BlackBerry PlayBook Presenter Mode demoed at BlackBerry Dev Day, Toronto

By Bla1ze on 6 Apr 2011 11:06 am EDT

The other day Research in Motion held one of their BlackBerry Developer Days in Toronto. At that event, Mike Kirkup was on hand to give some demos of the BlackBerry PlayBook. While we knew the BlackBerry PlayBook was capable of a presentation mode experience we've never really seen it demoed inquite this fashion -- in the video above Mike walks us through watching a video that is subsequently displayed on the larger screen and on the BlackBerry PlayBook at the same time, while Need for Speed runs in the background.

Nothing really fancy about that but, as presentation mode gets enabled -- the video is still playing on the larger screen while, Mike can then pull up Need For Speed or any other application for that matter -- on the BlackBerry PlayBook. If you've been wondering why, exactly you'd want a video playing in the background as you were doing other thingswhile watching previous demos of the PlayBook -- this should clear things up as it's a prime example of a use case scenarion for such a thing. Pretty awesome, give a board room presentation and play some games. ;)

Thanks, Dave for sending this in!

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BlackBerry PlayBook Presenter Mode demoed at BlackBerry Dev Day, Toronto


I'm impressed with the ability to do two resource heavy applications being used simultaneously without skipping and stuttering. Something my desktop here at work has difficulty doing I'm annoyed to say.

Good presentation of the multitasking capabilities and control of the HDMI output. What I am concerned about, however, is whether there will be (either an official or 3rd party) accessory / adapter that allows for VGA output as well. With a BlackBerry PlayBook I believe to be able to deliver much more interactive and richer presentations, but I have yet to see an HDMI capable video projector in the facilities I work in. As it stands, though, the BlackBerry PlayBook has extreme potential even without VGA output. Keep it up!


I guess there will be some sort of converter out there already if not one should pop up once the playbook is out and there is a market for them :)

I will want one when I get my PlayBook as well, seeing as the projecters we have only have VGA :(

it is available on ebay but you have to do a bit of mcguiver tinkering

micro hdmi to hdmi adapter (male to female)
hdmi to vga (male to male)


micro hdmi to hdmi (male to male)
female hdmi connectors
hdmi to vga (m-to-m)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but HDMI is digital and VGA is analogue, so unless you have a box which can convert digital to analogue signals simply putting on things that will fit won't give you an image....

I am building my presentation to pitch to my directors from my playbook (when I receive it in 12 days :) , palybook will be an addition to my company's tech, I'll see to it!

Looks good ..I hope there is tight integration with PowerPoint ..such as an enhanced presenter view so i can walk around with the playbook and use it as a remote/telepromter

With every video released showing off the capabilities of this device, my desire for one increases. Looking good PB.... looking reeeeeeaaaallllll good!

Ehh...I would have preferred a more useful demo. For example, while playing the presentation show how you could send the slides to an ad-hoc BBM group of everyone in the room, or receive comments on the presentation from the same ad-hoc group, etc.

Here's a free idea for someone (maybe even a team at RIM to implement):

Use the geo-fencing APIs in the PlayBook/new-gen BlackBerry phones to construct ad-hoc social groups, for example "everyone at this party", or "everyone attending this presentation", etc. Expose these groups via BBM and allow apps to tap into it. In this case the presenter could immediately contact or send slides to or share itineraries with everyone in the room without having to explicitly create a new group, add each person individually, etc.

I understand that they're showing off the multi-tasking power of the PlayBook, but what's much more compelling is how you can actually use that technical ability to help people use/enjoy their devices better.

take a chill pill dude, I can think of over 100 use-cases that can be done as part of the presentation mode, it is just a demo and not a advertisement and what he has shown is pretty much convincing and one can understand how power the platform is.

Is the presentation mode not available for the browser? He, explicitly, mentioned video from the blackberry video app and slides to go. Just wondering if you could do presentation mode for web-based flash video.