BlackBerry PlayBook price drop in the UK - again

UK BlackBerry PlayBook Sale
By DJ Reyes on 3 Feb 2012 12:51 pm EST

If you're still saving the pennies to buy a BlackBerry PlayBook and you missed out on the Holiday sales that saw the PlayBook price slashed down to as little as £169 for the 16GB model, then you can rest a bit easy in knowing that the price drop has been applied again. This time though it seems like the price cut is staying put, as the 'for a limited time only' small print does not show this time.

Just to recap on the pricing, the PlayBook 16GB model is now £169, the 32GB at £199 and the 64GB model is £249. The BlackBerry PlayBook is available from Currys, PC World, Dixons Online and Carphone Warehouse. Previously, Carphone Warehouse were the only ones to stock the 32GB model, at least the Dixons Group have it stocked so there are more places to get the 32 GB model from.

So, if you've been waiting for your chance to pick up a PlayBook, now seems a good time. 

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BlackBerry PlayBook price drop in the UK - again


I am pretty dumb. I paid £380 for my 16GB when it first came out. Hindsight is a wondeful thing but I wasn't exactly expecting the promised functionality of OS2 to take this long with ver few major apps brought out for it in the meantime. If I had had my time again I would have got a different tablet but I can't afford to lose all that money so I have to make the best of it and hope OS2 delivers. Still, my new phone last month, on a two year contract was a HTC android, so that's one less handset customer they have.

It amazes me how many people complain about broken promises........ I have a Ferrari here if you want it,i promise to have the engine to you soon. Did you not do your research before purchase? No, then stop whining.

IMHO RIM should never have reduced the PB price, it has given the signs to the market. RIM should have offered the companies and sales staff incentives for sold PB. eg £100 for each PB sold (at full price) go to the company, with a percentace of that being ringfenced for the sales staff.......£10 for each of the first 10 sold £30 for each on upto 20. £50 for each PB sale of £30+.

I wonder what the sales would have been like of the sales staff and their employers had such incentives.

Yes I did my research. I researched images on the BB website showing Skype icons on a PlayBook and I researched promises of OS2 functionality by "the summer". So far none of this has materialised and my investment is now selling for less than half it's original price in less than a year. Yes I am going to complain.

I also had promises from Amazon at the time that they woulkd be making a Kindle App for the PB.

RIM are perfectly entitled to break these promises of course. And I am perfectly entitled to take my custom elsewhere. In fact I would be foolish not to


PlayBook OS 2.0 Launching February 21st Officially Confirmed
Published on 02-16-2012 12:45 PM

BlackBerry News,
BlackBerry PlayBook

We have been waiting to hear an official date for OS 2.0 a really long time from BlackBerry or a RIM employee. Ever since the first whispers of a date were published, it's all been speculation. Today though we got some official RIM confirmation. At the Developing Native Games with the BlackBerry NDK 2.0 Webcast today, Angel Aldana, RIM Manager (Latin America Alliances), confirmed the official date of PlayBook's OS 2.0 launch to be... Tuesday, February 21st! Barring any setbacks, we will have a shiny new OS on our PlayBooks in about 5 days! This is awesome.