BlackBerry PlayBook price crash continues in India

BlackBerry PlayBook sale
By DJ Reyes on 27 Dec 2011 06:04 pm EST

We've been seeing a lot of price crashing on the BlackBerry PlayBook the past couple of months, with RIM employees getting huge discounts and recently in the UK Currys, PC World and Carphone Warehouse dropping their prices down to £169 for the 16GB model. India is next in line to get a price drop, this time 50% off the original price tag at release.

The PlayBook 16GB was priced at Rs 27,990 when launched back in June and is now available for Rs 13,490. The 32GB model is now Rs 15,990 and the 64GB model is Rs 24,490. This price drop, however, is stated to be a limited time offer only until December 31st 2011. So, if you're living in India and looking to get your hands on the a PlayBook now is the time to do so before this offer ends.

Source: Business Standard India 

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BlackBerry PlayBook price crash continues in India


I thought BBs were popular in that area of the world because they were more affordable?? (de for Germany ;) ) reduced the 32GB to 259 EUR and the 64GB model to 299 EUR.

But I think there were only a few (not more than 30?) in stock???

The link is gone - I got a link from Amazon but now it's showing the old prices again. The email said the prices are reduced until 6th January... funny.

I ordered a 32GB model on 26th, as it's already on the way (email from Amazon) to me it will be in my hands by thursday :)

The 15990 Rs 32GB Pb looks as it's has the best price, oanda says it's only 225 Euro or 299 USD - OK, the prices you guys in US and Canada got were a lot better (199 for 16GB etc ;) )

I really hope we see a 9.X inch tablet coming in Feb with 2.0. The $199 can't continue forever at a loss.

Expecting too much from rim? Why not just deal with your playbook or if you don't have one, get one, or another tablet. Discounts aren't a loss, it encourages more to buy it.

I wonder if RIM will have to take another Playbook-related charge. Man, they really should have priced these puppies a hundred bucks cheaper than they did at launch.

I picked one up in the UK sales at £169, seems plenty of stock too. Best decision i made, looking forward to seeing what future updates have in store :)

You bought the 16GB like most people because they were really good at advertising and displaying the 16GB version. Most people failed to look at the 32GB version for another £30. With no SD card to upgrade I took the 16GB back and got the 32GB version. I had to order mine in as the Brits learn quickly.

Fantastic device the BlackBerry Playbook. it is let down by the lack of apps and high prices of apps when compared to other devices. I look after a BlackBerry server and RIM service is good for devices but with the Playbook they were very optimisatic to sell it for the same price as the IPAD. The device hardware might be pretty much identical but you can not compare with the Apple Store when it comes to apps. A massive less amount of people develop for the Blackberry. The Playbook also often crashes. I also find some of the games slow when compared to my IPAD. RIM have also promised us a mail client, ven on Youtube goinf back months but have stillnot delivered. What's the point a wonderful device if 1) RIM can not be bothered to give customers what they want and 2) Lack of developers for the Blackberry device means a lack of apps. You pay the premium as well which is why the apps cost more.