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BlackBerry PlayBook Spotted on Rizzoli and Isles

BlackBerry PlayBook Rizzoli and Isles
By Adam Zeis on 8 Sep 2011 10:01 am EDT

One keen eyed CrackBerry reader caught the BlackBerry PlayBook in action on TNT's Rizzoli and Isles this past week. It's not the first time we've seen the PlayBook in action on a TV show and hopefully not the last. Networks like TNT and FX have some crazy BlackBerry action going on where phones are concerned, so maybe they'll start busting out the PlayBook more often as well. One more image after the break. Thanks Marc and Gilahiker for posting it in the forums!

BlackBerry PlayBook Rizzoli and Isles



it was spotted to on White Collar! :)


Did you bother to read the post? The link goes to the post with the White Collar pic.


woohooo im so cool im on cb now! :)


One of the best shows on TV and I'm from Jamaica, love Rizzoli and Isles, right after The Closer on Monday's, sorry they both have series ending next week :(


I spotted that too and backed it up to show my wife. I also noticed the Blackberry logo was missing from the bottom bezel...can't hide...LOL


That sucks that it doesn't have the BB logo. I guess the producers of the show didn't get permission.


oh my good lord, about a month ago i sent crackberry a head up about an episode of the new show ALPHAS on SYFY where at the end of the show, one of the agents was using his blackberry to video chat with the doctor on his laptop on the show. I repeat, VIDEO CHAT WITH HIS BB SMARTPHONE!!! Now k know I'm not crazy so could someone please take a peek at the end of the 2,3 or 4 the episode and tell me that it was a mistake on the show's part, or they have a qnx blackberry with forward facing cam that slide underneath all of our noses. Oh yeah, and GO RIM!!!


Don't believe everything you see on TV.


Last season Frost was rocking an iPad. I'm glad he came around to the BB side. ;)


In the same episode you'll see that Rizzoli's phone is actually a Storm2 as well (minus the logo). THAT was pretty awesome. Nice to see my phone on TV! Here's a screenshot:


Even better, Isles is rockin' the white 9800.


Yeah finally!!!!! I think on one of the crackberry celebrity sightings I mentioned that Blackberry products were being used on this same show. Glad to see that Crackberry finally picked up. If you notice, Dr Isles has the white 9800, Rizzoli has a Storm 2, And the two other male detectives carry Blackberries. But they topped it off with the Blackberry playbook this week........GO RIM!!!!


Anyone pick up on the address of that Enhanced Drivers Licence? Wouldn't happen to be my hometown would it?