BlackBerry PlayBook spotted in latest Black Eyed Peas video!

By Bla1ze on 23 Nov 2010 08:28 pm EST

The latest video for the Black Eyed Peas was posted to Will.I.Am's Dipdive website not too long ago in support of their new upcoming album, The Beginning. While it takes a few mins for the video to get rolling, you'll quickly notice some strategically placed BlackBerry PlayBook shots. Awesome but not all that surprising. Will.I.Am is a hardcore BlackBerry user and being a futurist and all it makes sense he’s already got a BlackBerry PlayBook. Thanks Obi!

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BlackBerry PlayBook spotted in latest Black Eyed Peas video!


People that do what you do are the biggest losers around. You will accomplish nothing in life...

i love how you feel you have the authority to call others losers for what they do. he/she is having fun let them. live and let live sir.

His post was of a positive nature albeit arguably unnecessary, whereas yours is negative in nature and unnecessary as well. Let people have their moments in life.

Not big on the Song either but I got a HUGE laugh at this line

"Who's the baddest of them all, ya gotta be the apple, I'm the mac daddy y'all"

The video is showing off the playbook then he is talking about apple being the best? WTF?

I had to double take on that too... I thought it was funny that he said that as he was holding the PlayBook.

C'mon, WTF is wrong with you?

Yeah, it’s gotta be the apl

APL is the name of one the members. Fergie, Will I AM and APL

this is very nice! Can't wait til this album comes out! and definitely CANNOT wait until the Playbook comes out! WOOT WOOT!!!!

I hate theem! I'm so envy!!!!!!
You see how easy he holds the playbook to record video?... or should I say augmented reality sort...
It all came to me last september...

There is certain stuff I need to do the iStuff can't do for me... It is so clear that ipad2 or even ipad1 will sell far more devices than Playbook. But in 2011, people will start reasoning about what they've been told.
They will see how mobile 7" are
They will see that sometimes they need flash, and if don't they will see how cool it can be if flash is supported. Like computers, at the begining flash was slow on low specs pc, but the hardware came, and made the heaviest flash movie to run fast and smooth. On PC's flash issue doesn't exists anymore. Only if you are outdated in terms of technology.
On mobile devices, that same evolution is happening, we are receiving faster and faster devices each year. People will realize that flash is not slow, and that once it gets faster processors and SMP OS like QNX, that will be a thing of the past.
Then, companies against flash will have to give the people the option to have it.
They will have to stop reinventing the way of "multitasking", instead of just saying that ordinary multitasking drains battery. They will accept more than 12 icons inside a folder.
People often say, the ipad2 will be awesome...
Can't wait to see what the playbook 2 will have...

Love your comment. All this talk about Ipad 2 and no one gave even a thought to playbook 2. Sad when a next generation device will barely keep up with a competitors first gen. The beauty is that RIM won't have to put out a next gen but simple put out updates for the current gen. I love competition in the electronic industry, every one wins( I mean consumers, ofcourse!).

You sir will have to wait on the line, I'm buying it first!

It looks so natural when he is like recording video, isn't it?

Two things to look forward to, PlayBook and new TBEP album. Just curious what is the best way to download music for the BlackBerry and PC?

Promotion!!! :P
I love how companies introduces their products in music videos :P
Ma favorite are always the Beats By Dr Dre :P
But I think that now I should add to "my favorites" list the BlackBook :D :P

Anyone else notice that he was holding it upside down at 2:30? The camera for the front was at the bottom.

Sweet video though, can't wait to try out a PlayBook now!

Like I didn't want one before! I'm not a huge Black Eyed Peas fan but just seeing the Playbook in the hands of an actualy person instead of the creators makes me believe that it's THAT much closer to us "regular folks."

It is kind of lame that the clown is up at wee hours of the morning just to be first. Stop talking about the playbook until it actually comes out. Also it is funny how the song praise apple but the playbook is in the video. Wonder how much did rim pay them to make rim look stupid

Pretty sure what the "I'm the mac daddy of them all" was about. Saying if apple is the best of them all the playbook is the mac daddy of them.

Video was a little odd, liked some parts of the beat, can't wait to hear a proper remix from DeadMau5 or maybe Swedish House Mafia.
I'm on prepaid so playbook will have to wait.Have fun with yours!

BB on the ball again. It looks like they's really shifted marketing into high gear for the Playbook. I think RIM as a co haven't been happy with their product line, but with the Playbook we see they are getting some swagger. Product placement with B.E.Ps is super.

I recall this when crackberry mania was in full force RIM was giving BB to all the celebs in Hollywood, they were happy with their product back then.

Happy Days are Here Again!

@Lenoh playbook works on wifi, as many in this forum have stated at least 90% of the time you will be in wifi range. I wouldn't even want this to be tied to a carrier. AT&T gets enough of my money.

Ugh, some of you need to get off your high-BB-horse. The "apple" you hear being referred to is the rapper/member's name who is saying that verse. He goes by "". So relax, he's calling HIMSELF the mack-daddy, not the iPhad.