BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.0.1.358 now available

PlayBook OS Update
By Adam Zeis on 17 Apr 2012 09:05 am EDT

If you've been holding out and waiting for another BlackBerry PlayBook OS update - today is your day. The PlayBook software has been updated to version A few updates and fixes to go along with this one including some welcomed enhancements.

  • Browser enhancements to address performance with some websites
  • Improvements to support Android apps
  • Optimizations to Video Chat, PIM and BlackBerry Bridge applications
  • And much more!

You should see the update pop up on your PlayBook, but if not, head to Settings > Software Updates to check on your own. Hit the forums for more discussion.

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.0.1.358 now available



Hard reboot on both desktop and laptop also. On the phone with them now 1:22:30 and still on hold nothing to report yet

we have gone into the control panel and confirmed the existence of a yellow exclamation point on the network adapters/other devices for RIM Network Device and tried to update the software but were unable to install the RIM Network Device...McAfee 2012 software virus protection disabled for 60 minutes and full access to RIM programs given full access. Still no success/on hold...

Uninstalled the network device in hope to have the PB install the exe but laptop won't recognize the drive ;-( and times out and won't respond plus control alt delete won't close the non responding software for the exe...ugh thankfully I have a full glass of tea lol

The AutPlay is Not Responding as it won't allow me to run the setup.exe on the CD Drive (F:) BlackBerry Playbook...on hold again

On hold while TS conferences other colleagues to brainstorm to see if they can come up with a resolution to this problem on the other side. Starting to think I may have to wipe out PB. Think if it comes to that I can back up using splashtop steamer to put files, etc on laptop so I can move it to Seagate. Ugh. Still on hold hopefully they can find a resolution...

I am having the same problem not being able to connect to my computer. What did you have to do to get it working again?? This is very frustrating!

New update seems to let my programs run smoother and faster. Still cannot connect the calendar program to the CalDav on my apple lion server (had to sideload aCal)...

my chat with a BB VP

‏ @lalithadithya · Open
@asaunders @mscrivo @QSimple @BlackBerryDev Will i be still able to sideload bootlegged apps on my PB after this new OS update

13m Alec Saunders ‏ @asaunders · Open
@lalithadithya @mscrivo @QSimple @BlackBerryDev Sideloading isn't going away.

23m Aditya ‏ @lalithadithya · Open
@asaunders "better protection for developers, by only letting users who purchased their apps to install them on the tablet.".. Bluff ?

Alec Saunders ‏ @asaunders Close
@lalithadithya if a vendor submits their app to appworld, we'll help protect it. If not, then there's not much we can do.

Great news for me. I can now copy text and urls from browser and paste them into my work emails via Bridge. Had to paste them to a doctor file in the past and send as attachments.

I am happy to report that general operation seems snappier (could be placebo effect though). Also, and that is the kicker, the Android apps are now behaving normally. Now, when closing those apps, they close completely!!!

Before the update, Android apps would not close properly...

Say I close Android app "A" and open Android app "B". Often, app "A" would open instead. The only way I could open app "B" would be to reboot.

Now, this faulty behavior seem to have gone.


It seems a bit better for Android apps. WinAmp now works where it did not before. I also appreciate that settings such as login & password are remembered through a reboot now. Have re-installed Twitter because of this fact alone.

Messages seem slower to me now. Grey screen at the start that goes on long enough to make you wonder what's up. Just doesn't seem very snappy anymore. Will give it a day or two to settle.

I did notice that My network problem is gone with this update. I never had any problem with my network at home, but never got connected to my office network from day one. I just tried it today after update and started working. Some routers never used to work with playbook. I so happy with this update....... Finally RIM fixed it.. Now I dont have to wait till end of day to go home to download any future upgrades!

The one thing that I will report is that I was able to connect to and use Bridge while my phone was in a different room. It wasn't even slow at all

I have downloaded OS v2.0.1.358 and the predictive text is no longer available when typing emails! Has anybody else found this?


As I was preparing this post to agree with the last two posts, the predictive text and autocorrect started working! Weird......maybe it takes a while and/or restarts to start working.

I have been having nothing but problems with this update for WiFi. We have dual band wireless N and the network keeps connecting and reconnecting every few minutes. I never had this happen prior to the update. Signal was strong and never faded away. Browsing actually is slower now than before.

I have update my tablet to the newest software ( 2.0.1 ) and after doing so I can not download any apps off app world :( and error pops up - [0003-0005] if anyone knows why or can help me please do, would be a great help :)

New upgrade made a drastic improvement to Web browsing capabilities. Thanks a lot RIM for this fantastic job

It is better than the laptop experience now.
I doubt if my ipad can give such a great web browsing experience with flash support.

My heart is with RIM.

Acrobat reader has been improved: swipe down from top-border while reading, you can then jump to a specific page.

so many more apps on the blackberry app world now. so much fun. browser seems a bit faster and easier. what i see the difference in 2.0.1 is many more cool and paid apps and blackberry bridge is better!