BlackBerry PlayBook price?!

By Adam Zeis on 28 Sep 2010 01:52 pm EDT

What will the BlackBerry PlayBook price be? Vote in our poll and leave a comment with your thoughts!

 BlackBerry PlayBook  

The BlackBerry PlayBook announcement totally wowed us yesterday and changed a lot of things on the BlackBerry front. There was lots of talk on specs and everyone wants to get their hands on one, but the real question we're left wondering is what will the price be? There was no talk on price at all, and even the press release left us in the dark. There was a note about the release date of "early 2011" and we know a 3G version will be launching that won't be subsidized by the carriers so it will be an outright price. But there was no answer to the key question every wants to know - how much will the BlackBerry PlayBook cost?? Cast your vote in the poll and weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.

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BlackBerry PlayBook price?!


I don't think it matters how much it costs. I would happily pay up to £700 if I really had to. As long as I had it laying somewhere!

The price matters a lot, considering these will languish on the shelves if they are priced too high.

And to break the hearts of BB fanboys everywhere, if you think this will cost any less than an iPad put the pipe down and go to rehab. At bare minimum don't look for this to be any less than 500 bucks, especially with the hardware RIM has in it, the money spent on all new R&D and resources, anything less and RIM would be killing themselves. Unlike their phones where RIM constantly recycles 3 year old tech this is all cutting edge stuff. I bet the cost to build/manufacture is roughly around 290 bucks per device.

$400 for the 16 GB model with no 3G
$500 for the 32 GB model with no 3G

$600 for the 16 GB model with 3G
$750 for the 32 GB model with 3G

I think a lot of people thought the poll was "How much do you want it to be?", not what they think it actually will be.

BlackBerry devices are expensive, a Storm 2 without contract is $599 in Canada. Bold 9700's are also quite expensive in the US without a contract.

I would be surprised if it cost less than $800, given the comparative pricing of their other, less expensive to produce devices.

Not if they lower the profit margins on the device like Apple did with the iPad.

Let's not forget that RIM is the company that is on almost 600 carriers world-wide. They're also the company that captured the enterprise market from much larger players.

I don't know why the media is treating them as if they have no idea how to sell devices.

Only in Canada the price for a phone is double and the contract is higher :)
Look across the border USA and compare them :)

Considering that Apple priced the iPad relatively cheap (in comparisson to their other products), I'd say that the PlayBook probably will be quite expensive. Which is unfortunate, as it's really cool.

As mentioned, there will be both a 16GB and a 32GB version. This poll/post should have options for both models.

16GB = 400 USD
32GB = 550 USD

RIM totally needs to get Frank Caliendo doing John Madden doing PlayBook advertising.

You see...there's a touch screen there....and you can swipe the screen, and BAM! you have your media.

Touch this button here and BAM! you have your pictures of Brett Favre.

seriously....with the name PlayBook, they need some good Xs and Os in their advertising.

I am thinking it needs to be cheaper than the ipad just so it will take on a bigger marketshare quickly, more marketshare = more companies jumping on board creating apps.
I think it will be a great product but you want it to be an item that both the private consumer and the business world will utilize.

my 2 cents.

With the release of new devices at a pretty rapid rate, their cost are usually pretty trackable as well. Putting this in the same market as the iPad you can only expect that it will be in the same price range. Just wishing RIM will drop the price to grab consumers.. Introducing QNX, tht won't happen.


There's absolutely no way it will be less than $300.00 This device will not be subsidized by a carrier. Therefore you'll be paying full price for the device. Smartphones retail for $500+...(outside carriers) and so a device like this will go for the same or more depending on specs.

Are people voting on the price they think it will be or hope it will be? I can't really see the device will be less than 4 or 5 hundreds buying retail...

My Guess is when it hits Canada, it will be about 999.99 Canadian with those specs... Hope it will be cheaper though. Whatever it is tho I'm special ordering it though the company I work for and buying it for myself! :D

I thought I'd be the only one to think this after reading all the above comments.

And the 4G model will cost 1199 just because. Both prices on Rogers without the 3 year contract.

All kinds of other tablets on the way, so they can't go all out and gouge on a price. $499 - $699 for the various models straight up, but look for reductions as the competition releases their models, and vendors run sales.

RIM probably doesn't even know the price yet. With release still 5-6 months away, they have plenty of time to figure out the price later.

the cost will be just 3 payments of $29.95 and if you order in the next 10 minutes, we will throw in a 2nd Playbook for FREE! So call now!!

I'm guessing the price will be in the range of $800 - $1,000.00 because it has more features than the I-Pad, It has better processing power and memory and it's targeted to businessmen and enterprises. i'm hoping I'm mistaken because I'd love to get my hands on one of these "Playbooks"

What you should have asked is: "How much would you be willing to pay for the PlayBook." How much it will cost will conjure up many pessimistic responses and a few rather optimistic ones.

Considering the difference in what RIM's devices actually cost and what they sell them off contract for, I'm guessing that we'll see a range of 349-649 depending on 16 or 32 gb and whether it has WiFi or WiFi+3G/4G. Without having to price the device high enough to entice people to sign a contract to get a "subsidized" price, plus not having to give a carrier a cut or a kickback, I think the non-cellular version will be quite reasonable.

It was on the news today that it will be the same price as the IPAD. If you can't beat them then join them. lol. Whats worse is that the same shitty apps for the shitty phones with be available. This is to funny.

The iPad is expensive and crippled by DRM and without a jailbreak.

Android tablets/pads run Linux as their core, so it's quite possible to get Ubuntu running on them. Their price is somewhat (i guess) $200-$400. I suspect the Playbook to be around the same price range even with 3G.

Expensive or not, Apple has sold 7 million of them roughly to date. If you think RIM is going to compete on price, I have a feeling you're going to be wrong. I bet the PlayBook is roughly the same price, if not more than the iPad. I would find it hard for a device with better hardware to sell for less...especially since RIM believes they can sell their phones with lower grade hardware for the same prices as the competition.

is that the tablet is relatively useless (until a 3g version is offered) for non-Blackberry owners. Thus, I would expect the price to be very reasonable if they want to have good early-adoption numbers.

To have any chance it will have to be price competitive with the iPad, so my bet is $399 for the 16GB and $499 for 32GB. Add $200 for the 3G versions, that way the carriers can offer their discounts on contract and make it seem like a good deal.

It will start around 700. You have to think, they are in the same market as the ipad so can't stray too much, but also has a lot more features that I know ipad users don't have and that they want. I just wonder what 3g network it will use? Verizon hopefully?? :D

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Lets face it the only real competition is the IPad.

This has been spec'd above the iPad. I hope BB price it below the equiv iPad to aid sales, think they'd be mad not too.

I'm not sure the iPad is really competition for this. Maybe a new iPad. I'm being really serious here when I say it just might not be a bad idea to market this thing as a premium product vis a vis the iPad.

Of course that will be very hard to do amid all the iPad hype, but IF the QNX operating system is noticeably better than the iPad this could be more of an aspirational product for the masses.

This will only work, of course, if reviewers are wowed AND admit it. AND if RIM hits as big a home run on the advertising that they seem to have done with the product itself.

A premium price might also help differentiate it from the slew of android products that will come out. Remember RIM is interested in profit at the end of the day. Whether they think that profit come from a mass roll out (low price many units) or a premium roll out (less sold better margins) who knows.

I can tell you this, either way I am getting this product!

I hope we see a full on marketing campaign before Christmas, so people can tell unknowing relatives "don't get me the iPad."

Let's hope we can get it through Amazon and Best Buy. I think those two outlets is all RIM needs and from what I've read both outlets seems more than willing to sell this product!

If anyone thinks this is going to be priced higher then iPad then you need a reality check. They are competing against it. I thought it already comes with 3G?

I have been looking for a tablet solution for mobile things that we do as a company. For our sales guys and our operations guys. If these are significantly more $s than a netbook, then we'll just stick with the netbook solution until the price drops or someone convinces me that I need a tab.

people that think the playbook will sell for less then $500usd need to put down the pipe! i will say however i think we all can agree that at whatever the final pricing is, it wont sell big without the apps.

will be up to 600 think. BB retails for 500 on some of the styles. I don't think it will be much more

Would you believe a price in the range or 299.00 to 349.00 us. Sounds a bit farfeched I know, but to compete and prosper in this sector they are looking towards something realistic , and by realistic Im talking about netbooks going on sale this season for 150 where as not long ago they were more close to 250 almost 300 and up,. the recent cooperative crossover they just did with adobe makes developing apps in c+++ a godsend compare to developing for other apps , right now apple has got close to 100,000 blackberry close to 10,000 theres no speculation which are any good , but the sale of business apps, on a business tool makes it profitable to compensate for the indifference in price., I think they just delayed the debut anticipating those first phonebills for those who bought into the pad craze and signed a two year enslavement contract

Apparently Jim Balsillie of RIM has said in a news statement that the Playbook will sell for less than $500 (possibly $499.99). This is great news because now we possibly have a price point to start saving for, I know I will be. Finally, news like this puts us one step closer to having the final product in our hands!