BlackBerry PlayBook v2.0 screenshots show up in the forums?

PlayBook 2.0
By Michelle Haag on 26 Aug 2011 01:31 am EDT

Just last week Kevin was talking about BlackBerry PlayBook v2.0, and now tonight watchful CrackBerry members have posted these screenshots in the forums. Originally posted on a Chinese website, there isn't a whole lot of information to go along with the photos so, take them for what they are. You can check out a couple more pictures after the break.

Some obvious things that you can see though is the integrated calendar, contacts and messages -- which are seperate from the BlackBerry Bridge versions. As well, the Android App Player icon can be seen to the far left. Thanks for posting this in the forums Rockiet!

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BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0
BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0
BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0
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BlackBerry PlayBook v2.0 screenshots show up in the forums?


sweeet!!!! did you guys all notice that the bridge is off (bridge icons are greyed out) while we still have BBM, MESSAGES, CALENDAR and CONTACTS (2nd line last 2 icons) and is that the official android player?? (second line 1st icon)


I've been holding off on getting a 2nd PlayBook for my wife. Once this update comes out I'll be at the store the next day.

Grate !!!!! thanks RIM !!!
And not long ago i was talking with a friend about the 2.0V of Playbook and when will hit our PB, but looks like it will be sooner than i/we expected.

OH i forgot to say cause i was so happy to see this post i forget about, Is This 2.0 will work on my Pearl or Storm??

Pearl i doubt.... but Storm ? sure ! and if it doesnt they prolly gonna release a "lite" version for it :)

I think he was asking whether he would still be able to pair his Pearl/Storm to his Playbook once v2 of the tablet OS came out. I personally don't see why that wouldn't be the case but who knows.

Did you observe that the Bridge was turned off (Bridge apps icons are "unavailable" on one image but the BBM icon still there?) Native BBM? Maybe...

Well spotted... I am curious as to how it will work on wifi only... :/ But I shan't need to worry, it will be permanently bridged for me anyway...

maybe RIM is working on attaching/pairing the BB device and PB pins together using BIS/BES to allow for seamless migration between the two devices...

I've died and gone to heaven with my PlayBook.....

Sent from my BB9700, sometimes Iphone4, with love

If it doesn't have Bluetooth A2DP support I'm going to jump off a bridge (no pun intended). PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE.

This looks fantastic. I can't wait. The account setup screen would seem to indicate a more native functionality for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Perhaps this also means getting notifications.

awesome if its true but that first pic has the same icon for calendar, contacts and messages? i know it could be an early beta but wouldnt you think theyd copy and paste the existing bridge icons rather than use the calendar one 3 times?

other screenshots seem a more legit but who knows :)

still looking forward to it :D

And why has no one mentioned the native BBM app that clearly isn't greyed out like the other bridge apps...

"Did you observe that the Bridge was turned off (Bridge apps icons are "unavailable" on one image but the BBM icon still there?) Native BBM? Maybe..."
Actually, someone did... lol

Any Thai language / Keyboard support and update ?

All Thai people are also waiting for this update !!!

So does Kevin get insider knowledge that RIM tells him to leak in a specific way to keep us interested? I've been thinking that since he did the post about 2.0. It's either that or he's damn good. The latter wouldn't surprise me, neither would the former.

I love the fact that we have reached a time where you can buy an incredible piece of technology (PlayBook) and it just gets better with updates! It is like getting a new device but not paying for it. I just love my PlayBook.


Looks like, at least from the pictures, the email client will support Exchange/ActiveSync. Great if this is the case

Hmmm, 'Server urls', could that icon be a hint at some form of network file structure interoperability? If so, I really hope that the PB will be able to navigate Novell file shares, and not just SAMBA.

Am i suppose to get excited over this? over something that should have been included in the first release? finally i can buy one. /end rant :)

There's a couple of ways to look at it. First, sure, RIM could have delayed the launch, say, 4 or 5 months and gotten this stuff in place. The risk they'd run would be that by staying out of the market, they'd be losing the opportunity to gain market share and developer support by the minute.

Or, they could have launched as they have, with an admittedly incomplete product from a feature standpoint. The machine as it sat on day one was NOT unusable, and there was a market.

I'd say it was their call; they could risk some credibility and launch early, or risk market share and launch later.

Yup, I would of rather had the device and wait for the updates they said were coming, then have no device at all for half a year.

I would of done the same thing if I were RIM, why let it sit on the shelf when there are people out there that will buy and use as is and wait for updates.

It's too bad the world is full of too many stupid people and can't see the big picture lol.

Yea sure it would of been nice to have everything at launch, but shit happens. Such is life.

I want to know how the native BBM works on playbook.

I hope it will support multi devices so i can pick up my BBM chat either on Playbook or Phone without using the Bridge. Let's face it, BBM over bridge can be very slow.

using bridge bbm with the updated bridge app and the new PB OS on my 9900 seems to be way way faster, to the point where I will actually use it.

What a Friday! My new 9930 is on a Fedex truck about to be delivered :) Now this! Thank you RIM. Can't wait for 2.0 release.

So it won't have the iPad style UI? Kevin mentioned that RIM may eliminate the current scrolling panels (All, Favorites, Media, Bridge) and go with something similar to iOS.

i actually dont mind os 7... or panes

just some way to organize the icons folders or pages... i hate the current config... unless they make universal search... just something to be organize. right now its just a mess no matter how long i spend trying to clean up my icons

Yes please!! Best contest CrackBerry has done so far!! ;-) But....this is a great sign, I can't wait. The PlayBook better and better with every update and maybe now this will shut the critics up and show off its true potential.

2.0 = More sales... And please add Netflix, more descent games like Dead Space and Skype and everybody will be happy.

Dead Space was literally just released on the Playbook! Like only a few days ago, check out App World and you'll see.

Tablets are coming and going. Look at the Galaxy Tabs, TouchPad, Xoom, and a whole slew of cheap Android tablets. They're all coming and going nowhere. The PlayBook is the only one standing up firmly besides the iPad, and the PlayBook does much more than the iPad can. Certainly, the iPad has a lot more apps, but with the Android Player, the PlayBook will close that gap quite a bit. We still need more good native PlayBook apps, and I think V2.0 will attract even more developers.

Hope we see this all happening in November, RIM -- need to beat the Christmas rush, to give reviews time to comment, and get PlayBooks in the hands of many! I try to make my gift buys in November because I hate the line-ups, sell-outs, and parking woes. The iPad will certainly be on the minds of many, so BlackBerry Tablet 2.0 couldn't arrive at a better time!

Things are looking up^
With the new bridge I have converted 3 ipad users to playbook. Take your time RIm and make v2.0 the best ever!

This is AWESOME!!!! and did you notice Twitter is also intergrated along with FB and LinkedIn!!! Get it right RIM and release it when is ready!!!

Dead space is a good example of what the playbook can do game wise, and can only hope EA release more of its main titles, as well as show other game makers what the playbook can do for them.

one can only assume netflix is coming, without a doubt.

Version 2.0 is going to make the PlayBook exactly what everyone wanted when it was first released. Sales should rise, and rise fast.

Everyone seems to forget this is RIM's first crack at the tablet market, things take time, and comparing a 1st gen PlayBook, to a 2nd Gen iPo... oops I mean iPad, is quite remarkable considering most logical people prefer the PlayBook. Version 2.0 is only going to push PB past the larger sized iPod in performance and usability.

want to argue about apps, take a look at that little green droid appin the first picture. App problem solved. Although I do wish RIM would make things easier on developers so that an android player wasn't needed, but I can understand the demand for it at this point.

The playbook just keeps getting better and better.
I'm really happy I decided to get one. It was rough the first few weeks with no ebook reader other than Kobo. Now I'ts the best tablet hands down.

Although I'm Excited, if they wait too much longer to release this they are going to loose out on all the excitement that they have gained from the release of the new phones.

Get it out early so their is time to build interest from consumers before the xmas rush.. If the phones sell like i beleive they are, there are lots of kids and adults that are going to want a playbook for xmas :)

Just a bit jaded... This is long overdue.. Android is awesome, but doesn't solve my issue with lack of rdp and other productivity apps other platforms have.. And I need more and more each day.

Still the best UI i have used.

As a user I'm looking forward to Android App Player, but I'm kinda afraid that developers of native PB apps won't stand the concurency of android's free or cheap apps, and ,that way, we won't meet lots of apps of Dead Space level

Don't get me wrong but latlely RIM has more leaks in it that the Titanic had, I have never seen sucha flurry of them. Why can't we just have strucutred timeley official statements from Rim? Far more professional

All companies endure this to one degree or another. At times companies will even unofficially "leak" something just to maintain enthusiasm for what's coming.

This particular leak is especially encouraging :-)

Reading the rumours this is supposed to be out in Sept can anyone confirm or comment on this potential month?

Lovin how the Playbook is quickly coming of age. Like a rookie phenom in baseball that has the raw skills for greatness that are honed and tweaked until potential becomes reality, so is the Playbook.

Native email & CNN is great on the playbook for people without blackberries, but for those of us that have berries would native email and BBM cause a conflict with the bridge function?

awesommmeeeeee yeaaa bbm nativeeee hey i wonder when are we going to get skype already or use that video chat with other people becuase i have no friends that have playbook i have no one to video chat with!

my big question... is this on a WiFi only PB or are all those functionalities for 3G/4G devices only? cant wait though

I love the fact that the PB allows you to wirelessly connect to your phone to utilize its data RATHER THAN you having to spend MORE money on getting a 3G/4G model. KUDOS Blackberry. I won a PB from BB while they were launching in different cities, I've been stuck to it like Gorilla Glue. I'm anxiously waiting for this oh so needed update. With this update the iPad will have a run for their money. Besides the lack of apps, there's NOTHING the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Xoom, HTC View nor the HP TouchPad can do, that the PlayBook hasn't already done.

Nice. I got three playbooks for my family and we all love them but these upgrades will make them even better.
The nice thing about BB was they launched great hardware even without having the software dialed in. Why is that nice? Just ask any iPad1 users how they feel about not having a video camera or a camera at all even though there was a slot for one in the original. Shelling out another 500 bucks or being stuck without one when everyone else has one. Not cool apple.

I got the Bold 9930 and love the bridge app. But the good news is that the BB experience is getting better and better.