BlackBerry PlayBook takes the #1 selling tablet slot at Future Shop and Best Buy

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 2 Mar 2012 06:01 pm EST

Just in case you don't actually get Future Shop and Best Buy newsletters in your email, you may not know that the BlackBerry PlayBook has been prominently displayed by both retailers for the past few weeks now leading up to the release of PlayBook OS 2.0 and even after. The placement, within those newsletters appears to of have paid off for RIM as confirmed by the BlackBerry Twitter account:

News! Best Buy (@BBYCanadaDeals) informed us that #BlackBerry #PlayBook was their TOP selling tablet last week!

Yay! #BlackBerry #PlayBook was the #1 selling tablet at Future Shop (@FS_Deals) this week!

With PlayBook OS 2.0 now out there for the masses, there is a lot of folks realizing the BlackBerry PlayBook does have a lot to offer and you don't specifically need to be a BlackBerry user to own one, something that many PlayBook critics harshed on when the PlayBook was launched.

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BlackBerry PlayBook takes the #1 selling tablet slot at Future Shop and Best Buy


Great news :D

*waits for certain people to put a negative spin on it as usual*

Who cares, lots of playbooks are selling!! :D

Yeah, like the Globe and Mail or the Toronto Star. It disgusts me how they keep writing these negatively torqued articles about RIM a Canadian company in their own province Ontario that is struggling economically and desperately needs jobs like those at RIM. And do all they can think of to do is the "me too" parrotting of the American tech blog media's perspective on this company. Wow. Shortsighted at the least. Stupid really.

I feel the same way. Even a news station in Waterloo is quick to show positive things in a negative way when it comes to RIM. What is wrong with people?

All of the BB debbie-downers/doubters at work are so jealous and mad because they can't find any PBs. The PB is so HOT

Anyone have any ideas or predictions how many playbooks sold for the quarter.

I'm going to say 2.5 -3 million.

It's just a short period of time though. If RIM will keep the pressure on with great advertising, they can make a push in the tablet market. They have a lot of ground to make up, but this is positive news indeed!

I concur with your opinion concerning the need for great advertisement by RIM to put the PlayBook on a leveled playing field with the competition.

Canada or US?

Another question: Why do none of the retailers listed on the PlayBook's "Where to Buy?" Page seem to have any in stock in stores? Except Office Depot, which of course isn't discounting anymore.

Get these things in showrooms again!

Exactly...they are too busy swinging from Apple's nutsack while publishing "exclusive" stories from "high ups" at RIM about the following:

1. RIM can't get email working on the PlayBook
2. RIM is discontinuing the PlayBook
3. RIM is seeking to be purchased by Samsung/Google/Microsoft.
4. RIM's former co-CEOs fathered a child from the same woman.
5. Thorsten Heins is secretly an Apple exec that has been put in place to "spy" on BB10.

BGR isn't the three biggest letters in tech, it is the single biggest JOKE in tech.

It's good news to be sure but you have to temper any expectations with the fact that these are true only in Canada.

Speaking of which, I'm looking for a 1.21 "jiggawatt" flux capacitor replacement. Maybe I'll see if I can price match at Best Buy ;)

This is good to hear. It will be refreshing to see other finally "get" what the PB is all about. I'd like to have "someone" to video chat with for a change. Lol
I'm usually the one that likes to be different, but I wouldn't mind seeing others out and about using their PlayBooks in the wild.

I still have to see it to believe it here. I'll have to stop by my local Best Buy and see what's up. Their so freakin negative here toward it, they would have to be mandated to push PlayBooks sales here I bet. Here in Houston, I feel like the Lone Ranger, me and my trusty PlayBook! LOL

@ CJ

Hang in there. You are going to look like a "Wise Maverick " with the Playbook when all is said and done. Chicks will dig you.

Then I suggest you show it to your friends.

I have gotten 11 Playbooks for people in addition to mine. All I've done is show it to people and tell them the truth.

*No it does not have 512RAM it has a full 1Ghz

*No it does not only have one 720p HD and one VGA it has two 1020p HD cameras

*Oh, yes, it has way better speakers, that actually face the user not one silly thing in the back facing away from the viewer.

*if they have a BB then I share how much I've saved with Bridge vs. 3G or even tethering and the remote control and view on feature.

But mostly I just need to let them see it in action. Even for the same price I think the Playbook is a valid competitor to the leading tablet.

You can upgrage software but hardware is stuck. People say the Playbook lacks this or that (all other tablets lack this that or something else as well) but BlackBerry is on it on upgrades, software and apps and still has the better specs.

I got upset about how the media was just flat out lying about RIM. Sure they have issues but they are still the leaders in security, e-mail and messaging. They also have the best keyboard in the world. They are also adding apps and improving the UI and they are not data hogs or have their component manufacturers killing themselves.

So, I showed my Bold 9930 to my friends and I've gotten ten to pick up BlackBerries. However, the Playbook is a super easy sale. it is just way awesome.

Why am I doing this? Because I love BlackBerry and I don't care for the business practices of the leading competitor that still has not figured out how to be a secure device or consume data responsibly.

I'm going for 50 BlackBerry phones and 100 tablets. Then, I'll feel I did my part to stop the B.S. media picking winner and losers. I just don't like people telling me what to do. Especially when it is a bunch of distorted lies.

Yes. BlackBerry has some issues but when you look at ALL the relevant points. I think the OS7 BB's still rock and come out on top and the Playbook is just a complete market distortion of a great deal at this price and I'm getting everyone that will listen an opportunity to get one.

Oh yeah. I'm a fan. Go RIM! No matter what the media says, they can't stop the BlackBerry loyalists from spreading the truth.

Greats news.
Was @ my local walmart this morning in Montreal they don't even have a display case for PB anymore and zero accessories for them.
Sales guy had no idea why .

I saw that as well ..... Wal Mart is all American .... they want American companies to succeed.
I know 3 people that bought a PlayBook recently ... and they LOVE it !!!

Tell that to the little snot nose at the BestBuy near my house. I went in the other night to get a case for my Playbook and he told me "HE" decided not to carry the Playbook anymore - that no one was interested in it. I asked him if maybe it was because when I was in a month ago looking at them- he didn't even know how to turn it on. IDIOT!!!

Didnt you post that story of how he couldnt turn it on?
I sure dont want to go in that bestbuy

I reported a similar issue to RIM about Sales/Manager staff at a BestBuy in Buffalo. Let's just say that Manager is no longer working there now.

I'm in SFO waiting for my flight back home. I was at The Academy of Sciences and was taking videos with my PlayBook and had a number of very positive comments. Those comments also made me realize that RIM has done a terrible job at marketing their products and that there are many who are quite excited about them when they see what they can do.

Comments on the PB...
- Wow, that takes awesome video
- You mean I don't need to buy a separate tethering plan if I have a BlackBerry phone? Cool!
- Why haven't I heard about this before?
- How much is it?..........What??!! Is it available in the U.S.?

Marketing is one of the things that RIM has not got right in the last couple of years! It's one of the fields where Thorsten failed.

Guys, i love my Playbook...but let's be real here, it's well known that a new iPad is about to be announced. iPad stock is running low and the channels are clearing remaining stock.

Do you really think anyone who had their heart set on an iPad would change their mind and flip to a PlayBook so easily? No. Chances are the rep would tell them, "sorry.. we don't have nay iPads cause the new one is coming out". The depletion of iPad stock would have minimal impact here.

Not saying it isn't a factor entirely, just saying the people genuinely purchasing a PlayBook is higher in probability then anyone walking in and switching their minds off an iPad only to replace it with a PlayBook.

If anything the in store reps would advise them to wait over suggesting a PlayBook.

Sorry man, maybe i phrased that poorly....but i think we both are saying the same thing. I think anyone buying a playbook knows what they are getting and aren't just getting one on the spot when the rep tells them they are out of iPads.

BUT, I don't think the playbook numbers have gone up significantly. I just think the iPad numbers have dumped, thus making PB no.1

I would love to be wrong on this though!

At over double the price, the iPad was, and still is and probably will be, it's very hard to reach for many people.

That's why the Touchpad, Kindle Fire and now the PB has done so well. It's the sub $200 price point that gets alot of peole in the tablet market.

The comments I usually hear now about the PB is in regards to the price. My friends were all ragging on me for buying a PB. Ever since the price drops, they all went out and bought one for themselves and loving it.


iPad stock is running low!!! Bestbuy where I live have plenty of them, which is the reason Bestbuy has marked them down. Ebay probably has more than they can stand because the new iPad 3 is about to hit the market, and people are trying to sell their iPad2 before the price drops even more. Rim should be advertising the Playbook at the current price before the iPad3 launch to showcase the new 2.0 software, and how the Playbook is only going to get better. Consumers are looking for good deals and bargains. Everybody cannot afford to pay $500 to $700 for an iPad...

I hope Rim launches a 4G version soon that either AT&T or Verizon will pickup because that would help RIM's image and show that a big network still has confidence in RIM and the products. RIm needs to launch a white Playbook (limited edition) and create a shortage to create hype. When people cannot get something they go crazy, which we have seen with Apple...

I am waiting for the white Black Berry Bold to come to AT&T. I have been wanting one every since I saw Kevin's.... That is the sleekest phone that I have seen on the market yet.... In my opinion, it is more appealing than the iPhone... I currently have the Torch 9810.

Good point. It would be nice if there were some type of recourse for false reporting. Too much of it with no real repercussions.

this might also be true as people are not buying ipads in anticipation of ipad 3 coming out in a few weeks... just saying.

I can say that 5 colleagues have bought Playbooks, all claiming that my enthusiasm for the device helped them make the decision. I am now providing some "newbie support", but I don't mind a bit :-)

My boss is also evaluating the device for potential widespread adoption in the small enterprise I work at.

I've gotten 3 on board in our office. We just set up BESX as well, and I'm excited to get Mobile Fusion rolling if these colleagues really take a liking to the PlayBook (which I in no way doubt).

*Sigh* I guess I'm going to have to repair my poor little BESx instance now, because I'd really like to give Fusion a spin too. Especially to see how well it connects my PB up to the SharePoint I tinker with...

Glad to see it, so far ive seen it quite a few times in other students hands in class, people walking playbooks to the front of stores to purchase them and at my sisters soccer registration there was one there for people to look on the site.

Finally people are starting to see that it's a well rounded machine. :)

When I tried to buy a PlayBook I could not find a store with 64Gb version ... i'm not that surprise. It's a good news since hardware sales gives us more software dev!

I stopped in the local Best Buy to "look" at bluetooth keyboards and noticed a guy talking to a sales rep about the 32 GB PlayBook. As expected, the rep was about as clueless of PlayBook features/operations as I am about brain surgery. After the guy got flustered and told the Best Buy rep that "he was going to do some more research online". He blew off the rep and walked around until the coast was clear and then came back to the PlayBook. I struck up a conversation with him about the PlayBook and properly advised him of the features/functionality of it. I also informed him of the $299 deal for the 64 GB model on shopblackberry and he promptly left to order one. I think RIM should give me the commission on the sale, and do a better job of educating Best Buy "sales" associates on how to use the PlayBook. The rep told the customer that most carriers charged for pairing it to their BlackBerry device.... SMH!!

Even before OS 2.0 was released I let a few kids at school play with my PB. They loved the UI and how fluid it seemed. Now with 2.0 people are even more impressed with it, biggest point being the 7 inch form factor. Gottal love it.

This device surprises and delights people WHEN THEY ACTUALLY GET THEIR HANDS ON IT. It looks like that's starting to happen!

If you want to see how people truly feel about the PlayBook, go check out the user reviews section at Best Buy and Future Shop. You'll see things like 200 reviews, average rating 4.3 / 5. The PlayBook speaks for itself. People just need to get this thing in their hands and slowly the masses will start to realize what an awesome product it is.

I'm loving mine.

I hope everyone forwards this to Netflix, Skype, and TuneIn radio - maybe then they will get the message that the world doesn't revolve around Apple and Android.

I normally don't use extemporaneous language but this post makes me say

"FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!"


Cant someone do a hidden camera series in these best buy stores to expose what there are doing to stop rims growth...get on it kevin

My dad went to Best Buy in Raleigh, North Carolina. He's tablet shopping and he knows, has seen and played with the Playbook. He said the guy in Best Buy told him it was being discontinued. I had to explain that Best Buy people don't know shit. They are not salespeople and don't get a commision. They therefore do not study the products. At Best Buy things are for sale but they are not sold to you. I'm sure this goes on everywhere.

I got my PB in November, ealy Christmas gift from me to me when they first got on sale. Got home my girlfriend asked for one for Christmas so the next day a got her one before the sale ends. Then our 2 teenage girls both wanted one for Christmas so my girlfriend went and got 2 more again before the sale ended.... Which never ended... At work I'm responsible for at least 12 and another 4 for my close familly. I got a 9800 phone And tether all the time. What a steel $200.

My 2 younger girls 2 and 3 years old both enjoy the fun educational games. A good thing we have 2 PB. We get to use it after they go to bed.

One question, How much money does RIMM make on the sell of an app? Every day my 2 younger daughters ask me for new apps, a good thing that I need to enter my pw because they do their own shopping of free apps so intuitive for them. I buy between $10 and $20 of apps and music per week. A good thing that we don't have video store yet in Canada, I could see myself spending double or triple that amount.

Just my 2 cents, I truly believe people who switch from BB to iphone and androids will come back to BB in 2013 or 2014 after or before their contract ends.


I just wish RIM would offer some training to the stores that sell PlayBooks... any store I walk into (FutureShop, BestBuy or Staples), I see a couple PlayBooks (with no advertising banners or cards anywhere to be seen) turned off and abandoned or running an outdated OS, sitting on a shelf with other Android tablets. Next to that, a huge Apple display with a bunch of iPads that draws a crowd.

I got one colleague who has now bought a Playbook and my boss is about to crack. Once i showed them work email and bbm on bridge, plus the excel, word, pdf and the itunes pretty much sealed it. LOVE my Playbook. But I use it for work and some playing around so it makes sense over an ipad (which i have through work for presentations) Now get us NETFLIX! I watch it on my 3ds and work ipad...need it on the Playbook too.

A friend who is a loyal android phone user, said people at Best Buy were really talking up the PB. I responded that it was funny that I had read Best Buy lacked knowledge, and enthusiasm about the PB. My friend wanted to see mine in action. He was impressed with it's speed, and screen resolution of the built in demo video. Finally a promo from a major outlet. PC Mag, and Cnet never even mention the PB on their pages.

ooh cmon people,
they are "best selling" of the moment not because of OS 2.0
but because of the slashing on the price !

im a blackberry user, but for tablet, nothing beat good ol iPad. Full Stop.

This is awesome but I may have trouble picking up a new 64gb when I decide to upgrade my 32gb!

Save some PlayBooks for everyone else guys!

About the Canadian newspapers bashing RIM: They're supposed to be objective, but you would think if they were going to be biased they would at least be biased on the positive side for the economic hand that feeds, so to speak.

Ever since the sales began, they're selling like crazy at least here in Canada. Each time the sale started, they were out of stock by the next day. I upgraded from a 16 to a 64 and sold the 16 to my small business partner (we make PlayBook apps among other things). Then I got one for my fiance. Then my fiance's dad got one on Boxing Day sales after they had dropped even farther. A few other people I know got them for Christmas. And now the one I just got from the developer offer I'm able to pass off to my step-dad who was never able to get into stores for the sales in time because they sold so fast. I've been seeing more and more of them out in the wild, too - my classes, on the bus, coffee shops - for the first time since release.

I have noticed a big difference in Best Buy where I shop. When I bought my playbook the sales people ignored playbook. I helped sell two units to customers when I bought mine. The individuals I met said I knew way more then the sales staff about the product. When I go in there now there are always at least one or two sales people helping customers understand the playbook and they are knowledgeable. Playbook is the best value in the tablet market with its competitive pricing.

I just saw on the History channel that the #27 gadget that changed the world was the BLACKBERRY!

also mentioned was pres. Obama's BB and the addictive nickname CRACKBERRY!!!

[Deadly duo - Playbook/Bold]

I had 2 coworkers buy Playbooks this week. One coworker wanted to buy an inexpansive tablet and I recommended the Playbook, which is on sale at Bestbuy. He has seen me used mine a little at work. So he bought it over the weekend and brought it to work Monday. Another coworker saw him using it and was shocked at what it could do and he went and bought one that night. The net day all 3 of us was Video chatting at work and a group of females coworkers ask if they were ipads. LOL Yes RIM has done a very poor job marketing this tablet. I hope this recent update and future ones increase awareness. My two coworkers are both enjoying their new Playbooks.

so there is no one thats willing to take me up on my spy cam best buy idea.......think this would bring real light to an issue thats is plaguing RIM and the Playbook.... announcing best SPY

Comon everyone, lets get real here and get your heads out of the sand. Rim is in deep shit.
Until Netflix, TomTom, Skype, DropBox etc. (i'm sure everyone can fill out this apps list to their own heart content) ... start to appear on the PlayBook it is going to be considered CRAP!
The iPad fucking ROCKS and no matter how much I like my PlayBook the lack of apps SUCKS and sucks huge.
Rim needs to do some serious work to get the major players on board.
Only once the developers start really developing, people will start to notice our Canadian gem.

Your deep command of the English language speaks volumes about your intellect, Montevale. All really advanced technical electronic users feel the need to throw in a few fecal and f-bombs - your mom must be so proud!

BTW, lots of these Android apps are already ported over to OS2 (like Dropbox) - and literally dozens more every day. I have an iPad, an iPad 2, every iTouch and iPhone version - and 2 Playbooks in my household. We use the Playbook while the iPad sits on the charger. For $199 and $299 (64 gb version), the Playbook is a absolute bargain.

BTW, kids read these boards too - I hope any eventually born to you have less exposure to your kind of blog than the ones who come upon your deep thoughts...

Go ahead, make some idiotic comeback... LOL

Hey acemeister79, here is my idiotic comback and you can LOL as much as you like :)
Pardon my strong language acemeister79, that was celarly not intended for the young kids. Indeed kids read it all here as well, so I was clearly in the wrong on that one. However your comments also clearly speak volumes of you being that ignorant kind I was talking about, the one with the had in the sand thinking that ported apps from Android are going to be better than the ones developed stratight for the BB OS or buying two PlayBooks is better than one Ipad.
I bought my first PlayBook on pre-order, bridge was buggy there were no apps and I returned it after one week, than bought it again at the end of the summer, bridge was a bit better but there was still no apps and I took it back again still disappointed, only when the price dropped to $199 I bought it and kept it in hope of the OS2 and the Apps... meanwhile my iPad 2 has been with me day in and day out and I paid dearly for the 3g64gb version and never wanted to return it back to the store.
I'm so torn so want the PlayBook to do what iPad can but it is not there yet and unless Rim gets the developers excited it will be a tough very tough uphill battle... and you my friend will find yourself continue using your PlayBook only (as you cleverly noted in your previous post) when your iPad is in the charger.

This is all fine and dandy in Canada so it seems. I was down in Seattle over the weekend and decided to look for a rapid charger for the Playbook and it seems like nobody is selling the Playbook down there...most of the sales people at the several Best Buys, Staples & Office Depot's from Bellingham to Seattle looked at me and said "you have a Playbook?" as to say why in the world would you want want one of those things or just stared at me like I was from outer space. So it would seem to me from talking to these sales people that the Playbook is all but dead or discontinued in the States which sadly is probably not good news for RIM.

Finally people are getting brains.


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

Problem is that is all in Canada, not in the US where rimm is loosing market share. Us consumers need to buy them not Canada and uk where it is huge already. When it is the number one tablet at us best buy ill be impressed

Everybody is getting excited about a few more Playbooks sold in Canada !! Come on !! It is not selling in US . This will not save RIM ! More apps ...more apps.. ! That is the mantra for RIM.
Soon Ipad 3 will come and nobody will care about the Playbook.

This is good news, though still surprising considering the terrible presentation of the PlayBook at some Best Buys and Futureshops. Walked in to a Futureshop in Shawnessy Calgary yesterday to get a micro HDMI cable, and walked down their tablet aisle. PB's nowhere to be seen. They had them around the corner at the end of the aisle, where not a soul would see them.

Congrats to BB on the PB !!

btw..was into the neighbourhood wallys for something else* this a.m., and dropped into electronics .... geeeez their dusty lonely shelf 16gb PB was priced at $200 higher than a 64gb at (cdn)LD!!

p.s. *italpasta 900gr $1 LOL

Almost coverted two in the office. They even went to a Best Buy to make the purchase. Unfortunately, the lack of Skype killed the sale. I personally don't need a video chat app anymore, but lots of other people do. The site doesn't work well enough.

Too bad RIM. How can you go this long without this most basic and popular feature?

Come on guys! Everyone knows that
1. the new iPad is just around the corner and
2. new tablets have been introduced on the MWC in Barcelona

So all but the PB customers are waiting for the new models to arrive. I highly doubt that the PB will keep up with the new iPad and the new Android tablets.

OK i have been reading about rim not selling any Playbooks in the states roughly three 16g Playbooks same money as one ipad 16g !!!!!!!!! Value? Maybe Canadians want good value more
Than Americans eg. Our banking system and real estate market are in pretty good shape!!!!!
Or we're just cheap!!!!!!!! Just saying

I went to Best Buy Mobile at Dufferin Mall, Toronto to see some new products. A sales person approached me and asked what I am looking for. when I told him that I am looking for Tablet then he started talking about IPAD2 and Androids Apps. When I asked about Playbook then he said that it's waste of money as they don't have enough apps and kindle, netflix, skype ect. He also said that Playbook can't survive over other Tablets like Galaxy.
My question: how playbook sales will go higher if the sales person talk negative about Palybook and offer customers other best alternatives.
Eventhough, I use Playbook but I can't argue with him when it comes to Apps. Honestly, Apps is everthyting these days. Most of the tablets buyers are students and they want Apps. How many business people are buying Playbook? Not much? So, how they can compete?
RIM has no business sence when it comes to Tablets.

Interesting how threads "drift," isn't it? BTW, BestBuy advertised the PB for $199 in our local ad today, and Radio Shack had it for $299! ( both 16gb version)
Go figure.