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By Bla1ze on 31 Mar 2014 08:03 pm EDT

A while back we let you all know that BlackBerry was still actively doing development on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS and for those of you who might have missed it in the forums, a new OS update is now available for download. Noted as OS, this release doesn't bring any huge changes along for the ride but it updates a lot of the system files as well as the Adobe Flash Player version and the Adobe AIR version.

The Flash Player goes to v11.1.121.80 from and Adobe AIR goes to v3.1.0.80 from which should help compatibilty on some websites and ensure security holes in Flash are covered. The update is live now, so if you haven't grabbed it already then you can visit the settings on your PlayBook and update directly from there. With 60% of PlayBook owners still actively using the device, updates are nice to see.


The Me

Hoping 10.3 will be on the PlayBook.

Posted via CB10


It's not April Fools yet...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


It is April fools in Australia!

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10 


I have to remember where I last placed it a couple of months ago. Hopefully my wife didn't accidentally throw it out.


Oh wow. Adobe flash upgraded by 2 minor minor minor version numbers.... whoopdy ship.

Posted via CB10


Does it fix the Camera issue!??? O.o obviously not.. lol its all good

Z10 my baby...

Frank Trottier

Not sure if the machine can keep up with BB10...

Posted via CB10


I agree. I think that Thor made that clear. Either way, I think that there is "something" they can do to update our experience. Come on R&D department, stick your courage to the sticking place.

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving


Except that it was after Thor left that the strategic decision was made to release low-powered devices that run BB10 -- and since that wouldn't be possible with the existing BB10, the logical assumption is that BB10 would be changed to play nice with the wimpy hardware. (Mohammed, meet Mountain.)


Engineers are smart people. The issue is more likely the business reality of the situation - they have scant resources, no ongoing product line and a rapidly diminishing user-base.

If some channel were to come to BlackBerry and tell them that they'd buy 10 million current PlayBooks for $400 a piece with no chance of returning them at all ... but only if they did BlackBerry 10 on it, I think you'd all be surprised at the technical miracles that were suddenly accomplished.

But no one is stepping up and making such an offer. With less than half the staff as when the PlayBook was released, they have to choose carefully.


If we didn't have over produced z10 we may have bb10 on PlayBook today.

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Posted via CB10 app with my trusty Z10


Well when Adobe releases security fixes for Adobe Flash and Adobe Air, BlackBerry always updates the PlayBook browser.

Don't expect any new feature or other bugfix.

Posted via CB10


Downloaded it. I'm happy anything BlackBerry throws at me in terms of updates for my pb.

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Ok, updated now. Well boot time sure hasn't improved...darn! Web browsing has improved in my opinion. loads super fast now. CTV has improved too. I'm running through all my bookmarks still. Oh hell ya, there is for sure improvements in browsing...CNN flies.
Update: video on doesn't load (yes, my Flash in settings is ON and I cleared cache and refreshed...even restarted the browser.)


Go Sens Go!!

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Me too... haha bit Sucks a lot of people where giving hopes this 1917 update had more than just air and flash updates

Posted via CB10 app with my trusty Z10


If the Z3 can run BB10 with 1.5gb of ram, why not on the 1gb PlayBook? Come awwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Boris Z10

Exactly right ! Just update icons/theme and web browser( for more speed), BBM etc and the main apps then just optimise everything else. And the android player.........

Aljean Thein

Because BB10 OS takes nearly a whole 1GB to run...

Posted via CB10



I sometimes find my Z10 to chunk during some things, most notably (and oddly) when scrolling through permissions that a newly installed app is asking for.

It's not a big deal but it is somewhat disconcerting considering it has decent hardware. I'm worried that even though the Z3 has a tantalising price and a gorgeous look, it won't perform well enough to get positive first impressions once released to re-acquire some of its lost market share. I don't think I have to say it, but BlackBerry can't weather another poorly launched product.

Only time will tell.

Oh right, this article was about the PlayBook. I suppose my occasional slow downs on a device with superior hardware tells you why BB10 won't be heading to the PlayBook.

~ TheRealFixxxer 


My Q10, if it had 1GB, would probably run fine. And when I had QNX on my pc, I challenged it with 768MB and 512MB RAM, it ran quite fine, a bit sluggish at the half-gig mark. So that's bunkers.


I'm using a dev alpha b with just one gig ram and it runs without any problems or slowdowns


Disappointed :(

From my new z30


Don't be. They're updating a three year old device.


Only because they neglected it at launch.


It's still a sleek looking device

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*60% of Playbook users on Crackberry who took the poll.

Call me skeptical that 60% of all Playbook users still use the device... though I could be wrong.


Big deal.

The real question is: what for? And that is answered in forums all the time... for consuming media, games and web pages. It isn't for the apps. So any tablet will do. Any tablet with a usable keyboard and browser that is ... haha...

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To watch shows on the Origami browser.

Posted via CB10

Rolf Hed

That's a good point about that statistic... I know, the other Mobile Nations sites do polls like that and then hold up the results as a "reality." It helps generate the fake data that drive many of the articles around here.

The iMore gang did one about iOS 7.1 and whether the battery life was helped, hurt, or stayed the same--but battery life was only "measured" subjectively in a poll among users who may or may not even have the device with the new OS version. Was the poll accurate? Did it measure anything accurately about the new OS and the iPhone? Who knows... lol I think most if these polls on the Mobile Nations sites generate more psychological data about how people relate to or perceive their devices than anything else...


And yes it's happened again another BB goof. When they ask you to upgrade the bb world it take you to a page 404. Jesus H CHRIST is someone deliberately doing this stuff or what?

Posted via CB10


It should be updated in the OS update.

Posted via CB10


What the keefrto!
Nothing keefrtos me off more than when that keefrto stuff happens!

Posted via CB10


I have been a die hard blackberry fan for ages and the simple things irritate me when everyone is bb bashing eh?

Rolf Hed

I literally cracked up when I read your post...nice one. :-)


I use my PB everyday and any attention paid to its software is greatly appreciated. This update didn't help for, but I've gotten used to switching between my PB and Z10 when this happens, so no harm no foul.

I like BB10...and that's all that matters to me.


Love it! Still rocking my PlayBook and will do so until the new one makes it debut...positive thinking at play here!

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Bla1ze, seriously, PM me!!

Posted via CB10

canadian nick

I still love my PlayBooks and am happy with an update.

Very underrated device, clean sharp UI, flick up to close apps instead of trying to hit the little x. Sound quality is great same with the battery.

Posted via CB10


Today is upgrade bonanza day..
First Z30STA100-3/
Now my OG $500.00 16GB PB
No April fool! Woooooo!

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yes cant wait to go home an update

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PlayBook is my YouTube device of choice, glad to see we still get a few updates!

Posted via CB10


I too use it for utubes.....wonderful.....nothing better ...not many tablets have built in hdmi. BlackBerry should promote...Z10 great for Netflix to hdtv via hdmi. Have used Stereotube to do download to on board Video.
(Dirpy upgrading so clitchy). Also use advanced camera for timelapse. Great for watching personal photos and videos. We use imovie on Mac to edit and create movies from variety of cameras . Best way to watch on hdtv with no video or sound degradation is to download load iTunes to PB, then watch via hdmi. Superior to using apple tv.


I used to get excited about PB updates. Nothing much here. Give me Android 4.x and I might get a little excited.

Posted via CB10


Same! Or at least jelly bean.


Unfortunately, this doesn't address streaming issues with sites like NHL Gamecenter Live and NBA Gametime.

It seems only an update to Flash 12 will do it.

#TeamBlackBerry please help!

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A little love from BlackBerry for PB owners is always welcome. Still use mine every day, it's my newspaper!

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Anybody else experiencing problems updating BlackBerry World after this so called os update...more like downgrade!

BlackBerry is passing in on my fruit roll-up bar!

 BlackBerry Q10 


Going to try now...just launched it...ha ha, ya 404 error! Typical BlackBerry, fucking up the simple things. On the "Upgrade your BlackBerry World Today" message it says " To purchase apps or games from BlackBerry World or make in-app purchases, you will need to upgrade BlackBerry World by April 3rd, 2014. If you do not upgrade and attempt a purchase, you will receive this message "There were problems completing this purchase". The latest version of BlackBerry World for the PlayBook is only available as an OS Software Update..." So now that I click on the big old LAUNCH button, it launches a 404 File Not Found white page with black text...

Update: Upon further poking around, it BB World has indeed been updated, but when you launch BB World, the very first "featured" image that pops up in the filmstrip is BlackBerry World with a red asterisk saying, upgrade your BlackBerry world today...and of course when you click on it, and try to update it, the link 404's in the browser. It's nothing to get too concerned over. Your BB World has indeed been updated. It's just BB screwed up the link telling you "how" to update BB World.


Your previous message shows how concerned you were.

Why do people flip out before finding out what's wrong? Check out some app reviews in BlackBerry World. Ridiculous.

Posted via CB10


What exactly are you getting at? Is their link broken? YES it is. That's egg on BB's face for their own support forums are going to fill up with people complaining that BB World is broken. Which it actually isn't. I'm sure they'll update the 404'ed URL PDQ. Anyhow, this is obviously confusing, at least for now.


It still hasn't been fixed some 15 hours later.


Call 'em up and complain.


Yeah, me too. WTF??? Come on BlackBerry, get your shit together!

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10 


I still love using my PlayBook!!!

Posted via CB10

graham bowers

If I had bbm on my PlayBook without bridging it, I'd be a happy man.

Posted via CB10


Yeah I think it's ridiculous that I can have BBM on a Galaxy Tab but not on a BlackBerry PlayBook.

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I think it is beyond STUPID that BBM is not on the PlayBook.


Ya, how about BlackBerry updates the PlayBook to BlackBerry 10 like promised.

Q10 user.


No love for LTE owners.

Hope Rogers doesn't take long......again

From my Vader Zed


Another pointless update. Either bring bb10 for it or kill it already!


Just got mine today. I'll see what improvements this update brings...the PlayBook was a horribly underrated product and the lack of marketing and promotion was down right idiotic...nevermind that the launch was messed up since the beginning...Looking back know the missed possibilities are quite obvious and glaring.

About 3 years ago everybody scoffed at the idea of a 7" tablet. Now you can't throw a stone without hitting a 7" tablet. Every company got on it once it became apparent that people did not want to walk around with a large piece of plastic in their bags...don't get me started on the whole phablet trend!

To hear Apple talk you would think that they wouldn't be caught dead with a small tablet...look at them now the IPad Mini is selling as much as the IPad 5, 6, 7 or whatever number they got up to...oh excuse me...IPad Air that is!!!!

Nevermind those numbnuts at Samsung who are probably eating their own words now...

To bad that BlackBerry who were ahead on that market and could have cornered a good slice of it, managed to shoot themselves in the foot and lose a good opportunity once again, due to hubris and shortsighted decision- making at the top!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Stephen Cooper

Can someone help me get my PlayBook to turn on?

Posted via CB10


Go to the forums and look up stack charging. You might need to poke around a bit. Also, over in BB's own support forums there is a 93 page thread on it.

The answer is inside there, somewhere. KnottyRope and JSanders know their stuff.


Updated! Any update is better than no updates

Posted via CB10

zoe sun


Posted via CB10


Yay! I still use my PlayBook daily.
I have my Nexus7 (2013) for games, but I cruise around the net on my PlayBook.

It still come with me to work.

Post via my  Z10!


still no native bbm? why why why. ios and android have bbm. how come blackberry playbook doesnt have. come on guys. explain.......

Rod Smith2

If there are 404 errors do a system wipe and your pb should be a lot better. Use mine every day and got this update notice on the pb otself

Posted via CB10

Shawn Fitzgerald

Yeah...OS 10 would be nice. I have a 64g PlayBook. Update it to 10 preeze!

From my awesome z10

Rod Smith2

Use desk manager first if there is anything you want saved. Wish BlackBerry bridge would work. Cross fingers for future

Posted via CB10


177 MB file. Keep the updates coming. I use the PlayBook Everyday mainly for web browsing. Some times use docs to go. Playing Need For Speed!

I don't care for new Ipads or android.This Playbook is all I need for what a tablet is good for : Web Browsing.

The sound on this machine is amazing. When I first heard it, I was stunned. It's well built.

We need BBM, Channels and Skype . To make it more productive.

BlackBerry Lead
Do not Follow

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 BlackBerry Q10 


I still use my Playbook daily. It does everything I need it to do. Nothing fancy just function.

Posted via CB10


I also carry my Playbook everyday. It keeps me productive on the go. Thanks CrackBerry and BlackBerry for the update. Your support is appreciated!


It's a real pity that BlackBerry is not committed to putting bb10 on a tablet. For me it only demonstrates that the operating system can not be viable in the longer term. Can BlackBerry be a good solution for enterprise without a full line of products? No. Enterprise needs are more than security.

Posted via CB10


PlayBook is still a great device and BlackBerry surely understand that this device is an integral part of the prosumer toolbox - hence the update; however, I'm not so sure the PlayBook requires BB10.

Posted via CB10


They are still thinking about us PlayBook users!!!

Posted via CB10


i already accepted that bb10 will not come on my beloved playbook, but please just update those native apps and pls bring native bbm on our playbook. can you feel me guys from blackberry


Did anyone's audio playback become wonky after the update?


Not on my Neutron Player install can I test this? Web browser, stock media player...what? More info needed please.


Reboot seemed to fix it. Issue was present everywhere. Browser, YouTube app and native music app


Updates are always welcome. I want a playbook 2.0

Posted via CB10


Great news!!. I will take it.
Wonder why there can't do a LITE version of BB10 for PlayBook.

Posted via CB10


PlayBook update ...nice. I'm not going to complain. updates are always a bonus.

Posted via CB10 - Z10 'Powered by BlackBerry'


F#$ken eh! BlackBerry rox!

Posted via CB10


If BB10 won't work on PlayBook, why not just bring a full bridge between the phones to PlayBook. That would be awesome. Also, how about giving us some of BB10 swag like having the share options in the browser, picture, and video and basically throughout the entire PlayBook like like bb10 does. Fix the horrible Facebook app and incorporate the bbstore to work like it does on bb10. The file manager from bb10. I'm sure these little fixes would bring much love to the PlayBook and would actually change the other 40% of play book owners that have those play books collecting dust.

Posted via CB10

Adam Fox2

I had problems getting HBO Go working before this update....and I haven't yet tested Max Go, but I am sure since HBO Go is working with his new version, I am sure Max Go works as well!! So if you want to watch HBO Go on your tablet, you can do so!


What browser did you use i just tried it no luck?

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!



Posted via CB10


This is nice to see. I still love using my PlayBook. If the buggy website issue is fixed with this update, I'll go back to using it more.

Solar 77

It's about time they start making a new one but with the company's Focus on enterprise, I'm not expecting anytime soon. Haha

Posted via CB10


I hope they will return to the develop the playbook, as their is a market, the other competition is going with the pad size.


That's a surprise . I'll take it

Posted via CB10


I tell you what has improved, the email app loads emails way faster for me now. Like it's actually usable now.


I found no noticeable difference in the browser. I wish that they would just fix that, as I hate to say it but my ipad loads pages a heap quicker. (I know, shoot me now!)

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10 


I think it has. Mind you I clear my cache and browse with Flash off. The sites I frequent often used to get lots of checker boarding. Now, not so much and those that do, the boarding doesn't last long.


While any updates is always nice, I would definitely like to see Blackberry work on if not BB10 maybe a lite version of BB10 running for Playbook so everything can be synchronized and run on same platform.


Wooohooo an update! Better than not being forgotten. Updating now!



Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


Yes! Hopefully Gamecenter works now.

Posted via CB10


Would have been perfect if it came with BBM

Posted via CB10


I would have wet my pants...


What's going on with these BB World errors? I love my Playbook but I don't wanna update if im stuck doing a complete security wipe after.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


It's just a 404 update the web browser. The update to .1917 DOES update BB world already. The filmstrip inside BBWorld that features apps and such has one that says Update BB World Today and when you click on it, it 404's. It's a confusing screw up on BlackBerry's part but it is NOT mission critical. BB World will already be's all good. No wipe needed. I'm sure BB will update the broken URL link asap.


Interesting, wonder what's going on with PB team? If there is one.... I'll have to find it, dust it off and pray it boots.

Imagine, some folks paid a grand for this thing!

It's a great device, shitty App Store, actually insulting.

Bob Cole1

I notice a vast improvement in responsiveness over the wlan. This is great I love the playbook. I just may get a z10 now


Is tht it!!!!!? Come'on!!!



Love my PB. I use it every day. Love the UI. It sounds great. I have a galaxy tab 3 8.0 also but prefer the PB over it. Just wish the internet was much faster on the PB and also the keyboard would stop logging.

Posted via CB10


Nope, Gamecenter still doesn't work. RIP Playbook.

Posted via CB10



" Initiated from my QNX10 "


It figures, I just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 8" today. The PlayBook browsing on my two favorite websites has been terrible lately. If you must know, Netflix and mrskin.

The new PlayBook update makes them usable again, might send the Galaxy Tab back.

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

That's the final one?

Bye bye Playbook (not for use, but official support)
Bye bye Windows XP (death knell 8/Apr) ....

Not too sorry for the latter ;-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Can't find update on Telus in Vancouver.

Posted via CB10


I hope every playbook owners will update so that BlackBerry will know how many loyal users they still got despite the hardware being "old"


Lou padula

What support?

Posted via CB10


This is bad. I feel like BlackBerry is going to keep going down hill. This news sucks the big ones

T-Mobile Z10STL100-3/ 


Thank you Blackberry.

Now update please android runtime.

Posted via CB10


I downloaded the software. I was super excited. I do hope that they keep actively updating the software on the BlackBerry PlayBook. It is the only tablet that I own and I really love it a lot. Who knows, maybe there will be a 10.3 update one day for this device. I would be elated if they did that.

Posted via CB10


They just killed it, BB officially sux butt!

Columba Dominic

Here's one aspect of Blackberry I rarely see any reference to, and that is it's support for unicode. I use the Perseus site at. Tufts for ancient Greek texts which works on my Q10, Z10 and my playbook but not on Android. Ancient Greek might seem obscure but worldwide there is a lot of us who read and study Greek. From ancient to modern Greek, there is at least 2600 years of text to study. I would be interested to know what other languages which do not use other fonts are like on Blackberry and Android.

Posted via CB10


Blackberry Z3 for North America Exclusively from Blackberry!

This is what needs to happen

Thie rry

Dlna abilities, bbm os10 full access are more interesting than flash Something and his brother...
Everybody know about security issues from flash, but everybody expect for something like Dlna....

M. Chen, BB investors, please, hear the requests of your little clients and read the crackberry site !


Best April Fool joke ever. Oh wait, this is legit?



I feel the playbook is a lot faster now after the update including the browser.

Posted via CB10


Haven't turned either of mine on in months..


Now unable to acquire ipaddress for my wifi after this update. Basically now worthless...

Posted via CB10


Ouch! That hurts! It is one thing to lose OS support for the PlayBook but it's another to lose the support when there isn't a replacement tablet ready to go.

I guess this is one of those "company saving" measures that must be taken to ensure that BlackBerry returns to profitability which is, after all, the big picture.

Now I need some alone time with my PlayBook to say goodbye. :(

Posted via CB10


A dramatic bunch. Yes, the news sucks, but the PB still works the same as it did before this news.


I use mine every day. Happy for the update.


Too bad as the playbook hw is still mainly relevant. I'd be pretty happy with cyanogen running on the hw. As it is now though it's ready for the recycle heap.

Posted via CB10


I wish that if they were going to update anything it would be the Adobe reader so it's the same as on my Q10, with the annotation bar so I can mark up my documents... I absolutely LOVE that feature on the Q10 version, and I'm scratching my head as to why there is no ability to do that on the larger screen of the playbook.


Updating now.

Posted via CB10


That 60% figure is a captive audience and by no means scientific. :P


I'm one of the 60% who use the PlayBook every day... i still love it
It's a Shame that there are no more updates ,in the future...
I agree with others we need a slim os
To run on the play book....
I will hold on to my PlayBook as long as I can... :(

Posted via CB10


I dont know about some of you but my front and back cameras are now working after the update. I thought those were toast but I am back in business. This update does seem a little better then beofre and I still love my Playbook, I use it every day and now that the cameras are back in business. I plan on keeping this little guy awhile longer. Thanks Blackberry.


Saw this pop up late last night here in UK just after my battery flashed 9%. So tonight's the night!

Now all we need is the facebook app and sms bridge app fixed :)

Most welcome update! Good work BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Screw the Playbook! BlackBerry's biggest fiasco. I paid full price for a product they never developed, marketed or supported properly. Shame on you BlackBerry! I hope you never do anything so shoddy again!

Posted via CB10


Noticed a great difference in pdf reader. Awesome work

Posted via CB10


Love my PlayBook and will be there till the end. Standing or dead, but never on my knees...

Posted via CB10


Go to BlackBerry World now and see what happens!

Posted via CB10


They are actively working on not supporting it. It shows that BlackBerry states things that are lies.

Posted via CB10


Please, I'm having a hard time upgrading the new update, please help. It says I have the latest version and doesn't show the new update!!!

Posted via CB10


No update on mine either....

Posted via CB10


Fixed print to go issue

Posted with my BBQ 10


So, since I missed the DL, and April is here, I don't get the update?

Posted via CB10


My wife got me an iPad mini on December 4, 2013 as an early Christmas gift and I've been loving it. That same day I put my playbook in its case, and haven't taken it out to this day and it's almost the end of April 2014. Just heard about the update today and I think I'm going to let a dead dog lie and leave my playbook inside its case and not bother updating, as I'm so happy with my iPad mini. Playbook was a great tablet in its time, but the advertising execution of the playbook in the beginning was just plain idiotic. And they were trying to compete with the iPad which is ridiculous. Kind of like an ant (play book) trying to push a tricycle. Ive also additionally been hearing complaints that this new update is messing up the video on playbooks. Leave it up to blackberry to screw up the most basic thing. One of the things that really burns my butt about the playbook is that there was never any voice recognition. I'm sitting here speaking this comment on my iPad mini right now. No Siri, no voice assistance of any kind. Just thinking... No, going to leave my playbook in its case and let it rest in peace. I may take my playbook out of it's case a few years from now and fire it up and have a good laugh with my wife, and a lot of good memories from when the playbook was cool but for now, forget it. Thanks for the attempt blackberry but I love my iPad too much to go back. Rest in peace playbook.


My wife got me an iPad mini on December 4, 2013 as an early Christmas gift and I've been loving it. That same day I put my playbook in its case, and haven't taken it out to this day and it's almost the end of April 2014. Just heard about the update today and I think I'm going to let a dead dog lie and leave my playbook inside its case and not bother updating, as I'm so happy with my iPad mini. Playbook was a great tablet in its time, but the advertising execution of the playbook in the beginning was just plain idiotic. And they were trying to compete with the iPad which is ridiculous. Kind of like an ant (play book) trying to push a tricycle. Ive also additionally been hearing complaints that this new update is messing up the video on playbooks. Leave it up to blackberry to screw up the most basic thing. One of the things that really burns my butt about the playbook is that there was never any voice recognition. I'm sitting here speaking this comment on my iPad mini right now. No Siri, no voice assistance of any kind. Just thinking... No, going to leave my playbook in its case and let it rest in peace. I may take my playbook out of it's case a few years from now and fire it up and have a good laugh with my wife, and a lot of good memories from when the playbook was cool but for now, forget it. Thanks for the attempt blackberry but I love my iPad too much to go back. Rest in peace playbook.


Am I of the few that recognize a tablet is not a supercomputer, and that most are used as tools to access email, social networks, read books, quick internet surfs, and games? What it promised, it delivered. What BB produced was a tank compared to the other plastic crap that's available, and fast too. I dare anyone to drop an apple anything to the floor, it's done. BB products survive being thrown or driven over! Honestly, I applaud BB conserving and directing it's resources to products and areas where they can innovate and regain marketshare. If the passport for example, is a runaway, they can survive. On Ebay new playbooks are $69! I love my playbook, and am grateful for the update.