This BlackBerry PlayBook skin designed by a CrackBerry member is awesome!

BlackBerry skin
By Michelle Haag on 15 Sep 2012 04:43 pm EDT
It's always fun to see what creative ways CrackBerry readers come up with for customizing their devices and accessories to fit their needs. We've seen several custom car mounts and installations and custom snake skin cases, and now we've got a CrackBerry member who has crafted his own BlackBerry PlayBook skin.

After creating a template, backsidetailslide cut some 3M brand vinyl including the BlackBerry logo on the back of the PlayBook. Since this is the same material used on car decals, it's durable yet won't leave any residue if/when it's removed. It fits like a second skin (as it should) and doesn't interfere if the tablet is placed into a charging dock. It really looks nice and is a fun way to spice up the look of the PlayBook. If you'd like to see more pictures or join in the conversation, feel free to stop off in the forums at the link below. And as always, you can check out the skins at ShopCrackBerry as well. 

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Saw this the other day in the forums. It's totally awesome.


i made the front page!? amazing! haha pm me if interested in picking one up! they arent available in the shopcrackberry store

Michelle Haag

I didn't want to mention you were selling them in case you got like, hundreds of unwanted responses, lol. :)


I saw this on the forums the other day too. The guy is offering them up for $20. I think he said he has other patterns/designs too. Last I checked someone was asking if it left a residue when taken off but at that time he hasdn't gotten back


yeah, i answered. no residue, its all good!


Decal girl has several wood grain skins for the Playbook. I have the Burlwood skin for mine. I suggest purchasing one and support vendors that support the Playbook.

xKrNMBoYx looks very real. I'm afraid someone would throw it away thinking it was a cool piece of wood.


Blackberry Trademark?


I guess it's OK, unless you try to sell it.


Its removable, and leaves no sticky residue.


I'd like to see a video of one being put on and then taken off. That would help a lot.


That's really nice. Nice bespoke work.


Screen protectors are hard to get on perfect. Is this hard considering how precise around the bb symbol?


That's sweet. Props to the designer!


Best home made design I have ever seen. Now we need to see circuit board designs too! ;)