BlackBerry PlayBook - A quick look at the simulator

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 25 Oct 2010 03:15 am EDT

We've been messing around with the BlackBerry PlayBook simulator since the download links went live. Curiosity got the best of us, probably like most of you all that downloaded it and ran it. A few things to note about the release though for those who may be thinking about installing it but, have yet to do so. It's pretty slim on information. Aside from getting a look at the media player, the keyboad and some of the general layout of the device, not much else is shown off with the simulator.

It's still cool to play with mind you but, overall nothing is really revealed within the simulator unless you were really looking to get your hands on those BlackBerry PlayBook wallpapers. No apps are preloaded, no web browser is installed. Quite simply put, it's just the basics. Maybe even less. All that said, we should point out that none among us are BlackBerry developers. We may be missing some stuff that only a developer may see and appreciate but either way it's still cool to finally see some movement here. Click on through after the break for some more screen shots of the UI.

BlackBerry PlayBook
BlackBerry PlayBook
BlackBerry PlayBook

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BlackBerry PlayBook - A quick look at the simulator


I agree it would have been better if they did first a official appearance not this simulator but you know its RIM# of course.

you guys have to remember, this is for developers, not for consumers to have a "sneak peek" or to try it out before you but it, this is for developers to see if their apps can work on the system or not

There must be some developers who can make a quick comment on what they see in the simulator. Also, I'm sure that there will be a developer as a guest on the next Crackberry podcast to give us a little incite.

what did you guys expect? It's no accident that they had the playbook locked down behind glass at the show. They didn't have anything anywhere near ready to show. RIM's mistake was showing this thing off way too early with nothing but computer animated screens of the OS. I love RIM as much as the next guy, but this is not like them. Usually when they announce a product, it's at least partly finished. You can tell they are deathly afraid of the competition.

They needed to. Many companies are experimenting with the iPad and RIM needed to say "Hey, we have a product coming that will outperform the iPad". My company was looking at the iPad but we are waiting for the PB now (iPad sucks in our environment). Supposidly we have one coming from RIM late Nov/early Dec for testing.

What does it feel like to be shooting your Big Mouth off without knowing any facts...seems Mike L co-CEO of RIM presented a live Demo today of the PlayBook. You got to love these blogs...everyone has information, however, it's usually not right.

Must feel pretty humbling to be shown the truth within 24 hours!

Way to go RIM! can change keyboard settings in the portrait mode? Like SureType? Just a curiosity. I don't think the PlayBook would be too wide for that.