BlackBerry PlayBook v2.0 makes another appearance

PlayBook v2.0
By Michelle Haag on 27 Aug 2011 04:50 pm EDT
The other night we were treated to some leaked shots of what appears to be BlackBerry PlayBook v2.0, and since then a few more pics have popped up in the forums. And lookie there, the OS has been updated already from v2.0.0.2992 to v2.0.0.3013! Still no official word on when any of us might be seeing this for our PlayBooks, but hopefully the testing is progressing well and we'll get the update soon. A couple more pics after the break, and you can join in and discuss in the forums HERE or HERE. Thanks for posting this in the forums Rockiet and TotemG!

PlayBook v2.0
PlayBook v2.0
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BlackBerry PlayBook v2.0 makes another appearance


I really hope the rumours are true and this is set for a September release. Even if RIM could just give me damn spellcheck and auto correct on my playbook I wouldn't mind.

Do other tablets or phones have spell check in any apps other than word processors? I've owned several of the Android tablets available and have an Android phone and I don't remember any of them having any kind of spell check. At least the PlayBook puts a little squiggly line under misspelled words (like "squiggley") in the browser.

I'd be happy if the keyboard didn't disappear five times (like my BBPB just did when *trying* to type this reply).

even if it did leak... idk how you install it... so far the only way to install an OS with the playbook is via OTA, or via desktop manager (however that is getting pulled from the internet anyways... there is not way for us to download the OS separately like we can with the traditional BBOS)

I hear, I would love those features but of those 3 usb host probably won't make it as even though the current playbook could support it.
Playbook 2 maybe but here's hoping it'll definitely be included in an update!

The problem with USB Host is that it is considered a security issue. So it's going to be super slow for RIM to embrace it.

Unfortunately the entire rest of the tablet is still missing that minor functionality - most importantly, perhaps, the browser still has neither spellcheck nor autocorrect. (and typing into/using multi line edit fields is still painful)

I can't wait for this. Finally my tablet will be able to do 'most' of what a tablet is supposed to be able to do. This is what should have shipped at launch, I guess 6 months later (oct-ish) is fair enough.

Jajaja... this is so funny... even when this look like an excellent update, and seems to have almost everything everyone has been asking for... some still find a way to put some negative on it... is it just me or this is kind of funny??

I hope they still let us keep using Bridge if we want too. At least for BBM, save me giving my contacts a second PIN number.

Nahh.....nahhhh.....nahhhh....nananananna.......the RIMpire strikes back baby! It will be so good to have the best Tablet OS on the planet.

WYes I agree whit you but when microsoft releases windows 8 for the tableds qnx and android for tableds wil be gone beacouse who wants a tabled whit just simple aps if he also could run windows programs on it??
Am I right??

"Am I right??" Maybe not.

You might be surprised how frustrating Windows is as a tablet experience, and a lot of that comes from the simple fact that 99.99999% of Windows apps just weren't designed for a touch interface.

The other big strike against Windows on any kind of tablet/netbook/ultraportable is that Microsoft continues to maintain support for so many different hardware configurations that it's resulted in some degree of bloat. What Microsoft really NEEDS to do is strip Windows down to a lean core, and implement legacy support through add-in runtimes, but it doesn't look like that's coming with this version.

Some people need to grow up. Being negative does not make you cool. I have also noticed after their negative comment they put something like I may not buy one now. Really? You are putting it down and you don't have it. I have had my PB from day 1 and I LOVE MY PLAYBOOK and it just keeps getting better. No one has lied to you. They have said android at the end of summer and they have 3 week left until the end of summer so I guess your fart app will have to wait.

Wow 3 weeks! How long is your summer? If winter starts in December which I would argue that it starts in November. That is a very short Fall. What like a month maybe two? Maybe it is just me but it seems like the end of summer never gets here.

In 2011, fall begins on September 23rd for countries in the Northern Hemisphere (United States, Canada). You can argue (or guess) but it is September 23.

OS wise I wouldn't mind the ability to resize wallpapers. Right now it is hell trying to get a wallpaper that looks good in both landscape and portrait since the cropping is done automatically when you select "set wallpaper" in the gallery. It also makes most of the free wallpapers in Dead Space not so usefull since the photos get cut off in odd places. Wouldn't mind if they did it similar to android where you select the cropping.

Soon please be soon. My birthday is in September and this would make a greak present. As someone stated above, spell check and auto correct would be a god send. The rest is great too!

I left BlackBerry phone yesterday for the HTC Thunderbolt. I still have my PlayBook. All I miss is BBM. Pretty sad thats all I miss. RIP BlackBerry.

I want you to know we're all emotionally devastated by your loss. Losing you sends a stark and unmistakable message to RIM. There is simply no way the company can continue to sell millions of phones all over the world without you.

You are the most important customer in the world.

Our hearts are broken.

Please come back.


They might sell millions...but HTC sells more. I was a BlackBerry user for 7years. They are way behind the times. I hate to say that. Enjoy your out of date expired phone. My Thunderbolt eats little BlackBerry for breakfast. The BB OS is so far behind. It was a good 7 years but I had to move on. I still have my it!

NOBODY CARES if you've moved on to a different platform nor about your opinion about it. Seriously, we all know how some people feel about RIM and it's OS's/devices but honestly, there are many of us that are satisfied with what we can do with our devices. Be happy with your choice but leave the negativity behind.

I have a HTC arrive (windows phone) and a blackberry torch (for work) I really like both some things I like on BB and some on HTC. I travel alot! so I can't be parted from my BB because the HTC does not do an international (of course unless if you consider Canada and Mexico international) But my BB get an amazing 4 bars in the middle of the Sahara when local phones get maybe 1 bar and dropped calls. But like I said there are somethings I like better on each phone (of course I believe if everyone was honest they would agree to this). I bet if I ever owned an Iphone (which I doubt very much so that would ever be the case) I would like some things on there better.

Do people realize this is a Blackberry site? Really glad some people enjoy other platforms but seriously WHO CARES! Go and enjoy your product on a site that caters to you now. stop hating here!

Man o man 9810 and this new 2.0V of OS will ROCK my world of BlackBerry !! comm'on RIM stop teasing us, we salivate like dog when we see food or like zombi when we see Human's

Cant w8 for this Update!!!

Boys... take the chainsaws off those assault rifles and put down the flame throwers... the zombie thing was a metaphor.

So this update confirms no BES for QNX right now. Hope they figure it out before the phones launch next year.

I'm starting wonder if bes isn't dead as we know it? No bes service pack in 3 months when rim said at BBWorld they want a service pack or major update every 3 months, and with the cancelation of their certification program, I think the blackberry infrastructure is going the way of the dodo in a few years.

ActiveSync is all well and good, but believe it or not, NOT every enterprise is on Exchange. I work for a shop that's on Novell GroupWise, and, yes Lotus Notes is still out there too. I don't think BES is quite dead yet.

That said, if RIM can work out integration with these platforms that provides the same security as BES, without all the complexity and admin overhead, why not?

aaargh come on RIM be quick, release it, BRING IT ON!!! i just can't wait any longer for this OS 2.0!

let's get on with it RIM! LOL! I know, a little patience is a virtue! LOL! We will get all that has been promised, just a little longer....longer....longer...LOL! Cheers!

The price of the playbook is going to have to come down. The hardware will no longer be competitive this fall. Much higher spec'd Android tablets are on the horizon as well as the iPad3. I want a playbook, but not $500 want.

Your prophecy is full of hot air. QNX will continue to be a strong player in the tablet and prove to be a powerhouse in the smartphone market.

Go to Android and go to iPad...there are always higher spec'd devices out there on the horizon, including BlackBerry.

You don't want to pay $500, yet you will have to pay that and more for the higher spec'd devices in the future. If QNX will no longer be competitive, then why do you want a Playbook at all, at any price.

Save some money, go buy an HP Touchpad. I can definitely say it will not be competitive this fall!! :-))

I NEED this! That is to say: I NEED an update that actually makes my PlayBook better instead of worse like the last couple updates.