BlackBerry PlayBook video demo from the Rogers TabLife event

By Bla1ze on 3 Dec 2010 11:38 pm EST

As we mentioned previously, the Rogers TabLife event was held today in Toronto. A lot of folks were on hand to film the event and now, some of that footage is making its way across the web. The above video shows off the BlackBerry PlayBook demo given by David Neale, Vice President of Special Projects at Research In Motion.

While the video itself is really just more of what we've seen previously it does provide some finer details. In the video, you get a brief look at some of the specs of the BlackBerry PlayBook more specifically, the processor running on the device. As noted in our forums, the BlackBerry PlayBook appears to be running that oft rumored TI OMAP 4440 processor which makes the BlackBerry PlayBook a pretty powerful device. Thanks Dave!

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BlackBerry PlayBook video demo from the Rogers TabLife event


I think what they did was this: They listened to the community and saw that we don't like their idea of delayed swiping so they just decided to change the scrolling through menus to 1:1. Excellent move. It's 10x better.

Where is the lagginess!!! Thanks RIM.. good moove!.. I was hoping to see the lagginess every ifan claims to see... but I guess in this final version of the product is already gone... wait what?.. you said this is an early version ???

Damn you RIM.. why did you get excited again??

Ohh another thing!

I went to the video in youtube and the comments say:
David Neale, VP of Special Projects at RIM showing off multitasking, 1080p playback on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Not fully-optimized, still running single-core (instead of duo) yet still looking very slick!!

Rogers TabLife event ( at 333 Bloor St East

So... this is an earlier version, a single core one, not optimized and yet is so much smoother!!!!

Damn you again RIM. You wanna get SJ pissed off?

damn... looks smoother than ever.

The comment "oh, it's not optimized yet"... really? multitasking on a single core?! RIM folks are crazy!

you're forgetting that EACH cpu core is capable of SMP - Symmetric MultiProcessing. Multi-tasking can be done on just 1 of those 2 cores.

damn!! for a single core that's pretty nice... wonder how fast and smooth it is when duo core is up and running....

2011 can't get here fast enough, this looks amazing! I almost bought a netbook and have to keep reminding myself that in a few "short" months I'll have this amazing piece of machinery.

When this is "optimized" for dual-core it's going to be amazing!

LOVE the fact the interviewer has an iPad on his lap....

holy cow no 2core only 1 and is smooth !!?? im imagine how will go on dual-core :) when you will switch the task on side the BP will fly from you lap at fast speed :)) oh and wait is not finish yet w8 till the real stuff comes out :)

Have to say that this was a nice improvement from the previous build. I would like to see RIM stick with single core computing and utilize the other care for data transfer management as well as inter device connectivity. As some others have said,"THIS IS SO MINE"!

Now THIS would be a waste of a 1Ghz SMP cpu! heck a non-SMP cpu running at 400Mhz would be able to handle this … remember its the code stack that manges data transfer along with the radio stack - neither require a high running SMP or NON-SMP cpu to manage this. Smarpthones running ARM11 (think Nokia E71 & the like) where using what you're asking at 384Mhz.

I think what you'd cream over is the ability to USE Distributed SMP processes across MULTIPLE PlayBooks during say a conference!! I'm not sure what apps would require such power over a LAN/BT+3G connection - but developers compiling complex code directly on the PlayBook (If capable) - all within a meeting would eat this UP!

running a lot smoother and only 1 core? damn. can't wait for this to release. i wonder if some of the issues with the touch interface when he was trying to close the video was due to actual touch screen issues they're still working out or the user

I got the impression that the "not optimised for dual-core" was just for the torch browser. If so everything still seemed very slick to me.

yeah thats how i understood it too. the flash wasn't optimized for the hardware yet. Which makes sense cuz that's Adobe's argument across the board vs. HTML5/Steve Jobs lol.

AND the presenter is correct you will almost never be running a full video in the background. I mean you'll want to watch the video if you have it on. This looks like it's going to be great.

All the apple boys are going to have left is screen size (and I think I'd rather have this size than the too heavy iPad) and apps - my iPad can fart in 10,000 languages!

RIM, you have gained my trust once again...

I'm so hooked to the playbook that the first thing i do after i eat my breakfast is check to see if there's other news regarding the playbook! I cant wait for it!! i want it, and i want it NOW!!

hehe i dont know :d ask them :) did you think if they was worried about spying they will post all this awesome things on the internet :D

RIM! You want me to buy your Playbook? Well, for me this is all you need to do! Enable the Playbook to access (tether) the internet through my Blackberry with -zero- additional fees, charges, or restrictions!

That's all you ned to do for me!

Have Bold,..9700 Will Travel~

When they introduced the PB, that's what they highlighted. That is the message of the Blackberry Amplified campaign. I love to get a PB, but I'm waiting to see if I can have access to my Exchange, gMail, and Hotmail accounts, contacts, and calendar without being tethered to a Blackberry. I don't have a Blackberry phone, don't want one; I just want the Playbook!!

I'm hoping at CES RIM will start a consumer focused campaign, along side the Blackberry Amplified campaign.

I'm starting to suspect that someway we will se 3party apps that will enable tethering from devices other than BB's

The Extra fees worry is your provider - not RIM. I'm sure RIM will allow you to purchase this directly if not online retailers for a nominal fee will have this available (nominal initially of course).

It's able to tether via BLUETOOTH already with your BB - this is what RIM is highlighting since day 2.

Now I'd like RIM to build a WLAN stack and micro APP with direct hardware API to allow 3G connected BB to use its own WLAN radio to be tethered to the PlayBook or a laptop!! I used to be able to do this on Nokia E71 with Joiku SpotLight/Spot. This allowed for more than 2.1Mbps (BT 2.1 EDR bandwidth limitation; overhead already accounted for) … which doesn't seem like much of an overhead considering current BB's network 3G bandwidth - yet this becomes more self-evident when using multiple devices to connect this way.

Bandwidth is KING in the mobile world!

If they load the playbook with all that rogers junk that they do with every device and eliminate good feature....iwouldnt touch it with a 10 foot pole.

I was on the verge of leaving for android or iphone 4, but things are looking up for RIM. The only thing that kept me on the fold so far has been the still unsurpassed email client. Think I'll stick around before I make any rash decisions.

this is awesome, RIM indeed is in speed motion lately , has anyone used Torch lately, I bought Torch in august with .141 firmware and the interface was laggy back then and I gave the phone to my brother,now I got to use the same phone but with the recent updates I found the UI on torch snappy and smooth, a lot is happening on RIM's front, love the fact that QNX and all the recent acquisition's are holding up nicely. RIM is acting logically and acquiring the best companies like DataViz, Cellmania and now TaT to market faster and to make up for the lost time. RIM opting for QNX instead of Palm indeed is a clever move, they saved billion dollars by not getting desperate and pressurized in a situation like RIM's, they had foreseen the things and going by their playbook and we crackberrians should be all existed again.

I think there is a huge potential for tablet market in the coming days, they will become a norm like cellphones and laptops with their main usage being casual browsing, music , videos and gaming. That means ipod touch like devices, portable gaming devices like PSP would face the heat and be on a losing end.


Glad to see you’re excited as we are about the acquisitions of late! We’re putting together the pieces (QNX, Torch Mobile and TAT) for a potential game changer as the future of user experience for BlackBerry products!

Stay tuned to the Inside BlackBerry blog for more information to come:


Douglas from RIM
Blog Manager
@tron / @BlackBerry / @BlackBerryBlog


I agree with sf49ers.
I am just wondering about how to make these devices easily "wearable" (i.e. like cell phones and belt clip cases, ect... ) and / or carryable that would be functional without adding bulk, and looking good.

Yes My sister-in-law and I are coming out with a line of clothing featuring the iPocket. Where you can safely insert your iPad and carry it around with you. From shirts to Jackets to Purses.

We will have to incorporate something for the playbook. The "PlayPocket". LMAO..

J/K! just a crazy iDea we had that we thought was quite hilarious but would most likely be a failure!!! LOL

Anyone else realize that their non-internet connected TV that has an HDMI port can use the PlayBook to stream data to the super-screen?!

Mobile Sports updates
BlackBerry itinerary
Multiple Calendars - RIM update BB6 to support his please I know a LOT of E.A.'s that would LOVE this when mobile preparing for rapid changes at a meeting.
Movies/TV streaming or saved content.
Netflix and competitors … start your coding houses!

GoogleTV/AppleTV What?!

I am so excited to see this finally hit the markets! I have been waiting patiently. I want one. After watching this, I think I will need to start saving up my coins

The scrolling and scaling effects were as good as iphone or ipad. Finally RIM got it! RIM's respnsibility is to keep the GUI smooth like Apple always does.

I think the TAT acquisition reveals that they know they can no longer rely totally on in-house stuff if they want to catch Apple.

But the next acquisition they need is a marketing company. Not that I think their ads are bad, but Apple has shown that with 80% marketing and 20% product you can do very well.