LOL.. What is there to say about all those fools that bought the same iPod Touch 7 times.

1. iPod Touch 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Generation
2. iPhone (iPod touch that happens to make phone calls)
3. iPhone 3G (iPod touch with 3G Capabilities and GPS)
4. iPhone 3Gs (iPod touch w/ 3MP Camera, available in 32GB and improved performance)
5. iPhone 4 (iPod touch w/ 5MP Camera w/ FLASH finally!, Retina display, FaceTime)
6. iPad (Oversized iPod Touch)
7. iPad 2 (Oversized iPod touch w/ FaceTime and some more Memory)

Talk about selling you the same product multiple times. And tons of dumb A$$ people went and bought at least 4 out of 7 of these CLONES!

Your point has no depth buddy. Don't Point fingers over here, When apple does the same thing to yall every freaking year. HAHA. U make me laugh.. Truth is that if I even liked iProducts I would buy a 4th Generation iPod Touch have all the great apps and whatever madness yall rant about over there. And still keep my BB for its outstanding messaging capabilities and productivity/multitasking (things I have been able to do since the original Pearl). I would have an uncompromised mobile experience.

PlayBook Rocks! That's all there is too it.. People will buy it simply because IT IS a completely NEW product from RIM that no one has ever seen before...

I've owned an iPod Nano and an iPod Touch 2nd Gen. Will not buy an iPhone even though I don't have my iPod Touch anymore. Might buy a current gen iTouch for FaceTime... oh wait, I got a MacBook for that... Oh wait, I'll use my rear camera... ah yeah, my BlackBerry Torch has that in 5MPixels.

Let's chat in 6 months (assuming PlayBook is actually released by then) and compare sales and market share. Whether you agree with people's purchase choices or not, you can't argue with numbers.

That has got to be the funniest post I have seen in months.
Did you actually think that through before you posted it?

I can't believe you would really base your purchase on future sales and market share.

How is that funny? I didn't say I was basing my purchase on future sales and market share. I said that would be a good indicator of who is ahead in the tablet market. Did you actually take the time to understand the words you read before you replied?

battery life? do u really need an hdmi when media is being streamed wirelessly? i'm a BB user but RIM dropped the ball on this one. there is simply not the ecosystem to support this tablet. is this thing powerful? yes but so is ur laptop! tablets are not replacing laptops's 1st ipad is $100 less and still has more apps than the playbook. most mobile employees carry their BB's and laptops with them. sending emails on your BB is waaaay better than on the tablet. so then why the noise about this thning? Apple wins hands down! and will continue to win.

What's funny abOut this is that iPad sold out, ipad2 sold out. Playbook hasn't even been released. You fanboys don't know nothing about it except for what Kevin biased ass show and write. That's funny to me. Rant and rave about something none of you have your hands on. All I have to say is the sales say it all. Look at the scoreboard APPLE 2 Playbook 0

And PlayBook is also sold out. Try to get one. The iPad 2 is sold out because 1) they didn't make enough and just wanted to have a release and 2) because there's so many problems with the screen bleeding.

You go ahead and buy another iCrap. It'll go well with your iPhone that can't even make a reliable phone call.

why would you need a native calculator when there is something called APP STORE? Have you heard about a store where you can get apps? Maybe RIM will have something similar to that aswell??

That's the point. BB already has built in apps that on the iPad you need to actually goto the appstore and download.

Maybe apple want to bump thier app count?


What a stupid post.......that's fine that you don't like BB or think the playbook is a waste of time. But get a life man. I mean what are u like 10??

All caps post, branding anyone who has even a slight glimmer of postivity for RIM a fanboy (I hate iPhone, Android/WinMo don't suit my needs, does that make me a RIM fanboy?). Clearly trying to insult anyone who thinks anything other than RIM is a company who should be dead, saying the iPhone/iPad is the way to go.

Verdict: iSheep

LoL. I love coming to crackberry and checking out all the brain washed suckers here that still believe that RIM is something special. People try and open your eyes. Apple invented a whole market with the Ipad and now after a whole year waiting for RIM to launch the playbook (still dont know when it will be buyable) you guys try and impress each other with a litte video where he shows his middle finger. Kids grow up! There are other brands out there beside RIM. Yeah and dont let me forget when other brands launch a new product wait for a year to be part of the gravy train haha

who said apple was the first? Invented a market..made people buy tablets...Oh sorry you guys are still waiting for your company to make one....

Apple need to bump up their count. They have 10 times more apps the bb. BB is praying that android apps work on their phones. that was the best news you clowns have heard in years. A calculator, gotta be kidding me

Dear apple user, could you indulge me please and tell me what kind of apps you've currently actually downloaded to your device(s)?

And could you add the total price paid for them?

And please could you then fire up your desktop or laptop and google for (flash)sites over on the interwebz that give you the exact same functionality!? Make a nice spreadsheet to go of your data!

Free service (Ill create a paid app if you like) to tell you how much money you waste on lacking a portable flash device!

Have a nice day.

Perfect point there. But can bb create some good apps? Only app I ever had was shazaam. Lol. Send me a picture of your flashed out playbook. The prices are about the same as bb crappy ones. How many times have the bb app world lost your apps? Better yet who's knocking down the door to make apps for bb? Did you wait in line for your bb? Forgot the post the score. APPLE 2 - BB 0

Yes apple has 2 tablets out, that's 1000 dollars on hardware plus your spreadsheet to go app count-dollars spent within one year!

I applaud apple on their business plan and fully understand why they don't add calculators to their devices;) wouldnt want their customers to get a clue! :D

You fanboys and girls are to funny, who uses a calculator. Guess you two idiots seems like thats the deal breaker. Go to your local store a buy one. A lot cheaper than a playbook if that's all you two want and need. Maybe they don't add them because the numbers don't go up to the numbers of devices they sold.

you know I really don't think that people are really making that big of a deal about this calculator. The fact is that none of us have seen the playbook or all its features.. So yeah everytime we see something new about it we all get excited.. A calculator is not something trivial to have or put on a tablet. I may not be necessary but its a nice feature that comes standard with the PB. I mean come on. There are many thing that the PB will have that the first iPad didn't/. yall are crazy..

seriously......GO AWAY........ RIM should be sending people like you a thank you because when idiots like you throw meaningless posts about how BB is crap and Apple is superior makes people push away Apple even more. I happen to like both Apple and BB and will continue to use both. So my point is Apple not so much!

People don't leave or not buy because of what is said. I have a bb and it sucks. What's funny is that the playbook is not out and you guys rant and rave about it. You are going off of a video and what you read. Until it comes out shutting mouth. How can something be better than something else when it's not out to compare it to. That's all I'm saying. Again look at the sales. Go buy another bb with a new name and face but the same features. Lol. Anybody with a bb wanna FaceTime or Skype with me. Le me know. Damn forgot that feature will be out in 2030

I'm afraid that Skype will be somewhat of a problem with a 0,69MP camera, you should go ahead and buy a third party camera with a second party connector, since you enjoy wasting money so much.;)

hmm...quite unprofessional. Childish? Jealousy? Hard to justify when there's a 4-5 week online wait and they're extremely hard to get at the an Apple store. I'm going to walk into BestBuy on April 20 and be able to buy 10 of these, and the iPad2 is still gonna be on backorder. I equally like RIM and Apple, but I think Apple makes better products. Hard to argue with sales.

Kev, you seriously took me aback when I saw that. Not professional at all, I mean come on. Flipping the bird was REAL CLASSY!! Grow up. Did you hear that?

Man its brutal in here...
So yea, I've always been a big blackberry fan - I've owned a bunch of devices, and I'm a diehard believer in their messaging capabilities compared to other platforms.

Of course, the playbook looks great, but I really think it needs some time to mature before I go out and buy one. There was major buzz when the torch was about to be released, and as much as I do love my 9800, it's had its fair share of annoying issues. Now, the next torch, I know, will be much better and address most of the major problems.

I've never owned an apple product in my life till a couple weeks ago, when I decided to try the ipad2 just to see what the hype is about. And from a strong RIM supporter - it's really not bad. It's more of an overall experience than a spec war. Of course certain things annoy the crap out of me (can't send an email with an attachment that isn't a pic without 3rd party software and not being able to upload files using the safari browser, gotta get a 3rd party browser app for that too) but there are a lot of positives (there really is an app for everything).

Anyways, if the playbook turns out to be as awesome as it looks, at least I know the resale value on the iPad will continue to be high :)

This message was posted using the CrackBerry App for iPad.

Professional? Seriously guys. You act like Kev is the CEO of RIM. He runs a site named CrackBerry! I would say flipping his Angry Bird at a competitor device is quite appropriate. Stop taking yourselves so seriously. We don't hate the iPad. We hate people that come here and try to talk trash about our most anticipated Device of the year.

Sure BB's may not be the most update or funnest devices on the market. We know that, but we love our Berry's because they do things that your iPhones and iPads and Androids cannot. The guy above mentioned a few. I Love BlackBerry for many things that I know I will not find on other devices.

1. Flawlessly managing multiple Email accounts with ease.
2. Killer Notification System.
3. Multi-Tasking
4. Not being forced to use stupid syncing methods to load music and other media
5. The ability to theme, skin and completely personalize ur Berry! Always has been a really big deal for me anyway
6. The Amazing Keyboards! Makes the BB an Awesome Messaging Device
7. And of course our Beloved BBM
8. As far as apps go. I have several productivity apps on my berry that have been built very well and are very useful. BB is coming up, look at the FB 2.0 app. Arguably the best Mobile FB Chat and UI out there.

While some of these can be preformed on other devices, these are all things that the BB does very well. Arguably better than any device out there. Sure we all want Angry Birds and Face time, and this is why we are so excited about the PlayBook. But I think I can speak for many of us CB users. We prefer to have a device that can handle all of the above mentioned really well, than compromise all that just to have a "FUN" up to date device. Believe me, we have fun with our BBs, they are called CrackBerry's for a reason.

I agree with all your points, except multitasking. I don't know if this is a feature purely in the most recent software version , but double tapping the button on the iPad brings up a bottom dock with all of the running apps listed. The cool part is if you press and hold one of the icons, you can. Kill any or all of the running processes, which is useful for apps that lock up or are running slow. Blackberry OS has a task switcher, but no way to kill apps without going to that specific app and then exiting it, deleting the app or rebooting the phone.

I also really like having a bluetooth keyboard connect to the ipad for tasks that require a lot of typing. But I'm sure the playbook will also support bluetooth keyboards....

From what I understand Kevin runs which is owned by parent company Smartphone Experts. They own sites for all different platforms of phones and tablets. So it's unprofessional to me that by flipping the iPad the bird he is dis-respecting his peers. As a BB and Apple user, I'll be switching where I buy BB apps and accessories.

And from what I understand this is a BlackBerry fan site with an innumerate amount of iTrolls and TrollDroids who come here and constantly preach that we're complete and utter morons for owning a BB and that until we switch over to iPhone/Android we'll always be morons. Even though some of us prefer our BBs to the iPhone/Android (Yes, I've tried Android devices, and yes, I've tried the iPhone, I STILL prefer my BB to both of them. So glad I picked the Torch over an iPhone/Android. By all means call me a fanboy, if I'm a fanboy for liking BB, then I'll call myself a PROUD FANBOY.). I think given he circumstances effectively telling all the iSheep whom won't let us enjoy our BlackBerrys in peace to get lost by flipping the bird was VERY appropriate.

We at CrackBerry are sorry that you feel offended by the dfact we're getting you back for constantly preaching the iPhone here on a CrackBerry site. NOT! Seriously, BB fan site, let us enjoy our BlackBerrys in peace. You don't see us trolling TiPB/Android Central with preaching of how good BBs are.