The BlackBerry PlayBook PIN debate continues

By Bla1ze on 9 Mar 2011 06:42 pm EST
The BlackBerry PlayBook PIN debate carries on

Depending on whom you ask the BlackBerry PlayBook could or could not have a PIN attached to it. Most folks when asked will likely tell you the BlackBerry PlayBook has no PIN on it but when you ask some PlayBook developers they'll tell you it most certainly does as the BlackBerry PlayBook SDK and tools have a spot for a BlackBerry PIN. The above image was taken from the video released earlier today and shows a PIN in Desktop Manager. Either way, we've seen both cases in the past through various videos and demonstrations so again, we're all left wondering if there is more to the story here.

Could it be that the WiFi only versions may not make use of a BlackBerry PIN and only those with 3G and 4G modems will have that access -- or is this something we'll see later on? Will all PlayBooks get their own PIN without needing to bridge connections from a BlackBerry smartphone? If so that could mean we'll start seeing BBM, email and various other BlackBerry PIN specific services enabled on the PlayBook without the need for a BlackBerry smartphone. In any event, I'm guessing right about now we'd all just settle for some release dates and pricing structures.

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The BlackBerry PlayBook PIN debate continues


I think rim will eventually have native BBM on the playbook. They are still probably working out some of the security details. Right now they work around the security issues by doing all of the secure stuff via a secure bluetooth link to your blackberry and not storing anything on the playbook. You have to assume that rim has considered the use case of people using a playbook not tethered to a phone, especially in the enterprise with BES.

The security thing is one reason not to have native blackberry pim apps on the playbook, the other issue that comes to mind is synchronozation. If I have a playbook and a BB phone, I want my BBM (calendar, memos, email, everything) to be synced accross both of them, even when they are not bridged via bluetooth. Implementing this and getting it right takes time, perhaps rim decided it wasn't a priority for launch.

Question is, would you have two pin numbers allowing you to have two lists of BBM contacts? cause that could be nice and a problem all at once. There should be some kind of option for if it links to your BB pin or it has its own. This all still seems up in the air with the whole pin/no pin thing.

PIN is whats used as the device differentiator on Appworld as it links you BBID to your PIN for correct app versions.

i think it`ll have a PIN, its what that PIN will do is the bigger question

I think that all playbooks will have pins. I think the bridging overrides the playbooks pin or syncs with it some how. I think this will tie in to the new system they are rolling out that is supposed to differentiate between work and personal life, can't remember the name of it right now. As for native email and bbm. I think it'll have it. Let's hope. I have a bb but I think the native pin apps will def help the success and sales of the playbook.

If the Playbook doesn't have a PIN and therefore no BBM, might as well toss this thing in the trash along with these other tablets that are ho-hum.

Especially when the Playbook is too LATE to the tablet game.

Maybe they will ship with PINs but once you connect it with a BlackBerry phone it will override it and take up the PIN that the phone has. That way non Blackberry users can get it and use all the features and current BlackBerry users can get a better experience.

The length of those PINs doesn't make sense. By my rough calculations, an 8 length hexidecimal code will have 5.5 billion combinations. Why would the PlayBook DM or Virtualized OS have a different length PIN? I don't understand why this is really the case...hmm. I'm putting my money on hardware PIN...

I'd like to be able to register / de register my pin so that I don't have to pair my bb device with mu pb and so I can use it via wifi for those moments where you don't have access to you're phone e.g the battery dies. This will free your phone up and its precious battery. Generally though u kinda need the rim servers to pass thru to use bbm (afaik) which is a good and bad thing for any future use of the RIM pin

Yeah, I bet the PIN'd PlayBooks are for those that require a data plan. I'll bet that WiFi only (to pair with MY Torch) don't have a pin. But that's purely speculation, of course. Only thing I know with absolute certainty is that the wait is freaking killing me!


Why is this a debate? Not having a PIN would make no sense.

When linked to a BB with its own PIN, it would be no problem to separate the two.

I honestly don't even know if I want a PlayBook anymore...I know they want it polished, but by the time this thing releases, I don't think they'll be able to hit the home-run they clearly want to hit with it. It's not a capability issue, it's a wear-down on the marketing, and constant sterile video updates. They only room they'll be able to make any headway with would be with price points...that's one take...

When is this thing coming out, all these stories here and there. In November this was said to be the best tablet to come out...yet that was NOVEMBER, its almost April and there's still no release date.

well if you take a look at the first video's, blogs, reviews etc... they said it will have a pin of its own. they just said that it wont have its own native apps for that pin, like bbm. it would need to be synced with a bb to use its features.

my assumption is that the pin, is for the playbook of the future. and for downloading applications where, certain places tell you to enter your pin in order to download an app. or it could be used for the video conferencing that they are working on. Just like how facetime on Apple products will only show up, if the other person has an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. I think both companies are trying to make it easier for people that have one of their devices to communicate with each other.

I think having a PIN of its own would be fine. It is really just a display device when you sync your BB. Its not really taking over your BB and being used as your device. More of a middle man between your eyes and your BB. I could be way off though, but that just seems the most logical to me. Either way, it would have to have some sort of identifier to use it on App World. Try pulling your SIM out and connecting to wifi and then use App World, it doesn't work.

There's a new video on Youtube from SXSW showing the Playbook syncing through Blackberry Desktop Manager (it looks easy, but I've never liked the way RIM displays your media -- a lot of the categories are automatically generated, with mixed results). At any rate, it was nice to see the Playbook displayed on the BBDM screen, and nice to see how the Playbook sync's in the background and you can use it while transferring music etc). Sorry, But FWIW, there is a PIN on the BBDM screen for the Playbook. Doesn't mean there will or won't be one. Of course, I wouldn't think RIM would be disclosing an actual working PIN as part of a promo. It may be a dummy PIN.