BlackBerry PlayBook Production Reportedly Halted... (Updated: RIM says Pure Fiction)

BlackBerry PlayBook Production Reportedly Dead
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Sep 2011 12:25 pm EDT

Update: Research In Motion got back to me with the following statement:

RIM doesn't typically comment on rumors, but any suggestion that the BlackBerry PlayBook is being discontinued is pure fiction. RIM remains highly committed to the tablet market. 

Notice this doesn't address whether or not production of the 7" tablet has been halted. As I say below and predicted earlier, I could see RIM stop producing the 7" tablet yet still be very active and committed to the tablet space." *

Leading up to the last RIM earnings call, I wrote a post looking at the fate of the BlackBerry PlayBook. If you haven't read it yet, you'll want to read it now as it lines up pretty well with information coming today that RIM has reportedly halted production on the BlackBerry PlayBook.  Coming via BGR:

Collins Stewart analyst John Vinh made the claims in a note to investors Thursday morning, citing anonymous sources at RIM's manufacturing partner Quanta. "While Quanta last week acknowledged that it had laid off a significant number of production workers from a factory focused on producing the PlayBook, our research indicates that the ODM has essentially halted production of the tablet, Vinh wrote. "Additionally, our due diligence indicates that RIMM has canceled development of additional tablet projects."  

I've reached out to RIM for a statement confirming or denying this news, but if true I don't think it should come as any surprise. As I pointed out in the other article, we know RIM already scrapped their building of a 10" PlayBook and we know that the sales of their 7" tablet have been less than stellar and RIM hasn't made any profits in the tablet space. I predicted they'll want to get out of tablet manufacturing ASAP, at least for the forseeable future while they focus on QNX SuperPhones, where they should be able to succeed.  

Does that mean RIM in the tablet space is completely dead? Maybe. But I don't think so. Not yet anyways. I just think we'll see RIM take a different approach here, one that puts less risk on them. We know they will release a tablet version 2.0 update for all the PlayBooks that are out on the market - that'll make us current owners a little happier. And I do think we may see some other tablets out there in the future rocking the BlackBerry Tablet OS. They just won't be made or marketed by RIM/BlackBerry anymore (10" Acer tablet with BlackBerry Tablet OS anyone?). Of course on the phone side of the equation they'll continue to manufacture their own hardware, but they probably don't want to lose any more money building tablets. At least not right now. 

We'll follow up as we learn more. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Production Reportedly Halted... (Updated: RIM says Pure Fiction)


UPDATE: A RIM spokesperson supplied BGR with the following statement via email: “RIM doesn’t typically comment on rumors, but any suggestion that the BlackBerry PlayBook is being discontinued is pure fiction. RIM remains highly committed to the tablet market.”

So lest stay in our ship ATM and we will see if is sinks.

How many false BGR articles have we now seen in the last year with respect to RIM? When will BGR learn to check their sources? What a joke BGR is.

Well as long as they don't pay any consequences for their lies, they will continue to peddle anti-RIM turd. People are not going to unsubscribe or stop reading them so they have no reason to stop.

Libel suit is so obvious that I don't know why RIM does proceed. Any negative press cannot compare to the lies that BGR continues to churn.

This is not about freedom of press, this is about journalistic integrity which BGR has none of. Hold them accountable and you'll see a lot less of this.

is not only BGR... But they was the first to came UP on my RRS Feed about the rim and after not long ago they UPDATE it with the Spokes person..., and Yeah i hate it too when some say things are not true !! about RIM.

Due diligence? I dont think so. Its anything for a headline. Who really thinks BGR is a source of reliable info anyway? Lately their record for accuracy has been dismal. But then again, geeks are easy to rile up. Like taking candy from a baby.

Troll, go back to your Android forum. Are you that bored with your phone or are you too stupid to find your way back?

Completely untrue statement. Why wold RIM give up on the launch pad for QNX phones? It wouldn't.

RIM is not selling Playbooks like apple but they are selling about the same number as Motorola and the rest of the pack. Why is no one questioning their production or future?

Another typical attack on RIM. Today another false posting about RIM security being compromised was also circulated on this website.

At least RIM is an ethical company that would not pull shit like this on the competition.

RIM will prove this liars wrong but the possibility will keep people from jumping on a great deal from buying the fantastic Playbook and possibly get an iPad.
I say that is the game plan here. I love RIM products and I'm going to buy another tablet just because that is what this shitbags want me not to do.

im w8ing for mine to 64Gb this time! and as soon as the PB 2 comes out ill be the first on the line, just cause i know what PB is capable of, man 4G LTE PB and WIFI Hotspot..any one ??

I would buy another one but I already have 4, two 16GB and two 64GB. I carry one of the 64GB to use, the two 16GB units are mounted in my Van and the other 64GB I use for testing. Though I could complete the set and get 2 32GB units.

they stop playbook 1 production because of playbook 2, quanta reduced manpower because playbook 1 stop production and playbook 2 will not produce in quanta but in other company. relax guyz, playbook 2 is probably one of the suprises in devcon, believe me guyz i amworking for a company that will produce the playbook 2
, i don't know if its ok to say this info, i hope they will not fire me,

Ya, I don't think you can say that. But that gives me hope. I'm waiting on a 10" hopefully within 4 months.

I hope that RIM put more money on quality control rather than making PBs. They should STOP making Playbooks and put that money on quality control. After changing my Bold 9900 for so many times, I think I should leave RIM all together.

Imagine someone who is new to Blackberries has to change their new Bold 9900 due keys popping out, track pad not working well, light bleeding from sides, etc, etc? I am sure the new customer going to give up on RIM.

Stop wasting money on PB and spend it on quality control and may be even move the Mexican low quality plants to China or something? Apple computers are made in China and they turn out to be very reliable.

Update: Dow Jones Newswires’ Carolyn King this afternoon reports that RIM has refuted Vinh’s charge. RIM calls the speculation “pure fiction,” she writes, and “remains highly committed to the tablet market,” citing an email from the company.

Not surprising, they haven't done a single thing to make anyone want to buy t since launch, and the Amazon Fire just ate it's lunch, big time.

Because QNX is the future of mobile computing. It makes the integration with vehicles and other equipment seamless.

My mom used to say "Dont put all your eggs in the same basket!"

Dont be surprised if RIM screws up the QNX work and sinks... They're fully capable of that!

The use of a tablet and the use of a phone are two entirely different leagues.

A tablet is a luxury device, it does not replace a phone, a laptop, a netbook, television, camera, or an mp3 player.

A phone is a device that can replace an older phone, an mp3 player, and at times a camera.

Personal I would take a better phone experience versus a tablet any day just because of how much work I already get out of an outdated Bold 9000.

So AT&T, about that Bold 9900.....

But aren't consumers looking for seamless integration between phones and tablet? So if i buy an Android or Apple tablet or Blackberry, i am going to want a phone aligned to either OS, or visa versa.

Completely agree, Blackberry Bridge is great. It would be even nicer if you could access the PB's files over a long distance with your phone.

What you say make senses, but it just feels early for that "seamless integration" to be noticeable to a consumer in the tablet market.
It does have it advantages but personally, I pick up a device coupled with the appropriate OS to get things done. I use my iMac for photo/video editing the Abode Suite is a Genghis Khan in his prime on a Mac and my HP laptop that runs on Win7 and Ubuntu 11.04 for class and everything else.
I use a BlackBerry as a planner, address book and e-mails because it seamlessly syncs with my Gmail that is sync to a bunch of other goodies.
For me a unified OS sounds fine and dandy but if it can't get a particular task done the way I want it to get done, then I'm acquiring another device to add to my fleet.

Not true at all. Maybe for some people who are huge fans of a particular OS, but there's a huge segment of consumers who want to try different operating systems. The integration is not nearly as important - except perhaps with a BB and PB, because the bridge adds some functionality. For example, when the time came for me to finally get a smartphone, I chose between Android and Blackberry because I already had an iPod touch. There was no point in having an iPhone with the same thing. Now that my iPod touch is broken, when I get a tablet, I'll be getting an iPad so I can still enjoy iOS when I want. An iPad really is just a huge iPod touch/iPhone, an android tablet is a huge android phone, and the QNX phones will just be small playbooks. A lot of people want variety, not a duplicate experience.

Actually my PlayBook has replaced my laptop for mobile computing. My laptop stays at home and my 9800 and PlayBook work together seamlessly to meet my mobile communication and computer needs.

Yes this was reported weeks ago and RIM at that time said that this was untrue. But instead of finding good information to blog about this we get another BS story on the front page from BGR. What the Cb team now can't find their own information or find out some facts from some of those great connections I read about on here so much.

Here is a link from Jul 16th but all that took was a quick Google search.

The playbook is a fantastic piece of hardware. You can't blame Rim for getting out of the tablet business with Amazon giving them away for free.

This is !@#$%*&)!@$@#@#$@ X a lot. I paid good money and full price for my PB and love it. I would gladly take a refund for it or at least pay me the difference considering the prices have dropped so much the last month or so. Flipping RIM..!!!!!!!!!

Well duh they halted production if "800,000" are sitting in the back room. I think RIM will take some time to make a game plan and then carry on with the next versions. I just bought mine this week for $300 ($500 was out of my budget) and absolutely love it!

we will have to see something from RIM before im going to believe this. In the resent past they have come out quickly to squash bad rumors, we'll see what they do.

Boy you could see this one coming. We have been a BB addict for years however, we are switching to the iPad and iPhone. At least, until this company gets their act together and there is some stability. These guys are self-destructing in the market whether it's true or not.

I really hope this isn't true. I hope RIM will give an official statement proving these rumors as false and no where near true.....

FYI - Collins Stewart is not on RIMs list of analysts, and this is from BGR, so I would take this with a grain of salt.

That being said, maybe they're PREPARING TO START MAKING THE 3G/4G PLAYBOOKS with a different manufacturer that doesn't steal the design and sell it to Amazon?

If this is the case, so that it can still be useful (or start to be useful), give us a way to install full Android OS!!!

Hell I was going to buy one tonight at best buy they are now $300 here in the US. WTF!!!!!! Now I am not sure if I will get one at all

This is a really messed up. I am actually really sad, with ppl predicting the death of RIM and the rise of Windows, and Android and Apple already doing major damage...i not sure what to do...i don't want, and hate buying thing things that don't have a bright future. Even if i were to buy a playbook for $ will i get continuous upgrades to keep up with the times, cause its not always about hardware, but maintenance of software....why is RIM all over the place?...i feel sad...i love my bb. i have 9700 currently, wanting an upgrade soon and a tablet..and for the first time i am confused as to who to go with.

Fanboy of tech....nothing else. (i love my bb tho)

we all know rim is not that smart...they dont advertise enough and they put the playbook on sale today BUT NO ONE KNOWS how do they expect to sell
2nd they r releasing this 2.0 update same time iphone 5 is released r they out of their mind.....they r jus not smart...great phones but no one knows its great because u dont advertise....think rim think

Jonathan Kopycinski

If this happens to be true (which I doubt coming from BGR), then... Well... I would be more than pissed off. WAY more than pissed off. The NDK isn't even out yet, Marmalade SDK just very recently started supporting the Playbook. More apps are supposed to be coming with Playbook 2.0 at devcon, etc. IF production has been halted on the current Playbook model, that wouldn't surprise me much, but the next model would have to be right around the corner for this strategy to make ANY sense.

Seems to me this is BGR cherry picking one analyst's claims and using it to (one again) put a damper on the current Playbook sales resulting from the ongoing promotions. RIM needs to respond to this ASAP to make sure people keep buying discounted Playbooks.

Well your doubts of BGR were correct, ofcourse its another rumour. It really seems to me that there is section of analysts sitting there working overtime to make sure Blackberry does not come up.

The real problem with Rim is they don't release products and services on time.
how long has it been since they promised native email ,calendar, android app player and bbm on PB?
so sad, RIM really has no excuse. RIM should fire those two stupid CEOs.

I think this cooks it for me. My contract is comming due and I was thinking of leaving Blackberry for an Android platform. RIM is going south so fast. People are leaving and development is stagnet. Marketing efforts are lackadazical at best. Too bad. It was a good thing for a while but I think I will be moving on.

Update: Dow Jones Newswires’s Carolyn King this afternoon reports that RIM has refuted Vinh’s charge. RIM calls the speculation “pure fiction,” she writes, and “remains highly committed to the tablet market,” citing an email from the company.

i really hope thats true....and RIM has marred their image on truth, that even if they really said it...i dont know what to believe.

Could be be that RIMM is looking into another manufacturer to built their product, or, maybe they have equipment to built it themselves.

Either or, it may be a breach of trust between Quanta and RIMM, I believe it is Quanta that is building Amazon's Kindle Fire, if not Quanta had a part in the Fire's design development.

I kind expected I would get a windows 8 tablet next year anyway. The problem for RIM in the tablet area is:what is their market?

I think they thought they could compete against the iPad as a high-end tablet, but they've bungled that and this was due to their bad image of producing outdated phones. They can't go low end like the fire because they can't rely on content. Finally the business market which should be their savior I think is going to go to windows 8. What's left?

I hope they are not out of it because I see the potential in the device but In a way it may be good if it makes them concentrate on producing a top rate phone.

BTW I don't think RIM will be the only casualty. I strongly suspect even Android my collapse in the long run. I think windows 8 is going to steamroll the tablet market. and all the android producers will be happy to produce windows 8 tablets, they don't care about the OS. Yes they have to pay for win 8, but in the long run that is a plus because it means MSFT has an incentive to invest in it. A free OS meh

As a true BB fan, this is a very dark day and unfortunately I believe that this is the beginning of the end!! No matter how enthousiastic and positive Kevin wants to be or write us about RIM, This is the confirmation of failure due to the managements and CEO`s!

The playbook still has alot of potential but with this news out now, I really dont see how you will attract developpers to this platform! The point was to have a unified ecosystem where developing an app for one product would work on all others with minor changes for portability. But I honestly think by discontinuing the PB, now RIM has shot them selfs in the chest! The next one will be the head for the final blow! And unfortunately this is gonna be the QNX phones!

How did RIM wanted to succeed with the PB when all of the promises made were not kept?? Like: email suppose to be released by end of summer as well with android app player or the biggest of all mistake was to not release the NDK before releasing the PB. At this point, all of the assets they bought recently hasnt come together (TAT, QNX, hippo, Tungle, etc) and they expected to make money out of something that was poorly managed and poorly marketed??!!

I`m honestly really pissed at RIM cause now i basically look like a full in front of the people i convinced to buy a PB. I dont see anything good coming in the future for the PB and i HIGHLY doubt that developpers will jump in with the stupid iPhone 5 coming out and Ice cream sandwich for android.

From one of the biggest RIM fanboy: RIM U SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!!

There goes any hope for quality application development as developers will not be seeing any potential for a big return on investment of time and money to make or port applications to the Playbook.

just in from the wsj
Beleaguered BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion said a report that it has stopped production of its lackluster PlayBook tablet is ”pure fiction.”

Collins Stewart chip analyst John Vinh said as much in a report today, adding that his due diligence suggests RIMM has canceled additional tablet projects.

RIM said in an emailed statement that it “remains highly committed to the tablet market.”

Its shares are off 2.6% at $21.32, approaching a new 52-week low.

But it shouldn't be surprising, if they have around 800000 in inventory and are shipping 200000 a quarter, why would you keep making product?

BWAHAHAHAHA, Oh this feels so good right now.

All the fanboys putting there hopes and dreams in the almighty Playbook for months and months..non-stop stories and "wait till the playbook comes out" LOL

RIM Blows Chunks... IPAD 2 and soon 3 FTW

Now that you have revealed that you have no life, sorry to tell you but RIM refutes the report.

Now go back to eating the rest of that large pizza fat boy.

I would avoid jumping to conclusions. RIM needs to manage the bottom line and there are a lot fo moving pieces in play, consider the following.

- They have excessive inventory of the product - any manufacturer cuts production to control costs.
- Quanta makes both the Playbook and the new Amazon Fire. There's a good chance RIM is a little upset with Quanta right now. There are many others who can make this product should sales pick up.
- They are the only tablet to get FIPS approval and the equivalent in Australia on security protocol.
- Everyone is on the bashing RIM band wagon right now - and let's face it, RIM is doing little to fight back and correct the miss-information (marketing issue again?).
- When no name companies like Jaguar Investments get publicity in the G&M on RIM, you have to sit back and ask 'what the hell is going on here’?

Here's some food for thought - How many government and law security companies around the world use RIM's systems. Think of the value of the intelligence data all going through a Canadian company’s servers. A nice co-ordinated effort to knock down the stock, buy it out at a discount by a US firm (most likely) and voila - all of this data is now in U.S. hands at bargain basement prices (Thought it would be fun to mix a bit of conspiracy in with the obvious).

The sad part, RIM is a company with a soul. They invest in communities they reside in – the others are pure business – with good marketing.

I'm praying for this to be a temporary issue which will bring out a solution that brings us to a better future. Can't wait for the day when RIM comes up with a 3G or 4G PB.

Not surprising, they haven't done a single thing to make anyone want to buy t since launch, and the Amazon Fire just ate it's lunch, big time.

I agree totally. Oh, and by the way, CrackBerry, whats with the Kindle advertisement you did yesterday?!?! geez...

I think this may have more to do with Qantas, RIM is likely pissed about the Fire using the playbook design, and are likely severing ties to the company. Yes there isn't a need to produce more if there is a surplus of unsold devices. But is this the end of a playbook? Maybe the name and maybe under RIM. Maybe a QNX tablet will hit the market next year. Branding under QNX rather then Blackberry may help. But they should have controlled the design of the device.

Ending the playbook would be a bad move by RIM. They brought it to market incomplete and without great advertising. The problem is if they can't get this device to work, how do they think they are going to be able to pull off a QNX phone, since the problems with the playbook are the same their QNX phone will have.

They should sell the device directly to consumers via their website and a couple retailers. They should also make sure the device has what people want, and maybe have all devices with 3G or 4G so carriers get on board.

But if the info is as presented, I have a lot less enthusiasm for a QNX phone and it's success.

Makes sense that there's a production halt while channel inventory levels come down. However, that does not mean a halt to R&D, and product planning. RIM is taking proactive action on the developer front with the recent hiring of a VP Developer Relations and Ecosystems Development who has extensive QNX experience along with developing applications for FaceBook and the iPhone . Check out and the linked interview for more.

In that post he talks about announcements to be made at the forthcoming developer conference.

Full disclosure: I have know this person for about 20 years since we met as competitors related to a DOS product. He has lots of the experience required to make it happen. There are many ways to leverage QNX into a mobile world. More at

Also another post at

But still no doubting that it's a significant challenge ahead.

WTF? i just paid full pop on my playbook and otterbox, and just upgraded from my 9650 to 9930?
just give me my money back and ill go else where, matter of fact @#$% it this is BS

This is NOT true and RIM already said that is not the case. Think about it. The future of RIM is QNX and the Playbook is the QNX test bed.

I hope this is not true..... I have made to much of an investment on the PB and BB to here this crap...

Will move on to Apple if RIM doesn't move quickly to respond to this speculation. COMON RIM!!!

believe it or not, i was about to buy one TODAY!

now i'm having serious second thoughts...predictions on how low this will be priced?


BWHAHAH I knew this would one is buying this crap not even the fan boys here otherwise it would be a hot sell

IPAD's for all

i'll believe WSJ. I'm disappointed by how quickly crackberry jumped on (and lent credibility to) one of many ridiculous anti-RIM rumours from BGR.

RIM is not halting production or giving up on the Playbook. I love mine and if you actually look at one instead of listening to all the idiots you will too.

BlackBerry PlayBook Wins ‘Best in Show’ Award at FOSE 2011

Waterloo, ON - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) announced today that it has received FIPS 140-2 certification for the new BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, making the BlackBerry PlayBook the first tablet certified for deployment within U.S. federal government agencies. No other tablet on the market has gained FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) certification from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is required under the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA).

“RIM is pleased to announce that the BlackBerry PlayBook is the first tablet approved under FIPS for use within the U.S. federal government,” said Scott Totzke, Senior Vice President, BlackBerry Security at Research In Motion. “This certification demonstrates our continued commitment to meeting the needs of security-conscious organizations and enables the U.S. federal government to buy with confidence knowing that the PlayBook meets their computing policy requirements for protecting sensitive information.”

BlackBerry PlayBook is a powerful, ultra-portable tablet that fits comfortably in one hand. It has a stunning 7-inch high resolution display, offers true multi-tasking capabilities and a high-fidelity web experience. It also allows for secure pairing with BlackBerry® smartphones via the BlackBerry® Bridge™ app, which enables users to access their BlackBerry smartphone’s email, calendar, address book, memo pad, task list, BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger) and browsing functionality using the larger display on the tablet.

The FIPS-certified BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is being showcased this week in Washington DC at FOSE – the largest Federal government information technology conference in the U.S. – where BlackBerry PlayBook has just been awarded Best in Show, and also Best of FOSE in the Handheld Devices category.

More information about the BlackBerry PlayBook is available at

This is VERY retarded news.

RIM had better stick it out in the tablet market, if so... What a colossal waste of $600 for me >:|

Absolutely retarded!!

RIM... Say it aint so!!!

This is BGR's second go around in this. This was posted by them in July as I have pointed out once already and now again with a different person/analyst as its source. Same exact story with a twist. These guys must have nothing better to do, because they have posted the same story again.

I really like my PB and use it almost daily. I have read all the negative coverage with guarded skepticism and have tried really hard not to feel somewhat ripped off by the $699 price tag that quickly fell by over $100+ dollars.

I also realize that business is driven by profit or lack of profit. If this article is true, I hope RIM will keep a development team in place to get the PB up to its true potential for those units already out there.

It is a solid platform with stellar hardware that deserved a better chance in the marketplace.

OK apparently false but Why oh Why does RIM always put itself in the position of reacting to these types of reports???? It is just such BAD management.

If RIM is in a dispute with Quanta (the contract manufacturer that is producing the very similar looking A Fire) or just because they want to clear out inventory. Send out a F-ing press release and explain why.

Why does RIM always let this stuff blow up in their faces??? IF this really is pure fiction then I take it back in this instance, since you can't react to something that has no basis in fact. But I kind suspect the probably did halt production for one of the two reasons above and then just didn't announce it.

I think it was important for RIM to react fast as such rumors run fast and unnecessarily create panic among average BB users or aspirants. If you check the comments BGR post and then the next post after RIM's official announcement, you will understand what I mean.

Some people just are suckers....why push this poo around?

Gold is going to sink to the 300 dollar level. And I have a bridge to sell if anyone is interested, cheap, like 100k.

Here is some news. Apple is going to be product-less in 2-5yrs. Why? Because there visionary leader is no longer there. Google will start charging for the operating system, why, because they are getting sue over it.

Someone else add some "analysis"....aka making sh1t up.

That's not a wise choice at all. QNX is a powerful OS, it has the ability to do many great things. Just look at the auto industry, it is impossible to not buy a car without QNX. This proves how flexible the QNX os is.

Instead of discontinuing the tablet, RIM should boost its market availability beyond just RIM products. Let other guys build a tablet with QNX. I bet Samsung would like to build one, just to get away from the Apple ban.

There are dozens of company making tablets, there are really little choices, iOS, Android, QNX and M$, but most tablets are Android. Let consumers choose!!! QNX is a potent operating system, let it flourish.

RIM can't abandon the PB. There is too much investment made in it, too much sunk cost devoted to it. No fear, CB Nation, PB isn't going anywhere yet.

RIM has tons of PlayBook stock... Too much stock. The Amazon Fire seems to be a rip off, blow in the face and this could be RIM's Hit back. Everything said in this article's was "from what we think" coming from a company who seems to now be holding a grudge against RIM. Why would RIM give Quanta any info on any future developement if they are no longer working together. There is nothing mentioned about the Tablet OS being slowed down, and with all that stock I think its a good thing to stop building more hardware for now.

Well this stock is depleting quite a bit from last 2 weeks after the promotions started. Already many OOO in Staples, Best Buy, Office max stores. Also 16GB models getting OOO or backordered on their sites already.

Just because Appl.. er I mean BRG posts an article doesn't mean it's true. If you read any of their stuff, its an Apple love fest. So of course they are never going to post anything positive about RIM.

Plus, maybe I have never seen them before, but it seems like a lot of the Best Buys around here in L.A. have a Blackberry expert in store to display and answer questions about the Playbook. Doesn't sound like they are giving up...

RIM should counter this bogus ANALyst claim with a very meaningful PB OS update TODAY! it does not have to be the 2.0 but something.

10" Acer w/ BB OS ??

From my perspective its the OS (& Apps) that is the failure and not the Hardware.

We are all waiting to see if BB OS 2.0 delivers w/ Apps - but if not, I will not be wasting any more time waiting. Even though I have two BB PB's, I will cut my losses (on time) and move to one of the droid tablets.

Have to admit....I'm a bit shocked that Crackberry picked up this story before confirming...BGR is brutal for misinformation.

A little disappointed here legitimacy to pure falsity

That's the thing, the report is not likely purely false, and look at RIM's response, again it is kind of slippery. They don't address that productions was halted, they simply say we are committed to the tablet market, whatever the hell that means.

It could mean anything:
(1) We halted but will restart production once backlog is sold off.
(2) we're selling these ones and then coming with a new processor
(3) We're no producing the PB anymore but we'll make sure we write and Android App so that your blackberry can pair with an Android tablet.

Frankly I don't give a crap which one it is. The new phones will be QNX and so RIM will likely have an OS that'll run the tablet in any event. And really I'd much rather they put efforts into their phones.

What I would like is for RIM to communicate clearly about what they are doing.

Why are they running so scared all the time for. I think they made $600 million profit last quarter (and that was bad) so they aren't going anywhere. Just calm down and focus.

My perspective on the discounts and temporary halt on production is as follows:

Get as many tablets in the hands of consumers as possible before the launch of OS2. This will allow vendors to clear their shelves for the new Playbooks which will have OS2 already installed. RIM will be gearing up to change the packaging to reflect the changes and this will also usher new publicity.

I think this is yet another barage of attacks on RIM. What shit.

And another thing - CRACKBERRY - will you please confirm that the manure floating is true before you post it here? This just caused a wave of hysteria unnecessarily. I'm supremely annoyed.

Folks can speculate 'till the cows come home, including myself.

One thing is clear through it all, RIM needs to get ahead of this and take some proactive action.

These knee jerk based responses are not working, never has.

The PB is a drag on RIMs bottom line. So who knows what they are going to do.

I would set production of the PB aside for now, sell what they have. Continue to develop the PB/QNX software using the PBs already in peoples hands and revisit the tablet world down the road once RIM has launched the QNX phone line. Phones are their bread and butter.

Am I saying the PB is bad? No, but it clearly was not thought out well enough, launched poorly and not for use by the general public.

Just another in a long line of F' ups by the two at the top. How many more does it take before something is done about these two?

and so it goes...


Kevin, you're reporting news from a site (BGR) thats known to bash RIM on a DAILY basis. I wish RIM could sue BGR for spreading negative information about their brand. Theres not much one can do to stop the media; but I'd honestly wish you for one; would check the facts (especially since you're so close to HQ of RIM in CA) before you post such articles.

While we all respect the fact that you stay honest in your reviews; pls avoid increasing publicity of crappy sites like BGR whose sole intent is to Push Apple products.

You should be calling out BGR on their stupid articles rather than report their news.

A dedicated yet disappointed Crackberry fan

No need to kill the messenger...

"BGR reported earlier on a note from Collins Stewart analyst John Vinh stating that RIM’s manufacturing partner Quanta had been ordered to discontinue production of the BlackBerry PlayBook in light of weak sales."

If you want to take it out on someone contact John Vinh not BGR or Crackberry.


I dont necessarily think the comment was trying to "kill the messenger." Just ask yourself this: "Is BGR a site that I want to get credible information from regarding RIM and its products?" and then ask yourself "Is CrackBerry a site that I want to get credible information from regarding RIM and its products?"

John Vinh is definitely to blame here, but so are the outlets he uses to spread his propaganda. Giving a free pass to BGR to post false articles is unacceptable, and being disappointed in a site we all love for CREDIBLE RIM related news (CrackBerry) is not blasphemy...

Well I think the better approach by Kevin should have been to first get official response from RIM and then publish the article. That was unnecessary panic for RIMPIRE as we all trust Kevin to bring reliable news.

Another +1. The last thing I want to hear is the person running the site writing an editorial on how the PlayBook is dead. If I'm an advertiser, why would I want to pay to advertise here if you are telling me the PB is dead? Makes no sense.

I see the same pattern.
-BGR peddles BS
-RIM haters and negative cynics jump all over it
-It gets dis-proven
-the lie still rolls on and adds to the litany of false information and biased reporting by BGR that is never accounted for.

When is BGR going to held accountable for their lies and obvious negative campaign against RIM?

When other sites like Crackberry stop reporting what is put up on BGR, or at least wait until they get a response form RIM.

But again it is ultimately RIM's fault if there is any truth whatsoever to the production halt RIM should have been ahead of the story.

They could quash a lot of rumors by delivering the big "Summer" update. The longer they sit on it the more doom and gloom surrounding the PlayBook and the less people will even think of purchasing it.

I am getting so sick of all of this non-sense. Maybe RIM should be suing for false information being put out there because there seems to be so much of it.

It might also help if the 2 clowns at RIM gained a set and started defending their products and be just a tad more open about what they are doing and stick to a timeline.

This kind of reminds me of a great company that used to be called DEC (digital equipment corp). Great engineers and very poor marketers. The eventually got bought out by compaq then HP.


Agree. Why jump on something from BGR. Verify sources, one of the first rules in reporting. Especially since this is a fan site. I'm trying to respond to all negative posts in the forums and sticking up for the PB all over. And this site jumps on a rumor and posts it with no verification whatsoever.

It being discontinued is "pure fiction" they didn't comment on halting production. With over half a million units sitting on unsold, I would halt production too, especially after the amazon fire's announcement so I don't doubt the claims. The problem has always been that these tablet makers try to price their tablets too close to the ipad. Believe it or not, apple is the luxury maker of `electronics. People are willing to pay a premium because its an apple product. Acer is no luxury brand, neither is samsung or blackberry for that matter. So when they price products up in the luxury range, people ask themselves one question, should I buy this new product or just buy the apple variant since it's the same price? The fanboys will take the risk, the average Joe WON'T.
I owned a playbook, LOVED it, but sold it cause it had so few apps and such little developer support. I sold my 32GB Playbook for $500 3 months after spending nearly $700 for the device plus accessories and cases. Now the playbook has moved to $250 (or is it $299) a drastic drop and slap in the face to the loyal early adopters. If it had been priced there to begin with, more persons would have opted for it, but hey, it is what it is. It's a great device, just sad it's going the way of the dodo bird.

No matter what the company says now, the news already did the damage - Stock is close to 5-year low as I type this. I hope RIM takes stern action against these analysts who spew crap like this.

Maybe Mike and Jim want to push the stock as low as possible, buy a whole bunch back.....then blow us away with some awesome QNX phones and other stuff, then sell all of their awesome stock at a high and be gone forever.

Amazon just announced the Kindle Fire (a similar tablet) for $199. RIM should lower the price of the Playbook to $199 as well. They would more than make up for it in app store purchases and video rentals. Anyone who paid full price should be given credit for future purchases.

All the article said was they stopped production(which is true) and stopped development of additional tablets(likely). Doesn't mean the PB is discontinued. Just because you don't like the news that doesn't make anyone liable.

HP went from $499 to $399 to $99...I don't see that happening here. Keep in mind, the holiday season is getting close too.

C'mon folks! RIM isn't going to drop the PlayBook. It's part of their long term strategy. This pure rumor! If RIM did indeed stop production on the PlayBook, it is because there is a new PlayBook in the making.

First, the current PlayBook is one year old, and even the Kindle Fire is sporting similar specs. I'm sure RIM wants to entertain newer chipsets like 1.6 GHz dual core Qualcomm processors.

Secondly, the 4G PlayBook is in the works and probably in production for perhaps a November launch. These might be running PlayBook 2.0 with upgraded specs too :)

BTW, I agree with something Jonathank says: RIM doesn't know how to advertise and sell the great things they make! This is their weakness! They think their phones will sell themselves, or that the carriers will sell for them. They must realize they are no longer in the smartphone game on their own. There is much more competition today, and the carriers are also busy selling other manufacturer's phones.

I love my PlayBook and I'll stick with it to the end. I'm not putting stock in what BGR has to say.

First off, why would they discontinue their flagship product for the next gen BlackBerry? Makes no sense. I admit, they did drop the ball on the way they did things (I don't have to list them, do I?). But, the PlayBook is the only window into BlackBerry's future that any one has. And it looks GOOD!!!

Second, I find this very funny that this "report" would come out before the 2.0 upgrade is released and just after Amazon announces its' tablet not to mention right before Apple announces the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 (maybe). Very suspect if you ask me.

This is just another ploy to get the negative winds blowing against RIM. I will only believe this type of report when RIM releases a statement saying this is their plan of action. Anything else isn't worth the time to consider it.

Sadly, the damage has already been done with this story. Major news radio media in Vancouver, during the morning, were reporting that RIM had ceased production of the Playbook according to these people. I haven't been listening since I've been at work so I don't know if they have corrected the story to indicate RIM's response. Nevertheless, the damage will have already been done.

As for RIM's response; it's a typical RIM response that, as one other poster said, could mean anything. Their use of the phrase "tablet market" and not "Playbook" is odd. I would feel a lot better if RIM's response was much more emphatic regarding their support of the Playbook.

Completely agree with you. In today's social networked world, such spicy news travel fast and I am sure half of the population will keep this thinking going forward. All such rumors by some section of media and these so called analysts have and are hurting RIM more than their actual situation. Sometimes I do feel the possibility of some corporate level conspiracy.

Regarding your comment about RIM's response what else clarity you expect. Please read again the response "RIM doesn't typically comment on rumors, but any suggestion that the BlackBerry PlayBook is being discontinued is pure fiction. RIM remains highly committed to the tablet market. "
They clearly mentioned Playbook being discontinued is pure fiction. What other direct reference is expected here?

I think you're missing the point here RIM said that the product is not going to be discontinued. This means they will keep producing PB. Stop trying to bash RIM, they loose a lot of ground but they are in the right track to regain market share. The PB is not going to be discontinued. It's senseless pushing software updates and trying to reclute develpopers if yopu plan to send a product to the graveyard.

i am working for a manufacturing compNy for RIM products, the next playbook will not produce in quanta, possible reason why they stop playbook production in quanta is because maybe playbook 2 is on going qualification build in other company,btw playbook 2 will be produce in company that i am working with, more probably it will produce in taiwan,but i am hope here in mexico, and i wish to be the PIC for that model

In the midst of blind brand loyalty, the truth is still the truth - most of the negative reviews of the PlayBook, which were so vehemently attacked right here in these forums, eventually proved to be correct.

It doesn't matter in how much denial you are, the PlayBook "AS IT IS", is failing, and woefully so!

Also remember the old adage, "There is no smoke without fire".

Not trying to stir up anything, just saying it the way I see it.

This is why people on here get so upset. You accuse blind loyalty but you give off blind hate.

I'm a playbook owner and I would say I like pretty much 90% of the time. No electronic gadget is perfect so I don't expect to like everything 100%.

My friend who bought an iPad 6 months ago says he's over it. Another friend who bought one 2 months ago say he's sick of it because all websites use flash.

I still like my PB and use it everyday. It is a good product that has been bashed by media simply because that's the thing to do.

Yes there is smoke but that doesn't mean you are burning in hell which is what you and other people seem to want to spew on here.

Blind Hate pure and simple.

People say Amazon fire will not compete with iPad. This is utter garbage. Why? Web browsing that works, ebook reading, magazines, the most popular apps. Sorry the iPad might do more but the point is 90% of people don't care because that list pretty much covers what you do on a tablet.

It is not about blind loyalty but it is about your personal needs from the device. Mine are getting served perfectly from PB and actually in many areas much better than competition (which I tried, including the Incredible and magical iPad). At the end of day, it matters what you want is there in the device or not? Everything else is hype and sheep herd.

playbook 2 will be produce in another company, the possible reason why quanta stop production for playbook is because playbook 2 qualification build is on going, i knew that playbook 2 plan even before playbook 1 reach the market

I just want all the little things we get on the Phones. I love the form factor of the Playbook but not including little things like auto correct, all the short cuts and not as important to me but the email and calendar. I wouldn't be surprised that the haulted making any new ones but it doesn't mean that they are giving up on it. If the os2 update finally gives everything that was promised (no more or less) then buying at full price won't seem bad to me.

Now if this OS update is a POS and they do give up on the Playbook then I want a refund. I love the playbook but I baught it based on alot of the things that "blackberry" stands for but are not in the Playbook and also the things that were promised that made it so worth it but would be false advsertising if they do not follow through.

An "analyst" from OptionsMonster was on CNBC stating basically the same thing. The WSJ questioned why RiM should even continue in the tablet space. Anyway, this is fuel for day trading options traders and they are hammering RIMM shares. Short interest in RIMM shares is near 80% which is completely crazy.

Staples has the 16G on sale here (Rochester, NY) for $249. They were out of stock. I ordered one that will be here tomorrow. I ordered the 32G and he gave it to me for $349 after two rebates. I fugure its for work in the field, even if its discontinued its a tool I will use for awhile. Do they have Angry Birds for it? lol
Made an incredible mistake once.

So I'm not bitter for paying the Early Adopter Tax ($700-ouch, just had to get the 64GB...) As no one forced me to buy it. Also, stopping production is the logical thing to do if your supply chain is full of product you can't sell. So stopping production doesn't mean product cancellation like HP's tablet.

Now if RIM doesn't release the "2.0"update with e-mail, contacts, Android emulator etc then I will give up on RIM forever. Even if they do, the problem is who is going to keep developing for the PB?? Who's going to sell more tablets, RIM or Amazon? I kinda think Amazon (not even mentioning Apple who obviously owns this space for the forseeable future).

So where does that leave us PB owners? Well, we have a great little browser, an awsome media player, and I know some folks actually do real work on it! I hope RIM keeps pushing updates just to learn about QNX-we'll see.

to be specific playbook 1 and quanta, stop production, laid off employees,


playbook 2 and ? company, start production and hires employees.

so to say playbook stop production is wrong, it must be playbook 1 stop production, why produce playbook 1 if playbook 2 production is on going production

I will get one and I'll wait to see if there is a 3G version in the next couple of months. Bring on the Droid apps too.

Amazon Kindle Fire looks like the playbook, that should be very good for RIM.
Amazon is showing confidence in the 7" tablet size and if RIM and Amazon are making it in the same factory even better. Some kind of partnership between RIM and Amazon would be great.
That may be a good way to reach more people in the US.

Listen guys.........most folks by a tablet for i am a BB fan and would own nothing else, but RIM has made it very hard for me to defend the playbook. I am a nurse and most of my co-workers have blackberry phones....and when they play with my PB they are anything but impressed. The lack of apps in app world.....most of the nurses have medical software on their blackberry phone (skyscape....medscape......uptodate) blackberry totally missed the boat with that....ipad didn't.....and when they saw that i couldnt watch movies on it.....they were like.....blackberry screwed up with this thing. This point was driven home because everything my PB couldnt do......the other nurses ipad could not to excited about the Adriod app.....for some reason, i think that it will be less than optimal.

RIM's app strategy for the Playbook was their biggest blunder.

Instead of providing a means of running BlackBerry apps out of the box, they effectively closed out ALL of their traditional developers.

And with the QNX announcement, they made it pointless to develop for BlackBerry smartphones also.

They couldn't have screwed it up more if they'd tried.

BGR is totally unreliable with respect to RIM.

I guess having Steve Wozniak as an adviser (read investor) must skew perspective somewhat.

I almost get the feeling Apple has hired people to spread rumors to detroy RIM.

RIM has OS2 on the way and it's the proving ground for QNX phones, why would they kill the Playbook?

Apple does not have to hire anybody, all these analysts are hugely invested in Apple and they will make sure its stock keeps going up. Also you will notice always in media that when new product of apple approaches, they will add all those adjectives like magical, incredible, innovative when most of the time its farce.

This post is for the nurse. I don't have the Playbook yet and my only experience is trying it at Staples but from this short time with a Playbook I am impressed. It is a great size for portability. I can see myself pulling it out and using the camera or the calculator for example. I like the swipe action.

I actually compared it to the iPad in the store, I used each for about 20 minutes. The iPad feels nice to touch and the feeling of effortless speed is there. But for me it feels too polished and slick, I imagine it dumb-downs the user.

I tried the Playbook right after and I like the swipe action more, the keyboard is better, and my overall impression is that as a tool to seriously use everyday it's better than the iPad.

I don't see why you couldn't watch movies on the Playbook. I assume you meant there is not app like iTunes where you could easily download music and movies. Can't you watch shows through the browser. Can't you transfer movies from your home computer to the Playbook.

Nooo :( I was planning on buying the PB at the end of the month... let's hope the current PB will still be available then as I just don't have the funds for one now.

PlayBook's OS is the future of all BlackBerry devices, it's part of their transition phase, so it's not going anywhere.

The PB is worth the cost and at $299 on sale, it's a killer deal. QNX 2.0 will be released after dev com, so then will be a good time to buy, unless the price goes up again. ;)

All this FUD is just that and its coming from investors/analysts that are trying to manipulate the market fo their own personal gains.

500,000 units first quarter of release, 200,000 units in the 2nd quarter of release, 800,000 units just sitting in the factory, is it even up to RIM whether to continue it?

now there's 799,999 in stock. i picked up one of these bad boys up today at Staples. best purchase i've made for a while. i was going to go withthe 9900 for 600usd off contract. the pb for 299 made much more CENTS (i mispelled it on purpose)

PB is definitely a very nice hardware in heart (although I don't agree with the quality of the camera - at all), but is still lacking the apps, tools and design languages that can actually offer solid experience and complete usability...
Not to mention the marketing, communications, and flawed promises they have been practicing for a very long time, making it difficult for customers in general understand the value and the (real) benefit of the device .

Hopefully with 2.0, RIM can finally proof that they are committed to making a very worthy table. As the market is SO brutal now, just "getting better" actually means "still lagging behind".

Unfortunately, I think we're going to look back at this as one more signpost on the PlayBook's way to the graveyard pictured in your graphic above.

I'm starting to get worried we won't ever see the OS 2 release.

Can they afford to sell the 16GB at $250 going forward? I can't imagine the markup was 50% or more and I don't see RIM being in a position where the PB works as a loss leader for them.

Look, as much as I am skeptical of most corporate PR, I have to believe RIM on this one. Everyone knows what kind of hit HP took on their reputation by bailing on Touchpad. You'd have to be a complete idiot to repeat that mistake.

Is RIM losing money on Playbook? I don't think so. The v1 design is done, just keep churning it out and recoup as much of the R&D cost as you can.

Secondly, did anyone remember which tablet was the only one to get certified by certain federal government agencies? Unless I miss my guess, most of the time certification isn't only just on capability, but availability. Enterprises and places like these secretive government arms are not going to certify anything that isn't going to have a guaranteed support & lifetime.

Playbook will keep going. There's nothing wrong with the OS, it may be the best of the bunch. There's very little wrong with the hardware, so it really just comes down to making Apps. And if they hope to succeed on their phones, they will keep the Tablet alive since everything is going QNX

I work for the government (Air Force) and I can tell you there's no money for phones, let alone tablets with today's shrinking budgets. I don't think that governemnt sales are going to save the PlayBook.

I Love the Playbook...I am a RIM fan.. however, it's hard to see them pulling something out the had. Seriously!!! the PB has awesome specs, prob better than most or all QNX has awesome potential... but is that all it takes to be a great tab?
I hate I-anything.. Ipod, Ipad, Iphone but now I feel betrayed like by buying the PB was a mistake. with the info coming to us about Android player it seems like it will only be a handful of crappy apps will we able to run on the PB and not the really cool Apps we were hoping for.
So do I keep my PB? of course.. but I will def be getting an IPad3 as well..

I don't think that the PlayBook is going to disappear anytime soon as it is a great piece of hardware and more apps are showing up every day. Here's an idea though. Why wait until DevCon to release the new OS? If it is mostly ready now, why not release an update now to shutup some of the nay sayers and critics! If it is only 80% ready now, so be it. Finish the rest and do another major release after DevCon. Would that be so hard to do? This way RIM could get some positive press for a change and carry on the lower pricing until after Christmas to build momentum going into 2012!
Just my humble opinion and I have had my 64GB PlayBook since day one and have no major complaints.

i 'm seriously pissed with kevin for posting this he should at least have confirmed from his many RIM sources before every tom dick and iaryy feels dey can come and bash the PB on our own homesite.........

It being discontinued is "pure fiction" they didn't comment on halting production. With over half a million units sitting on unsold, I would halt production too, especially after the amazon fire's announcement so I don't doubt the claims. The problem has always been that these tablet makers try to price their tablets too close to the ipad. Believe it or not, apple is the luxury maker of `electronics. People are willing to pay a premium because its an apple product. Acer is no luxury brand, neither is samsung or blackberry for that matter. So when they price products up in the luxury range, people ask themselves one question, should I buy this new product or just buy the apple variant since it's the same price? The fanboys will take the risk, the average Joe WON'T.

I owned a playbook, LOVED it, but sold it cause it had so few apps and such little developer support. I sold my 32GB Playbook for $500 3 months after spending nearly $700 for the device plus accessories and cases. Now the playbook has moved to $250 (or is it $299) a drastic drop and slap in the face to the loyal early adopters. If it had been priced there to begin with, more persons would have opted for it, but hey, it is what it is. It's a great device, just sad it's going the way of the dodo bird.