BlackBerry PlayBook price back to normal at most retailers, did you snag one at a discount?

By Jared DiPane on 15 Oct 2011 12:35 pm EDT

We have recently seen tons of retailers dropping the price of the BlackBerry PlayBook, but it appears as though most of the deals are wrapping up, and the prices are back on the rise. Retailers like Best BuyFutureshopSears and others have brought the 16GB version back up to $499, instead of the $299 price point. Were you able to grab one at a discount, or were you hoping to see the price go even lower? With DevCon right around the corner we hope to be bringing lots of good news about updates and further PlayBook support, so sit tight, and follow along!

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BlackBerry PlayBook price back to normal at most retailers, did you snag one at a discount?


I did I did! I got it at staples and I was surpried because the lady who helped me recommended the PlayBook over the iPad 2

got a second one for my wife. actually she got my "old" 16 gb and i got a new 32 gb. unfortunately my new one has the lower on off button but I will manage. ;)

got one for myself... now my wife has it! :'( I mean she literally became playbook addict! It's so handy, convenient, when we go shopping I just put my pdfs on itand wait for her while reading... this amazing piece of art became very handy when I was doing my literature review for my thesis... battery life is amazing, it can last for two days! waiting for QNX 2.0... needs more apps!!!!!!

I was planning on picking one up during the xmas holidays this year, hopefully they will be offering some deals. I must admit though, with all the changes @ RIM (at least the changes I'm waiting to see) wouldn't it be a good move to wait?

Also, this is trivial but a part of me has a problem with kindle fire looking like a PB.

Yeah, I bought my only playbook when it went on sale 250$ off at sears! I Cant see why it got hated on so much it is a fantastic device. All my friends at school (i'm in highschool) ripped on me because it wasnt an ipad and they heard bad reviews. After they actually tried it i know a few people who went for the same deal as i did. I think putting it on sale was good marketing.

Even though I was an early adopter of the 64g at launch, I think the current sale price os $299 for the 16g etc... Is the right price for the PB. This sets the foundation for developers to develop apps for the first PB offering. Once that is established, they can try raising the prices on newer PB models.

My mom grabbed the last one they had at Best Buy, at the time and she loves it! They tried to sell her at full price until she showed them the on line ad.
Everytime she says "so cool" while using a bridge function or her beloved BlueBox(Dropbox) it puts a mile on my face. Were both sitting next to each other tapping away :D

Looks like an imminent OS2 release and low price are not much needed anymore.
Hoping to see OS2 right after devcon

But I did convince two of my friends to buy them. I told them that great things were coming for it in the coming weeks with DevCon to display OS 2.0.

Same here,$249 at Sears, this was the best deal around.
Nice piece of technology. Now my hope is next (QNX)phones will be at least as good as the Playbook and for sure RIM will be back in the game.

Got mine from The Source the day before my wife won an ipad2 in a work raffle. I've had a chance to use both without being biased to one or the other. I must say I prefer the PlayBook because the size makes everything else more comfortale to do from playing games to surfing the net, watching videos, typing, viewing pictures, plus with the bridge function, I'm able to answer emails and bbm without having to put my PlayBook down and picking up my phone.

I did the same. Actually I got 2 64gb pb's on the rogers employee discount and 2* 100$ mastercard rebates. One for me and one for my dad. I love it. Goes with me everywhere.

i got a 64gb at best buy for 550 and had 20 coupon, so it ended up being 529.99. A week before i bought a 16GB for full price but exchanged it when it went on sale, One thing i noticed was that the power button was raised a bit on a 64gb playbook, and i have no issues turning it off and on, as compared to the 16gb one. maybe they fixed it with the newer shipments.

The power button on the new 16GB I got yesterday does seem a little bit higher then the one I got on launch day, but truth be told other then when I first took them out of their boxes, I can't remember ever needing to use the power button.

Yes i dont think so i use the Power Button as often as i Swipe the bezel. (some are so winners about the button but in fact you dont use it that much).

I bought my 16GB on launch day for the full $499.99, but I got another one for the wife yesterday at Future Shop. There price was already back up to $499.99, but they price matched walmart's $298.00 (because I would never shop there) plus 10% of the difference, so I got it for $311 tax in!

Bring on OS 2.0!!!

This was the best marketing campain for the PlayBook to date. Hopefully the more hands its in, the more it will sell and the more developers that will come onboard.

Pricing going back to normal is a good sign that the promotion worked. Looking forward to OS2.

Sure did. Supposedly I got the last one at my nearby Staples (although I think the manager was keeping it for himself). Picked one up for the wife as well and my cousin grabbed one too. All from Staples, all for $249. Money well spent. I should have bought one for my sister when I had the chance, but se la vie, I'll hook her up with one later.

Got a 16 GB on sale at Best Buy and love it so much would pay full price now. Absolutely can't get enough of that key board and wish it had SMS.

I, too, think lowering the price and getting more PlayBooks out there builds business. Sort of. I love it ONLY because I pair it with my Torch 9850. I honestly can't yet recommend it to anyone that does not have a BlackBerry phone. That can only be solved by an OS2 able to answer the competition. Can you imagine the pressure on the OS2 team ?

Nope. Snagged mine from Kijiji for $50 less than the discounts, AND got a desktop cradle thrown in...)

Well, I did and am planning to return it as the tilt is not very responsive and I don't get to adjust the touch sensitivity...but your mention of the 2.0 update around the horizon makes me think return or not return, that is the question

I bought one and I *LOVE* it. The responsiveness and multitasking make me really happy that I never caved and bought an iPad. I personally don't really care about the lack of apps, I have a computer to play around on. In the past year, I've had four phones - an iPhone, a Bold 9700, a Nexus One, and finally a Nexus S. Having the Playbook reminded me what RIM is good at making - efficient and productive devices. I ordered a 9900, since I got sick of Samsung's inability to fix a defective phone and the generally poor "phone" features of the Android OS. I'm also a firm believer that phones should have buttons.

I picked up a16Gb online from future shop for $299 for my dad. Gave him a little demo and let him play with my 32Gb that i got at launch. He liked it a lot. Liked the portability of it. I'm gonna hang on to it until after the OS2 update and then I'll give it to him for christmas.

I would've, but I already bought myself a $99 HP Touchpad. If it wasn't for that, I would've gone for the Playbook. The Playbook's my tablet of choice, but I think that I got a better deal with my $99 Touchpad. Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade with the next generation of Playbooks. Fingers crossed for quad core!

Now I feel better about buying my 64GB PlayBook last Tuesday :-) I got the $200 discount at Office Depot.

I have just picked up a Playbook 32GB for £299. I was looking at a 16GB this morning for £240 but wasn't sure about the 32 or 16. But, when I logged on about 10 mins ago, the company who was selling the 16GB at £240 had put the price back up near the full £399 UK price, but the other company still had the 32GB at £299 (delivered), so I nabbed it quickly as I have a feeling the prices will go back up shortly.

Most shops like PC World, Curry's, Carphone Werehouse etc, has always kept the price for the 16GB at £399 which put me off getting Playbook, but when I saw some companies had with it down to £240 I started umming and arrrring about getting one.

Decision made. 32GB ordered tonight at £299 delivered price. Just got to wait for it to arrive next week.

Yes. Got my 64 GB at Best Buy for $100 off plus $100 in store coupon and the check out girl gave me another $100 gift card to boot. Learning my way around. Learned about PB_Tools and side loading apps.

Paid $249 after rebate at Staples for 16GB. My wife is interested, so maybe if there are similarly good deals closer to the holidays, I might get a32GB and give her this one. Love the response and the form-faactor, though somewhat disappointed in the bridge-browser...seems to hang on so many websites.

Staples still has $200 off all PlayBooks today,WallMart still $200 off all models today, Cspire Wireless has 16gb version for $299 now, Negri Electronics has nice discount prices and free shipping to most of the world, Harvey Norman (Australia) has 16gb for $294/32gb for $347/64gb for $398 still and a few others still have discounts including as low as $279 with free shipping on eBay.

I love my PB at full price.... but at a discounted price, its even better.
i would love to see each BB user with a PB and at that price, maybe?

Got mine at Futureshop with a free Invisible Shield.

I wonder how many were sold during this price reduction blitz.

Ditto. Also picked up one at Futureshop with the $200 off deal. I debated for a long time whether to go iPad or Playbook. Quite happy with the Playbook 64 purchase and no regrets!

I snagged one this week at Office Depot. My friends and I spent all of happy hour yesterday playing Berzerk Ball. They are fans now.

No, no, no... :-(
I have nobody in US who couldv'e bought one for me, and in Poland it has not even been officially launched!:(

Showed mine to a person who has an Ipad2 and had "heard bad things about Playbook"

... within 10 minutes of showing her some of the Playbook features, and the portability of the Playbook size, she was so impressed, she said she would go out today and buy a Playbook!! ....

This is before Playbook 2.0 software upgrade! .... from an ipad user ....

Just proves .. don't believe the press or the Apple or Android Fan boys

Just check it out for yourself!!

I bought one at Staples for $249 after all the discounts. However the first unit I bought the volume rocker and GPS didn't work. The replacement didn't work either even after speaking with Blackberry support.

RIM was going to replace it again but I decided to return it to Staples. There are things i like about the Playbook. My thoughts at this point are to watch what happens with OS 2.0 and then possible purchase one if they are on sale again.

I got a 16gb at Sears. Went to the Source, they were out, so the guy there sent me to Sears to get one. All I can say is, wow, I'm real impressed with this device. I cannot understand where all the negative reviews are coming from. This is one quality rig. Contrary to many reviews, my power button works fine, the interface is totally intuitive and the bridge was a snap to setup. My only 2 disappointments are the lack of text messages coming over the bridge connection and no real file management capability. Otherwise this is one sweet rig.

i managed to take advantage of the deal offered at Sears. $299.99 for the 16GB, my choice of case (3 on site to choose from) and a free screen shield!
while i was making my purchase, the cashier had mentioned that mine was the fourth he had sold since he started his shift then took a call from someone else asking if there were any more in stock.
my playbook hasn't left my side since that very day!

i got my 16gb at Radioshack when i went to get dish they gave me a $100 gift card and i saw the PB was at 300 so i paid 221taxed :D

Managed to snagged my 16G from Best Buy @ $270 (as they ran out of Invisishield) and even better was getting the Targus Truss leather holder at half price to got with this. These two go hand in hand in giving the PB a good looking protection case and its functionality as a versatile stand.
Must say that so far my PB use turned out much better than I had expected and should be a no brainer at these prices for someone with a BB phone

Got a 64GB for my girlfriend and we LOVE the video chat much clearer (video and audio) then skype to skype on the same network

Just picked one up from Staples in northern VA. Despite what their website says, it was still just $299. Last one in the store! Getting it set up right now. Pretty excited :) Can't wait to bridge w/ my 9930!

Very Happy. I purchased a 64 GB version at Office Depot for $500.00 today on the last day of the reduced prices. Woo Hoo!!!

Got my 16gb Tuesday just in time for a 4 day biz trip. Couldn't get it setup before the flight the day off having just getting it from office depot @ $299, but once setup it was better than what I had ever imagined!!! I had won a gen1 iPad over the weekend and was so impressed I even thought of making the switch! But having the PB setup and bridged quickly changed my mind. I was impressing other colleagues during my trip having only thought tablets = iPad only. So when I got home and jumped on the pad, I was so disappointed how it's UI depends so much on the home button! I love the qnx system!

All I can say is that this was the best thing rim could've done, I def took advantage!!!!!

I got mine when the sale was still going on at Best Buy. They only had 3 left when I went! Worth ever penny especially since my laptop has started to die on me.

Ordered mine when they first went on sale from Best Buy online. Waited in agony with a 'Back Order' message until it shipped 10 days later. I love it so far, and it has replaced our Canon camera for both stills and video. Paired up with my Bold 9900 things are perfect - although I'm looking forward to the 2.0 update.

By the way, I also have an iPad - and now use the PlayBook exclusively. My wife now uses my iPad to play Scrabble. :)

My wife and I both have 32Gb PlayBooks. I bought mine in April at Staples for $60 off and my wife's two weeks ago at Futureshop for $200 off. We both recently upgraded our Pearl 8130 phones to a Bold 9780 (mine) and a Torch 9850 (hers) and now that we can bridge, the potential of these PB's will be awesome. My office phone, the Bold has a data plan of 6Gb's and with my PB bridged 50% of the time, I only used 1Gb last month.

Just ordered a second one for my girlfriend, had made the mistake of bridging her Storm 2 to my PlayBook so she was grabbing it all to the time for email and web browsing. She also loves my 9930 so that's next up for her in a week when her upgrade is due, I'll give her them both together.

Had tried Best Buy, Staples, OfficeMax, Radio Shack and Sears locally, all sold out or were only available at full price so found one online at MacConnection still on sale for $299 and no tax.

Was going to order on line from Staples, for $249, but wanted to go to the store and see one. The salesperson tried to talk me out of it, but I got a 16 gb anyway and LOVE it. Right price. Right size. Of course, I was already a BB phone user and I think that makes all the difference.

i got mine 5days ago from london drugs. so i could take it on a trip. i have the 32gig touch pad and the playbook kills the touch pad by miles. im so happy that i got mine. cant wait for 2.0

Yes, I purchased a 16GB one at Staples for $299 and had $150 in rewards bucks bringing it down to $150. What a deal ! I absolutely love it. It is so fast and responsive and the size is just great. The web browsing experience is amazing and multi-tasking slick and fast. The sound is also very clear and loud either with the build-in speakers or using headphones for music listening. I am very pleased with the purchase.

Got my 64gb at launch and have loved every moment since. Bought two more for Christmas presents (16 and 32). My friend was so awed by mine she bought one too from Amazon. The price reduction was a great move.

Didn't bother buying one. The 7 inch size, lack of micro SD card support and small number of apps killed it for me. Also I see no future support of Android apps on the Playbook. If I were in the market for a 7 inch tablet, the HTC Flyer would be a better choice with support for a micro SD card, tons of apps and possible upgrade to Honey Comb.

I was at Staples (Lancaster, CA) today and they had the 16GB model for $499 with an instant $200 price cut. I know this isn't the cheapest deal, but at least you don't have to pay tax on $499 and then wait on a rebate.

bought one on launch day - full price- no regrets of being an early adaptor.. also ditched my Atrix to get a 9810, did I say 9810 is heck of device and I am really impressed with both playbook and 9810, bridge browser is pretty smooth now and as good as any 3g service..

I have been very happy with it. It'll be even better if I can get our IT dept to allow me to use VPN. And I used it today to video my son's Tae Kwon Do event. :). The Best Buy people were mixed - 1 discussed, showing it off well, and one discouraged me from buying it.

Sure I did, got my 16GB two weeks ago at Best Buy for $249 since I used up $50 reward certificate, so it was a great deal and so far I'm lovint it, it's really fast and powerful and when bridged to my 9810 it makes it more complete.. just can't wait for the 2.0 update, my playbook is gonna get even better :)

Finally got my 2nd one. Im going to give this one to the girlfriend who just bought her new Bold yesterday.

Here's hoping they go for a permanent price reduction to go with the relaunch, putting a gap between the playbook and the larger tablets would be good.

How out of touch is RIM? These things aren't selling. Drop prices, you say? RIM takes a stand as if they're selling about a new car on the market. Cars never drop their prices by 50%. If it doesn't sell, it doesn't sell. The next step is to pull the car off the market completely. What RIM will do is update this model by pulling it off the market and adding what's new. Silly way of doing business. By distributing a product to the masses at a discounted rate, more people will feel QNX's technology, which will further future sales of the device. RIM still believes they are the industry leader, though. Much like a greedy corporate organization basing it's profits on future sales, if they come up short, they've taken a loss. Since it has bombed, they don't want to take on MORE projected losses. QNX is great, but how will the world find out it? RIM forgets cellphones became popular a decade ago, because the device was sold practically free via a contract.

Can't find any place that would deliver to Malaysia, and we have no sales on the PB :( I definitely would have grabbed one, sigh.

if u did not get the chance no buy will have it again...most best buys had 0 in stock because best buy does not want to buy them from buy is garbage

Got Playbook 32 GB from Best Buy for 399 include Invibleshield cover. Now it is been 4 days and love it, will not return even bad pix or such as. Pixcel are good. Wifi browser I think it is my end router problem slow connect. Otherwise are very good. Need Printing.

Picked up a 32 gigs when they first went on sale at Futureshop.Brought it back when they were giving the screen saver for free for 399. Luv the playbook but hate the zagg shield, too sticky.
Should of never wasted gas money going to pick it up for free.
Knew better because I replaced it 3 times under warranty on my iphone4 when shipping was 5.95 now it's 15.10 for shipping. What a gimmick zagg as going.
Switched to otterbox defender for my iphone and order one from Costco for the playbook.(Don't mind the added bulk to the devices)
Earlier in the year I had a plexiglass cutter in my pocket that scratched the screen of the otterbox, sent them a e-mail to see if they sold the screen separately and to my surprise got a brand new one in the mail the following week for nothing.
Back to the playbook only problem that took awhile was getting it to be recognized usb with windows7.Great tablet just getting a bad rap from peeps.

RIM was smart to drop the PB price IMO; getting the PB into more hands before the 2.0 launch is a great way to raise excitement and awareness.

Some would say Kindle Fire is the way to go. We shall wait and see. Best wishes for a successful Devcon next week!

The one Kevin created when he posted those sells and how many of these things are collecting dust in a factory not even shipped, maybe next time.

hgope the playbook goes on sale again... plannin to purchase one but the time when it went on sale didnt have money which sucks... but i do wanna get one and use it and bridge it with my blackberry

All models of the Playbook are on sale at The Source in Canada until October 31st. Our count is 1 32GB for wife, 1 16GB for in laws (we now video chat from 5 hours a way (and no long distance charges), 1 16GB for my mom at Christmas and 1 64GB for me (wife got sick of me using hers). Bridge it with my Bold 9900 and I'm one happy camper.

Paid full price for the first one, and have no regrets, but at the lower price bought 3 more for family (one early Christmas gift - one Christmas gift and one wife get her of my backer :-) )

You have until October 31st at The Source. Most stores are sold out so I'd buy on line and have it delivered to the store.

Got one and love it....had to upgrade from my 8310 Curve to the Bold 9900 to use the BB Bridge, but its been worth it....

I snagged one for my father on Friday. He was going to be Bumblefuck, PA all weekend with 0 internet access. I bought this to bridge to his Bold. Absolutely loves it.

I don't think RIM get's it...
It's over priced and when you don't hold the market in tablets, you try to get it in people's hands!!

Raise the price AFTER PB 4G comes out....

Bought mine a month ago for $400 an Amazon, but got the $100 rebate card.
So 16gb for $300

I think that is the right price point, no matter how sweet OS-2 is, $500 is too high now for entry level