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BlackBerry PlayBook set to launch April 10th?

BlackBerry PlayBook April 10
By Adam Zeis on 2 Mar 2011 10:47 am EST

According to BGR, the BlackBerry PlayBook looks to be somewhat on schedule and set to launch April 10th in the US in at least some retail channels. While we originally were told by RIM the device would be out and about by the end of March (aka it would launch sometime in Q1 2011), we'll definitely settle for April. As we knew already it looks like it will be sold in retailers like Staples and Office Depot among others, as well as via carriers. Details are pretty sparce at the moment, but with the date just over a month away we should (hopefully) get some more info soon.

Source BGR



Any idea if that is the US release date and when is the Canadian release date ???


I wonder if they'll at least make an announcement by the end of March...otherwise this whole Q1 thing we've been hearing over and over again for the past 6 months is a pretty big load of BS. Also, does this mean that it won't even be available in Canada for April 10th? Confusing - I hope some info follows very shortly.


april 10 sounds about right... typically we hear about bb release dates 2 weeks before it is released (see bb torch and other recently launched bbs)... if we havent heard about it now probably wont come out in march right? (i know still 2nd day of march... but.... just speculating )


honestly, it seems a little weird to me to see RIM launch a tablet on a sunday?!


you're right... and office depot list it at week 17 ... which is 2 weeks later................


so that means that kevin should have one in his hands soon!!!! and can report EVERYTHING !!!


It also means his open letter will be sent to RIM regarding the release on Q1. :D


He has probably already got one, seeing as BG had one last week !!

Pricing will probably be released after Apples today, maybe they might have some balls and undercut apple


April 10th is not Q1. #FAIL


Rims fiscal q1 rather than the calander q1?


I bet some businesses will have it by March 31 so, technically they will make it. Anyway the truth is if you are on this site you are going to buy it 100% or you are a troll. If you are not on this site then you are going to say what? never heard of it and it'll be out in 2 weeks that's great!

People on here are only a very very tiny fraction of RIM's customer base.


Yeah Kev, how is the playbook? When is the embargo lifted?


I call BS - April 10th is a Sunday, and who releases a new product on Sunday?

April 11th makes sense because RIM usually releases new products on Monday.


lol and thats my birthday so i know what im getting that if it is release on the 11th


They meant to say March 10th :P



Not only does BG have one but all the blogs were in NY yesterday playing with them ... So lets have the goods already! lol


Did RIM ever say Q1? I mean an official announcement? Or were the people just saying we shoot for Q1, we are tracking Q1.

don't want a fight just wondering.


jim balsille mentioned it during one of the earlier interviews.

q1s been mentioned in a few videos that crackberry uploaded when interviewing/showing vids of playbook


If RIM has decided on an actual release date, and one that is only about a month away, shouldn't we be able to pre-order one from online retailers by now? Or will it only be available through brick and mortar stores?


Its disappointing the release of the playbook is pushed into Q2 when perhaps the ipad 2 will be announced for immediate delivery today? I have been excited about the playbook but my concern is the 7 inch screen is to small? I was at verizon yesterday looking at the Xoom, Ipad and the tab, I was surprised how much difference the additional 3 inches makes in screen real estate comparing the 7inch Tab next to the 10 inch xoom?! Must not buy a tablet until Aprl!


I heard about the playbook way before any mention of the Xoom and now the Xoom is here no playbook...

I heard about the Playbook before the Ipad2 was ever announced and now its here and STILL. No playbook....

This Playbook better be hands down the best tab on the market or I seriously don't see it doing too well. There's just too much REAL competition now.

Damn RIM...


I find the April 10th date interesting, considering their beta program was pushed out to early April.

I'll believe it when I see it, but I call BS on the 10th. Maybe May 10th.


See if crackberry will beat iFixit for a teardown post


Hrmmm, my birthday is April 10th, wonder what I should ask for???


Mines the 9th, but this was supposed to be my Christmas present..... maybe I'll get two! Happy early birthday btw


Wow, my bday is 4/10 also. Would love to get a playbook, would love it more if a new phone was released at the same time :).
My Pearl 8120 doesn't have much life left.


Disappointed in RIM big time. The playbook was announced since last year and the Xoom is out and the IPad 2 is shipping March 11. WTH am I seeing. I love the Playbook and I will wait for the Playbook, but I think sales will be killed off for RIM now. The Company to slow to get things moving. Yet again Apple will have run away sales records. Oh well, seems like no one serious wants to truly give Apple competition.


Just in time for my birthday!


I will believe it when I have my playbook in my cold and trembling hands.


My B-Day is April 14th.......this is the only present I want


My birthday is April 15th and this is the only thing I want! :)


If this is the case and it does come april 10th...then the playbook launches on my Birthday :)


March 11 for iPad2...they won the race, BB lost a customer.


Who are you trying to convince? You'd be buying your iPOS2 anyway, troll.


Just as long as it isn't only available through cell phone carriers like the Samsung Galaxy Tab... I'm totally ready for it now!


If April 10th is true as the release date for the Playbook, RIM's marketing team is not very bright. Not only did they miss Q1 2011 as earlier stated, but they will release after the iPad 2 has been released in the U.S. on March 11 and Canada and other countries on March 25th.

Good luck RIM with the Playbook. It's going to be an uphill climb to nowhere.


Not surprised at RIM but very disappointed. They always seem to give one tarfet release and it always gets pushed back to the next Q!! Now with the iPad2 releasing in a couple of weeks RIM has missed the opportunity to take iPad customers away. Even though the iPad2 is not a huge step up from the original and besides a slightly faster processor and camera (which are not as good as cameras on the Playbook or Xoom) but with same Old OS, I can see iPad users going for the iPad 2 as it is here and the Playbook isn't. Even if they were on time and rolled it out at the same time as iPad2 they would have captured some defectors. Also they will lose business customers who are already moving over to apple.

Big missed opportunity for RIM.


This is embarassing for RIM.

RIM has taken the backseat period in all of their products. Every single day loyal consumers who are DIE HARD Blackberry users are switching over to Apple and Android products. Every single blackberry made in the last 2 years has been the same. The tour was the same as the bold - what a joke. Just a different trackball/trackpad. Next, is the Torch, a Piece of JUNK. Followed by the Style, LOL, I would take that phone and break it in half it is so embarassing.

You've got 1GHZ Dual Core phones out there with HD cameras and amazing screens with beautiful styling. Then you have Blackberry Brick Phones that are so 2000 AND LATE.

Now, the tablet. Here came RIM to tease the hell out of us all months ago. Promising dates and that we'd have it in our hands 2010 Q1 - but no, FAIL.

The ipad 2 is here now and will SHATTER the Playbook. RIM will never be "first to market," they will be last.

I'm a DIE HARD Blackberry user. I have remained loyal to Blackberry for many many years. I'm loyal because of the messaging functionality of the devices so I get communication done fast. BBM, Push Email, and a full qwerty keyboard with those keep me lingering on to my Blackberry; but sorry, enough is enough. The ONLY reason why Blackberry has a big marketshare is because of all the people who are non-corporate users using BBM. BBM has been basically the new Nextel Chirp fad of instant communication and delivery. Well, we're over it now. The devices have been pieces of junk, slow bricks. BBM is not enough to keep me any longer and neither is it for everyone else. Now, market share is dwindling down for RIM. RIM is the new PALM.

If the Playbook is not out by March 11th, to the Ipad 2 I go. Followed by the Iphone 5. The Blackberry Dakota should have been out MONTHS ago, if not a year ago.

Blackberry should be ashamed and embarassed. Countless loyal consumers GONE.


Damn son! Been holding that in a while... But, agreed all the same (minus going with apple).


100% aggred.What the hell are they doing from last 6 months after annoucing Playbook.I feel so bad and hurt by RIM


As a loyal Blackberry user for years, I couldn't agree more. Is this hitting home with anyone at RIM? The value of the decision makers at RIM cannot be worth the loss of sales that RIM suffers daily because of their ineptitude.


I have been just as loyal as the next bb fan but damn. This is just completely over the top. Now I know and feel like you in many ways and as i sit here and type this i can't help but to think just how can RIM sit around and not do anything. If this was someone putting mud upon their name there would have been a statement already out from them ( and in this case it is much the same. But this time they have just sat on the hands playing grab ass.

RIM if you really wanted to make this happen you could have not to mention the fact that you along with every single person in waterloo knew this day was coming and instead of giving you public something to wave in the face of other loyal fans all we get is a bullshit rumor from a bullshit blogger that hates everything about you that you more than likely sent a PB to write a story about it. Hell you biggest supporter and the leader of the CB nation has not even commented on this crap.

I have stayed loyal (yes I have strayed) and I have had your back for the last 9 years and all I get is a bullshit RUMOR! At this point you need to stand up and take off that dounce hat that you have been wearing for the past four years and make yourself relevant to your base or as the song goes "Another One Bite The Dust"


LOL Too funny.

Take a chill pill, kid. It's not the end of the world because a company will be releasing a product after a competitor's.

In the grand scheme of things, it matters little. Moto did for the Xoom everything you clueless impatient kids wished RIM had done for the PB: commercials *before* release, releasing before the iPad2, etc. Did that make the Xoom a smashing it? Will it "beat" the iPad 2? No. It makes very little difference.

RIM should stay focus on making a great product and release it when they feel it's ready. Make a good first impression with a solid product. If they release it before the iPad 2 (which is unlikely now), then it would be a bonus but it's not a win/lose proposition. No tablet this year will beat the iPad 2 anyway -- Apple's mindshare is insurmountable, at least for this year. RIM should concentrate on laying a good foundation for the platform with the Playbook. There will be other races to be won; there will be a PB 2 and a PB 3.

In the real world, this is no big deal. Only in the gadget community do we find some obsessed tech-heads who take this way too seriously.


its a big deal when they lose sales!and if this things doesnt wash my car then I will be dissappointed! bottom line is they have lost,not kept people. the only reason I am waiting is because i can marry up my bb phone to it, if not for that I wouldve bought somethingelse. the traveling with laptop a drag.
from the great American to that company known as rim:


Lose how many sales? Those also interested in the iPad 2 will wait for the iPad 2's release ANYWAY.



I've been saying it over and over. RIM spent too many resources and too much time into developing this Playbook that will ULTIMATELY be the undoing of the company. Launching the Playbook after the release of the IPAD 2 is a COMPLETE FAILURE. No way is RIM going to move this thing except for a few die hard crackberry fans. Nobody is talking about the playbook, everyone is talking about the iPad/iPad 2.

The only people who are going to be left using blackberries are government employees or high security corporations. Everyone else has pretty much moved over to iOS or Droid, including me.

The biggest question is: which company do you think will be buying RIM in two years? Google? HTC? I know this for sure, RIM will be pretty much gone by then.


hurry up RIM Ipad 2 is coming!


Not surprised at RIM but very disappointed. They always seem to give one tarfet release and it always gets pushed back to the next Q!! Now with the iPad2 releasing in a couple of weeks RIM has missed the opportunity to take iPad customers away. Even though the iPad2 is not a huge step up from the original and besides a slightly faster processor and camera (which are not as good as cameras on the Playbook or Xoom) but with same Old OS, I can see iPad users going for the iPad 2 as it is here and the Playbook isn't. Even if they were on time and rolled it out at the same time as iPad2 they would have captured some defectors. Also they will lose business customers who are already moving over to apple.

Big missed opportunity for RIM.


So frustrated, I have the $$$ now and i need a tablet now. But no playbook to be found. someone tell me why i shouldnt buy an Ipad or a xoom while I wait and wait and wait for a playbook.


I want my PlayBook, period! The wait is killing me. C'mon RIM, bring that puppy to market! I want to smaller form factor and better tool than the iPad Dos. Bring the BBPB to me...


If I worked in the marketing department at RIM I would just hang around this site, write down what the people want, and run in and pitch it as my own Idea. Its like they dont care about gaining customers or keeping the ones they have. I have waited and not got a tablet a long time and I am going crazy. Give us what we want and we will give you money. Wow what motivation more do they need.


Let's field something that befits the RIM rep.