BlackBerry PlayBook spotted on CBC News The National

BlackBerry PlayBook on The National
By Michelle Haag on 9 Jun 2011 03:41 pm EDT

Peter Mansbridge of The National (the flagship nightly news and current affairs program from Canada's public broadcaster, CBC) uses a BlackBerry PlayBook during the show. He has it propped up in what looks like the convertible case, and it looks like he has his email open, maybe in preparation for breaking news or story updates?

I love my BlackBerry PlayBook, and find more ways to use it everyday to make life more convenient, and more enjoyable. It's awesome to see other people doing the same. I know some of you must be doing some fun stuff with your PlayBooks, or using them in some unique way no one else has thought of, so go ahead and share in the comments ways you use your PlayBook that others may not.

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BlackBerry PlayBook spotted on CBC News The National


It's no wonder why his newscast holds all truth. It comes from a PlayBook. If he read the reports from analysts ... it would be all lies.

What do the first 4 letters of analysts spell?

Im currently doing a workout program called insanity. i use my playbook as a tv in the gym while following the video. we have big screen plasmas so i just plug it in with the hdmi cable.

I am glad to see someone in the media actually using the Playbook instead of bashing it... I am enjoying mine, and I am glad I made the purchase. I discovered a feature on my Playbook today. I discovered that I can touch the battery to turn the device off, stand by, restart, and adjust brightness. In addition, I can see what % of the battery used before recharge... Has this feature been there since April 19, and I just did not know it was there? If it has, I have been living under a rock and need to come out....:)

If I told you once, I told you a million times. Only cool professional people use the PlayBook, and RIM products.

Those that are brain washed, use other devices.

How can you use a tablet without flash? You are missing half the web !!!!

Mansbridge has style. He always has the best suits and now the coolest gadgets. I wonder if he checks to see if his PB fits in the breast pocket when shopping for a new jacket like I have to do now.

The PlayBook is such a professional device. I was at CBS studios, watching my friend on a new ABC Family sitcom with Raven Symone, and I was blown away at how tablets have infiltrated the tv industry. Almost every one of the crew members was doing their reading of notes or whatever, on the iPads. It killed me because they were lugging around these big things, in ugly cases, all around the different parts of the sets in the studio. Maybe Apple has a deal with them or something, but I felt like going to my car, getting my PlayBook and showing it to the crew and telling them that they don't need to carry around huge iPads. Actually, one makeup artist had the PlayBook, at least he knows beauty when he sees it!

I've worked on a few production sets both for tv and music; the majority of the production crew use iPad because many of them are able to create custom story board and music playing apps. Switching between pictures of the set and location of actors and then having a free flow of the actual script in hand is key. Many of the major movie studios have all but given up on paper and just moved over to tablets. The PlayBook as good as it maybe is flawed in one key section. It's too small. You want to read a script in 8 1/2 x 11'ish not wonky 16:9 ratio. It will be interesting to see if PlayBook's use a professional device increases when they release a 10 inch tablet. You may enjoy the PlayBook for its small size, but in this real world use, the ability to have a device as multi use almost paper size like device really does well. Paper multitasks the same way iPad does and for them that's key.

Nice to see, but how come he gets email and we don't? Damn these famous folk getting sh*t before everyone else.

Still, if they're able to use a reliable enough version of the email app then surely that means it must be ready to be released soon?

God I hope so!!

I just recently purchased my PB and it is fantastic. I am in a coffee shop right now and there is a guy sitting across from me with an ipad and he continues to try and sneek a peek at history! I have big hands so the keyboard typing for me is perfect.