BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS v2.0 seen in Best Buy ad?

BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Best Buy Ad
By Adam Zeis on 16 Sep 2011 09:28 am EDT

Update: It looks like this may be an old image after all. It does make sense since the Tablet OS v.2 should be moving away from the multiple panels format and more towards user created folders. Kevin touched on this a while back and said the new OS will most likely be more iOS like in that you can create your own folders and group apps along with other changes. So unfortunately this may not be one to drool over, but hopefully some real screens of v2.0 will turn up before long.

Hot off the RIM earnings call last night where Jim Balsille spilled the beans on the PlayBook Tablet OS v2.0 details, forums member CB.Mike-D posted up this pic of a BlackBerry PlayBook from a Best Buy catalog. If you inspect the image closely you'll notice a few key elements of the screen that aren't quite right. The image here does indeed show the Tablet OS on the PlayBook, but it's not the current incarnation that we know. The Photos and Videos icons are a bit different than what we have now and there is also a search icon in the top right corner. Both a Messages and Calendar icon are present, however there is no BlackBerry Bridge panel, so this could be the native clients. Also there are both a Social and Favorites panel that aren't in the current OS. Sooooo .... what do it all mean? It could possibly be v2.0 of the Tablet OS, or it could just be a big mix up. It doesn't look much like a Photoshop screw up, so we're thinking it's a good possibility that it's an early screen of what we can expect when v2.0 sees the light of day. Good job Best Buy ... we know you're holding out on us so lets see some more ;-)

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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS v2.0 seen in Best Buy ad?


Uh, no... anything with that green background is OLD news, not new.

We've seen that image back in, like, December 2010 or so.

This is an old ad of the prototype Tablet OS for marketing. I've seen the same at Staples on the PlayBook's launch. I wouldn't worry about it being a possible OS 2.0 sneak peek so much as a prototype image that got pushed out to paper. Seems they were hoping to bring OS 6-7 abilities early on and as we all know, that hasn't happened just yet.

Yeah we also saw Skype in a screenshot of the the Playbook's Appworld just before the Playbook was released and we all know that was BS! Probably more Photo chopped propaganda from RIM to try to move units.

The search icon looks exactly like the spotlight icon on the top right corner on a mac... could be photoshop...

i just we don't loose our ability to bridge because that would tick me off big time. only reason i went with this is I wouldn't have to pay yet another dang data plan

the best FREE app that i installed so far is Al Jazeera English for Playbook. i hope more free apps like this will come out soon!

i cant wait...its like a brand new playbook...what would top it off if they said pull off tbe back and insert ur sd card lol that would b a great surprise lol