BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Setting Up Video Chat

By Adam Zeis on 11 Apr 2011 10:00 am EDT

BlackBerry PlayBook 101: How to setup Video Chat on your BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat

The BlackBerry PlayBook brings some awesome new features that we as BlackBerry users have never used on the platform before. Perhaps one of the biggest is video chat. While we haven't actually been able to play with it at all, we have briefly seen it on devices. Kevin came across it during CTIA and nearly had it fired up before getting denied use. so while we hope it's on there at launch, we're not too positive that we'll see video chat right off the bat. In any case, when we do get access to it, this brief tutorial will help get you up and running with video chat on your BlackBerry PlayBook. It is super easy to setup and once you're done you'll be able to quickly chat with other PlayBook users. Let's get going!

BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat

Accept Video Chat Terms

BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat

The first time you start Video Chat you'll need to accept the terms of use. 

Enter an email address

BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat

Enter the email address of the person with which you'd like to chat. The email address must be associated with a BlackBerry ID. 

Add contact

BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat

Add a video chat contact. Choose New Contact. Enter the BlackBerry ID email and username. Click submit.

Choose your call

BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat

Choose to initiate a Video Chat or Audio Call


BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat

In the options screen you may choose the following:

  • Turn on Do Not Disturb
  • Video Image Resolution
  • Contact View
  • Call History View

That's it! You're up an running with Video Chat on your BlackBerry PlayBook. So now make a few calls and have some fun! Check out more on using the PlayBook in our BlackBerry PlayBook 101 articles.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Setting Up Video Chat


sounds but makes it tough to use when it only limits you to blackberry ID users and the only device that supports video chat is the playbook

No different from Apple's facetime, but with 3rd party apps like skype etc, video calling other devices should be a breeze.

no way a fanboy of apple..but atleast apple has the iphone 4, apple computers with facetime and the ipad to work with facetime....blackberry will only have the playbook

but it's exciting that skype is coming out

Ha, yeah, that's kind of the same problem I have with BBM, isn't it? It's an A+ service/app, but since I'm in my late 20's, nobody else I know that got a new phone has a BlackBerry. So I've spent much more time on PingChat/LiveProfile. Didn't expect this to work with FaceTime, of course, but it's an obvious problem that RIM may not sell very many of these things to the people you'd need to use it with.

my guess is that RIM will only release BBM as a cross-platform app when video chat is running within BBM. When these QNX phones release in 2012, we should hopefully expect BBM on other devices.

I personally would rather see BBM on other devices now!

Wow, this looks so good and easy!!! Can't wait to get mine :D But still wondering what facts RIM is hiding with that FCC privacy request.....

Starting to look like only the QNX phones due next year will have front facing cameras, unfortunately. With that said, can't wait for 4/19 !

2 BlackBerry reps came by my store the other day and I got to toy around with one and i just wanted to runaway with it. The guy said it wasnt the final version but it was so fast. one of the first things I'll be trying to video chat. So I'll be looking for someone to chat with soon.

So I just thought of a question I haven't seen asked...

I have BlackBerry phone on multiple carriers. When I sign in to my AppWorld account with my BlackBerry ID, it moves all of my info to that phone.

What happens when I sign into my PlayBook with my BlackBerry ID? Will I experience the same moving of information that only allows me to be signed into one device? Will RIM allow you to be signed into the PlayBook AND one of my phones? Will I need to set up a separate BlackBerry ID for the PlayBook?

I'm hoping that the bridge feature will compensate for this in some way, but seeing RIM begin to move from PINs to unique BlackBerry ID's, I wonder...

From my experience, because you have multiple Berry's you will experience the "shift" with different settings and specs. Are you planning on owning several PlayBook's as well? I'm thinking dev's like my amateur self will be holding two the most, but I doubt shifting will occur with multiple PlayBook's as there is only one version available aside from memory capacity.

rim should really step up and make their blackberry phones specially the news one have video chat so it can be in competition with competitive phones that are out

Ohhhh, all this coverage...I'm dying. Why can't April 19th come any faster. Crackberry team, you guys are doing one hell of a great job on the coverage!

You can do video chat through your Gmail. Will I still be able to do that on the playbook?

As it is through the browser and uses the camera available.

I think everyone should keep in mind that this chat is only PB to PB but there is also MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, AOL chat options as well. from what I have been told the BBM chat is just like BBM for those that have a blackberry device. But there are the IM apps on the device that allows one use chat with just about anyone no matter if they are on a computer or another device. Don't for get this bit of info as it would make the PB the only device with this ability out of the box.

I hope Yahoo messenger, Skype and OoVoO works right away too, I'm so excited! Can't wait to ge my PB and toy around with it! I think they should have made it 8.9", added a full USB 3.0 port and full size SD card support. I really hope RIM listens; However, BBM with video calling will not fully evolve until they spread it to the other phones and even possibly other platform devices. This could be RIM's ticket to getting more customers... if they use it well.

It depends also what VOIP Protocoll they will be using. SIP is blocked in many countries like china and some arab countries.

FACEtime f.e. isnt working in the UAE.

Still it isnt clear if Skype will be available for the PB