BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS 1.0.6 hits beta zone for developers

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 13 Jun 2011 01:53 pm EDT

Don't get too excited on this one just yet, but it looks like some BlackBerry Beta Zone developers are receving the following email with information on an upcoming OS update to 1.0.6. The update will be available to select developers so they can prep their apps for the upcoming update.

On behalf of Research In Motion®, we are pleased to tell you about an exclusive Preview Program focused on providing developers a chance to test their applications on BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.6.

The goal of this program is to ensure that your AIR 2.7 and Flash 10.3 applications are optimized and ready for the BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.6 release. Please read this entire notice, as it contains key information about your participation in this program.

This program is only available to a select group of BlackBerry PlayBook developers; as such we are very interested in hearing your comments and experiences.

No word on what will come with the new update, but we can hope since it's being run by some devs first that it has some action-packed stuff to go along with it. Again - looks like only a select set of developers will be getting this, so fingers crossed for a public release soon. We'll update if we find out anything else on this one. 

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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS 1.0.6 hits beta zone for developers


Jeez, I hope this one finally brings copy/paste to emails without having to do a "trick".

I'm crossing my fingers that Native Email and PIM are as suprise show up on this one as there is a targeted testing group.

I'm inclined to agree with you on that something like that will likely carry a higher version#, but at the same time RIM did say "we will, have, if you want, a standalone non-web, non-paired email client on it [PlayBook]within the next, I believe it was 60 days."

Lets stay optimistic, yes?

Personally, I doubt it will, happen anytime this month, but I like to at least try to be positive.

I highly doubt they will make it 1.5 or 2.0 just because they add native email, calendar, and address book. It will probably be 1.1. And should happen by the end of August or whenever the radio versions of the PB are released.

my grandma told me she got an inside scoop from a RIM employee.... says that native email is coming on version and will hit the market in March 2012.... here's hoping... can't wait, its gonna be so awesome....

2012?! God i hope not that's one hell of a wait! Nearly a year later, lets hope not. Of course I don't know any better myself. But I'm a Blackberry user regardless so if native email wont sync with the email on my Berry then would I even want it? That's just another device to have look at the same "new" messages all over again. No clue if that would be the way it is or if the "native" email would be geared toward non BB phone users and thereby functioning in such a way that it would be completely off the BIS/BES. Being RIM I would doubt that, but really the bridge function is looking more like my cup of tea. It's real time, if I'm out of WiFi and click on a link in an email it directs to the Bridge Browser. With a native email client, unbridged, no internet. Native email makes more sense on a 3g/4g tablet where this would not be a problem. I'm betting that when the first one of those comes, email is native, stock. Then the same OS version with that functionality will come to the WiFi tablets as well. Sorry so long, i rarely post.

hello?? lol!!! I'm pretty sure that the grandma posting was a joke. If it wasn't, it ought to be interpreted as a joke. Have you ever known RIM to jump from version 1 to version 3 in 11 months? Not likely. Additionally, the specific version of x.x.x.2384 reinforces the joke :) Nice to see that you're passionate anyway.

lol. All good. guess I took that one just a little too close to heart. I tend to believe everything i read on here as so many other sites just don't do their research and post whatever. Having a good laugh now though. I kinda like the idea of even a grand mother getting into a playbook and loving it however... :)

lol ..... inside scoop .... yea right.

July 4th ..... give or take a day or two in either direction.

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Too funny.......LOL I needed a laugh for today!!! RIM said that Native email was due out by this summer along with Android and the Sprint 4G Playbook... I believe all this is going to happen in July.........RIM's main focus is sales right now....

Sorry, I'm a little uneducated on flash stuff... What's so great about flash 10.3 that everyone is so excited about? Could someone please explain in stupid person terms so I can understand :d

Guess that these high powered, flash rocking apps will need something like the 10.3

We are talking Big Leagues now!

So is this going to be on beta zone for 3 days then released to the public before the launch in the UK? ...they better work fast : ) maybe the launch on the 20th in Aus. But probably not. Do it doesn't seem like there will be an update for the UK launch which we all hoped would be true.


I was hoping with the UK launch in 2 days, and worldwide rollout coming soon they would have a new update ready to hit, hoping to god they have an email app and a book reader that will actually let you buy e-books in the UK! Kobo is great, but won't let you buy anything over here!!

Otherwise I'm going to have to resort to getting someone in the states to buy me a kobo voucher and I'll paypal them some cash so I can actually use the damn thing!!