BlackBerry PlayBook possible pricing?!

BlackBerry PlayBook possible pricing?!
By Bla1ze on 24 Nov 2010 02:50 pm EST

* Update from Kevin: As noted my some members in the comments here, when I saw this post I also thought what's with the 8gb version? We previously saw word from RIM at Gitex that the PlayBook will be hitting in 16gb, 32gb and 64gb versions. I still assume the 8gb version sourced here is a mistake, so it's more likely the 16gb pricing is what's stated as being for 8gb, the 32gb is the 16gb price, and the 64gb price is what's stated as the 32gb price. At least I hope that's the case. *

Back in September we ran a poll here on CrackBerry asking what folks thought the BlackBerry PlayBook would cost. The results of that poll showed that most folks were expecting that $400-$500 mark to be the spot with $300- $400 being the next in line. Today, some rumored pricing was revealed and it seems to fit right in line with both of those options. So, what's the pricing look like?

  • 8GB: $399
  • 16GB: $499
  • 32GB: $599 

A rumor of course but realistically, this pricing seems totally accurate. The BlackBerry PlayBook would need to come in at this pricing in order to stay competitive with everything else that is out there. Also noted in today’s rumors was the information that all versions released first will be Wi-Fi only with the ability to tether to a BlackBerry for data service. Something that has been mentioned before but, the source claims WWAN ability will arrive in 2012. Seems a bit far off for our liking but that's why it's a rumor for now. However, that pricing is something we can deal with for sure, what about you all?

Source: Mobility insider

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BlackBerry PlayBook possible pricing?!


Pricing seems ok. It'll be interesting to see how that translates into GBP over here.

As for wi-fi only and tethering, I'm happiest with that as I won't need a second contract.

id imagine it`ll be the same figures but in £, or very close, look at how close the ipad prices are, seems they run off some random exchange rate to what we do lol

and wheres this 8Gb version come from?

Could someone please clarify for me why it costs an extra hundred dollars to add 8Gb of memory? Seriously, Apple and others have been pulling this stunt for a while now, what's up with that? Surely the added memory doesn't cost this much?!?!?

It's called price discrimination, look it up in an intro micro textbook.

But while I'm writing this can someone tell me why the numbskulls at Crakberry are falling for the "too bad no wireless carrier" crap that Apple fanboys are putting out there as their only defense of the inferior iPad. I mean crap do you WANT to give AT&T and Rogers more money??

How often do you think you'll be tapping on this and not be in wifi range???

This "wish" is so dumb it's not even worth talking about.

I like how you call an actual product, the iPad, "inferior" to a RIM product that doesn't even exist yet. You're the typical BB Drone who will buy whatever crap RIM is selling, even products that don't exist .

What exactly is WWAN? Also Wifi I get but tethering, how's that that getting data service from your bb phone??? Pricing isn't bad but we'll see if these rumors are true.

I'm not exactly sure they will be in competition with the iPad. Indirectly I guess they will be, but I suspect RIM's target market will be enterprise/corporate. wife and I went to our IT Dept about getting iPads and getting enterprise and email setup and he straight up told us to hold off because RIM's Playbook will be launched to all of the reps soon. Now, we work at a huge Fortune 500 company and if their advising their sales reps to go with the Playbook that's gotta mean something, right?

I think they should be putting their best foot forward now, including WWAN. I already get burnt with a Tour; I won't be burned again

...Breakdown, that would reveal a lot. I think a mere $200 premium from 8GB to 32GB makes the 8GB model look expensive. However, I like that price point for the 32GB model very much.

Pricing seems to be in-line with a 7" screen; it should be cheaper than an overpriced Apple product, and it is smaller. I may be able to swing one of these this spring and my new S3 in June when my NE2 is up!

I avoid line ups at any cost, but for one of these I'm willing to get in line, I want one real bad, along with a nice Storm 3. The pricing is where I expected.

I loved the pricing when I saw this in our forums, hope it turns out to be true. :) I'll probably end up getting the 8GB. :)

The prices are very reasonable and I will end up getting the 32GB version and I too hope the prices are true.

So excited that I canceled my plan of gettin a laptop.

I wouldn't depend on this as a stand alone computing device. Personally, I'm getting this for those meetings and presentations that don't lend themselves to large devices. You'll probably be better off getting a nice net book for any computing and have this as a tablet reader/blackberry amplifier. You'll end up spending as much as you would have on a laptop by buying the 8gb and a net book. My 2 cents.

If the PB tehters (BT) to a BB,...for data service, then you can litereally bet that I will have a PB!

...Have Bold Will Travel~

I'm OK with the 32gb price. I'll be getting this one at launch. Hopefully this bad boy comes out really soon.

Let's face it, $500US is around £330 here in the UK, but we always get shafted,so it'll probably be £500 for the 16GB version - which in my opinion is a bit steep, you could get a decent lap top for that. All that seems to happen when things come over here is that instead of giving a fair price comparison, 'they' just swap the $ sign for a £ sign and leave the numbers in place - let's hope RIM see sense and don't rip us off.

The problem we have is the TAX & even worse when the Playbook reaches us next year we'll have 20% instead on 17.5% so we'll get stung even more.

It really needs sd integration fro me to consider this.. or the use of an external drive... 32gb is just too small for what I need. love the form-factor and the blackberry companion usage but for storage its just too small :(

Had me convinced till the small screen size was announced. Screen is too small for me to trade in my ipad. When are the biggers sizes coming?!

That's whatbshe said.....sorry I had to. But with all jokes aside the screen size is fine and the price is great. But I would need an sd slot just to have the extra space.

Where did the 8GB version come from? At GITEX the memory was listed as 16GB,32GB and 64GB. It seems like some people got a look at an early prototype and have made assumptions.

No matter what the price is this piece of shit will not and never sale more than the ipad. Last I checked apple stocks were up and rim were down. Until this junk hit the shelves u clowns will never know what its like to have one.

well as of right now as im typing this RIMM shares up 3% on the day, AAPL shares up 2% on the day.

other than that your logic is flawed as you havent (and neither have we) tried it, so neither of us are best placed to say at this time

I don't understand you logic. How can anyone know what it's like to have one when it isn't on the store shelves? Secondly, it won't sell more than the iPad obviously. 1st to the market is always the winner. But it will take away from a lot of sales in the tablet market. Third, why are you such a douchebag?

didnt apples stock increase because of the i-pads success, and lack of competition? so... if play book is successful, and you can compete with apple do you thank that just maybe it may boost rim stock sign me up ill take 64 gig please ...and you can choke on your apple

I see commenters griping about the storage space, its a tablet not a desktop or laptop. Its something to be carried in lieu of the bulkiness you'd normally have in your messenger. Want more memory? You can get a laptop for about 2 bills on black friday.

I don't understand what you would need more than 16gb for. Hopefully the 8gb is true, I'll be getting that. Still looking for an answer on whether or not tethering is wireless or not.

I will compare this like I compare laptops. The larger the laptop the more expensive it is.15" is cheaper than 17" inch. That being said Playbooks are smaller than Ipad's which mean they should be much cheaper and not the same price as Ipad.

So to answer your question, NO I would not purchase this playbook unless it goes down at least 100.00.

However, the smaller they get, the more expensive they are. 17" are more expensive than 15.4" because the larger screen is more expensive. However, 13.3" and 11" are more expensive than 15.4" because of miniaturization costs. I would love it to go down $100, but I'll probably get one anyway. The only thing is, I hope it had the ability to read Microsoft Office docs, like my Blackberry can do.

Idiot, calm down, go take a pill and focus...

if you read the update that means this is how it compares:

IPAD 16GB - $499 Playbook 16GB - $399
IPAD 32GB - $599 Playbook 32GB - $499
IPAD 64GB - $699 Playbook 64GB - $599

Is it possible for you to see the difference now?

Ehhh...The article clearly states:
Playbook 8GB - $399
Playbook 16GB - $499
Playbook 32GB - $599
Although there appears to be some confusion over it is actually 16/32/64.

Do you have any idea what you are talking about? Obviously not. Go look at the price of a 13" laptop vs the price of a 16" laptop. The 13" will be far more expensive. Now, look for one of those powerful 11 or 12" ones with the same specs as the 15" laptop and you will see it is more than double the price.

The fact is, once you get below 15 inches, it becomes more expensive to fit all the components into the device. 10" should be cheaper than a more powerful 7" device.

My custom made blackbook with my name on it !!
Can I instal adobe photoshop on it ?!
... That the only thing that will opt me from getting a tablet ...
Why don't they make photoshop for tablet ?!
I really need it :P

MY TWITTER RANT TO BLACKBERRY/RIM.. please retweet / get it to attention of can follow me on twitter @vinaysuchede ... thanks...

@BlackBerry hope my rant gets th attention it deserves from your execs .. Make #PlayBook w BIS/3g/voice..Launch it simultaneously everywher

@BlackBerry just check your will b having one of th biggest YoY growth in India..Still not enough respect given to this region

@BlackBerry and why delayed product launches in India.. Apple has no flash .. But its products start flashing here as soon as they launch .

@ @BlackBerry #PlayBook its just backward thinking .. And frustrates us BB fans.. #frustrating No B.I.S / 3g / voice capabilities in #PlayBook

@BlackBerry y do u make such an excellent prod #PlayBook and leave out features like B.I.S / 3g / voice cause it cannibalizes ur phones

Samsung Galaxy Tablet has hit our shores having 3g and voice integrated.. iPAD with 3g also..
by the time Playbook hits us ... we will be much much behind... we BB loyals would be buying the Playbook... but the game is to not to make us buy... but make the android / apple lovers convert... this is just bad business... it doesnt make sense if you dont integrate 3g and voice with the Playbook... what tethering?.. so one has to buy a BB phone to be able to use 3g/voice/BIS... I have a BB.. but what bout people who dont !!!!!

I'm sort of liking the prices that I'm seeing, I mean I honestly thought they'd hit us with higher ones & that only the 8GB one would be in my price range (under or near $500). With the 64GB supposedly going for $599 I might even consider that one all depending on how much I've got socked away by the time this actually come out. I'm definitely NOT going to get one as soon as they hit stores because I just don't do that with any electronic, I'll let everything get worked out first & then pick one up, HOPEFULLY I can hold out that long. I'm also hoping that maybe these will already come with Docs To Go Premium, has anyone heard? I mean, with such a device you'd think they'd throw us a bone. On my 9700 all I need is the basic version but on this I would think they'd factor that into the price, just my thoughts though.

Hopefully I can save enough money to get the 16 GB version of the PlayBook. It'll be hard, but if I save enough, I want to try to get one the day it comes out.

Stupid question.......

What's the throughput max for BT? If connected on BT, what would the net experience be like as compared to straight wifi?

all the videos so far, AFAIK, seem to be wifi direct connections and no BT connection to a handheld.

im going to be getting the 16g bc y do i need 32g thats way to much or i might just spoile myself n get the 32g. if u get any more news about this get in contact with me by my pin 31449bf3