BlackBerry PlayBook presence felt in a big way at CES 2011

By Bla1ze on 5 Jan 2011 04:09 pm EST
BlackBerry PlayBook presence felt in a big way at CES 2011

Although not typically a huge event for Research In Motion, those that are on the ground in Las Vegas are sure to have felt RIM's presence there this year. With huge ads like the one in the pic above all over the place it's now wonder Research In Motions stock prices are on the rise at the moment. Folks are excited to see the BlackBerry PlayBook and although the ad assumes we want to look at the PlayBook more importantly, we want to touch and as the name implies-- play with it. At this point it's still not really know what Research In Motion has in store for CES but clearly, the BlackBerry PlayBook plays a huge role. We'll know more tomorrow when the main convention hall opens up for everyone.

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BlackBerry PlayBook presence felt in a big way at CES 2011


Not holding my breath for something substantive to come out of RIM during CES. Probably more teasers to keep people wondering. I'm mostly interested in new phones they have planned especially for Verizon. We will probably have to wait on that.
QNX, LTE with improved hardware would be nice for 2011 BB phones.

I feel like I get all amped up for these shows only to have RIM just be a big tease. Drop something huge already!

Waiting patiently for the Playbook. I need a real tablet, not a Fisher Price tablet. And the Playbook is the real tablet for me.
Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I want the Playbook shrunk down into a 4 inch phone with all the same specs. Come on RIM this shouldn't be that complicated to add a radio. Leave the dualcore processors, the 1Gb of ram and the camera's. If LG, HTC and Motorola can do it so can you.

I absolutely agree with this!!! It can't possibly be that hard to pull off, and I would buy it the minute it went on sale. +1

Will the pb have the capability to play all the current torch/storm apps? This is a huge advantage of both the ipad and driod tablets, as they have been able to use the thousands of existing apps as they wait for better apps made specifically for the tablet. It would be smart for RIM to make the pb be able to do the same.. So we have apps while waiting for developers to make pb specific apps :)

Playbook has full internet, i.e., BILLIONS of apps. That banking app you have on your phone..... does your bank already have a website?? Then playbook has THE app for that.

Iirc, the qnx os is able to run bb os6. Not sure if it means an os6 emulator to run os6 apps in, or native support for os6 apps

I'm sick of hearing and hearing and seeing and seeing the Playbook. What about a new Blackberry Smartphone?

Are they just letting us BB users leave in droves for Android?

I've been using a BB for 10 years and now have an Android phone and I don't know how much longer I can wait for RIM to release another phone. I like my Torch but I think RIM is blowing it by waiting.

I'm happy with the torch, Torch plus playbook will be all I need. Not going to leave RIM but I wouldn't mind giving AT&T a kick in the !@#$

Big presence at CES? they aren't even announcing anything new and with the sea of new tablet announcements from other vendors RIM will hardly be the talk of the town

Official CES hasn't started yet it is supposed to start on Jan 6th and end on Jan 9th, Jan 7th will be a big day as RIM takes center stage to make some announcements, keeping figures crossed and hoping for the best.


All I want from them is a date. Then I can get back to work and show up at Best Buy on that day and get a playbook.

If they don't have a touchable, useable Playbook at CES they will lose much of the momentum they had to things like the Xoom. Which seems to be missing a thing or two, but atleast people can play with it. That's big and key to keeping interest.

I hope they announce something great so the stock price will jump to at least $68.50 so I can get out and not loose my a$$! Even tho my Torch is the best BB ever it's lite years behind the competition. Sorry, but I'm getting tired of waiting for BB to do something spectacular and I know a lot of other folks are too. Unless they come out with something AHEAD of the competition I'm out of here and going to Android. By the end of 2011 Android will rule the roost with ios close behind, and BB sucking the hind one. It's sad cause BB invented this game but let the competition take over, kinda like palm. jmho

Fragmented? Well it seems to work for Android! It would not work for BB or ios, but it's kinda hard to fault an industry leader and inovator of things to come. Check out some of the new offerings. Blackberry better have something to offer or enjoy the hind one.

Hi Bla1ze,

It’s too bad you’re not at CES this year, we loved meeting with Kevin and Adam. To answer your post, yes, that banner does make a big impression, no? We’ll have about 50 PlayBook tablets on the show floor and throughout Las Vegas this week, so keep an eye out for new videos coming soon.

Alex from RIM