BlackBerry PlayBook 'Scrapbook' App Demo made by TAT

By Bla1ze on 16 Feb 2011 09:18 am EST

Since Research In Motion acquired The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) we've all been wondering what type of work they'll be doing for RIM. Well, as it turns out a demo posted to the RIM YouTube account today shows us just that. Although we're positive it is just one of many things TAT is doing, it's pretty awsome to see their work happening on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Tell us what you think in the comments folks.

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BlackBerry PlayBook 'Scrapbook' App Demo made by TAT


Looks good but is it me or is the physics wrong at the end where they're on the clothesline? When he pushes the pictures to the left, shouldn't the pictures swing to the right, away from the direction he's pushing since he's essentially moving the clothesline?

Looks like it might be because he's pushing the photos themselves, as opposed to pushing the background (clothesline)?

Photo movement causes the clothesline to move, clothesline movement causes the photos to move.

Possibly... however, if he's just pushing on the photo, then shouldn't just that photo move in the direction he's pushing (it's pulling the clothes line) but all others move in the opposite direction since they're being pulled by the clothes line.

I'm nitpicking, I know. Just grabbed my attention since it looks unnatural.

The photos are all attached to the same line. When you move a photo it moves the whole line including the other photos.
Makes sense to me. It would be bizarre to have it the other way.

I can not show this to my wife unless I either: 1. have enough $ to buy two playbooks (one for each of us) or 2. sign over rights to my playbook. She LOVES scrapbooking!

this is where i can't help but think a 9 or 10 inch screen makes a lot more sense for a device like this....

Why stop there?

Why not a 20" or 30" device. Let's just install this into Microsoft's big ass touch table instead so we can never leave the house with it...

In all seriousness, if you want to travel around and have this excellent scrap booking capability, portability cannot be overlooked. For those who wish to do this at home, a simple solution: Plug it into your television set via HDMI to get a big screen effect. Problem solved.

I can't see agreeing to this. Tablets are about portability. My main beef with the iPad is not primarily the lack of flash it's that the thing just makes people look stupid, and it's too heavy most of the time you need to put it on the table or in your lap, helloooo???? That's a laptop.

im pretty sure they will later make larger size models cant see a reason why they wouldnt. but for now this is their poster "child" a 7 inch tab.

Can we get some TAT awesome sauce poured on a BB Smartphone? A tablet does not fit my use at all, so this is cool but of no use for me. :-( I can scrapbook with photos using Gimp or Photoshop on my PC.

Agree with the above comments.... I hope hope hope that TAT is working on OS6.1 I honestly believe that you don't really need cutting edge tech specifications to make a smartphone experience compelling you just need to combine useful apps like bbm with some beauty. When RIM first acquired TAT I went to their web page and it seemed like they were showing off how they could make the UI of really old handsets compelling.

BB are wonderful phones but they do lack a beautiful UI.

TAT+Playbook will produce awesome stuff for sure TAT+OS6.1 would make my heart glow!!!

seriously, the multi-touch is not that many effing fingers are you going to want on your playbook?

cute scrapbook app...ill be sure to start with that at my next meeting